Eddie Shapiro came out of the sales meeting with a grin on his face. Young, fast thinking, fast talking, he headed up a sales team in home security devices that was doing very well indeed. But some extra incentive for the team was always useful and he thought he knew just how to provide it.
The three other guys coming out of the room lingered for a moment at the reception desk, joking with Anne-Marie. The reason for her popularity had something to do with the fact she was a good looking girl; it had a lot more to do with her natural resources. Although tall and slender she was remarkably well endowed with huge boobs that quivered at every move she made: there was certainly no doubt about the quivers of male excitement they generated at every swing and bounce. Ever since she’d arrived as a temporary receptionist the gossip at the sales meetings had been all about Anne-Marie. Generally along two themes: how active a sex life she led and whether or not she had more silicon in her than an Intel storeroom.

Eddie waited until the other guys had finally gone before putting on his well practiced smile as he stopped at the reception desk himself.

“I hear you’re leaving us today, Anne-Marie, and after being here only two weeks.”

She gave him a cheerful smile in return from a generous mouth in a well tanned face. She wore her hair in a long pony tail style that made her appearance a lot younger than her real age, which was perhaps a tad over thirty. To Eddie she always looked as if she’d come off the set of an old Beach Boy’s movie, and the thought of peeling her out of a one-piece swimming costume was one of the constant themes in his most intense fantasies about her.

“That’s right. I’m sorry to be going but I’m leaving the city altogether.”

“Yeah, I heard that as well”. The story around the office was that she was from some Mid-Western hicksville joint and going back home with a kid from a recent divorce. He didn’t know or care about that, it was only what happened this afternoon that mattered.

“I guess the boss would have liked to say goodbye but he had to go to that big meeting today.”

“Sure, I understand.”

He could hardly drag his eyes up from the crisp white shirt she was wearing where the lacy top of her bra cups were visible through the thin material. They strained against her row of shirt buttons like virgin Alpine peaks ready to break out in a uncontrollable avalanche as soon as things warmed up enough.

Eddie restrained an urge to groan and instead reached into his shirt pocket. He moved to the right and carefully spread a row of dollar bills on top of the marble counter. Exactly as he’d expected, her eyes watched him with surprise as he laid the money down. Everything he’d planned depended on keeping her looking towards him.

“Listen, Anne-Marie, since this is your last day and all, and things are pretty quiet around here just now, I was wondering if you’d like to do me a favor. A big favor. . .” He grinned, “A couple of real big favors, to tell the truth.”

Anne-Marie well knew the effect she had on men, even ones like Eddie that were years younger than her. In fact, especially on men younger than herself. Ever since she’d been at the office she’d been expecting an offer like this. It was a disappointing one though – she’d credited Eddie with more class than just laying down a few dollars in front of her.

“No, no, don’t get the wrong idea here, Anne-Marie. What I’m talking about is helping me to motivate the guys in the team. I need something really special to get them to work their butts off next week. OK, I know you won’t be here but you could leave something behind that would surely do the job.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s a simple deal and if you’ll agree you can take this cash with you as a separation bonus. What I’d like you to do is to go into the meeting room and lock the door behind you. Down at the other end of the room is a video camera on a stand that’s hooked up to a TV monitor. Go in there and put the video recorder under the monitor in record mode.”

Anne-Marie was as puzzled as before: “And then what?”

“OK, I’ll tell you the truth. There’s been a lot of arguments among the guys about whether or not you’ve got some padding tucked away in your bra cups to make your figure look so sensational. Now, myself, I just can’t believe that anything that moves that well can be anything but the real thing. But two other guys on the sales team say I’ve got to be wrong. Phil Trately is with me though – remember when you squeezed past him in the corridor the other day? He swears he could feel that you’re a genuine Dolly Parton. So what I’m saying is that if I could offer the guy with the best sales figures next week a tape of you settling the argument for certain it would be a real incentive.”

The receptionist tried to frown, then found she was smiling. This wasn’t the most unusual request she’d ever had, but it was close to it, and very flattering. Were all these young studs really so fascinated by her figure?

“And how am I supposed to do that?” She was still smiling, though shaking her head against the implied suggestion.

