To Write She Needs Experience Ch. 01


“I have a very difficult thing to ask you. You know how I like to research by books to try and give them authenticity? Well my main female character in my new novel experiences things I have no real knowledge of. One of these, which is crucial to the story line is sexual.”

“Are you asking me for permission to experience a sexually situation for your research? If so it would help if you tell me what your character experiences.”

“Well she is put in a situation where she is pressured into having sex with another woman.”

“Can you not talk to women who enjoy lesbianism similar to the research you have done by interviewing convicted criminals? You did not go off and rob a bank.”

“I thought about that but the character is cohersed into the situation. I could discuss gay sex with lesbians but to find one who would admit to being pressured into it might be tricky. I can understand if you don’t feel able to agree to it. I have never been attracted to another woman and I am very certain it would not change that.”

“I am sure that you will be able to persuade me but can you give me a little time for me to come to terms with it? I don’t know how you would go about approaching someone but I suppose at least having a veto on who it is might be would take some concern out of it for me.”

Judy had already given this issue considerable thought but thought it better not to push things too quickly. She had considered using an upmarket prostitute, using online dating or approaching someone she knew socially. The first two didn’t appeal and had dangers attached. The problem with the third was whether it could get very awkward.

It was not that there were no lesbians within their circle of friends and acquaintances. The more she thought about it the more Pamela seemed a perfect candidate. Pamela was a striking woman who openly enjoyed a series of relationships with stunning, normally young, women. She always seemed to be dominant in these relationships. Judy was excited even by the thought of approaching Pamela but did nothing until she got the approval from Harold. The approval was given for both the “research” but also the approach to Pamela.

It was a very flustered Judy who discussed her next book with Pamela over lunch at a very special restaurant. Pamela said that the general story line sounded intriguing but was not sure how she could help Judy.

“As I mentioned in passing the main female character has a lesbian experience, which is fundamental to the whole plot. I have no lesbian experience and wondered if you would be able to help me.”

“I would be very happy to talk through the events from a gay perspective. If you describe the key elements to this encounter I may be able to help.”

Judy described the coercive nature of the events and gave background into the fictional characters.

“The fact that two women are involved in the events may not be as relevant as you think. Yes the sex is different but the power dynamics are just the same. Domination is slightly different when two women are involved as there is less often a strength mismatch and penetration isn’t so relevant. I am almost exclusively dominant with my partners so I cannot help much with your main character’s experience.”

“Thank you for your honesty. I think I owe it to you to come completely clean. I don’t know how to put so I will just say it simply. Would you consider taking me to bed and dominating me like my character is dominated? I can completely understand if you are not comfortable with the situation or with me.”

“I promise you I have not got a straight friend who I find half as, well let’s say attractive. No let me be more honest, I would love to fuck you senseless. Oh sorry that was not appropriate.”

“At least it makes it clear that I need have no fears on that front. Just to let you know if I wasn’t straight I would having been knocking on your doors years ago.”

“Well that’s sorted a few things out. Would you see us as doing a role-play?”

“I have thought about this and the key thing is for me to experience something as close to the characters experience as possible. I do not want to script it. It would work best for me if you would just enjoy breaking a new girl in by dominating, embarrassing and humiliating me as my character is. The less you tell me how you would do that would make it all the more real an experience Sincan Escort for me.”

“I think I fully understand and would be delighted to help. I would just like to say I am used to being dominant but have limited experience of some of the things that you are asking me for. If you are comfortable it will be an exciting experience for me.”

Given the plot line it was agreed that Judy would stay the night with Pamela the next Saturday. Judy was amazed how excited she was the rest of the week imagining what Saturday would bring. Pamela took the role seriously and prepared herself accordingly. It was agreed to not use their own names so that they could get into character right from the start.

“Come in Kate. I do so hope that you realize that if you and your husband expect my full support you need to show me your full cooperation tonight. I expect you to do as I tell you and do it immediately. Have you enjoyed the pleasures that only a woman can offer?”

“I understand my situation Mistress and will do my very best. I have never been with a woman and only with one man.”

“I have no interest in your experience with men and you better insure that your best meets my high standards. I will not accept any sloppy behavior. Now strip to the waist and stand with your hands behind your head.”

Judy was stunned how she complied immediately without thought. She had slipped into character not only happily but also excitedly. Mistress paid little attention until Judy had been in position for over a minute. Mistress stood close in front of Judy and told her to keep completely still. ‘Kate” was surprised when Mistress brought her hands up to the top of her head and then very gently to her ears. When each hand had hold of an ear she took the earlobes between one finger and thumb and gently rolled them. It was with amazement that Judy found it to be profoundly erotic. It was every bit as exciting as any playing with her very sensitive nipples.

