The Yoga Instructor


Jen led her yoga class into the final pose of the session. She felt her body, her muscles, her joints relax as she settled into corpse pose and allowed her mind to wander. The soft music from the overhead speakers filled the room with light synthesizer music, and her practice mat felt cool against her skin.

After a few minutes, she stood and surveyed her class. Women mostly, a few men scattered throughout, all of them reclined on their backs, eyes closed, their minds left to their own imagination.

She couldn’t help but smile as she looked out over her students and reveled in the thought that they were HER students, this was HER business, and she held sole responsibility over it.

With a soft voice that was nearly a whisper, she said, “Namaste. See you next time.”

The class rose as if they emerged from a deep sleep. Some sat and rolled up their mats, others stood and stretched one final time. Jen grabbed her mat and walked back to her office.

In her spartan office she sat behind the beat-up metal desk she had bought used from an office supply warehouse. She sat knowing there were a ton of little things she needed to do tonight, but not sure where to begin. Ever since she had gained her independence from her ex-boyfriend and her damn family, Jen had felt an exhilaration and an abundant amount of energy that no amount of work seemed to expend.

She heard a knock on her office door frame, and looked up to see Debra, one of her students. Debra stood slightly taller than Jen and had long, thin, tight muscles underneath tight skin – the results of years of Tae Kwon Do training. A sheen of sweat covered her lightly tanned body.

“You wanted to talk about Tae Kwon Do classes?” Debra said.

“Yes, come in, have a seat.”

Debra sat in one the of cheap metal chairs across from Jen. Her short brown hair was mussed from class.

“I want to expand the business a bit,” Jen said. “And I thought some low-impact Tae Kwon Do classes might appeal to my current student base.”

Debra nodded her head. “Yes, it probably would.”

“And I remember from one of our first conversations together that you used to teach Tae Kwon Do,” Jen said. “Would you be interested in teaching a class two or three nights a week?”

Debra’s eyebrows shot up. “Of course I would.”


Jen went over her ideas with Debra, and Debra volunteered some of her own. As they talked, Jen could hear the other students say their good-byes as they left. Debra grabbed a sheet of paper and ink pen from Jen’s desk, then sketched out different options they could pursue. As Jen watched her, she knew she had made a good choice.


Jen had first decided to open her own yoga business a year before when she began to feel the first stirrings of discontent with Kyle. They had lived together for three years at that point, and Jen felt bored with their relationship. Kyle seemed content with the status quo, and at times treated Jen more like a showpiece at social gatherings than someone he claimed to love. At one time, he had bragged about his beautiful, tall blonde girl and how well she dressed up.

She had practiced yoga from a young age, and with a degree in business (to make her father happy) with a minor in kinetics (to make herself happy), a business offering yoga classes seemed perfect.

Jen had found a building after searching only two weeks, soon received approval for her small business loan, and began renovations. The bottom floor needed the addition of locker rooms with showers, plus some clearing out, while the top floor would become her living quarters.

When she had decided to leave Kyle and move out of their condominium, she began work on the second floor. By the time she only a few amenities left to add, she broke the news to Kyle that she was leaving him. The fights had been long, the break-up seemed to take forever, but Jen didn’t regret a moment of it. And nothing made her happier than to walk up the stairs to her own apartment after a day’s work.


In only two months Debra’s Tae Kwon Do class pulled in a host of new students, including a few of Jen’s regulars from yoga class. Some of those new students signed up for yoga to increase their flexibility, which made Jen even happier.

A few weeks in, Jen began attending Debra’s classes as a form of aerobic exercise that offered much more excitement than a stepper, treadmill, or jogging. At times Debra seemed harder on her than her paying students, ordering her to perform an extra set of front-snap kicks or make her do continuous repetitions of her forms. Jen never complained, never commented afterwards, but Debra never failed to give her a mischievous grin.

Tonight had been no different, and Jen sensed an extra bit of impishness in Debra, almost as if she had some secret she wanted to share.

