Tom, Aaron and Tom’s Ex


This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

The next morning, I woke up with Rhonda’s wet mouth on my hardening up cock.

“Baby, what are you doing?” I asked as I got harder.

She pulled away and said with a laugh, “Just saying hello to my old friend. You still have my favorite cock.”


“Oh of course. Now not the biggest, I mean there was this one guy in Vegas…” She laughed and looked at me. “Just kidding babe. I’ve had a few since you, but you’re still my fav.”

“And you’re going to have more today sweetie,” I replied as I got out of bed. “Got to pee.”

We spent the morning together; she cooked a great breakfast, and I made a couple of calls. I had connected with some last night but needed to set things up for today. We had figured that we’d hook up with a guy (Scott) and a girl (Debbie). They were still a couple, and we’ve had lots of threesomes, at least, with each other. They’d be by around 3PM after their shifts at Cup in Time.

Then there was Lori. Having spoken to her last night she was really enthusiastic, even more so after hearing that Rhonda was my ex.

“I want to see what kind of woman hooked you Tom,” she had said. “Maybe learn a thing or two.”

Lori would be around 7PM, have dinner here and a good time for all of us no doubt. That left us the morning.

“So baby, you good with us getting together with a friend of mine this morning?” I figured I knew the answer but wasn’t sure if she had something to do.

“Just one guy?”

“Yes,” I said with a laugh.

“Good, I want to get spit roasted. I mean I want my first time to be special.”

“Really babe? First time?”

“Yes! I mean I’ve had lots of threesomes but always with another girl and a guy. And I don’t consider being spit roasted with a strap on, being really spit roasted.”

“Cool, I’ll call Aaron,” I said, and I did. “He’ll be here around noon. And he said he’d bring some In Out as well.”

She looked at me and asked, “So just to be straight, you have people that you can call to come fuck you and they do.”

“Yeah, I’ve done the work to get it that way.”

“You are a scammer, aren’t you?”

“No honey, just good with words.”

“And with a dick,” she said smiling.

* * * * *

Aaron showed up on time we had had lunch. Rhonda had her burger protein style as did I and after lunch sat down for a bit. Aaron could only be with us for a couple of hours or so as he had plans. But he said that having a chance to meet (fuck) my ex was too good to pass up. I wondered how he’d feel if I fucked his ex, but Rhonda and I were good with it. At least I thought so, I mean I hadn’t seen her fuck another guy, but I knew she had, I mean. Okay whatever.

“So, you guys are good with this kind of stuff?” Aaron asked after she had gone to the bathroom and left us alone.

“Sure, she’s istanbul travesti my ex,” I replied. “It’s all good.”

Aaron was quiet for a moment then said “I’m not sure if I could do it with my ex. I mean, we’re still friendly but….”

I was smart enough not to offer to fuck her if they ever wanted to do it.

“So, are you two lovely men ready to have your way with me?” We looked towards the bedroom and Rhonda was standing in the doorway naked with a smile; Mr. Pink in one hand and the smaller dildo in the other hand. “I’m ready.”

I looked at Aaron and he at me. Fuck yeah, we got up and headed after her. As we took off our clothes Rhonda was in the chair, Mr. Pink buzzing away. With a smile she said…

“Tom baby, be a dear and fuck me with the dildo and lick my pussy while I suck Aaron’s cock. Come here Aaron.”

Aaron walked over to her, his cock already rock hard and ready. She slid down a bit, got his cock at mouth height, took it in hand and began to lick. I dropped down to my knees, pushed away Mr. Pink and slid the dildo into her, my tongue dancing around her pussy lips. As she sucked Aaron’s cock I dildo fucked her, her pussy extra wet.

Aaron was loving it; I could hear him. Not sure if it was because she was really, really good at sucking his cock or the fact it was my ex doing it. We did it for a few minutes, she pushing her pussy up against my face as I licked. After a few glorious few minutes, she pulled Aaron’s cock from her mouth and pushed me away.

“Spit roast me gentlemen,” she said. “How do you want to do this, please lead on.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I pulled her up from the chair. I turned her around from facing Arron and bent her toward me, him coming up behind her. I grabbed Mr. Pink and gave it to her. “Use this baby.”

Her eyes flashed, she felt Aaron’s hard cock at her dripping wet pussy then he was inside her. She grabbed my cock, placed Mr. Pink to her clit and took my raging hardon into her mouth. I heard her mumble “Oh fuck,” as Aaron started to slide his fat cock in and out of her pussy. Mr. Pink buzzed away as she sucked my cock. I looked at Aaron and he at me. I smiled and nodded my head up and down. She was tight and I knew Aaron was loving it as his eyes rolled as he smiled.

“Oh, fuck Rhonda, you have a nice pussy,” he said. She couldn’t say thank you as she kept sucking me. We kept it up for a good amount of time then I pushed her away. She frowned until I spun her around and slid my cock into her. Bang, bang, bang I went as she sucked Aaron’s cock.

Not sure if it was Mr. Pink of the fact that she had two hard cocks banging two of her holes, but she started to shiver, shake and cum really fucking hard. After a bit she started to relax, I grabbed her and turned her onto the bed, her breathing heavily.

I smiled at her then looked at Aaron. “Let me suck your cock buddy,” I said. istanbul travestileri He walked over to me facing sideways on the bed and I dropped to my knees. Looking at Rhonda, being sure she could see what I was going to do, I took a hold of Aaron’s cock and began to lick it.