“Do you like that young lady? Does your husband play with your ears like this? Your nipples seem to be reacting as if I am playing with them not your ears.”

“It is very erotic Mistress. I didn’t know my ears could make me feel so aroused.’

Mistress slid one hand across to Judy’s mouth where she traced her lips with the lightest of touches. Judy remembered the instruction to keep still and resisted the strong urge open her mouth and suck the single digit in. She kept perfectly still but her breathing gave away the excitement she was feeling. The finger on her lips finally slid down without losing contact until it was just above one of the beautifully large nipples.

Judy’s willpower slipped momentarily as she went onto tiptoes to bring the nipple up to the finger. The atmosphere was shattered as Mistress slapped her firmly across her cheek.

“I told you not to move. I will not accept disobedience from you. Do you understand?”

Judy’s apology was genuine as she was disappointed with herself. She was upset that she had disappointed Mistress and that that had changed the mood. The next two contacts with her body were the very tip of each nipple being flicked hard by Mistress. As always it was as if the contact was straight on her clit. She had always been very proud of her excitable and very large nipples. The flicking was relentless but only caught the very end of the three-quarter inch storks. The main sensation was pain not pleasure. This was made clearer as her long nipples were now rolled just as her ears had been. The difference was so stark her knees were in danger of bending.

“There is so little between pain and pleasure. I could show you extremes of either but I would prefer to take your beautiful body to pleasurable places you have never visited. Is that your wish?”

“Yes mistress, sorry Mistress. That feels extraordinary.”

“Are you wet Kate?”

“I am not sure Mistress. I am very aroused but I am not sure.”

“Using just your middle finger find out whether you are wet or not.”

Judy used one hand to push under the waistband of her skirt and panties and on down until she reached her pussy. She was shocked, as she had genuinely not known whether she was wet or not. In fact she was not only wet but also swollen. As she removed her hand Mistress took hold of it and brought it up to her mouth. She took the middle finger and sucked it deep into her Escort Ankara mouth licking it as she did so. She then fucked her mouth with the middle finger.

“How lovely you are clearly very wet but also you taste wonderful. I look forward to getting a much better taste of your delights later. I think it is time that I let you show me just how submissive you can be. Now kneel down and close you eyes. Kate had no idea what would happen next. Over the next minute or so she tried to work out what the various noises indicated. She knew to do nothing even when she sensed Mistress close in front of her.

“Now using only your sense of smell tell me what you think is in front of you.”

In fact Judy’s nose was inches away from a shapely bottom. She wasn’t sure what was in front of her but decided that the safest response was that it was a pussy. In an attempt to make it easier Mistress reached back and spread her cheeks. The aroma was now a mixture of excited pussy and musty anus.

“I will make it easier for you. Stick your tongue out and lean forward.”

Judy was now under no illusions what was in front of her but did as instructed. She had never licked an anus but her tongue found the target first time. She was pleased when she was told she could open her eyes and use her hands to steady herself as she used her tongue to pay homage to her Mistress’s anus.

The total submissiveness of the situation aroused Judy more than she could ever have imagined. Briefly she observed the scene as a writer rather than a participant. Both perspectives only aroused her further. She found herself wanting to do whatever it was that Mistress wanted. It was as she considered the scene from the writer’s perspective that she realized that Judy/Kate was amazingly aroused even though she was fully dressed below the waist and almost totally untouched there. The last time she had even been remotely as aroused in this situation was when she was eighteen with her first boyfriend. She reflected that this did not end well.

The idea of licking an ass was very unappealing but the musty aroma grew on Judy as she explored the crinkled dark skin with her tongue.

“If as I suspect that was the first time you have rimmed a bottom it was a very passable effort. I think we will give your tongue a little rest as I plan to put it to good use later. Now get the rest of your clothes off and get over my lap on the sofa.”

She hadn’t expected to be spanked but as she stretched across the now naked Mistress she changed those expectations. As if to keep her guessing Mistress redirected the younger woman so that she was laying on her front with her head at Mistress’s feet on the floor and her legs either side of the sitting woman’s body.

This was the most vulnerable position Judy had ever been in. This was emphasized as Mistress’s hands caressed the whole of the bottom presented to her. From somewhere oil was running across the expanse but particularly between the cheeks onto the anus. This was rubbed round and round until the puckered hole relaxed enough for a finger to penetrate deeply. The finger explored gently around inside until building a rhythmic in and out motion that had Judy lifting herself to welcome it. The knock at the door caused Judy to tense so badly that the finger was trapped.

