The Worst Lie Ever!

Double Penetration

After a passionate night of lovemaking, Cindy was slowly awakened by soft, sensual licks between her legs. Half-awake she looked down at the man’s head orally pleasuring her. It was the hot guy she met and brought home from the club last night. After a few minutes, she felt her body heating up as she approached a climax. Her hands grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet as she had a mindblowing orgasm.

“Oh, yes! Lick my pussy!” she exclaimed in ecstasy.

“What the fuck?!” Cindy heard her furious female roommate’s voice from the adjoining room.

Her eyes shoot open at full alert.

“Oh, shit! I’m not supposed to bring guys home,” she notified her new lover.

“You have to go!” Cindy urged him.

“But I’m rock hard from making you cum,” the guy named Tyler complained. “I’m also completely naked,” he added.

She pushed him back from her dripping wet crotch until he almost fell off the bed.

Reluctantly he stood up, showing off his muscular body and slightly larger than average hard-on.

She looked down longingly at it before she was interrupted by the sound of her roommate’s door opening.

“Quick! Hide!” she commanded.

Realizing the concealment choices were limited she saw her closet as his only option. Forcefully she pushed him inside and closed it just as her bedroom door opened. She spun around just in time.

A taller, equally attractive woman in a sexy, nylon nightie barged in looking very displeased.

“I told you you weren’t allowed to bring men home. You can go to their place, but not here. That was one special stipulation in our rental agreement,” Scarlet angrily specified to her new roomie. “I didn’t bring a guy home. I was just having an erotic dream,” Cindy lied poorly.

Scarlet noticed the discarded men’s clothes on the floor and bed.

“Did you dream up some man’s clothes too?” Scarlet pressed her.

Panicking Cindy was unable to come up with a reply.

Scarlet glanced around searching for the hidden male. She recognized Cindy was protectively standing in front of the closet.

“Unless you pushed him out the 4th-floor window I’m guessing there is only one place ‘he’ can be,” Scarlet concluded.

Cindy spread out her arms in front of her blocking the way. “You don’t want to look in there. It’s a mess,” Cindy tried to convince her.

Firmly yet gently she pushed the shorter woman out of the way. Swinging open the doors she found a naked, embarrassed man covering his erection with his hands.

“Hi,” he said feeling awkward.

“Who is THIS?” she interrogated.

“FUCK, MAN!” Cindy said frustrated and unable to come up with an answer.

“His name is Fuckman?” Scarlet questioned puzzled.

It was then that Cindy came up with the worst lie ever.

“Ummm…yes?” Cindy remarked sounding unsure.

“So Fuckman just appeared in your closet?” İçerenköy Escort she interrogated.

“Ummm…yeah. Whenever a woman is feeling lonely and horny (not to mention a little too drunk to remember not to bring guys home, she thought) he shows up in a closet,” she made this outlandish fib.

“That’s usually not the reason most men come out of the closet,” Scarlet commented.

“So no need to evict me like your last roommate,” Cindy tried to convince her.

Scarlet didn’t hear her roomie’s last plea. She was busy studying the handsome man inadequately hiding his ridge erection.

“Let me see it,” she demanded while looking downward at his penis.

With hesitation, his hands dropped to his sides. She gazed down with approval.

“That will do,” she consented.

“What will do?” Cindy inquired confused.

In response, Scarlet shrugged off her nightie. In full view, both could see her medium-sized breasts, slender waist, long sensual legs, and neatly trimmed pussy.

Cindy stood shocked with her jaw dropped.

“Do you like what you see, Fuckman?” she asked in a seductive voice.

He nodded numbly.

“Good,” she smiled pleased. She took hold of his right arm.

“It turns out I’m also lonely and horny. So I’m gonna need his services,” Scarlet reasoned.

“But… I thought you didn’t like men?” Cindy objected.

“What gave you that idea?” Scarlet probed.

“The whole ‘no men allowed’ rule,” Cindy emphasized with air quotes.

“I said YOU weren’t allowed to have men over,” she elaborated.

Her new roommate had only been living there a few weeks and had never seen Scarlet bring a man home.

“I have a very time-consuming job, social life with friends, exercise routine, etc. I don’t have time for dating or the club scene. I got tired of hearing my previous roommate getting her brains fucked out while I had to bring homework to do. So I gave her an ultimatum. She chose to move out instead,” Scarlet explained.

“So I’m bringing Fuckman here back to my room,” she said determinedly.

“Unless you have a problem with that,” she grilled.

Disappointed Cindy’s eyes drifted down to her feet. “No,” she said with reluctance.

“Good. Then you can watch and see how much I like men,” Scarlet invited.

“Watch you? No, thanks,” Cindy declined, disgusted.

“Suit yourself,” Scarlet shrugged before leading ‘Fuckman’ out of the room. She led him into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

“Were you serious about having sex or did you just want to teach her a lesson?” Tyler asked.

She gave him a wicked smile.”A little of both,” she admitted.

She turned her back towards him. “Now, come over here and thigh fuck me. I need to get warmed up before I let you inside,” she persuaded.

Without further urging she felt his body press against hers. His Escort İçrenköy hands encircled her perfect round breasts. His fully erect cock slid between her thighs. She watched it smoothly slip in and out of sight as he began thrusting.

