The Village Spanker – Part 7


Simon Crowther, aged fifty-six, had lived in his cottage in an English village for about eight weeks now. The first six weeks were okay, he was welcomed into the village and had acquired some acquaintances, but not really any friends. The following two weeks or so were very different.Simon had moved from a sizeable town where he had lived for years and he had gotten himself a reputation among the middle-aged ladies of the town. Possibly two reputations, or reputations for two not unconnected things.He had got a reputation for being rather good in bed, and quite a number of the women of the town, the majority of them married, could testify to that.Sometimes, or more accurately usually, the sex was preceded by Simon making the woman’s buttocks red or even crimson by use of his right hand or sometimes a cane or a belt.Any woman that bared her buttocks for Simon would be doing it willingly, sometimes a woman would visit him just to get her arse warmed and no sex followed, but more often than not, both the buttock warming and sex occurred.During the first six weeks of life in the village, Simon hugely missed those aspects of his life and he had neither given a woman a sore bottom nor had sex. That situation changed after he accidentally overheard a conversation between two females in the village shop.The two women were Paula Shemmings, the shop owner, and her friend Lynne Miller and they were discussing the lack of sex in their marriages. As part of the conversation, a remark was made by Lynne about Paula being lucky that her husband did not give her a tanned arse and Paula replied that she wished that he would.It eventually came to light that Simon had overheard this discussion and from there, Simon and Paula discussed the situation, and Paula visited Simon’s cottage to receive a very sound spanking and to get well fucked.The next thing was that Lynne visited Simon and also got a sore bottom and a well-fucked cunt.A third woman of the village, a divorcee named Trish O’Neill then got told about Simon by Paula and she received the same treatment. With Trish living alone, she did not have the restrictions that Paula and Lynne had, and she stayed with Simon overnight.A fourth woman, Penny Lister, had been told about Simon and she too had visited Simon for a thorough spanking and a good fuck.Paula and Lynne visited Simon together on one occasion and both took a caning before Simon fucked izmit escort bayan both of them. Since then, despite having been close friends for years and no such thoughts arising, the two women had had lesbian sex together.A woman from Simon’s former town, Gillian Smith, had kept in contact with Simon since his move and she had now travelled more than one hundred miles to the village and spent the night with Simon, incorporating fucking and getting her bare arse belted.All five women were of similar age, Gillian the youngest at fifty-four and Penny the oldest at sixty-one, and they were all of a similar build in as much as they were not skinny, they were all quite curvy and all five had a great pair of buttocks.All the women now knew of the existence in Simon’s life of the other four and all knew not to arrive at his cottage unannounced, in case he was entertaining one of the others.None of the other three women, nor Simon, knew of Paula and Lynne’s brand new lesbian relationship.Simon was now in heaven because he had now started to live the life that he had in his former town and he was living in a cottage that he fell in love with when he first saw it for sale on the internet. Simon was financially sound and did not need to work so he could devote all his time to dealing with mature female bottoms and sexually pleasuring the owners of those bottoms.He found himself wondering just how many more ladies of the village might like his services if they knew of them. It was not a large village, and it was mostly populated by people of more mature age, and Simon would now look at the females imagining them over his knee and/or in his bed.Simon was unsure whether adding to his harem would be a good idea. In a quite big town, it was fine but he was thinking that in a small and quite tight-knit community, maybe the fewer people that knew the better. Every time a married woman took advantage of his services, there was a husband that might find out. If what he did, and who with, became common knowledge, it might make living in the village a lot less pleasant for Simon than it was at the moment.It was now two days since Gill Smith had visited Simon and he had not seen any of ‘his’ ladies socially. He had thought of phoning the unattached Trish to see if she wanted some fun but did not do so.He headed for the village shop, not because he wanted anything in particular but because he would izmit eve gelen escort almost certainly see Paula. He had no plans but she was good to look at, and to talk