There’s a Couple in My Bed


When writing a story, I write it to my wife. I write through my eyes. The story is true, it’s just that we haven’t lived it yet…

I’m a 36 year old English guy, tanned and toned, with short brown hair and green eyes. My wife is 32, of German descent, blonde hair, greenish blue eyes, and is absolutely gorgeous. She has the body of a twenty year old, is an ex-dancer, and did some modelling herself.

What a night! The room smells of alcohol I’m sure, but there’s the taste of smoke in my mouth, and dryness. Luckily I have water next to me, so trying not to disturb whoever is in the bed, I take a few sips and rest my head down again. It’s still dark, or at least I think it is, as the curtains are still closed. I had an agreement last night, that I could have a “hall pass”; it’s like a night of being single again. It was a present for working hard, and eventually getting a six-pack.

I know there’s someone or some people in the bed,, but it’s dark, and I need to pee. My heart is still racing from whatever we drank and took last night. Looking at myself in the mirror in the bathroom and smiling… Hungover, but smiling at my new tanned and very toned muscular body. The perfect, brilliant white Hugo Boss boxer shorts show off my tan so well, and complements my new stomach. Back into the bedroom, and I can’t tell if there is one person or two in the bed. I’m still quite tired so I’ll sleep and find out later I’m sure.

A random phone rings in the lounge. It’s a ringtone I don’t know. It’s wakes me and I feel whoever is in the bed, too. I’m still not going to look; and drift off back to sleep, or try to. I can feel breathing on my back now. A female hand is stroking my back ever so lightly. I don’t move or react, just enjoy. Is this my hall pass? Last night was a little wild from what I remember.

This could be one of three girls, and I don’t think it’s my wife. There is definitely someone else in the bed on the other side of her. So for now, yes why not, I’m happy whoever it is, and it’s excellent. Now two hands massaging my shoulders and back, gentle kisses and warmth from her hands. Her hand comes over my shoulder to my chest and strokes my chest and nipples while biting my neck. Mmm it’s getting good.

I reach around my hand now and find her Escort thigh, she’s naked. I can feel her nipples on my back, and she’s not wearing any underwear. Grabbing her bum and bringing it closer to mine; okay, I know it’s not my wife. My wife has the most perfect bum and always a shaved pussy. I can feel the short hairs from her pussy on my bum cheeks.

Lowering my hand down between her legs, I start to stroke her. Immediately she moans in my ear. I love that sound. The feel of her pussy getting slowly damp from my fingers at play. I’m already hard,, but the angle isn’t quite right for her to grab me… just yet. Her right hand moves away, and her left hand is scratching my neck and back between kisses and bites. Her very tight pussy is on my fingers, and I start to make small circles, flicking her so gently. Then another moan, this time from a male. There is a guy with us. Which means my wife must be with another couple in the spare room. Interesting.

The girl must be Charlie, the Australian girl with her boyfriend. She was a bit jealous of my wife, as her man really fancied her. His hand finds her thigh, he touched my hand slightly, checking what I was doing, I presume; and continued to massage her bum. It’s all by touch and sound, so far. The gentle movement of her bum as she is enjoying us boys playing with her. From what I remember, she was a redhead and had very long legs. Not really my type, but sexy, nonetheless.

Now I can feel she is wet. The guy reaches his hand down and starts playing with her now. I do the gentlemanly thing and take my hand away, mmm, the smell of sex on my fingers, mmm. Her hand comes to mine again and places it back on her. I don’t mind sharing with her boyfriend, as our fingers work her like a team.

She arches her back more, giving her boyfriend more of her body, and he takes his hand away. I carry on playing for now. As I’m playing with her, I feel his dick rubbing against her. I need to help the guy out here, pushing her pussy back to him, I slide my finger inside her, bringing the wetness to her lips. Now she’s ready I thought. With that his dick slides into her. No foreplay from her, she just wanted her boyfriend’s cock. She held my hand down, encouraging me to continue rubbing her.

