Three Days at a Cottage


It happened as I was 18. All our family went in the country in every summer. They are mum, dad, my sister Natty and me. Our relatives sometimes came to our place and were there for some weeks. This summer we waited for our Aunt Galina’s arrival. After a week of our staying at the cottage she arrived with my cousin Sveta. Natty and Sveta were 18 like me. So it was a good company and we spent time together.

One day the parents told me they were going to visit somebody for 3 days and I had to be the elder. Wow! 3 days of freedom! Of course, I agreed. Mother didn’t want to leave us, children, alone, but father made her sure that we were grown-ups and nothing would happen. He prepared the baths before departure and said that we could take a bath in the evening. We managed to go to the forest for strawberries while the parents were gathering for leaving and they were ready as we returned.

After saying good-bye to everyone they and aunt Galina left. It should be said, after their departure the sky got overcast. We decided to take a bath until it rained. The girls were the first who did that. I sat on the front steps and was reading a book as they had a bath. I heard them splash and laugh, but in some time I noticed there was quiet and I got worried. Perhaps, something had happened! I decided to go to check. Entering there I tensed my ears. It was quiet. I opened the door,

“Are you all right?”

There was silence in the bath and I got worried seriously. I opened the door wider, stepped in and… screamed!!! I was doused with cold water and I slipped and fell down as there was a loud laugh of my sisters behind the door. They had tricked me.

Swearing I got back up; my T-shirt and jeans were wet through. I heard, “You had to take a bath!” There was another laugh. It was Sveta’s voice. Of course, who could make it up?

“Hey, don’t be mad!” she screamed. “It’d be better if you help us.”

I was shocked and thought I was dreaming.

“What takes you so long?” It came from inside. I opened the door. The girls

lay there naked on their stomachs.

“Come in, come in. We won’t bite you!” Sveta said and turned her head to me.

I felt my prick come up. Yeah, what the sights it was! Two absolutely naked girls lay in front of me. Two asses: Sveta’s ass was more round and fatter, Natty’s was thinner. Sveta brought me back into reality again, “Haven’t you seen naked girls before?”

“Nah!” I replied like a fool.

Sveta laughed and Natty giggled. “Mother and I went to a nude beach last year. So don’t be confused. All the same” Sveta said in a proud voice.

I got a brush wet and started doing their naked backs and asses.

“Are you gonna stay in your jeans?” Sveta giggled again.

“Stop that!” I replied.

“OK, OK. We are through. Turn around.”

I turned around and heard the cousins jump up to there feet and start splashing in the water to pour away the soap suds and sweat. The door opened andSveta said, “OK, you can turn around.”

I turned around and saw Sveta was still there. I noticed her splendid tits and a dark triangle between the legs. I thought she stayed there especially to show herself to me. Then she got out and closed the door. I started undressing.

The clothes were wet through, so I didn’t need take them to the special tank for clothes and I threw them on the floor. I soaped myself swiftly and watered. The naked girls stuck in my mind. Thus, I had a hard-on. I sat, took my cock in the fist and started stroking it up and down.

I was brought back into reality by Natty’s scream, “What are you doing there? It’s gonna rain!”

“Fuck, she has fucked it up!” I thought. “I’ll never sleep in the night!” I went to dress. It was good that mother got my clothes ready and laid them on a bench.

When I left the baths, the rain was drizzling on the ground. I ran to the house. The girls had already laid the table. It became dark behind the windows and there was heavy rain. We sat at table to have a tea in the darkness.

“Did you really never see naked girls?” all of a sudden Sveta asked.

“No, I didn’t, except of pictures,” I said.

“I noticed a tent in your jeans!” giggling she said.

“OK, don’t be mad at me. Let’s play cards!”

“What’s the prize?” Natty interrupted.

“Undressing!” Sveta said and looked up.


“Do you mean to undress absolutely?” Natty got scared.

“Yep, are you afraid of losing?” Sveta played her off.


“OK, then bring the cards.”

Natty brought the cards and we started playing. Of course, we played a fool. I was unlucky. I had on only jeans and boxers soon. Natty was unlucky, too. She had on a summer dress and decided to take off underwear at first, hoping she’d be lucky and be dressed. Sveta felt good like a winner.

When I was unlucky again I lose the jeans. I took them off to the girls’ applause and stayed in the boxers only.

“What’s the next?” I asked Sveta.

“I don’t know now!” merrily she answered.

I lose the boxers in 10 minutes. I slowly got up.