Jen climbed the stairs to her apartment, out of breath, her legs exhausted. She trudged past the storage closet on the right and down to the door on her left that zorla sex led to her apartment. She put her hand on the door knob, imagined falling on the couch and relaxing for a few minutes, or a few hours, when she remembered she had left the computer on in the office.


She went back downstairs into her office and turned off the computer. The building held the usual eerie quiet it always did after hours, except tonight she heard the sound of running water.

Jen walked across the practice floor, and pushed open the Men’s door to a dark and deserted locker room. She went to the Women’s locker room and the sound of the running shower became louder. She pushed open the door and peeked in.

She saw Debra’s locker door open and her sweaty gi on the floor in a pile. Another locker door stood open, but since the locker assignment sheet was back in the office, Jen had no idea whose it could be. Thinking nothing more of it, she turned to leave when she heard a moan. She stopped. Heard another moan.

She first thought someone might be hurt. Muscle cramp, maybe fell in the shower, and she rushed in to help. But three steps in, an odd thought popped into her head, one she wanted to dismiss, but couldn’t. She stopped for a moment and surveyed the locker room. There were two people in here, and if one was hurt, surely the other would help, or at least call for help if necessary. So why hadn’t they?

Not sure what to think, Jen crept toward the shower rooms, careful not to make a sound. The shower area was dark, but enough light from the locker room illuminated most of the stalls. Jen peeked her head in, knowing she shouldn’t, feeling like a voyeur, feeling dirty, but firm in her resolve that she had every right to find out what was going on in her locker room.

She scanned the stalls and on the far left saw…

She pulled her head back around the corner, shocked at what she had just seen. Her heart beat faster and her breathing increased. She hadn’t seen that correctly, couldn’t have. She had only looked a for a brief second, and sometimes things were deceptive when you didn’t get a good look at them.

She peeked her head in again.

In the far shower stall, Debra stood on one leg with her back against the wall. Her left leg straddled around another woman kneeling at her feet, and the kneeling woman had her face buried in Debra’s pussy. The shower sprayed water down on them both, covering them with a thin liquid skin of clear silver.

Jen pulled back into the locker room again. Her heart beat faster now and she found it difficult to catch her breath. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen. From a few of Debra’s stray comments in their conversations, Jen had suspected that Debra might be a lesbian, and had no problems dealing with that. But to see this kind of confirmation was shocking. Those were Debra’s moans she had heard. My god, they’re having sex in my shower! In my locker room!

Jen didn’t know what to do. Part of her didn’t like what they were doing in her showers. Couldn’t they go home and do that? Couldn’t they find someplace where someone wouldn’t stumble across them like this? At the same time, though, a part of her was fascinated. A part of her felt as though she had discovered some secret that she wanted to keep to herself. She wanted them to stop, but she realized in that brief moment, she wanted to watch as well.

Jen hadn’t moved in minutes and she knew they that could turn off the shower and walk in there at any moment, find her standing against the wall, fighting against her urge to visually trespass into their carnal pleasure, and then they would know, they would know what she had seen. Their secret actions would be out, exposed to someone who was not one of them. What would they think of her?

The moaning became louder, punctuated with an occasional hissed “yes”. And it occurred to Jen that maybe they wanted to be seen, maybe they wanted to be caught. They could be exhibitionists just waiting for someone to come along and spot them, watch them. They hadn’t gone home or some other place private; they had chosen to play in a place where they might be discovered.

Jen risked another peek.

Debra had her head back, eyes closed, enraptured with the pleasure created by the other woman’s mouth. The woman’s hands rubbed Debra’s legs, then worked up to her butt, gripped Debra as she licked longer and harder. Debra reacted with smooth thrusts of her hips, and buried her fingers in the woman’s hair, directing her movements as her leg pulled the woman’s head against her harder.

Jen continued to watch as Debra built to a crescendo, shuddered, then nearly collapsed on top of the woman who had taken her there. Debra rubbed the woman’s back as the woman stood and they kissed.

Jen felt a stirring inside herself, her pussy swelled and become damp. She wore only her gi pants and a sports bra from the class earlier, and was thankful the pants were loose enough that her porno indir wetness wouldn’t show through.