to, if nothing else.He entered the shop and he got a huge bonus because not only was Paula there but Lynne and Penny too.”Well good morning ladies,” said Simon, his penis hardening slightly.”Morning Simon,” said the three smiling women, all feeling a twitch in their buttocks and their cunts.”How are you three beauties?” asked Simon.”We had just been talking about you,” announced Lynne, which was the truth.”Really? All good, I hope,” said a surprised but pleased Simon.”Oh yes,” said Penny, who then thought that she must have sounded over-enthusiastic.”You have made an impression on all of us,” said Paula.”Yeah, in more ways than one,” smirked Lynne, rubbing her buttocks.”I am always happy to assist you ladies with anything that you need,” replied Simon.”All three of us at once?” asked Paula, an eyebrow raised and not entirely serious.”Um, well that would be an interesting challenge, but I could try,” answered Simon.Another woman entered the shop, it was not Trish, and the conversation was brought to a halt.As he often did, Simon got himself into a position where he could survey the new arrival from behind. She was a woman of similar age to the others who had seen around the village and had probably nodded to her, but he did not know her name. She was pleasingly wide across the hips and she was certainly not unattractive.Paula was very aware of what Simon was doing, “Have you been introduced to Pam Yates, Simon? Mrs Yates used to be a policewoman,” said Paula, immediately conjuring up thoughts of uniforms in Simon’s head.”No, I do not think that I have had the pleasure,” smiled Simon, offering his hand.”Pam, this is Simon Crowther, he bought the cottage,” said Paula to the woman.With Lynne and Penny looking on, both with the same thoughts, Pam and Simon shook hands.”Pleased to meet you, Mister Crowther,” said Pam, with quite a strong grip on Simon’s hand.”Oh Simon please; pleased to meet you, Mrs Yates,” replied Simon, aware that the three women watching were all close to giggling.”Pam,” corrected the woman, somewhat reluctantly releasing her grip on Simon’s hand.”Pam,” repeated Simon.There was a brief silence, the Pam spoke, “Was I interrupting a meeting or something?””No, no…, izmit otele gelen escort we were just chatting,” said Paula.Simon knew that he would have to make further enquiries about Pam Yates, she looked to be perfect for going over his knee and, maybe, into his bed.”Oh well, I had better be going; see you soon ladies, see you soon Simon,” said Penny, as she moved towards the door.”Bye, see you soon,” was the general response, Simon and Penny looked into each other’s eyes, meaningfully, suggesting that they both wanted their next meeting to be as soon as possible.Over the last two weeks or so, Paula had gotten to be able to read Simon quite well and it was obvious to her that he had taken an interest in Pam and would want to know more about her. She also detected an interest in the other direction, Paula did not know what Pam’s sex life was like, but Pam’s husband was a good few years older than her.”I had better be off too, see you soon,” said Lynne, leaving just Paula, Pam and Simon in the shop.”Bye Lynne,” echoed the three people still in the shop.Simon wanted to hang around until Pam had gone so that he could quiz Paula about her, and Paula was fully aware of that. The former policewoman in Pam made her wonder why Simon seemed so reluctant to leave, he did not appear to be making any purchases. She was also thinking to herself that he was a very attractive man, she did not know if he was married but believed that he lived on his own.Pam was deliberately taking her time over her shopping, so much so that it was getting embarrassing for Simon just standing there, “I will be off, see you soon Paula, nice to have met you, Pam,” said Simon, leaving knowing that he would get another chance to quiz Paula about Pam.”Nice to have met you, Simon,” said Pam.”Bye Simon,” said Paula, amused at the situation.”Do you know him well?” Pam asked Paula when they were the only two in the shop.”Well, he comes in the shop quite a lot,” replied Paula, feeling guilty about withholding information from the ex-policewoman.”He seems nice,” said Pam.”Yes, he is; lives on his own and, from what I gather, has got pots of money,” said Paula.”I am not one to gossip and I don’t know if it is true, but I heard that Trish O’Neill and he were maybe an item,” said Pam.”Don’t know about that, but if they are then why not? they are both single,” replied Paula, again not divulging everything she knew.”I certainly wouldn’t say no to him,” said Pam, surprising Paula.”You naughty girl, Pam, you are married,” admonished Paula.”In name only; I need a good fucking,” admitted Pam.Another customer entered the shop, “Wait,” Paula mouthed to Pam, suggesting she hang around until the customer had gone.

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