“It is Heather at the door. She is a great friend of mine. She has come to help me enjoy my evening but will only do exactly what I tell her to. Do not worry she will not recognize you or see you again.”

This changed everything in an instant. Nothing like this had been discussed but Judy reflected that meant it had not been ruled out. She had wanted to be dominated and humiliated and that was exactly what she was getting. She had felt vulnerable before but as the unseen Heather approached her, her position with a finger deep in her ass was more than embarrassing.

“Oh she is so enjoying have her cute ass being finger fucked. Just watch as she pushes herself up to welcome my finger. Her pussy is lubricating beautifully if my nose is not deceiving me. Come here and take a deep breath she smells so ready to be fucked. I might even go down on her myself if she is a good girl.

You have arrived at just the right time to witness Kate eating pussy for the first time. I do so love the naïve efforts of a novice between my legs. Kate be a sweety and jump down turn Eryaman Escort Bayan around and show me how good you are with a pussy in your mouth.”

As Judy turned round she was stunned by how young the naked girl was in front of her. She was greeted by Mistress’s wide-open legs. The pussy was topped by the smallest triangle of dark hair that seemed to point to the very prominent clit. Judy had never seen a pussy close up other than her own. This was different to hers as it was plump slightly red and lacked the external lips that were so big on hers. There was not much more than the hint of what lay between these lips but what could be seen was moist and red.

As she moved to close her mouth on her first ever pussy she looked up. Heather was kneeling with her back to Kate right next to Mistress. Mistress was sat back and was being kissed by the young girl. Judy was just able to make out that Mistress had her hand between Heather’s open legs. The feeling of betrayal hit Judy. She was going down on Mistress but Mistress was making love with Heather. For some reason this only spurred her on do the very best at arousing Mistress.

As her mouth found the smooth pussy the pungent aroma overwhelmed her. She lapped vigorously before closing on the impressive clit and sucking it firmly.

“Where is the fire? Slow down I want to feel caressed down there not beaten up.”

The scene settled for a few minutes with Mistress being kissed and having her nipples caressed by Heather while Judy used her tongue and lips on the now wet and swollen area between her legs. Mistress made it clear that she was enjoying all the attention.

“Not a bad attempt for a first time Kate. I have spent more than a year training Heather in the art of pleasing women generally and me specifically. Sometimes she spends hours devoted purely to my pleasure. As a submissive she knows that her pleasure is only relevant if it pleases me. Often my pleasure is to see her suffer the frustration of denial. How long has it been since you have had permission to climax Heather?”

“Nearly five weeks Mistress. I am sure that when you finally give me permission to climax you will be delighted with the result.”

“While I am sure you are right I don’t think you are giving our new friend a good example with your opinion about my enjoyment. I am tempted to extend the period of your denial for your presumption.”

“I am sorry Mistress I did not mean to be presumptuous only to show that my pleasure would be to delight my Mistress.”

“Quite so, you have learned quickly and show great promise to become an adorable submissive, possibly my best. I think it is time for you to show Kate just how skilled you are and how to satisfy your Mistress.”

Heather soon replaced Kate between mistress’s legs. Mistress positioned Judy where Heather had been. Judy was delighted when Mistress inserted one finger into her anus with surprising easy. As Mistress kept her finger completely still Kate took it as a sign that she should not move either. Heather had lifted Mistress’s legs and had buried herself between her buttock cheeks. At the same time her fingers were working the pussy and clit.

Mistress treated Judy to a running commentary as to what a good job Heather was doing. Heather then moved to bring her mouth back to mistress’s pussy and Judy could see that she started to use her hands on Mistress’s bottom.

“My favorite way to orgasm is having at least one finger fucking my bottom while someone as skilled as Heather uses her mouth on me. Right now it is you Kate who will trigger my orgasm. Heather will put in all the work but when you run your tongue across my lips it will be then and only then that I allow her to bring me to orgasm. Bring your face next to mine and use that pretty tongue of yours to good effect.”

Kate ran her tongue across Mistress’s lips, as instructed. Mistress was as good as her word as she breathed her orgasm into Kate’s mouth. As she did so she worked her finger that was deep in Judy’s bottom and Judy moved herself so that she was being fucked in the ass. When the Mistress finished she pulled Judy to standing and said.

“You have 30 seconds to cum for me or you go home frustrated.”

With this she kept fucking Judy’s bottom with one finger while spreading her other hand and fingers and rubbing Judy’s swollen pussy and clit vigorously. Judy was cumming in less than ten seconds as her previously untouched clit exploded in pure ecstasy.

“Pamela that was frighteningly wonderful, thank you so much.”

The research for her book had been thorough but much more it had been frighteningly exciting.

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