“That’s easy to work out, isn’t it? Just strip off your shirt and bra for one minute and show the camera what’s really there. That’s all I’m asking you to do.”

She tried to look shocked: “Are you serious?”

“Of course I am. I can’t get the guys to talk about their sales problems now. All they want to do is to keep asking each other if they’ve seen the way you bounce around at every step. It’s like a bunch of Alaskan trappers sitting around swapping yarns about Big Foot. Well, I’m not interested in legends, I want to see the real proof on a video tape so there’s nothing more to argue about. And when the guys know what I’ve got on the tape they’ll be killing each other to watch the action. So how about it?”

“You want me to go in there and take my clothes off in front of the camera? Is that what you’re asking me to do?” She looked at him with wide open eyes, then down at her front as if just noticing all the weight she was carrying around.

She wasn’t refusing, she was just asking for some more sales work from him before finally agreeing. Every instinct was telling him he had a deal if he just kept working at it.

“Only the top half of your clothes, Anne-Marie. Just so we can scan our eyes over the broad acres and marvel at nature’s bounty. Honestly, we’ll all watch it in a quiet and respectful way, I promise you. I certainly will.”

She shook her head in amused reproof: “I just bet you will. And when will that be?”

“You can keep the tape until you finish work. But I can guarantee that two minutes afterwards I’ll be in that meeting room watching it. After all I deserve a little sneak preview before I pay you, don’t I?”

The woman felt now that she could see what was developing. All this talk about the tape was just a ploy to break the ice, to make her more agreeable to something else after work. Well, Anne-Marie had had a few thoughts about Eddie Shapiro herself. He was tall and well built, a sharp dresser and a smart guy obviously making a lot of money. And she wasn’t all that excited about going back to her parent’s home anyway, especially dragging Junior along with her.

OK, so it was true that Eddie was younger than her, but maybe that could be worked around. If he was trying to say she might play an important role in his life, she ought to consider it. But she mustn’t make herself look to cheap or eager. On the other hand, give him a real good show and he’d be screaming for a date. Turn him down flat and nothing would happen, and nothing was something she’d already got plenty of right now.

“If I were to do it, the door would stay locked the whole time.”

“No problem at all, no problem at all. You can lock it yourself and know it’s secure.”

“How do I know that TV in there isn’t connected up to another one around here? I might be giving a show to everybody in the building.”

“Why would I do anything for the rest of the building? And you know there’s only one TV set in these offices. Check the cable, you’ll see there’s only the one that connects the camera to the recorder and the monitor – everything’s above board, Anne-Marie, I swear it.”

“Eddie, I don’t know about this. . .”

“We’re the only ones here right now, the door will be locked and you’ll be picking up some useful cash. What’s more you’ll be helping me out in a big way. Look, here’s another forty bucks. Stand up right now and walk into that sales room and I’ll give you this forty as a down payment. Come on, Anne-Marie, for me, please?”

She giggled, holding her hands up in front of her face as if too embarrassed to let him see it. He rolled up the forty dollars, leaned forward and carefully slipped it into the top of her shirt: “Please . . .”

She made it seem she was giving in to his pleadings, not to the money: “OK, alright, just for you, just this once. But only as a favor to you.”

Eddie couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe he’d sold her so easily. He fought to hide his triumph. “Great, great. Now go in there and slay them, kid. Break a leg!”

Smiling ruefully, Anne-Marie came out from behind the reception desk. Matching her shirt was a black short skirt slit at the back halfway up her shapely thighs. Eddie led the way to the meeting room and held the door open for her.

“I appreciate this, Anne-Marie, I really do.”

She stopped at the doorway: “But who’s going to answer the phone and deal with any visitors?”

“I will, of course. In you go. Oh, and there’s a tube of body cream on the table as well.” He lifted up his hands and made circular motions with them in front Escort of his chest. “I thought maybe you’d like to rub some of it around a little, just to have something to do. And to make the show a little more interesting.”

Anne-Marie couldn’t help being amused at his nerve: “I’ll have to think about that.” With a last faint smile still on her lips she finally stepped inside the meeting room and shut the door.

