To your wife’s own surprise


To your wife’s own surpriseYour wife Anna was looking forward to her trip away with her friends. She was fully packed and after managing get all her clothes into the one suitcase Anna needed to grab a shower before the taxi arrived. You catch her as she is shaving her legs telling her that she looks amazing, you always enjoy her freshly shaved pushy. Anna glides the razor across her glistening pussy saying there might just be time before the taxi arrives. You are getting wet as you enter the shower and kneel between you wife’s legs, she moans as your tongue flicks at her clip before sliding easily between her soaking labia. Anna is so aroused that your eager attention has her grabbing at your head as she reaches orgasm. It is then that you both hear the taxi sound it’s horn outside. Anna asks you to tell them that she will be right out. You help with the suitcase and Anna is suddenly there at the door hair still wet, she grabs you as you pass in the doorway kissing you passionately with a parting grab of your crotch she tells you that she can’t wait to get back. Your wife calls you the next morning, she tells you that she really missed you after how you left things in the shower. You ask if they had a good night. Anna tells you that they had a couple of drinks at a club, it made her think of you more. There was a good crowd there and she couldn’t stop thinking of your cocktail in her pussy when, well when the stripper came out. Your wife was apologising as she tried to continue, all you heard was that when she saw the stripper that she wanted to be fucked by you. Anna told you that she was sorry but she had pleasure herself in the bathroom that night, just thinking of a nice hard cock inside her, not just her fingers. You told her not to worry it was only natural and it might be even more fun when she got home. Your wife tells you that they will probably go to a different place that night but as one or two of the group were in favour of another strip club she might not go. All that night you wonder if your wife is with the main group bolu rus escort getting turned on or just out at a regular bar for a drink or two. You fantasise about her masterbating her slick shaved pussy again.Breakfast has gone and it is much later when Anna calls you the next morning. Her first words are sorry honey I went to the club with the rest of them. You say not to be that way you’re sure it was only a little bit of fun, girls will be girls afterg all. Anna says that they arrived later at the club and that there were more strippers on in the new club. They were well looked after being near the stage and in a booth. There were guys on stage all night and they were good. It was the guys that came to the booth that were really good. They entertained the group and got real close. Anna told you that she was tucked in to the middle of the area away from the edges and the others touched the guys as they stripped. You ask, I bet Sarah did more than just touch didn’t she. Anna replies yes Sarah even sucked on one of their cocks, she even said that she just loved big shaved cocks and balls sacking on him again. You add, Sara really lets herself go in those clubs doesn’t she. Anna says that she guessed so. You say with that group going to a club you’d be surprised if there wasn’t a little more going on than that. Anna continues that when they got around to her because she was in the middle of the group she had the two of them there in front of her. They were really good, it was the first black cock she had seen up close and while the white cock was bigger than yours that the black one was bigger again. The girls traded her that she didn’t really want to be there and she didn’t know what to do with two big cocks. You say Anna you certainly do know what to do with a cock. Your wife replied, that is what I thought. So I liked the tips of them. Your cock now strains hard against your trousers as you undo the belt to release the tension. Then I had to take them in my mouth, I couldn’t help myself I had to bolu rus escort bayan do the same as Sara. You add of course Anna I understand, two massive cocks don’t arrive every day. Your wife sounds relieved as she says it was strange at first but after a couple of minutes it felt like the most natural thing. I noticed that my top was undone and they were feeling my breasts, my nipples were so hard as I let my top fall from my shoulders. There cocks were glistening now with all my juices. They each took one of my hands and helped me onto a low table, I could feel the whole club looking at me, I was so wet, they were chanting naked, naked and I just found myself letting my skirt drop to the floor. The rules are no knickers on tour so now the crowd cheers, one of the guys asks do I like to have my shaved pussy eaten. Anna said yes right away. They lifted her up on stage on to the wide soft arm of sofa. Anna tells you how she was being eaten and sacking on a big black cock. You find yourself trying to hold back your ejaculation as you say you’re glad it wasn’t Sara having all the fun. Anna says she’s so sorry but it just felt right, there were more guys now crowding around her as she had her first orgasm, she was being eaten by someone but she had her two cocks to sucked on again. The black guy asked Anna if she liked cockp in her wet white pussy. She told him yes as she flicked her tongue across his slit and her nails ran down his shaft. Honey he was so thick I could feel my pussy stretching as he filled me up, he was so big I could see his cock moving my stomach as he thrust up in to me. Honey are you still there you wife asks. You cough and say yes of course I hope you don’t mind but I’m stroking my cock as your talking. Anna replies oh honey I’m glad you like my night out as much as me I’m trying not to stroke my pussy too much it’s a little tender. He fucked me so well it took a few minutes but then he made me orgasm twice so close together. He asked me to ride him so we changed position rus escort bolu now with me on top. My other guy, asked if I wanted to taste some different cocks, they were just there so I let them take turns offering their cocks to my mouth. The guy them started to caress me all over, his touch was erotica, never more so whether was behind me cupping my breasts and running a hand down to my clitoris. I could feel his cock resting between my cheeks as I rode that big black cock, it felt nice and warm, big and hard. A woman I didn’t know asked if it was as good as it looked. Anna had told her yes as she watched her take a guy or more to the other end of the sofa. It was then that she felt it. The tip of a cock pressing against her ass. I never do that you wife tells you but I didn’t want it to stop either. It was uncomfortable at first and I was going to stop but that big black cock felt so good in my pussy and it’s hard to talk with another thick black cock in your mouth. He came in my mouth and I tasted his Cum, there was some on my face but the next guy did seem to mind as I sucked him. Your wife tells you now how it felt so good now, her pleasure was immense as she welcomed each thrust into her ass. Is this what she could have been doing all this time Anna told you, he delivered his load up her ass as he then withdrew letting the big black cock resume pumping her pussy. Your wife was orgasming as she felt Cum oozing from her ass again going for a quick consecutive orgasm as her pussy now felt one big dose of Cum after another. Anna tells you that she felt do satisfied, tired and dazed but it felt so good. What felt better was feeling Sara’s jealousy as she called her a slot for making a show of them all, they could have come back the next night if she hadn’t made such a show of them. The guys told Anna that she was welcome back free if she wanted and any friends well if they came up onstage and showed them support they’d get in as well. They all did living Sara looking particularly rotten. A few sucked on the guys big cocks and we’re going back tonight without Sara who has promised to out me to you. You tell your wife that while there was never anything missing that this could bring a while lot more to your sex life together and that she wasn’t to worry about what would or wouldn’t happen on the last night she could tell you when she got home.

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