Tiffany Visits the Senior Center

Big Tits

This story is a sequel to “Tiffany and the Alexander Brothers” (https://.com/s/tiffany-and-the-alexander-brothers).

It had been a few weeks since Tiffany’s first sexual encounter with the seventy-something gentleman across the hall, Mr. Alexander, and his visiting brother. While his brother had since returned home, Tiffany has kept true to her word, that she was willing to take care of Mr. Alexander whenever he wanted. Sometimes he would catch her in the hall on the way home, and other times he’d knock on her door in the evening. He sometimes wanted a full sexual experience, but often was fine with just a blowjob, on those nights when he said he just “needed his balls drained.”

This particular evening started like many others. As Tiffany came home for the evening, Mr. Alexander caught her in the hall. “Hey, sweetcheeks.” Tiffany was dressed in her lounging clothes, as it had been her day off and she’d spent the afternoon out running errands. She wore short, tight gray sweatshorts that accentuated her curvaceous figure and a white tank top that showed just a bit of her ample cleavage. She always loved the male attention she got from this kind of outfit, and Mr. Alexander was feasting his eyes on the Reubenesque twenty-eight-year-old already.

“Hi Mr. Alexander. Are you looking for something from me?”

“I sure am. Why don’t you come in?” Tiffany followed the old man into his place. Already having an idea of what he wanted, she immediately pulled her top off, revealing her E-cups, and skimmed out of her shorts. Now wearing only a small black thong, she asked, “so what would you like? Want your dick sucked?”

“Yes, that will be good.” Mr. Alexander had already moved over to her and reached behind her, grabbing her right ass cheek and pulling her in close.

“Sure thing,” she replied with a smile. She nudged him backward so that he sat down on the couch, sat next to him and began to undo the septugenarian’s pants. Mr. Alexander’s hands roamed all over Tiffany’s nearly-naked body. Tiffany pulled his cock out and began to stroke it up and down with her hands. As she worked, he touched and squeezed her breasts, her ass, and even reached into her thong to touch her pussy. Finally he stood up. “Drain my balls?”

Tiffany also stood, pulling off her thong in the process. Mr. Alexander liked to see her fully naked while being serviced. She knelt before him. His cock was already partly stiff, and she immediately took it into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of it getting even harder against her lips and tongue. After a few first sucks to get it wet, she asked, “so how do you want it this time? Fast or slow?”

“Fast,” replied Mr. Alexander. He was very horny and wanted to ejaculate as soon as possible. Tiffany obliged, sucking hard and fast, breaking from sucking up and down his shaft to swirl her tongue around his cock or tease the underside of it with the tip of her tongue. Mr. Alexander’s eyes were half-closed as he lost himself in the unbelievable feeling Tiffany’s mouth provided. He gently held her by the hair. She eventually cupped his balls in one hand, using her thumb to massage them. Her ministrations built up Mr. Alexander’s orgasm quickly. Soon she could feel the muscles of his lower abdomen Avrupa yakası escort starting to quiver, his usual tell that he was on the brink of coming.

Moments later, he repeated his usual phrase – “here it comes, here it comes” – and released his load into Tiffany’s mouth. She kept her mouth in place around his cock as he came, and when he finished she stood, still holding his load in her mouth. She made a show of savoring it before gulping it down as Mr. Alexander took in the sight of the beautiful young woman swallowing his seed. “Your sperm tastes so good today,” she said. “Been eating pineapple?”

“Haha. Just for you,” he replied, sitting on the couch to catch his breath. Tiffany sat down next to him and he put his arm around her, placing his hand on her ass and caressing it.

“You know, I’ve told some of my friends at the senior center about you,” Mr. Alexander said. “They really enjoyed hearing about what you did with me and my brother, although I’m not sure they all totally believed it.”

Tiffany laughed. “Maybe I should go down there and prove it to them, huh?”

“Would you do that?”

“Sure. More fun for me. Let me know when you want to get a few of them together and I’ll go down there with you. And go down on them!”

