The Weekender Ch. 02


Recommend reading part 1 but I guess it could work on it’s own – hope you enjoy 😉


Six am came all too quickly and the arenas cleared out, like zombies edging out into the cold morning light.

Jess’ chalet door was open, with Andy and Lucy from next door together in the bedroom and Mel half awake on the sofa bed in the lounge. Michael was nowhere to be seen.

“Alright? Have a good night? Didn’t see much of ya” Jess said kicking her boots off and climbing under the covers with Mel.


Jess could see that was the height of conversation she would get from Mel till she had slept it off for a couple of hours, or powered through it, so she just decided to jump in the shower – thankful that their chalet had one!

Jess let the warm water devour her skin as she stretched out her muscles. Music still played in her ears, finding a rhythm out of any sound.

As her hands skimmed her body her mind wandered to Michael, and that hungry look he had given her earlier. The touch of his skin on hers. His lips so close she could almost taste him. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was and he hadn’t done anything to her yet.

She needed a release. Her soaped up hands moulded to her figure Ankara escort lingering on the sensitive spots deliberately teasing out the tension. Cupping her breasts she drew her finger around her nipple smiling briefly at the sensation as they firmed to the touch.

Her fingers slid across her stomach reaching lower. Lightly she brushed against her clit already sending tingles through her spine. She imagined how much better it would feel if it was Michael’s hands — the excitement of being taken by surprise as he would suddenly dip his fingers into her hot, wet pussy. She began to apply pressure and rub her fingers against her clit, making her lips curl into a smiling snarl and her breath quicken.

Letting her fingers follow her imagination she began sliding them in and out of her slick opening, moaning softly as the need to go faster came over her.

She didn’t even hear door open to the bathroom, cheap locks never worked at the best of times.

Her pace sped up and she switched back to rubbing her clit with urgency, close to cuming. All it took was for his dirty smile to crash through her mind at the last second and she was lost, leaning back against the wall as her legs weakened as her orgasm hit her hard. She threw her head back in a not so silent scream.

“Oh Ankara escort bayan fuck…me” she gasped, finally, as the waves subsided.

“I wouldn’t mind” she heard through the thin shower curtain, suddenly freaking out.

“Fucking stupid locks — you could tell someone was in here! What the fuck were you doing walking in for fu…” she started angrily sticking her head round the curtain and coming face to face with Michael stopping her in her tracks.

“What are you doing here?!” she demanded, trying to sound as angry and least awkward as she could manage.

“Might ask you the same” he replied with a full cocky smile across his face, putting her right back in her place.

She wanted to yell at him, to tell him to get out. All she could muster behind her blushing cheeks was “just hand me a towel!”

He obliged and left the bathroom, grinning broadly, leaving Jess feeling only slightly mortified.

Jess appeared shortly after, knowing she would be teased mercilessly by her room mates for this, and got dressed underneath her towel into a pair of combats and her weekender t-shirt.

Mel was asleep and Michael was under the covers next to her watching Jess with an amused grin, looking positively smug.

“I’m going next door” Escort Ankara Jess said, “you coming?” She asked Michael. “Looks like Mel and Andy are out of commission for a little while” She said trying to change the subject as much as possible.

He simply got up to join her.

“Alright” Jess shouted through the entrance next door over the music.

“Aye, howay in” one of the lads shouted from the decks.

Deano and Lisa, the girl who had been getting ready the night before, were sleeping on the sofa bed in amidst the music coming from the decks. The other lads, working on the decks, hadn’t stopped since they got in that morning so they grabbed a drink from them and got back into the swing of things.

Michael acted like nothing had happened. Jess was beginning to get scared, just waiting for the moment when he would turn round and tease her relentlessly about it as he would have done in the past. The longer it went on the worse it was going to get. He just kept grinning over at her.

As she was walking past him towards the bathroom he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. She stopped sharply and her skin went cold at the surprise. Bending his head down he whispered into her ear “thinking about me in the shower, were ya? Her face reddened once more but she couldn’t help but squirm inside as she felt his warm breath tickle her ear, winding her up all over again.

“Maybe next time I’ll help” he breathed and released her hand, drawing away from her leaving her standing, shocked.

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