Jen panicked when she heard the shower turn off and she bolted for the locker room door. She ran across the floor and up the stairs, trying to be as quiet as possible. She started to head towards her room, but stopped, then eased back to the top of the stairs, out of sight from downstairs, but not out of hearing range. She waited for a few moments. Although the stairs turned half-way up, she could clearly hear the two as they left the locker room and went out of the front door. When she heard Debra lock the front door from the outside, Jen relaxed.

She opened the door to her apartment and turned on the low-wattage lamp. In the silence of her apartment, she sat down on the couch, propped her legs up on the low table in front of her, and thought about what she had just seen. She didn’t know what to think about it, and this confused her more.

Jen couldn’t deny the heat she felt between her legs, but couldn’t deny the guilt she felt as well. She had spied on those two. Yes, they were in her building, in her locker room, in her shower, and maybe there was a part of them that wanted to be discovered, but she couldn’t be sure about that, maybe there were circumstances that didn’t allow them another place.

God damn, she was horny.

She didn’t consider herself a lesbian, hadn’t ever thought about it before. She had always appreciated beauty in other women, athleticism, and grace. Had sometimes wondered what they were like in bed, but not for any sexual reasons, instead she wondered how they were. Ice queen or wild? Did they talk dirty? Did they like the lights on or off? But in all her musings, Jen had never thought that watching two women make love would make her horny.

It had to be because she hadn’t had sex in quite some time, just had to be. She couldn’t remember the last time she and Kyle had made love, had to have been months before she left him. And then she had given him a blow job before he quickly fell asleep and snored too loudly for her to hear the television. She had masturbated only once since moving in above the business, and even that had started out accidentally. A simple pillow between her legs while she watched the news because she couldn’t get comfortable, but then the pillow didn’t seem firm enough, didn’t quite scratch that inner itch she felt, and soon she had found herself rubbing her crotch outside her panties, then slipping her hand inside and messaging her clit, inserting just the tip of her finger inside herself, increasing the speed with her desire until she buried her scream of pleasure in another pillow. She hadn’t even bothered to take off her shorts.

Jen had not thought about Debra nor her friend in any sexual way, and could only ever remember being attracted to men. But watching those two had turned her on. And she was hornier at this moment than she could remember being in years.

God she needed a man, needed his firm cock shoved deep inside her, needed the pounding, needed the explosive release. But she didn’t know any men other than the few guys in her classes and friends she met through Kyle, none of whom she trusted to keep their mouth shut around him. And there was the trust factor around picking up some stranger too. Fuck, she didn’t even own a dildo.

Jen knew she would have to make do with what she had.

She stood and removed her gi, then sat back down on the couch, spread her legs with her feet against the edge of the table and massaged her damp pussy. She felt her own sweat on her hands, felt the fabric of the couch against her back and her bare ass.

She began with long, slow strokes, adding a circular motion at the top where her hot clitoris stood aroused. She replayed the scene she had witnessed in the shower, except now instead of the awkward embarrassment she had felt, she imagined that she had masturbated while she watched. She could hear the water as it sprayed from the shower head, she could hear Debra’s moans as the woman’s warm tongue licked her. She could picture the other woman’s long soaked hair pasted against her back, could see the curves of her legs and hips as she squatted in front of Debra.

Gradually, Jen increased the speed of her motions, worked herself faster as her mind delved deeper into the scene. Soon she imagined that she received the attentions of the girl, it was her pussy licked, not Debra’s, while she stood back and absorbed the growing pleasure.

God, this felt so good. She hadn’t cum in so long. She didn’t want this to stop, wanted to feel this way forever without end. God, please don’t let this stop.

Jen rubbed faster and faster, slid the tip of her middle finger over the edge of her hole on the down motion, while giving her clitoris an extra rub on the way up. With her left hand she rubbed her small breasts, lightly squeezed her nipples, imagined a warm mouth kissing her nipples, a wet tongue sliding over them, ensest porno making them hard. Wished her breasts were as large as the woman who squatted before Debra’s bush.