A few days later Mr. Alexander once again met Tiffany in the hall. This time he asked if she wanted to go down to the senior center with him. “I was able to get Bill and Charlie together,” he said. “Charlie’s about my age and Bill is in his early 90s.”

“Ooh, sounds like a good challenge for me. I think I can take good care of them.”

They arrived at the senior center and went into a back room. At Mr. Alexander’s request, she had worn a thin tank top, some skimpy shorts, and no bra or panties. He wanted to show her off first, and then for his friends to have easy access to her.

Charlie came in first. He was indeed about the same age as Mr. Alexander – over 70 – but was in decent shape; thin and slightly muscular, he’d clearly been an athlete in his day. Charlie’s eyes boggled as he took in the sight of Tiffany.

“Wow, that is one thick little girl,” he exclaimed, taking in every inch of Tiffany’s body. “Doug, I figured you were just blowing smoke.” Without hesitation he went up to her and grabbed her breasts with both hands. “What a pair of tits!”

Tiffany giggled. “Nice to meet you too,” she said.

“Oh, ah, hello, I’m Charlie,” he stammered.

At this point Bill shuffled in. He was as advertised – well into his ’90s, stooped over and pushing a walker. Bill stopped in his rather slow tracks as he saw Tiffany. In a soft, raspy voice, he said, “wow, so she is real!”

Mr. Alexander spoke. “Tiff, why don’t you give these two a show, huh?”

“Okay. You boys have a seat and enjoy,” she said with a smile. Charlie sat as Bill also eased himself down. Tiffany stood in front of them, turned slightly and struck a sexy pose to accentuate her figure, then pulled her top off. As her large breasts fell free, Bill let out an audible, wheezy gasp as Charlie just looked on hungrily. She then turned around, facing away from them, and pulled off her shorts, bending over at the waist to give them a prime view Ataköy escort bayan of her plump ass. She turned around again and let them drink in the view. Charlie and Bill looked with rapt attention at her breasts, her belly, her thick thighs, her bush.

As she showed off, Charlie and Bill talked amongst themselves – or, mostly, Charlie talked as Bill nodded in agreement. She overheard Charlie pointing out his favorite parts of her anatomy. “And what size do you think those tits are?” “Gotta be over a D,” Bill mumbled.

Tiffany giggled. “You win,” she said, and then turned around to show her ass again, moving in such a way to make sure it shook. “God, look at the jiggle on that ass,” Charlie nearly sighed.

Finally she turned to face them again. “Alright, so who wants to try me first?”

“Let him go,” Bill mumbled. “I’ll need some time to get ready.”

“Okay then,” Tiffany said. She walked up to Charlie, knelt and grabbed his fly. He helped her unzip his pants and pull his cock out. “Ooh, this is nice,” she said, and immediately started going down on it. Mr. Alexander looked on approvingly as Tiffany serviced his friend. Bill also appeared to be enjoying the show. As she sucked him, Charlie pulled his pants the rest of the way down and then removed his shirt. Finally he said, “alright, I’m ready. Climb aboard.”

Tiffany climbed up onto him, straddled his lap and sank down onto his cock. “Ahhh, this pussy is incredible!” Charlie exclaimed. Tiffany began bouncing on his cock as Charlie wrapped his arms around her hips, burying his face in her breasts.

Finally he had enough of that position and wanted more control. They repositioned so Tiffany was lying on the couch and Charlie, holding her legs, thrust into her missionary style. Looking on, Tiffany could see that Bill had pulled his ancient penis out of his pants and was rubbing it, trying to get hard, as he watched her tits shake with each of Charlie’s thrusts. Charlie pounded away at her with some decent stamina, his old athletic background coming in handy. Finally Tiffany flipped over on all fours so Charlie could take her doggystyle. He loved feeling her large ass bounce with each of his thrusts. Between breaths, he was able to get out, “oh, Bill, you gotta try this!”