A new sensation Escort Bayan keeping her aroused, as she has her boyfriend inside her. With every deep thrust into her, I feel her pussy muscles react to all the senses inside and out. I guess this is my hall pass? Seems a little unplanned, more like some random sexy people in my bed.

It’s very sexy the way she’s holding on to me, kissing my neck and back, while her boyfriend fucks her. He seems to be doing the main job, I’m just the icing on the cake, I’m sure. I’ve got myself into a rhythm now, hard and soft strokes to match the hard and soft thrusts. She whispers in my ear… “I want to suck you” so yes, that’s definitely a hall pass reason.

I don’t want him to stop fucking her, but the idea of this girl giving me pleasure while her man gives her pleasure is very erotic for me. I move my body around and stand on the floor, my cock already hard, is at the perfect height for her and me.

Looking down at these to fucking… wow, a very handsome naked guy on his side thrusting his hips to a perfect rhythm, holding her hips for control. I’m already naked, so quite easy for her to suck me from this angle. The sucks I receive match the pace of her man. I feel guilty that I took my hand away, as I also want to give her more pleasure. It’s not every day I have a hall pass.

She moves back into his cock, and makes room for me on the bed. Without removing my cock from her mouth, I kneel on the bed and rub her pussy again. She grabs my head and pushes me closer to her pussy. Well okay, then…

Laying now on my side, being sucked, her hands on my ass holding me close, and I’m facing her pussy for the first time. However, it’s not all mine, as her man is fucking her and not stopping any time soon.

I have a section of her that I can play with. I start by rubbing her gently, then kissing her stomach. Mmmm the smell of sex is like a drug. Further down, my tongue finds her pussy and I’m happy playing with her with my mouth. With my left hand, I hold her bum closer so she is a bit more steady. It’s quite difficult to lick a pussy well, when it’s being pounded by a guy with a big dick…

Wow, that’s a new taste of sex! Smoke, alcohol, pussy cocktail of smells and tastes. Occasionally I open Bayan Escort my eyes, my vision is limited as it’s still quite dark, but yes, I can see his cock enter her in and out. Licking her clit, my nose occasionally touching his cock. Not intentional, just not much room to back away a little. Anyway, I’m sure it adds to his pleasure, too.

“Thank you boys… Don’t stop!!”

With this kind of order, I know she’s close to an orgasm. I grab the guy’s backside and force him to fuck her harder and faster, but this time I’m in control of the movements. It’s a first for me to hold a guy’s ass; definitely a first, to control the movements of him.

It’s like clockwork now, bringing this girl and guy to another level. My lips kissing her lower lips, using my tongue to stimulate her, and now pushing my nose into her pussy, or should I say his cock, to give them both pleasure; giving him the feeling of a tight pussy and reaching new parts of her inside.

As I’m holding his now very sweaty backside, I’m still being sucked to the reaction that she is having from him… controlled by me. I want to please them both now,, so I start to rub my finger over his asshole. It doesn’t need any lubricant.

It’s my middle finger I’m using, so quite easy to slide it into him slowly and trying to control his movements.

“Fuck, yes that’s good!” he shouts, probably waking the rest of the house up… if they’re not up already and doing the same as we are.

Now some small movements from my finger in him and this combination will make us all come soon!

“I’m going to cum boys, don’t stop, please!” With this, I feel her pussy tingle, her whole body shake, and she starts to moan loudly. I carry on my routine… it works.

I feel my self cumming too, but I hang on and breathe.

“Yes, yes, yes boys, yes,” she chants; at which point, the guy arches his back, forcing my finger into him deeper, and he starts to cum deep into her. I slow down with my movements and I feel my cock about to explode.

“Swallow him baby,” the guy says.

I feel my balls deliver a salvo of cum into her mouth. She keeps sucking me, and I slowly remove my finger from him. Everyone is very, very sweaty, and there’s heavy breathing from all.

“Wow!! Nice to meet you, I’m Eddie.”

I look around the room and flick on the light switch. Finally displaying who I’ve been fucking with. Hi.

Next to the light switch is a cup of tea… only my wife makes me tea… but how long as that been there…?

It was still warm..?

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