As her orgasm approached, her breath became more shallow, and a moan slipped from her lips. She worked harder now, she wanted this orgasm, she wanted it to happen now, she couldn’t wait any longer, couldn’t wait to feel that…

The explosion ripped through her body, one brief tense moment, then a complete collapse as the pleasure washed through every muscle and joint of her body. She squeezed her breasts hard, hard enough she knew it should hurt, but it felt too good right now to care.

Jen fell back along the couch, arms at her side and reveled in the release, savored every second of these few moments where she existed alone in the world in her small apartment above her own business where no one could bother her, where she could lay on this couch naked for as long as she wanted.


Two days had passed since she had spotted the pair in the shower, and she hadn’t seen Debra since that time. Another Tae Kwon Do class was scheduled for tonight, and a part of Jen worried. She was sure they hadn’t known she was there, but the nagging paranoia in the back of her mind wouldn’t go away.

As expected, Debra arrived thirty minutes before her class began, and acted as usual towards Jen. As they spoke, she hoped Debra couldn’t hear Jen’s slight edge of nervousness.

Class started on time, and while going through the normal warm-up exercises followed by the standard practice kicks and punches, Jen tried hard to examine the class to find the other woman from that night. The shower had been darker than usual then, plus the woman’s hair had been wet and stuck to her back. Jen wasn’t sure about the color, but she had a good idea about the length. She thought she had narrowed it down to the woman named Marcy when Debra caught her not paying attention.

Debra gave her an odd look, and in that moment, Jen thought she had given herself away. But in a flash, that look disappeared, replaced by the usual mock disappointment and the order to do another set of side-kicks.

Jen continued to catch glimpses of Marcy through the rest of class. Her breasts were large enough, the length of her legs seemed proportionate, her light brown hair seemed right.

Although class seemed longer than usual to Jen, Debra ended it on time, and Jen moped back to her office, convinced that her legs would be sore tomorrow. She plopped down in her office chair and when she looked up, Debra stood in the office doorway.

“I wondered if you might want to go for a drink or two to celebrate the class’s success,” Debra said.

Jen wondered if her surprise showed on her face. Her heart pounded as she convinced herself that Debra had just asked her out for drinks because she wanted to confront her with what she had witnessed. She knew it was a ridiculous idea, after all, she could confront her here in her office behind a closed door if she wanted to. Then the thought occurred to her that maybe Debra wanted to apologize. Maybe she felt embarrassed at having been caught, but Jen didn’t think that could be right either, as Debra could do that here as well.

After a moment that seemed to stretch for minutes, Jen said, “Sure.”

Debra smiled and said, “Great. Let me shower first then we’ll head out.”

Jen agreed, but decided to shower upstairs in her apartment.


After her shower, Jen pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but couldn’t find her shoes. As she spent a few minutes searching the apartment, she realized that she hadn’t worn shoes in over two weeks. She lived here, worked here, and rarely went outside. She never thought to put on shoes because there was no need to. Eventually, she found a pair of old sneakers under the bed, and not bothering with socks, quickly slipped them on and headed downstairs.

She should have expected it, and mentally chastised herself for not, but as she came down, she momentarily stopped in shock when she saw Marcy standing with Debra near the front door.

Marcy stood a few inches shorter than both Debra and Jen, and instead of their lengthy musculature, hers was more rounded, proportionately curvy. She had a cute face, with full cheeks and lips, and eyes a sky blue that twinkled in the light.

“Ready?” Debra said.

“Yeah,” Jen said.

Debra wore an ensemble similar to Jen’s of jeans and T-shirt, while Marcy sported a sheer, red blouse that seemed to emphasize her breasts.

“I know of a hole-in-the-wall joint about a block from here,” Debra said. “Since it’s nice enough out, we could walk.”

“Sounds good to me,” Marcy said.


Jen could not recall ever being in this type of bar before. She had seen her share of dives in college, but nothing quite this small. Not intimate, just cramped. It had a certain charm that she couldn’t figure out, but it wasn’t the type of place she could ever picture herself returning to. A rough crowd populated the darkened place, a dart board and pool table were shoved into one corner so that neither game could be played if the other was, old scuff marks and stains pock-marked the cheap wood floor, and the tables were small and rickety.

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