Soon Tiffany could feel that Charlie’s whole body was starting to stiffen, as his thrusts became slower but more forceful. “Gonna cum?” she asked. Breathing heavily, starting to run low on energy, Charlie just nodded. “Where do you want to?” Tiffany asked.

“I want… to see… you swallow it,” he got out. After a few more thrusts he pulled out of Tiffany and stood, and she again dropped to her knees. She placed her tongue on the underside of his dick and rubbed his old balls, and after a few seconds began to ejaculate. It wasn’t as big or as foreful a load as she’d expected – it just dribbled onto her tongue – but she wasn’t too disappointed; as long as the old man had a pleasurable release, she was happy.

Tiffany swallowed Charlie’s load, stood and wiped her mouth. Charlie practically collapsed into the chair. “Man. I held my own for awhile, but this little girl just wore me out,” he said, catching his breath as his erection Escort Şirinevler went down.

“Good though, huh?” Mr. Alexander asked his friend. “Not just good – GREAT,” he replied.

Tiffany turned her attention to Bill, who was still trying to get a rise out of his nonagenarian dick. “Let me help you with that,” she said, kneeling before him. She gently stroked, licked and sucked his cock. “Does that feel good?” she asked as she worked. Bill, slightly shaky, nodded. They had a few starts and stops, as his penis would harden slightly, then go back down. Tiffany continued her ministrations.

As she worked on Bill, she knew that Charlie and Mr. Alexander were watching, so she made sure to wiggle her butt for their viewing pleasure as she sucked. Her ministrations eventually paid off as Bill achieved a halfway-workable erection.

“Want to try my pussy?” she asked. Bill nodded. Tiffany laid down on her back on the edge of the couch, spreading her legs wide, and with a wheeze Bill slid into her. He began to thrust as fast as he could – that is, rather slowly. She could feel that at least his erection was holding so far.

“Yeah Bill,” Charlie cheered on. “Get her!”

Bill continued to thrust in the one position he was capable of. Tiffany reached up and stroked his chest with her hand. “I want you to cum inside me,” she said.

Bill smiled slighly. From the sidelines, Charlie continued to cheer on his friend. “Put a baby in her, Bill!”

Tiffany also smiled at that. Of course she had taken the proper precautions, but if thinking he might get her pregnant helped the old man, she could indulge the fantasy.

“Please knock me up,” she begged as Bill puffed away. “Put your sperm inside me and make me pregnant.”

“Finish her off, Bill,” Charlie encouraged from the sidelines.

That sent Bill over the edge. As the old man reached orgasm for the first time in years, his entire body froze, and after a few seconds Tiffany could feel his cock twitch slightly as it propelled the contents of his ancient balls into her.

Wheezing, Bill withdrew his cock and sat down next to Charlie, who patted his friend on the shoulder. Mr. Alexander also applauded.

Tiffany slid off the couch, laid back on the floor and spread her legs, pushing Bill’s semen out of her. There wasn’t a whole lot, but more than she would have expected from a man well into his nineties.

“Look at that,” said Charlie as she displayed her creampie. “She’s gotta be knocked up for sure. Good job, Bill. Ever think you’d get to impregnate such a hot girl at your age?”

“That was great,” Bill was able to get out between breaths, still recovering.

As Tiffany put back on what little clothing she’d brought with her, Charlie kept talking as usual. He wanted Mr. Alexander to promise to bring her back for more fun.

“Only if she wants to,” Mr. Alexander said.

“I’d love to,” Tiffany said. “Although” – she patted her belly and looked at Bill, still indulging the pregnancy fantasy – “if that baby batter of yours takes hold, it might be nine months or so. But maybe I’ll see you all sooner.”

Charlie and Bill watched her walk away appreciatively as she and Mr. Alexander left. Just before the door closed, she could hear Charlie say, “jeez, Bill, can you believe that ass?”

Later in her apartment, Tiffany recounted the events of the day. She had so enjoyed satisfying the two old men, and decided to tell Mr. Alexander to set up another party at the senior center soon, and to try to get even more old men together for her.

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