Listening carefully, Eddie heard the lock on the other side click shut. Taking a deep breath he wiped his damp palms and headed back to the reception desk, opened the main door and called down the corridor: “Guys!”

Rosco Mordian and Phil Trately shot out around the corner. “What’s happening?” Phil asked eagerly.

“I’ve got her inside, but I’ve no idea if Joey managed to sneak into the meeting room while I was talking to her. I didn’t dare look in that direction.”

“We saw him go into the fire escape staircase ten minutes ago so he should have had plenty of time to walk up and slip inside.” Rosco said. Like Phil and Eddie, he was a big guy, which was why he wasn’t with Joey hiding under the table in the meeting room. At least they all hoped that was where Joey Cruven was.

“OK, if he is in there he should be able to let us in. Lock the outer door and take Anne-Marie’s phone off the hook. We wouldn’t want to be disturbed once we’ve got her on her back.”

The other two grunted in approval and quickly obeyed Eddie. As frustrated as a pack of starving wolves they prowled around the entrance to the meeting room, each one praying for good luck.

“Even if we catch her with her gear off, will we be able to get a feel of her tits?” Phil asked.

“Never mind feeling them,” Rosco answered curtly. “I want to fuck the bitch until she gets whiplash of the udders.” He made motions of scratching at the closed door with outstretched fingers like a frustrated cat: “Come on, Joey, you useless prick, come on.”

“He’ll have to wait,” Eddie reminded them. “When she’s stripped off he’ll let us in. Then leave the talking to me.”

Hardly had he closed his mouth than there was a sudden feminine squeal of surprise and outrage from inside the room. The door swung open and the salesmen burst into the room like a police drug squad, with Eddie slamming the door shut behind them and re-locking it. Only then did he turn around and examine the scene.

The big polished conference table in the middle had two guys on one side of it, Phil and Roscoe. Joey was on the other side, grinning at everybody in his triumph of sneaking out from under the table and opening the door. Marie-Anne had been facing the camera, about four or five steps back, with a chair in front of her. Hanging on the back of the chair was a bra that seemed a lot smaller without her inside it. The receptionist had snatched up her shirt and was holding it between herself and the camera as she squinted back over her left shoulder at the intruders.

Seeing her bared back with the bra line still patterned on the exposed skin made Eddie’s pulse run even more quickly. He instantly moved forward, pushing past the other guys and grinning at the woman. It was absolutely vital that he should break her resistance before she rallied from the shock of the unexpected situation.

“Sorry about this, Anne-Marie, but I suddenly decided that it was this week that all the guys really needed motivating.”

“You bastards!” she snapped, obviously as mad as hell.

“I was watching her from under the table,” Joey gabbled. “I mean, I was watching the TV. She’s huge, you guys, and she was greasing her nipples up and grinning at the camera like a total slut. Man, you gotta see what she has on offer.”

“Oh, we will,” Eddie said happily. “Believe me, honey, whatever you were doing for yourself, we can do it better.”

The sales guys were all grinning, getting closer every second as Anne-Marie stared them, humiliated and furious, with her mind spinning around in circles. What could she do? There was only one door and no way of reaching it, so she was trapped between a twelve story window and four horny young men with nothing to fend them off but an unbuttoned shirt. Swell!

“Come on, guys, you could get into trouble for this,” she pleaded. “Real trouble.”

“What for?” Eddie asked with a cheerful smile. “You came in here and took your shirt and bra off after I asked you to let the sales team feel your tits. That’s my story anyway – hell, I’ve even got a video tape of you stripping off without anybody laying a finger on you. Never mind what you were doing to yourself afterwards when you getting ready for us. Still, that’s not going to be as interesting as the rest of the tape is going to be. They’ll love it in Thirty Three, Warren Street, Redmont, Kansas.”

Anne-Marie blanched as she realized that Eddie somehow knew her parent’s address. In fear she moved her eyes back to the monitor screen. Behind her on the screen were the guy’s hungry faces with Eddie closest, standing almost directly behind her. His hands came onto the screen, gripping her upper arms.