“Oh fuck,” Rhonda said.

“Ever seen Tom suck a cock before Rhonda?” Aaron asked, knowing the answer as I had filled him in earlier. Eyes wide she shook her head, no, as she watched. “He’s really good at it. We suck each other at least once a week. Not including the other dicks.”

I heard Mr. Pink turn on.

I love sucking cock, and Aaron’s is one of my favorites. Okay every cock is good when I suck it, and his isn’t the biggest, but we have history, and he was right. We make a point of getting together at least once a week.

I moved my tongue around the head of his cock as he held my shoulders. I could taste Rhonda’s pussy on his cock, and it made it that much hotter. Down I went, halfway down and I stopped. I swallowed, loving the feel of his thick cock as my mouth tightened on it. One, two three swallows then down as far as I could.

“You like that, Rhonda?” Aaron asked. I had told him she liked talking dirty and he continued. “You know, Tom and I have friends and when we get together it’s spit roast time. Bet you’d like to see that.”

She was breathing heavy now and replied “Yes! I’d love to see that.”

I pulled away from Aaron’s cock and stood up looking at Rhonda. I leaned forward, pulled Aaron close and we began to kiss, tongues darting and meshing together. He grabbed my cock then down he went. As he sucked my cock, I looked at Rhonda, I knew she was close to cumming. The girl could cum a lot, good for her and good for my ego when we were married.

“Hey baby, so you like spit roasting uh?”

“Uh fuck yeah,” she said as she watched Aaron sucking my aching cock.

“I bet you’d like to be gang banged, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh fuck, you’re driving me crazy Tom,” she gasped.

My cock was aching, and I could feel my cum rising. “I guess that means yes then. You know, I have a few friends that would love to gang bang you. All safe, all good at what they do. You should plan to come visit again. I could get five, six maybe?”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

Aaron pulled his mouth away and said “Oh yeah, six easy with this sweet pussy. Hell yeah.”

That was it, Rhonda started to shiver, shake, and scream. After a bit, she tossed Mr. Pink away.

“Can I cum in your mouth Aaron” I said knowing full well the answer.

“Please do bro'” he replied. Back to my hard cock he went, and he started sucking fast, then faster. Aaron loves my cum, just like I love his, as I got closer, I told him that after I came in his mouth he should bring down to Rhonda, she’d love it.

Then I did. My balls contracted as I shot a large load into Aaron’s mouth, travesti istanbul then a second, third and then a bunch of small fires. I fell back onto the chair.

Aaron went to Rhonda and pushed her back, he climbing to the side as he kissed her. They swapped my cum and she was moaning again. They kissed passionately for a few minutes till all the cum had been swallowed. Aaron pulled back from her and asked…

“So where should I cum ladies and gentlemen?”

“My ass,” I said.

“Holy crap,” Rhonda said.

“While I eat her pussy.”

I got up on the bed, spread Rhoda’s legs and grabbed her close. My tongue was on her pussy, round the lips, still crazy wet lips, then to her clit. Aaron got behind me, my ass on the edge of the bed. Her grabbed some lube and I felt a finger go it. Then his fat, hard cock. First the head, then all the way in.

Okay, I’ve had my ass fucked pretty regularly so him jamming his cock deep into me so fast was cool. He started to pump, Rhonda and Aaron locked eyes.

“Fill him up Aaron, fill him up!”

“Fuck yeah,” he replied as he pounded my ass, balls banging against me as with each stroke. I licked Rhonda, holding her tight so she couldn’t get away. I’d love to say she came, but she didn’t, Aaron sure did.

Bang! Bang! Bang! He slammed me hard and his cum was hot, hot, and wet as he filled me up.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” he said as he spewed. After a bit he pulled away, fell back onto the chair, spent. I grabbed the large black dildo, shoved it into my mouth and then up Rhonda’s cunt, deep inside. I took Mr. Pink, turned it on and placed it at her clit.

“I can’t,” she said. “I can’t.”

That was a lie as after less than a minute she had grabbed Mr. Pink from me and was saying “Fuck me, Tom!”

Okay, I couldn’t as I had cum a few minutes ago and wouldn’t get it hard. But I could use the big black dildo. I slid it in and began to bang her nice and slow.

“Hey Arron, Rhonda wants to meet Marcus,” I said.

“Really? I bet she would,” he replied. She took a deep breath as we continued. “I bet she’d love his dick.”

“Oh yeah, “I said as I picked up a little speed fucking her with the dildo. “I mean she likes this big dildo.”

“Oh yeah, she’d love him for sure. I mean, I know his cock is at least as big as that dildo.”

She was getting close; I could tell as she forced her eyes on me.

“Nah, he’s a bit bigger.”

Aaron nodded and replied. Well, I can’t say for sure. I mean I’ve never had that dildo in my mouth so I can’t say for sure.”

That was it, she lost it. Shaking and shivering she came, and she came hard, screaming as she did. Bouncing up and down a bit then lying back, totally still. I pulled the cock out of her and turned off Mr. Pink.

“Damn,” Aaron said. “That girl can cum.”

“Oh yeah and we’ve just started.”

Aaron shook his head as he looked at his watch. “Sorry man, I have to go, wish I could stay longer.”

“Oh, no worries,” I replied. “Debbie and Scott are coming over and Lori will be here later tonight.”

“Oh shit,” Aaron said with a smile. Looking down at Rhonda he said “You have no idea.”

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