I’d been married to Mark for three years when I found out about his cheating. I worked in IT, employed by a small web site design company operating out of a third floor office on 45th Street. The day I met him was the happiest day of my life. He was tall, kinda distinguished with his dark brown hair and wide shoulders. He was a client, manager of a import/export business who’d figured his web site needed a makeover.

He hit on me straight away, and a few days after we’d met he began texting me. First it was about work, then he got more friendly and invited me out for dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away from the office. That night I knew we were right for one another, but I made him wait until our third date before I invited him back to my apartment.

The sex was incredible. He had a strong athletic body, and it was pretty obvious he was experienced and knew how to please a woman. He was very gentle, not like the other men I’d slept with. He wasn’t selfish in bed and knew just where to touch me to blow my mind. Within six months of that first meeting we were married and moved into a big house out of town. I thought we were the perfect couple. Okay, I knew he was away from the house a lot, but I thought he was working hard to build up the business. For three years I had no idea he was screwing around.

I found out by complete accident. One day, when I was cleaning up, I heard a cell phone ringing. I followed the sound and found it was coming from a jacket he’d worn to work the previous day.

As soon as I pulled it out his jacket pocket I knew I’d never seen the cell phone before. It certainly wasn’t the one Mark used around me. I was going to put it back in his jacket, I just thought perhaps it was a business phone he’d picked up from the office by mistake, but something made me uneasy. Despite my better judgment, and feeling pretty guilty, I started scrolling through the messages.

They were all from women, about twenty in all.

“Looking forward 2 2nite sexy,” one read from a girl called Tania.

“U hard for me?” read another from a caller called Suzie.

My mind started to race. I went to the sent message folder and as I read the messages I started to feel real sick.

“Can’t wait to fuck U. C U 2nite.”

“U want my dick? U sure ur clit’s big enough 4 me hun?”

“Shot my load just thinking of u.”

I put the cell phone back in his jacket. Part of me wanted to confront him then and there but I figured he’d just deny it and say the phone wasn’t his. I had to find out the truth, but couldn’t think how to do it. I wondered how he was finding all these sluts. Then I suddenly had an idea.

Working in IT I knew about keystroke viruses, little programs that could go on a computer and spy on Internet usage. I spoke to a girl in the office, told her what I’d found, and she got a mate to send me a virus embedded in an e-mail attachment. It was kind of suitable really – it looked like a card and said “I love you” with heart and balloons. But when it was opened it put the keystroke virus on his laptop. He was always very protective of his so-called business laptop, so I worked out if he was picking up women on-line that’s probably what he was using. I couldn’t wait to send him the e-mail when he was at work, Betturkey and when I got a reply saying “Awl, thanks honey, love you too,” I felt pretty satisfied.

I waited a day or two before I went into the secret files that the programme was sending back to my computer. One part of me didn’t want to know the truth but I was so eaten up by the thought of the text messages I felt ill. As I opened the folder my heart lurched.

My hunch was right. As I scrolled through a list of the web sites he’d used I came across an adult dating website. I had his password right there on the screen and I got into his account. When I started to read his e-mails I got more and more sore. It was obvious he was having one-night stands at least twice a week after work. I also discovered he had a real fetish for uniforms, and several times had begged women to dress up as nurses so he could fuck them still wearing their short dresses. I had my proof now, but as I read more and more of his depraved mails I wanted something more than just outing him. I wanted revenge. I wanted to trap him and make him pay for screwing around.

For the next few nights I lay in bed scheming how I could get revenge. I said I wasn’t feeling well to stop him trying to screw me: I couldn’t bear to think of his sweating body crawling all over me after he’d been fucking all those other sluts. But my brainwave didn’t come until a few days later.

When he’d left for work one morning I went onto the adult dating site Mark used and made up a profile under an assumed name. I used a picture of a woman I found on the Internet, somebody I thought he’d hit on. The picture was of a woman in her twenties with long blonde hair and wearing a really tight miniskirt. I guessed he’d get a hard-on just looking at the picture, so I wasted no time in sending him a mail:

“Hi hun. Just saw your profile and wondered if we could get together? Email me back if you like what you see.”

Within a few hours he sent me a mail:

“Thanks for your mail babe. You look hot. When can we hook up?”

I mailed straight back, trying hard to disguise any sayings that might make him realize it was me. We exchanged two more mails in quick succession, and by the afternoon his replies were pornographic, explaining in minute detail how he wanted to fuck me. He said he thought I’d look good in school uniform. I could almost hear him panting as he asked if I owned a short pleated skirt and school tie. He was hooked. He asked to call me but I said I was at work, but I agreed to meet him that evening at a motel just out of town.

I gave specific instructions as to what I wanted him to do. I said I had a fantasy that when I walked into the room he’d be naked on the bed. To please him I’d be wearing just a high-school style miniskirt and blouse under my coat, but he had to promise not to shoot his load too soon if I agreed to come down on him still wearing the school uniform. He readily agreed.

Twenty minutes later he called me, his dutiful wife, saying how he’d have to work late again at the office. I made it simple for him and even told him not to work too hard. When I put the phone down I started to feel really hot. Tonight I was going to trap him, once and for all. I just needed to make a few Betturkey Giriş little purchases at a nearby store and then wait for the fun to begin.

I saw his car in the lot as I pulled up. I was wearing a school uniform under my coat, but as agreed I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I walked past reception and went straight up to his room. I hesitated for a moment before opening the door, checking my purchases were safely in my handbag along with a small automatic.