“Listen, honey, one quick feel for each of us, that’s all we want. That’s not going to hurt you any, is it?” The hands slipped lower, down to her elbows, under the edges of her shirt. She hunched up and pushed backwards, trying to fend him off.

Eddie responded by dipping into his pocket and bringing out a small and brightly colored aerosol can: “Anne-Marie, if you don’t behave I’m going to spray this up underneath that shirt. It’s anti-intruder dye and once I do that it means you’ll have a pair of purple boobs for the next two months. It’d be kind of embarrassing to have to explain that away to the old boyfriends back home, wouldn’t it?”

His other hand was back where it had been before. Now it was sliding past her elbow.

“Anne-Marie, I’m trying to talk to you but I’m not hearing much back. Do you want me to put this can away or not?”

He was stroking the bottom of her left breast, sliding his fingers around onto the slippery area where she’d already spread the cream. She said: “Oh God. Put it away, please, Eddie. You lying, loathsome asshole.”

He did put the can away, but then gripped her ponytail and pulled it hard. “I don’t like being talked to in that way. Say you’re sorry, Anne-Marie.”

He tugged the ponytail again, even harder this time, hard enough to make her teeth rattle: “Say ‘sorry’, Anne-Marie, or it’s the spray and then that tape going to your folks’ home. So what do you say now, honey?”

She knew a lot of things she wanted to say but dared not to: “I’m sorry, Eddie. I’m sorry.”

“That’s a good girl.” His other hand was also under her shirt now, both of them advancing onto what had become uncontested territory. She could see them on the monitor screen, like two alien life forms moving around underneath the folds of the shirt she was still futilely holding up. The screen also showed the other guy’s jealous expressions as Eddie kept on stroking her breasts until his fingers were lightly brushing the tips of her nipples. She was red faced with embarrassment at the knowledge that she was being used like a hooker in front of all the guys. Eddie chuckled as if he was reading her mind, before he spoke softly into her ear.

“Anne-Marie, you can hold onto that shirt if you like, but you’re still going to finish up on top of that table butt naked while I screw you in front of the guys.”

She squealed softly in protest, against him and against his treachery, and then again because her own nipples were betraying her by stiffening to his touch. He laughed again, putting his palms underneath those obvious signs of her arousal and lifting them up so they were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“Look at these, guys, and just because I told her she was going to get a public fucking!”

Anne-Marie groaned helplessly at Eddie’s taunts as his buddies watched him humiliate her. But what could she do against his blackmail and his tight grip on her?

“Turn around and face the guys, there’s a nice big girl.”

The gloating was even more evident as he swung her round with a few crabbing steps, still keeping his position at her back as he turned her like a partner in some kind of grotesque dance until she was facing into the room and the rest of the sales team. Under their smirks she tried to avoid their eyes by staring down at the carpet. There was a rich pattern of curling roses in it that seemed an unlikely pattern for an office floor covering and she wondered why she’d never noticed it before.

Eddie was speaking in hoarser tones now: “OK, I think what would be fun right now would be for you guys to take her skirt off. How about that, hey?”

There were eager male grunts of assent from the men as they moved in like leopards pouncing on a fallen deer. Their hands unzipped and unbuttoned her clothing until she squealed in futile protest as the skirt slid down into an untidy heap on top of the roses.

“Well done, guys. I think you all deserve a feel for that. Joey, you opened the door, so you can be first in the queue.”

Joey was eager, putting his hands up underneath the shirt and taking a tight grip on her nipples in the spaces that Eddie’s own hands allowed. Anne-Marie was bent forward from the waist, as the smaller guy positioned her to his satisfaction whilst other hands roamed around and underneath her exposed panties. Surrounded and fondled everywhere she twisted around in an unbreakable trap, blushing and moaning.

“Jesus Christ, they’re real alright,” Joey said happily. “Christ, but I’m going to make them bounce around before I’m finished with her. How about we all take a look at them?”

“Anything you want,” Eddie agreed. Escort Bayan “Anne-Marie, I think it’s time you let that shirt go.” He emphasized his words with sharp fingernails that sank deep into the soft flesh just behind her nipples.