She reached down and cradled his dick. Pushing it up enough till his head rubbed against her stimulated clit. His hands squeezed her tits while his cock sped up. She sensed herself becoming wet. In a matter of minutes, she was losing her mind.

“In..,” she whispered.

“In?” he questioned.

Her reply was to grab hold of his dick during one of his outward withdraws and angled it inside her. It was a tight fit since she hadn’t had sex in a month. She let go of his member when his head worked its way between her moist lips. Her breath shuddered at the sensation. Inch by inch it sunk in. She could already feel it rubbing against her g-spot.

His arms crisscrossed her chest. She moaned as he fondled her tits with rock-hard nipples. His thrusts were at a leisurely pace. Minutes lapsed and he didn’t increase his speed.

Scarlet was growing frustrated. She wanted a hard pounding with earth-shaking orgasms.

“You can go faster,” she coaxed.

“Your pussy is wrapped like a vise around my cock. If I go too fast I’ll cum in you,” he pointed out.

“I’d rather have a quick fuck with a few orgasms than a longer one without them,” she reasoned. “Ok,” he said with a shrug.

It was then that she overheard her roommate secretly pleasuring herself between the half-opened doorway.

Scarlet tilted her head back and in a sexy whisper said, “She is watching us.”

“What…?” Tyler said preoccupied with his thrusting.

“I hear my roommate pleasuring herself in the doorway,” Scarlet clarified.

Still going too slow for her taste she came up with a diabolical plan to solve all of their issues.

“Stop,’ she informed him. “I have an idea that involves Cindy. Let’s bring her in shall we?” Scarlet coaxed.

Cindy had just closed her eyes as she built her way up to a climax. When she reopened them both Scarlet and Tyler were standing in front of her with the door wide open.

“Grab her,” Scarlet directed.

Cindy was gently pulled into the bedroom.

“I have a solution to all our problems,” Scarlet assured them. “Lie on your back on the bed, Cindy,’ she coached.

“But I thought you said your room was off-limits?” Cindy disputed.

“Do you wanna get some dick or not?” she pressured.

Cindy only nodded submissively.

“Now with your ass near the edge of the bed I want you to spread your legs far apart,” Scarlet advised.

She followed her commands and moved into position. Scarlet moved into a doggie-style position over her. With her thighs strangling Cindy’s hips she folded her legs till her body was on top of Cindy. She momentarily turned İçerenköy Escort Bayan her head to address Tyler.

“Now, Fuckman or whatever your name is. You can fuck Cindy’s lose hole to build up your stamina. Then switch to me when you want something tight,” she pointed out.

Finding this acceptable solution Tyler stepped up to the end of the bed. Two delicious, moist pussies smiled at him. Each one begging to be filled. They were right on top of each other. All he had to do was angle his cock up for Scalet’s tight one or squat down slightly for Cindy’s loose slit. The women could now see eye to eye.

“Hello,” Cindy said politely, staring at Scarlet’s face.

“Hi,” she replied cordially.

“I hope you don’t mind only getting some dick half the time,” Scarlet notified her.

“Getting some dick is better than no dick at all,” Cindy responded favorably.

She watched Cindy’s eyes open wide for a second and heard her make an auditable gunt. “Besides. He is starting with me,” she acknowledged delighted.

Scarlet wasn’t all that surprised. After all, it was the entire reason why she had set them up this way. Scarlet had a front-row seat to see Cindy’s ‘O’ face as her body jerked beneath her. She could feel the rush of air and the physical contact of Tyler’s body unintentionally brushing up against her while he pounded Cindy’s hole.

After a few minutes, Cindy’s body stopped moving below her and a disappointed look came over her face. Scarlet grinned knowing it was now her turn. Seconds later she felt his dick squeeze inside her tight opening. She moaned loudly as her lips parted happily swallowing his cock inch by inch.

Tyler moved at a slower pace. As Scarlet’s tight pussy tried to make him cum early with each thrust. Just when he was about to cum, he pulled out.

The women waited impatiently for him to start fucking at least one of them again. About 30 seconds passed before Cindy grunted and a smile crossed her face.

“My turn again,” she beamed with pleasure.

Tyler switched from one to the other until Scarlet’s pussy forced him to fill her up. Exhausted Tyler pulled out and sat next to the bed next to him.

Scarlet stood up next to him. “Felt so good to have a man inside me again,” she said, satisfied. She looked at Tyler.

“Are you busy in the afternoon tomorrow, Fuckman?” she asked

“That’s not really my…” he began. But gave up on dispelling this charade.

“No, I’m free,” he admitted.

“Good. Be here at 4 p.m,” she instructed.

“But I won’t be home till 6,” Cindy complained.

“Exactly,” she smirked devilishly.

“Now out you both go. I have work to do,” she ordered.

With a grumble, they both got dressed and left.

At 4 p.m the next day Scarlet’s intercom rang. She greeted him with a sing-songy, “Hello?”

“It’s Tyler,” he announced.

“Who?” she teased.

“The guy from last night,” he replied.

“I don’t know any Tyler,” she feigned ignorance.

“Fuckman,” he said with reluctance.

“Oh, why didn’t you say so? Come on up,” she said, satisfied.


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