“C’mon, Keçiören Escort Bayan hunk!” Sveta cheered me. “You did see us naked today!”

I collected myself and pulled the boxers down. My cock sprang out in the freedom and looked straight at my sisters. In spite of worrying I noticed Natty stare enchanted at the sights. It was clear she never saw it. Sveta stared at it with delight. “Perhaps, she saw it at a beach,” I riddled.

“Well?!” I asked. “What’s the next?”

“Sit down and see who is gonna lose next!” Sveta replied.

Of course, it was Natty who lost. She got up paled.

“Don’t…” she tried resisting shyly.

“Do!” Sveta ordered.

Gasping, the sister took the summer dress’s hem and pulled it up. My cock’s size reached the limit seeing that. It became purple and swollen by twice its usual size.

Natty flushed and covered her tits and crotch with her arms, standing in the middle of the room, but I managed to see her properly as she was undoing the summer dress. There was no hair between the legs and tits were small.

“Maybe you do rematch?” Sveta asked us.

“What way?” submissively Natty asked.

“Let’s go to play further! If I lose I immediately undress. If anyone of you loses you’ll realize my wish.”

“That’ll do!” I replied. I wanted to undress Sveta so much.

We sat at the table. Natty was used to her nakedness and didn’t cover herself with palms and I could stare at her tits properly. They were like small balls upturned. The nipples were small and pink. I’d like to touch them so much.

Sveta gave cards. I took cards and was confused. I never had such bad cards. Of course, I lost.

“What’s the wish?” I asked.

“How do guys jerk off?” Sveta asked.

I was confused by that question. “Well…” I said confused.

“You’ll show the way you do it!” Sveta said.

I started protesting, but she reminded me about the card’s debt sanctum and I gave up. I stood in the middle of the room, but didn’t know how to start.

“It’d be better if you sit on a sofa!” Sveta hinted.

I sat and spread my legs. The girls came up and squatted near me. Of course, Natty was still naked. I thought I’d not last long. After waiting for about 10 secs, I laid the palm on the cock, squeezed it and started stroking it slowly.

“Like that!” I said silently.

“Keep on,” Sveta said silently, too.

I couldn’t imagine I’d ever jerk off in front of sister. Natty watched carefully and forgot she was naked.

“What’ll happen?” she asked.

“Watch!” gasping Sveta replied.

I didn’t bother anything any more. The only thing I wanted was to cum and it happened soon. The cock jerked in my fist and the cum splashed. I didn’t see that, because my eyes were closed. I felt like my head had burst. I never felt that before. Keeping on with stroking the cock that was still splashing portions of cum I opened my eyes. Sveta bit her lip and was staring at the cock with delight. Natty, sitting in front of me, rubbed away the drops from her tits.

“Wow!” Sveta said delightfully. “I saw it on a video only!”

“Brrrr! Fucking shit!” Natty said with happiness.

“Are you OK?” Sveta asked.

I didn’t reply. I didn’t give a fuck and the head was spinning. The cum was still pouring along my hips and my hard-on. Leaning back on the sofa’s back I was watching the cousins get up from the floor and moved over to the other side of room, whispering.

I collected myself in 5 minutes, checked the watch. It was a late evening and was time to go to bed.

My sofa was on the first floor, but theirs were on the ground one. I entered their room to say good night to them, although all my ideas were around our game and the consequences. The girls had already been in their beds and were discussing. I didn’t doubt what they were talking about.

“Well, g’night, sleep tight!” I said.

“You’ll have g’night sleep tight, not we!” Sveta said and both sisters laughed.

“We’ll have another round tomorrow!” on a sudden Natty said.

“OK,” I said and went to my room


The next day was hot and close again. It was clear it’ll rain again in the evening. Three of us went to lake after dinner. After swimming until 6 p.m. we started gathering to go home. The sisters didn’t say a word about yesterday’s action.

When we packed our stuff Natty asked Sveta, “Shall we play cards again?”

“Yes, of course,” she replied in a natural voice.

We reached the home by 7 p.m. There were blue clouds and a thunder in the sky like yesterday. While having a supper Sveta suggested on a sudden, “Let’s play a different game!”

“Which?” I asked drinking a tea.

“Black Jack!” there was a reply.

“I can’t play it,” there was Natty’s voice.

“Bullshit, I’ll teach you! Can you play “21”? That’s the same!”

I could play ’21’; my friends and I sometimes played that during a break in the school.