He was clearly intent on her obeying him, so she did. She lowered the shirt, feeling the folds of the material sliding down along the tops of her breasts until they were fully exposed. She heard the men muttering with fervent approval at what they saw.

“Fucking beautiful. . .”, “Look at the size of those mother fuckers!”

Then Eddie put his hands underneath them and bounced her around in triumphant possession: “Come on you, guys, there’s plenty for everybody. Step right up and help yourselves.”

The rest of the team gloated at the sight of the two offered up breasts, each as big as a melon, tanned on top and white below, freckle speckled all round, trembling in their captivity and tipped with large brown nipples showing Anne-Marie’s anticipation about what was going to happen to her. Swooping down they grabbed as much as their fingers could cover. But it was Phil and Joey who won the race for a mouthful of tit. Their prisoner clutched the shirt between her hands, snorting like a young mare at the continuing and unrelenting assault of hands and mouths. It was both painful and exhilarating in a way beyond anything that she’d ever imagined.

“Please. . . please. . . don’t be so rough,” she begged.

“Put her the table,” Eddie ordered.

With their combined strength her feet hardly touched the carpet as she was swept backwards until her thighs bumped against the edge of the conference table. She fell backwards, sitting on the polished wood for only a second before Eddie grabbed her feet and lifted them up.

“Swing her around, across it – that’s the way!”

The guys helped him spin her around, then forced their weight down on her until she was flat on her back, the nape of her neck resting on one edge of the table, her bottom perched precariously on the other side. The boys were grinning down at her in delight, before Phil and Joey lowered themselves over her body and started fiercely suckling on her jutting nipples. She wailed again in protest at their roughness, yet at the same time dug her finger nails into one of the legs on either side of her in tacit encouragement. As her head arched back and down over the side of the table she saw the room behind her from an inverted angle, with Eddie a pace or two away ripping off his clothes.

Eddie could hardly spare a glance at what as he was doing as he saw Anne-Marie’s bright blue eyes watching him. She was moaning and squealing at her indignities, her body a playground for two of the guys as Roscoe peeled the pantyhose from her braced legs. With a movement just as swift Joey opened his zipper, reached down and pulled out his cock, then grabbed Anne-Marie’s left hand and guided it down to his erection. With no hesitation at all she began to stroke him to a further level of excitement as she continued staring towards Eddie. She knew she was in the power of a bunch of guys who were going out of control with lust, so the sooner they knew she was willingly submitting to a gang bang the less chance there was of her getting hurt. Anyway, she was so sexed up now that she needed a fuck as much as any of the guys did.

When Eddie pulled down his shorts to reveal himself Anne-Marie’s mouth seemed to hang open wider in mute invitation, the pony tail below her head jiggling slowly as she writhed around. Phil saw what she was doing to Joey and hastily opened his own pants so her other hand could do the same for him.

Eddie strode forward eagerly: “Hold them together while I tit fuck her.”

The guys did as he wanted, helping him press the two soft mounds of flesh together as tightly as they could whilst his cock slipped into the crevice between the hot slippery skin. As soon as his scrotum was pressed down on top of her he felt Anne-Marie lift up her head and start to lick his balls. In response Eddie’s inner thighs squeezed against her ears, holding her head in position as she tongued him.

To Anne-Marie it all seemed like a dream, that she was doing this for a guy in front of an audience. Not only doing it for him, but hand working two other cocks as well as she struggled for breath in the crushing embrace of Eddie’s legs. It seemed almost inconsequential now that the constriction the panty hose was gone from around her ankles, with nothing left on her body but her panties and jewelry. Anne-Marie made another sign of her surrender by opening her legs as widely as she could. Temporarily diverted, Phil – it must be Phil – rubbed her cunt vigorously through the thin material.

The woman screamed softly, leg muscles straining as they lifted her up on her toes towards the caresses, her exhaled breath blowing hard against the damp skin and bristly hairs pressed around her mouth. Eddie worked her breasts against his cock even more quickly, then released her and stepped back. Gasping for breath, Anne-Marie was astonished to find that none of the guys was hardly touching her. Then she heard the call tones of a cell phone and realized it was her own phone which was ringing.

Eddie grabbed her pony tail and lifted her head up, then pushed her in the back: “Lift her up. Put her on her feet.”