The look on his face when he saw me was wonderful! He was lying naked on the bed, his cock already hard with anticipation. For a second he looked confused, then he went to jump off the bed to cover himself up, but I pulled out the gun and he froze.

“Get back on the bed honey,” I purred, the gun still pointing at his chest. “What’s wrong? You were hot enough when you mailed me today. What’s the matter? You don’t like the look of me or something?”

He was too stunned to speak, but he looked at the gun and climbed back on the bed obediently. I laughed.

“I thought you said you had a huge cock?” I said dismissively, watching as his dick shrivelled with the fear and the realisation he’d been tricked. “And I wore what you asked as well!”

I let my coat fall open. He looked me up and down, and just for a minute he cock started to harden again.

“I thought you might like that! Now, put these on.” I dipped my hand into my bag and pulled out four sets of handcuffs. “First handcuff each leg to the bottom corners of the bed. Then cuff your right hand.”

He did exactly as he was told, never taking his eyes off the gun. When his feet were securely cuffed I bent over and slipped the forth handcuff over his left wrist and clicked it around the bedstead. Then I stood up to admire my work.

“That’s just so cute,” I almost purred, putting the gun away. “Now, just incase you get any silly ideas of shouting for help I’m going to add a finishing touch.”

I pulled out a pair of my old panties and stuffed them into his mouth. I had some tape and, forcing the panties down his throat I put the tape over his face. He started to murmur and struggle a bit, but he was too securely bound to get free.

I took off my coat so he could fully appreciate my school uniform outfit. Then, teasingly, I started to unbutton my blouse. I pulled out my breast and lent over his face, pushing my breast over his nose so hard he could hardly breathe. Then I straightened up.

I told him I knew everything. I told him I could easily file for divorce and expose his sexual habits to his clients and ruin his business. He looked at me with a fixed stare as I pretended to mull over the possible consequences.

“But,” I said finally, “I’m not prepared to send three years of marriage down the drain. On the other hand I’m not prepared to let you carry on screwing around.”

I felt into my handbag for my last purchase of the day.

“You know what this is?” I asked as I held up a small plastic tube to the light. “It’s a chastity belt. A male dick cage. It locks with a tiny padlock and when it’s in place you won’t even be able to wank, let alone fuck.”

To my amazement his dick started to harden. He was actually getting excited with the idea! I hadn’t foreseen Betturkey Güncel Giriş this, and I realized I couldn’t get the cage on with his cock hard. I didn’t want to wank him: there was no way he was ever going to enjoy an orgasm again. But how to get him flaccid?

Then I had a thought. When I’d been checking up chastity belts on the Internet I’d read some heavy feminist stories. There was one way to get his dick soft without letting him enjoy it……

“I’ll tell you what,” I said softly. “You can have one last bit of fun before you get locked up for good.”

I sat on the bed, uncrossing my legs so he could see right up my skirt to my pussy. Having all this power turned me on, and he could see I was damp. I put out my hand and gently started running my fingers up his cock. Feeling me touch his dick made him rock hard, and I opened my legs wide so he could smell the juice running from my cunt. He started to pant heavily through his nose, and I could see his balls twitching as he was about to come.

Without warning I took my hand away and stood up. His eyes stared wide in horror. He was about to come but his dick had suddenly lost the stimulation. In desperation he tried to pump up and down on the bed as hard as he could, but with his cock in free air he couldn’t finish properly and his spunk just dribbled out. I looked at him and laughed, the white rivulets of semen running down his belly as it dripped out frustratingly from his cock, his orgasm completely ruined. He choked hard on the panties that were forced down his throat. I just watched and waited.

Sure enough his dick began to soften and as soon as it started to wither I padlocked the chastity device on him. Then I hung the key round my neck and pulled on my coat.

“I’ll tell the housemaid to give you an early call in the morning,” I said as I prepared to leave him still naked and tied to the bed. “I’ll see you tomorrow night honey.”

I shut the door behind me and smiled as I walked back to the car lot.

That was six months ago. I’ve got him trained now. He knows that whining won’t get him unlocked and he knows I’ve got enough evidence to break him in the divorce courts so he acts as good as gold. Once a month I tie him to the bed and take off his cock restraint to milk him and keep his prostrate healthy, but he never gets to come. I walk around the house in sexy clothes, really short skirts, just to get him hot. I love wearing uniforms as I know it turns him on but he can’t get any satisfaction in his dick cage. Sometimes, just to tease him, I tie him up and unlock him saying I’m going to wank him. Every time he gets excited, his cock getting really hard as I caress it. But just when he’s about to come I always make sure I ruin his pleasure somehow. I used to just let go, but now I’ve learnt other ways to destroy his orgasms that give me far greater pleasure. It’s so funny to see the look in his eyes as I ruin his orgasm yet again! He never learns!

So girls, let’s get together! If you find your man is straying take a leaf from my book and hunt him down until he’s trapped and no place to hide. Then get him locked. You have no idea how satisfying it is to have your partner chaste, no idea how hot it is to see him squirm knowing he’s never going to enjoy an orgasm ever again.

I think every man should have his cock locked up. Men shouldn’t be able to jerk off just when they feel like it or be able to screw around. The key to Mark’s padlock hangs around my neck 24/7. And God, you’ve no idea how horny that makes me feel!

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