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Sandy Evens was troubled. She was, for the first time in her fifteen years as a travel writer, a successful travel writer at that, at a loss for words. Standing naked in front of the hotel bedroom mirror, applying her mascara, Sandy couldn’t decide how to approach her most recent experiences in Cape Town, a city at the southern tip of Africa. Writing about Table Mountain, taking the cable car to the top, describing the beautiful panoramas of the city, the sea, the visit to Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela spent close to twenty-seven years in prison) and even the friendly people of South Africa was not the problem. No writer’s block prevented her from writing about the wine Routes of the Cape, sipping Merlot at Backsberg, drinking a Stein at Nederburg, or swirling sparkling wine at Contantia Estates. She even illustrated every place with beautiful pictures she took – a great advantage for any one-woman travel writing team.But this morning changed everything for Sandy when she wanted to tan topless at the hotel’s private beach near Clifton. At the hotel she threw on a baggy T-shirt, over her tiny white string bikini bottom and put on her sandals. Early in her career she made the commitment that if she dared herself to do something new or outrageous she would prepare in such a way that there would be no turning back. Like the time in Egypt when she dared herself to dress in inappropriate clothes to visit the Citadel. The previous day, she was kicked out of the Egyptian Museum because her dress was too skimpy. For her visit to the Citadel, she put on the required long dress, but with a difference. escort izmit She put on a thin white caftan with nothing underneath. She felt free, knowing that she was naked underneath and only the astute observer might’ve caught a glimpse of her swaying breasts or the valley between her legs. She had never done something as sexually shocking as earlier today.At the crowed beach she found an open spot a few steps away from a couple of young good looking men. Looking around, Sandy saw beautiful topless women and some handsome men everywhere. The older, potbellied men, looked great with their wealth dripping from their self-assurance and their trophy wives in their arms. Setting her large beach towel on the hot sand, she quickly pulled off her T-shirt to lay down on her stomach. She tried to put sun block on her back but couldn’t reach it. One of the young men spotted her predicament and offered a helping hand.Sandy’s first reaction was an embarrassed no, but was quickly crushed by the vision of the chiseled body of the young man and his impressive package in his swimming briefs.“Hi. I’m John and my shy friend is Paul.” John dropped to his knees next to her, sticking out his hand. She lifted her upper body, but kept her modesty by covering her breasts with her left arm.“Sandy,” she said and handed him the bottle of sun block.“No, I don’t have sand on my hands,” came the response from John, taking the bottle.For a moment their fingers touched. It was enough to send an erotic current through her body to hit her pussy with the power of a hurricane. Sandy lifted and turned her body towards izmit escort the two young men. She dropped her modesty when she uncovered her breasts, sending them an invitation. A quick glance at their briefs told her that they have received the message.“Are you going to be rude and just stare, or are you going to cover me with lotion?”The two scrambled to comply with her request. John took charge and ordered Paul to start with her legs while he would do her back. Sandy sensed that they haven’t done this often but she wanted to experience the enthusiasm of youth. She relaxed and let their hands caress her body. John quickly applied the sun block to her back, while Paul seemed unsure how to proceed. He started with her calves and moved up till mid-thigh and stopped. Sandy opened her legs a little to leave Paul room to continue higher. He didn’t read the signs correctly and went back to her calves.“Please do my naked buns, Paul,” Sandy raised her upper body to rest on her elbows and turned her face to look at Paul. “I don’t want to get sunburned on my seat.” She saw his hands tentatively creeping up her legs to her posterior. He then took the bottle in his left hand and squirted cold lotion on her behind, some dripping in the valley between her cheeks. She laughed at his clumsiness.“You should put the lotion on your hands first, then on me.”“Sorry, ma’am.” Sandy watched Paul squeeze the lotion into his hands and cautiously apply it on her bottom. She wiggled her bum in the pleasure of two young men taking care of her needs.John, on the other hand, knew what he was doing. izmit kendi evi olan escort He was beside her, moving his hands to her hanging boobs and squeezing them. The pleasure her body received took control of her faculties and she gave herself over to the increasing desire for an orgasm. By then, Paul’s hands found their way to her covered pussy.“John, Paul,” Sandy heard someone calling her two would-be lovers. “Time for the press conference.”“Sorry, Sandy, but we have to go,” said John.“Please come with us tonight,” continued Paul.“Where to?”“A club.”Sandy could see that John’s erection has subsided somewhat but the wet spot on his briefs came as a relief. He enjoyed it too.“You’re going to let me hang here?”“We’ll pick you up at nine.” Paul’s erection had grown. Touching his package as a gesture towards her, he mouthed a silent ‘thank you.’“Fuck,” whispered Sandy to herself. “I was so close.”The man in a suit and shades standing next to her brought her back to reality.“What do you want?” Sandy felt the sexual frustration increasing in her. “And who are you?”“I’m their bodyguard and what I want is your room number to pick you up,” he said.Sandy turned on her back, giving the bodyguard an unobtrusive view of her firm breasts and the tiny, wet cloth barely covering her pussy. She opened her legs a fraction for him to see her camel toe. The suit wasn’t moved and she couldn’t see if his eyes behind the dark glasses betrayed anything.What the fuck, thought Sandy and gave him her room number.“Dress smart,” said the suit and walked away.Suddenly aware of her situation, she looked around to see if other sunbathers saw them. The others were so engrossed with their own eroticism that they didn’t care about her embarrassment or her nakedness. Then she saw a woman sucking off her man and a man bringing his female companion to an orgasm with his tongue deep in her pussy.

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