Hauling on her arms they put her in a standing position beside the table where she tottered uncertainly, vaguely trying to brush away the loose strands of hair around her eyes. Eddie picked up her phone from the belt of the discarded skirt.

“Joey, grab her ponytail, you other two hold her tits. If she says just one wrong word twist them off her.” He handed Anne-Marie the phone, looking more than ever like a schoolboy playing some classroom joke on her.

“Hello. . . hi, Mom.”

The boys exchanged delighted grins at the receptionist’s embarrassment and began playing with her again. Marie-Anne shook her head desperately as she tried to talk normally.

“Yes . . . everything’s cool. Yes, I’ve got the tickets.”

Eddie put a chair down directly in front of her and sat down in it. Anne-Marie’s eyes bulged as she fought desperately not to let out the frantic sounds bubbling up inside her quivering body. Then Eddie gripped her panties and flicked them down around her thighs in one swift jerk.

“Oh, God. . . no, no, it’s alright, Mom, I just dropped something, that’s all.”

The guys were loving it, laughing at her predicament. Even Phil snorted into the nipple he was chewing on. “Hey, Anne-Marie,” Eddie whispered loudly, “Does your Mom know you’ve got a muff like a fur trapper’s hat?”

Her face was contorted with anger and excitement as she glared angrily at him. He laughed, and twitched her panties lower and lower. It was Roscoe who won the race to get the first finger inside her cunt. Others followed, front and back, smeared with cream and burrowing into her. She arched her head, her teeth gritted, before she managed to speak.

“Yes, there’s some other people here, Mom, sorry it’s noisy. It’s just the rest of the office having a little party here for me before I leave.”

The gleeful looks on the sales team’s faces was beyond endurance, but so was what they were doing with her. Eddie was leaning back in the seat, carefully rolling a condom over his cock. He pointed to the carpet and she gratefully went down on her knees in front of him. Released at last from the attentions of the rest of the gang, she tried to speak in something like a normal voice.

“Only a couple of drinks, Mom. Don’t worry, I’m not driving.”

She bobbed her head forward and vigorously sucked on the top of Eddie’s cock, making sure he could feel her teeth. At least it might inhibit him from saying anything else while she was listening to the call. That she was doing all this in front of the rest of the guys was something she could no longer afford to think about.

“Yes, mom, everybody here is very friendly . . . ” She wondered what Mom would say if she knew her daughter was about to start adopting honeymoon positions with a bunch of young studs. Somebody else pulled gently on her pony tail to get her attention and she turned her head to lap at another cock thrusting at her, bare and patterned with prominent veins.

“I’ll catch the plane, Mom. . . see you – mmmmmm.”

It was little Joey who was demanding her attention, a little guy with an erection that seemed far too big for him, and was out of control as well as out of proportion. He jerked on her ear until she was facing him, then pushed himself into her mouth and grabbing her behind the head to keep her still as he jerked against her. He seemed as if he wanted to choke her as she struggled to back off enough to speak again.

“Mom, mom, I’m sorry, I’ve got to go, somebody’s coming . . .”

She switched off the phone, dropped it onto the carpet and submitted to Joey again in a bout of feverish submission until he grunted and emptied himself onto her tongue and into her throat. Anne-Marie coughed and gasped as she swallowed some of the warm fluid, more strands of it stretching out between her mouth and his cock to stick to her lips.

“Get her on the table again!” Eddie was shouting at the top of his voice.

Lifted up and thrown on her back on top of the table again, there was no finesse this time. Phil and Roscoe each grabbed one of her bare legs and spread them upwards and wide apart as if she was on birthing stirrups. She put her hands behind her knees and grunted in delight as Eddie finally took her, ramming himself as deep inside her as far as he possibly could. She heard herself screeching out at the top of her voice in satisfaction.

The truth was Bayan Escort that she’d always been a noisy screw, and that was with just one partner. With a whole gang of guys working on her she was totally out of control and they knew it. She had her fingers outstretched now, tightly gripping Roscoe’s and Phil’s restraining hands as Eddie leaned over to get the last possible millimeter of penetration. Anne-Marie moaned in approval and bucked underneath him, lifting her head up to lick the matted hairs on his chest. Then Eddie suddenly seemed to move to a slightly different angle which pushed his cock right up against her most sensitive spot and she went crazy, pinned down and screeching aloud in an explosive orgasm.

