Therese’s Story – Chapter 18: Too Much Wine


I was going to call Cait back right away, but first I read the texts she had sent, and the first one said, ‘Did she say anything?’ with a blushing face, and the next one just said, ‘What happened?’Then it was, ‘Calling, want to talk. You okay?’ and then, ‘Call me pls,’ and after that, ‘Why won’t you answer?’The next message was longer.’You’re kinda freaking me out. Something wrong? Pls call. Did mom say something? Are you angry with me??’ and then it was ‘Baby please! I’m sorry! Whatever I did I’m so sorry! I love you pleeeeease call me!’And then, ‘Did mom tell you not to talk to me?? She did, didn’t she? Baby, you don’t have to listen to her. I don’t care what she says, I only care about us! Please don’t do this. I love you!’And I felt so bad, and I had a lump in my throat, and then I read her last text and I went all cold on the inside because it said, ‘Mom isn’t home yet but when she is I’m telling her everything. Everything we did. I’m telling dad too. Then I’m coming to stay with you.’I panicked, and I pushed the call button, but it went straight to voice mail, so I tried again, but the istanbul travesti same thing happened, and then I ran out of my room, down the stairs, and I shouted, “Mom!” and she was in the kitchen, and I said, “Mom, I need to borrow the car.”She got this really worried look on her face, and she said, “What’s going on?” and I said, “Nothing mom, can I borrow your car?”“Yes, of course,,” she said.I was in the car, and I had turned the key and started it when Cait called, and my phone was in the passenger seat, and I pushed the button before I picked it up, and I said “Cait?”“Hey babe, I’m so sorry,” she said.“What?”“I’m sorry I freaked out like that. You must think I’m a real crybaby,” and I said, “No, I…” and she said, “I just called mom and she told me what happened. So, I’m really sorry. All that stuff I wrote. I just got all kinds of crazy ideas in my head when you didn’t pick up, you know?”“It’s okay,” I said, but she just kept talking like she didn’t hear me.“And when she caught us like that. I almost died. But I think she knew already, don’t you?”“Yeah, I think so too,” I said. istanbul travestileri “Hey, so, what did she say?” and Cait said, “Hm?”“About what happened. With us. Me and her.”“That you went out for a burger,” she said. “And you lost your phone. And you had to go back and find it. That is what happened, isn’t it?”“Uhm, yeah.”“Isn’t… it?” she said real slowly and suspiciously, and I said, “No, I mean yes, of course it is. I was just, you know…,”“I mean, ’cause your last text kinda freaked me out,” I said, and she laughed a little embarrassed, and said, “Oh yeah, that. Look, I’m just dumb, okay. So I’m sorry. And it’d be really awesome if you just deleted all those texts,” and now I laughed, and it wasn’t all false, and I said, “No way, I’m saving them for our first marital dispute,” and Cait laughed more and said, “I can live with that.”So I turned off the engine, and still talking with Cait I went back inside. Mom looked at me like real quizzical, but then I think she understood who I was talking to, and she smiled and gave me the okay sign with her fingers, and I just rolled travesti istanbul my eyes at her and went back up to my room.I lay down on my bed, and Cait and I talked a little more, and then I tried to sleep.But I was just tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep, so I called Lucy, even though it was way after midnight, and it rang for a long time, but I never thought about hanging up, I just let it ring and ring and then finally she answered, and her voice was thick and hoarse, and she said, “Hello?”“Hey, it’s me,” I said. “Did I wake you up?”“Uhh, yeah,” she said. “But that’s okay,” and I said, “Can we talk?” and she said, “Sure,” and we talked for a while, about nothing really, or I talked mostly, I guess.I asked her something, I don’t remember what it was, but she didn’t answer, so I said, “You there?” and she didn’t answer, but I could hear her breathing through her nose, and I realized she had fallen asleep.I closed my eyes and just lay there listening to her.The sound of her was hypnotizing, and I masturbated with Lucy’s breathing in my ear, and I hung up only after I had come, and I felt really bad about it and so I sent her a text.Just ‘Sorry’, and in the morning she answered with just a winking face, and I figured she thought I said sorry for waking her up and that’s what I wanted her to think, but I felt better for apologizing anyway.

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