You hear a knock at your door…  open it to find me, standing there… short skirt and a low cut blouse… ”take me for a drive?”….  You smile…  a boyish grin… like you found the candy store unlocked and no clerk behind the counter…The top on the car is down and that is perfect for my naughty mind. In the car you ask me, ”Where do you want to go?””I don’t care… it’s a beautiful day out and I just wanted to go for a drive”. In the car we’re chatting… talking about something to do the next weekend… I’m thinking the boat…  since we had such a great time the last time we were out on the lake …”Good idea”, you say…  ankara travesti reaching over and caressing my knee…   I lean over and kiss you… and smile… a naughty smile “hard to not think about that afternoon “… sliding my hand up your leg… “hard for you too, I see…”I start playing with the radio… I find a song that I just haven’t been able to get out of my mind lately, and turn the volume up…. I lean my seat back and relax… reach over with my left hand and start caressing you thru your pants, looking sideways at you ”do you mind?”….  You just answer with a smile.I open your pants, and free you from those constraints, ankara travestileri and start gently stroking you, enjoying hearing you sigh. I pull up my skirt and you see there is nothing underneath… and I spread my legs so you can see that just touching your cock has got me wet …   With my left hand I wipe some of those juices into my fingers and spread it all over your hardness…  I slide my hand up and down while I’m gently massaging my clit with my right hand… my eyes are closed, and I’m just enjoying the drive, listening to the cars go by. “There’s a truck coming up on your side” you say… “yeah? Think they can see travesti ankara me? want me to stop?” “Yes, I know they will be able to see you… .No, I don’t want you to stop!.””good” and then we both laugh. Reaching over to you with my right hand, I paint your lips with my wetness, lean over and lick your lips… yes I know I’m distracting you, but we’re both laughing….  and then I lower my head, you move the seat back just a little, after all you still need to drive…I need to taste that pre cum that’s been gathering on the head of your penis, mmm so sweet … I swallow the head into my mouth, sucking gently…. I can taste myself  on you, that gets me hot….  I keep sucking on you softly squeezing with my lips as I move my head up, swirling my tongue around as I move down, You’ve got one hand in my hair, moving my head up and down to the rhythm you would like…

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