Even as Eddie finally withdrew she was rolled onto her stomach and taken doggy style by one of the other boys. Somebody pushed a seat cushion underneath her hips to lift her up higher for the thrusts and she whimpered her thanks and satisfaction.

“That’s right, give the bitch the full works,” somebody said. “Get up on your elbows, bitch, so we can see your tits sliding around on the table.”

She did as they wanted, flopping herself around on the smooth surface and honking like a feeding seal as fingers smeared with cream were jammed up her ass again at the same time as the huge cock continued splitting her pussy. Somehow she suddenly had a new partner who gave her a few stabbing thrusts up her asshole before the other guy slipped into her pussy again. She quickly came again in a spasm of pleasure that set her buttock muscles quivering and her cunt clamped around his cock until he’d finally finished with her. Then a hand was swinging down and again on her flushed bottom with loud rhythmical smacks as she squirmed helplessly under the blows.

“Get your fucking butt up high, bitch!”

Almost before she was settled in a new position her nails were scrabbling at the table top as she was taken from behind, no longer knowing or caring whose cock she was satisfying. Later again she found herself lying across the table in her original position, her head hanging down as she sucked on Joey’s hardening cock again with her legs wrapped tightly around Phil’s waist as he jumped her just as thoroughly as the others had done. As he worked away at her she clung onto Joey, only removing her mouth to scream out when Phil came into her.

It was just afterwards that the door suddenly opened and a stocky middle aged woman in a security guard’s uniform walked into the room swinging a bunch of keys in her hand. She looked calmly at the bare bodies on and around the table and grinned. She had very brown skin and high cheekbones, like a Sioux squaw.

“Hi, Cyrene,” Eddie said as he turned and walked towards her. She noticed the camera and monitor, still running and still recording every detail of the receptionist’s ravishment. The security guard put a finger to her lips, then beckoned him up to the other end of the room, well clear of the camera.

“Hello, Eddie,” she said. “I guessed what was going on in here when I got a phone call from Kansas from some mother worried that her daughter was at an office party which was getting out of hand.”

“Don’t worry about that, honey, she’s well in hand. In Joey’s hands anyone.”

Joey was the only salesman in the room who hadn’t noticed the guard’s arrival. He was clutching Anne-Marie’s tits as he frantically prepared to come in her mouth again. The other guys had stopped stroking and fingering her when the door opened, but were starting again as Eddie and the guard chatted, the woman apparently quite cool about the fact that she was the only one in the room with a stitch of clothing on. In fact she seemed very amused at the whole situation and about Eddie’s brazen answer. What the sales team didn’t know but were beginning to suspect was that Eddie already knew the guard very well.

“You’ll have to get her to phone home again, to let Mom know she’s OK. The thing is, is your girl friend going to be pissed about all this – is she going to cause trouble?”

Eddie shook his head: “With that tape to send home to her folks? No, she’s not going to complain.”

The guard grinned: “Not like me, hey?”

“You were fine once I’d contributed enough to your retirement fund.”

Cyrene smiled again, turning to watch closely as Joey yelled out in pleasure at his second coming amidst Anne-Marie’s snorts, shaking her breasts fervently in triumph.

“Jesus Christ, but that’s a lot of woman you’re fucking. I guess I’ll have to ask her if she’s willing to be doing all you guys at once. But I want to stay away from that camera.”

“No problem. By the way, Cyrene, would you care to join us in a fuck?”

She reached forward and gently squeezed his cock. “Sorry, Eddie, I have to get back to work real soon.”

“That’s OK, Cyrene, but it would be nice if I could introduce you to the others the same way. A little bit of icing on the cake is always a treat.”

“Sure, why not?”

Anne-Marie suddenly realized she not being touched by anybody, not anywhere. Lifting herself up on elbows she stared around, still half dazed, and then gaping at the security guard and the way she was casually tugging on the guy’s cocks as she was introduced. Even Joey had joined the end of the line, as surprised and sated as he was.