Clearing the table and explaining the game’s core to Natty we sat at game. I had a notion Sveta changed Escort Eryaman the game so as to win faster and enjoy the sightseeing. After 2 rounds Natty all of a sudden suggested to sit down on floor. Everyone agreed. Moving over to the room, spread a blanket and sat on it. Svta gave cards and my misgivings about her plans were right. Natty who never played the game started losing. I was like my cousin.

Natty decided to repeat yesterday’s tactics and take off the summer dress in the end. It happened like yesterday. Finally she lost everything. We applauded and she stood and started pulling it up. She wasn’t shy any more. Standing in a such condition for some time Natty got down on the floor. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from that sightseeing. I had been having a hard-on for a long time, awaiting coming actions. Sveta’s voice woke me up.

“Well, do we go on?”

“Yeahhh, of course!” I collected myself.

Sveta’s villain plans failed and she took off her panties in 10 minutes. It was something great! Firm breasts, body’s curves and bushy place had just hypnotized me. I was ready to rush and kiss her convexities, that smooth skin. I had a devil in my jeans. I thought I’d cum without touching the cock.

“It ain’t romantic here!” on a sudden Sveta said like out of space.

“There’s nothing to drink.”

“I know where the parents keep a wine bottle” Natty said.

“Carry it on!”

“What will they say afterwards?” Natty scared.

“We’ll say we broke it by chance!” Sveta found the way out.

Natty got up and went to the kitchen for the wine and glasses. I was staring at them; that was a fool’s dream to see two naked girls at once. Waiting for Natty Sveta stood with slightly spread legs so that I saw the inviting, adoring slit going somewhere deep. It seemed she wasn’t shy, nude beach and all that stuff.

Natty returned with wine and three glasses. We filled them up and Sveta said a toast, “Cheers!”

A nice warmness waved along the body.

“Well, for wish?” I got brave.

“OK,” the girls said friendly after changing glances.

Although Natty gave cards, I was the winner.

“What do you wish?” Natty as the first loser asked.

“Did you see the way I jerked off yesterday?”

“Umm…” Natty said getting where I drove at.

“It’s your time to show!”

“No,” she protested.

“C’mon, you do remember what I showed you yesterday!” Sveta nudged her side.

What they did yesterday!

Natty sighed, laid submissively on the blanket and spread the legs. I stared at her. Here is that wonderful twat! Natty put her palm on the pubic bone so that the fore and the middle fingers touched the small mound and started rubbing it. She soflty moaned as she swayed back and forth. It was seen that she was enjoying it so much. I froze. Soon her moans became louder, moves became faster and all of a sudden she curved, roared and then fell on the floor. “She came,” I got it.

“Well?” smiling Sveta asked.

“Cool!” gasping I breathed away.

“Play another round?”

“Yes, we do!” I expected Sveta’d lose again.

But I failed. I have to undress and it gave me relief, because my cock was ready to cum.

“Wow!” Sveta exclaimed, staring at my purple cock.

“Fuck those cards?”

Natty turned her head and I saw her blurred glance. She laid without being shy. It was clearly seen she was on heaven.

“Can I touch it?” Sveta asked and it distracted me from staring at my sister.

“You can,” I agreed.

She knelt down and took my cock in her hand tenderly. I was shaking.

“I saw in some video women can satisfy men with mouth,” she said. On a sudden, she embraced the dickhead with lips without saying anything. I felt orgasm as the tongue touched the dickhead. I failed to say anything as I began cumming straight into Sveta’s mouth. She jerked away from suddenness and the cum stainedall her face. The next portion of cum splashed on her tits. I moaned and fell onthe floor. My head was spinning around.

“Yummy!” I heard Svet’s voice.

“Surely, not bad!”

Opening the eyes I saw Natty stare at that with confusion and interest.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed saying to Sveta.

“You should try that! It’s cool!”

“No, I can’t.”

“That’s unfair! All of you’ve came and enjoyed, but not me!” Sveta giggled staring at me.

“What should I do?”

“The same! Try with your tongue!”

“I don’t know the way!”

Sveta laid on the floor and spread the legs. What a sights it was!

“Lie down!”

Intuitively I understood what I had to do. I lay between her legs and started licking. The tongue was swaying up and down. Sveta started moaning loudly and moved her body to mine. We were on the edge and didn’t notice anything around.

She started moaning so loudly and my tongue entered any places of her body. I was drunk by her taste and smell. Sveta’s body tensed, she grabbed my hair and screamed. Then she got softened and stretched out on the blanket.

