The Widow’s Daughter


I had been surprised at the greeting I got upon arrival at the late Edith Downing’s home. Her daughter, Laura, had greeted me at the door like a long lost friend, and, after the other mourners had left, she had enticed me to tell her the details of her mother’s relationship with me. Far from being mortified by the fact that Edith had seduced me, spending time teaching me how to please women, Laura had gotten very turned on by it, suggesting that we go upstairs so I could ‘show’ her what we had done. I had decided upon a slow, methodical seduction, ravaging her clit with my tongue and finger fucking her cunt to orgasm. She unclamped her thighs and, pulling me up by the hair, kissed me hard. Sucking her essence from my lips and tongue between kisses, she whispered, “I need you inside me.”Our frantic coupling only lasted a  minute or two before she came again, legs wrapped around my torso, heels urging me deeper, faster, harder. As her orgasm exploded, she raked her fingers across my back beylikdüzü escort as she bit my shoulder.Still embedded firmly in her cunt I rolled us over so I could look up into her eyes as I started pumping again, feeling her tightness all along my length. “Oh, you are so evil.” she said, smiling down at me. Reaching up and playing with her breasts, I replied, “Just trying to do my best.”She began rolling her hips, the evil grin spreading across her face. “I want you to do something my mother never would.””And that would be?””For starters, cum inside me.” I could feel her muscles rippling along my cock, silently urging me to do as she asked. “I know mother wanted you to, but to be caught in an affair with a former student would have ruined her career, not to mention getting pregnant.”I looked down at where our bodies were conjoined, her red hair matted with her juices and my cock slick with same. I slid a hand down to her clit and began strumming it as bahcesehir escort bayan she rose and fell on my shaft. Her face went dreamy as I worked her clit and fucked her with deep long strokes. Pulling her down to me, mashing her breast against my palm, I sucked her lower lip into my mouth, still rucking my hips trying to get deeper inside. I kissed her neck, moving both hands to her bottom, cupping each cheek and pulling her close with each stroke.I knew we were both close when I whispered, “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”Starting deep in her cunt and radiating outward to her limbs, her orgasm shook her to her core “Ohh! Oh God! Don’t stop! Yessss!” she hissed as her cunt clenched tightly around my cock.I grunted as my cock spat jets of warm, sticky sperm deep inside her, again and again and again. She collapsed on top of me, out of breath, clutching me tight as the waves of orgasm receded. “That was intense.””You said, ‘For starters.’ What escort bayan beylikdüzü else did you have in mind?” I asked, cradling her head against my shoulder.”When dad was alive, he used to eat her out after their first fuck. I  always found that to be so hot, but my ex thought it was ‘dirty’.””Your ex was an idiot. I think it’s time for my lunch,” I said as she propped herself up on her elbows.I pushed her over onto her back and, with my cock dangling over her face, I dove into the muskiness between her legs. While Edith never taught me this, she had laid the groundwork. As often as not, after she had sucked the cum from my cock, she would insist on a sloppy, cummy kiss. So, it wasn’t much of a stretch to fuck and then eat, followed, of course by a kiss.Laura engulfed my limp manhood, licking the dregs of our just-finished fuck, while I scooped fingerfuls of cum from deep inside her and drank it. Between my fingers and my tongue, it didn’t take long for Laura to steadily moan with my cock lodged in her throat. Surprisingly enough, it also didn’t take long for me to regain my hard-on. Sucking her clit while searching for her g-spot had her squirming, begging for release. “Don’t stop! Make me cum… Please!” she begged, her words muffled by the presence of my manhood in her mouth. 

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