“Come here, Anne-Marie,” Eddie ordered her.

Ashamed at her condition and her nakedness in front of the other woman, Anne-Marie had to do as he wanted. Eddie and the female guard were facing each other now, his hands on her waist as both of hers stroked him slowly into a fresh arising. He pointed downwards. “On your knees.”

Again, she obeyed, and the woman laughed: “These guys have sure got you well trained, honey. I guess you must like doing what you’re told to.”

Anne-Marie’s thighs were sticky, and so was her face, her hair was falling over her eyes and her breasts felt as if they’d been chewed up by a pack of wild dogs. It was also obvious that the woman in the uniform didn’t care anything about any of that. As for the guys, they were watching everything that the guard was doing to Eddie and obviously eager for some more of the same treatment for themselves.

“Had a phone call about you, Anne-Marie. Your mother thought you might be in some kind of trouble. Seems to me you’re just enjoying yourself though. Seems to me you’re getting a kick out of putting yourself out for the guys in the office. Is that right?”

Anne-Marie gulped, then slowly nodded. “That’s right.”

Cyrene nodded, then chuckled as Edie put his hands up towards her breasts. She slapped his hands, hard. “Stop that, otherwise I’ll have to take your girl friend away. I don’t want wrinkles on my shirt.”

Eddie shrugged, grinned and grunted in satisfaction as she lowered her hands again and worked his foreskin back and forth.

“You’ve been around the block with all these guys already, haven’t you, Ann-Marie? Been fucked four ways and ready for more, hey?”

She bowed her head and muttered: “Yes.”

“Yeah, well it sure seems you’ve got some hard yards to do yet.” The guard giggled and looked down at Eddie’s cock as it grew in her grip.

“Say, Eddie, I think maybe your girl ought to lick this nice and clean for you before you use it again. Anne-Marie, open wide, like a good girl.”

Anne-Marie straightened her back, lifted up her head and opened her lips as the security officer deftly steered Eddie’s cock between them. As soon as the woman’s hands were free she slipped one of them underneath Eddie’s butt, tickling him affectionately behind the balls as Anne-Marie licked his erection without any vestige of restraint.

“Listen, Eddie, talking of retirement funds, maybe we could do some business here. There are a lot of guys in this building who’d like to stay behind after work for a little office party with a piece of ass like this one. They’d pay well for it. I can organize a lot of regular little work outs for her and we’ll split the profit.”

Anne-Marie made a singled choked protest before Eddie gripped her hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock. She swallowed him instantly, the roof of her mouth rubbing against the very tip of his cock as she waited for his response. Cyrene chuckled and scratched him in a way that jerked him forward and sent Anne-Marie rocking backwards on her haunches.

“How about we dress her up in a uniform like mine and handcuff her before we let the guys have her?”

Eddie thought about that as Cyrene kept scratching her finger nails along his scrotum. Anne-Marie had stopped blowing him for a second, until a tug on her hair had set her in motion like a nodding clockwork doll again. He felt himself starting to come again and grinned happily. “Yeah, why not? And leave her bent over a executive chair for a good paddling before they guys start stripping her off. Is that a good idea or what?”

Joey laughed, knelt down behind Anne-Marie and put his hand up underneath her outstretched thighs. The other salesmen also got down and grabbed her tits again. Eddie began gasping with the beginning of his climax and Cyrene leaned around in front of him, french kissing as he jerked deeply into Anne-Marie’s mouth. In his mind was the feel of a wooden handle in his hand, the tennis table bat hovering over two chairs and two up-raised bottoms, both curvy female asses displayed between a raised skirt and lowered panties. Each pair of buttocks bore the reddened marks of the bat – one of them was Anne-Marie’s, the other was Cyrene’s – and both the girls were calling out his name as they writhed under his power, as he chose which one to punish and which to pleasure.

And that was exactly what he was going to do with both of them before he let Cyrene use the tape. Eddie chuckled to himself with glee as worked his tongue against Cyrene’s and shot his wad deep into Anne-Marie’s throat – boy, was he on a roll.


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