I looked up and saw Sincan Escort Bayan the sister who sat on the sofa with spread legs and the hand between them. The sights excited her so much. I was aroused and I had a hard-on again. Considering that any suggestions weren’t needed I came up to Natty who sat. I stood in front of her the way my cock was against her face. She immediately got everything and embracing it with her palm, another was on her crotch and started stroking along it tenderly and then sped up.

I closed my eyes. In some time I felt two hands embraced me: one took my balls, another did my buttocks. It was Sveta. Opening eyes I saw Natty open her mouth and took my tool in it. What a bliss! I could stand longer that time.

Coming up to the edge I watched the sisters. Sveta massaged the balls in her palms and bent to lick the cock with tongue now and then. That was such excitement and cursing I had to cum.

Natty didn’t wait for it to be over and choke with cum. She moved her head back and the cum went on splashing on her face. Sveta found the way out swiftly and embraced the cock with lips and drank the rest of cum.

I was fully exhausted. I just laid on the sofa and laid still, hearing the girls get dressed and remembered their boyfriends who touched them up at the entrance.


The final day before arrival of the parents started as usual. It was clear those actions never would be forgotten. I had a hard-on since morning and Sveta passing by touched the tent in my pants. Natty stared at me all day long. After doing the work in the garden and having dinner, Natty and I were going to a shop. Sveta decided not to accompany us and lay under the tree with a book. We were silent on our way to the shop. There was a talking on our way back.

“How do you think it hurts to fuck?” Natty asked.


“My friends said it hurt, especially if it’s the first time.”

“What about yesterday?”

“It was great yesterday. At first it wasn’t good, then it was cool!”

“Do you wanna fuck?”

“Dunno.” She shrugged her shoulders.

Our talking stopped at that, because we got the house. Getting out the products, everyone did their duties. I took a book and went upstairs. The reading was bad and I only thought about my sisters’ naked bodies and pussies. I wanted to jerk off as I heard a creak on the stairs and Natty and Sveta entered my room. They wore skirts and T-shirts and I could see they didn’t wear bras

under them. Sitting on the bedside they asked what we’d do todnight.

“Maybe play cards again?” I asked carefully.

“No, it’s boring,” Sveta pulled faces.

“What else?”

“Let’s play a flower!”

“What’s the idea?”

“Who cums first one lose first!” smiling Sveta said.

“OK,” I replied.

Sveta bent over to me and put her lips on mine. Her tongue pierced into my tongue and started moving. Oh my God! Why hadn’t we done that before? At that moment somebody’s arm started sliding up my leg. I put my arm on Sveta’s tit too and started squeezing it slowly. Natty, it was her arm that stroked my cock through the pants, got up on the bed and knelt down, spreading her legs above me.

Stopping the stroking, she took the jeans and pulled them down. The pants and boxers went down together.

“What will a loser do?” I asked between kisses.

“The loser will satisfy the rest by their wishes,” Sveta sentenced.

I doubled my efforts. One hand slid under Sveta’s skirt, another went down the sister’s skirt. It occurred they both didn’t have on panties. It was so great to caress both pussies! The girls didn’t waste time either. Natty immediately took my cock in the mouth and started sucking it slowly. She was great at it. “It was only her second time!” It occurred to me.

I understood I should the loser. At that time Sveta, pulling up T-shirt from me, stroked my chest and went on kissing. Taking my cock the sister did a mistake, because she was aroused, too. My finger found her little button; its stimulation gave her the ocean of great emotions. I increased the pressure on these wonderful spot and Natty was on the edge in several minutes.

“Ahhh, I lost!” Sveta exclaimed.

“Which way do you wanna satisfy?”

“It’s up to you!” gasping the sister said.

“To the fullest!” Sveta said.

We changed glances. Natty submissively laid on the back and spread legs. I knelt down between her legs and tried directing my cock into the place where the cock should be stuck. Natty raised her ass and moved forward, but she failed.

“Why should I always be a teacher?” Sveta breathed out.

She took my cock and directed it straight into Natty’s pussy. I thrust forward and the cock slid into the deeps easily, bumped against a tight membrane, it broke and the cock went further.

\Natty cried out quietly and bit her lip. I started moving back and forth. The sister’s tense face became smoother and in a moment she was moaning from pleasure. “Wow! How great it is! I’m fucking!” I thought and I could cum from that idea, but I went on fucking.

We were shaking from orgasm. I was cumming straight into my sister without worrying the consequences. Moving aside he noticed Sveta sat near and watched the action with envy and caressed herself between the legs. Natty and I lay near each other and collected ourselves.

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