Two Days at Ben’s


It was a very cool Saturday morning. I got up and turned the heater on in the apartment before making a coffee. I decided to spend the day inside lazing in front of the TV. I had breakfast and finished my coffee before heading to the couch. I was halfway through a movie when I received a text on my phone.

“Hi Toni, it’s Ben. Hope you are well?”

Ben was an old work colleague, and I had known him for a while. The last time I had seen him was when he invited me to his house, where he and his friends gangbanged me for most of the night.

“Hi Ben, I’m good, how are you?” I replied back.

“I’m good. What are you up to today?

“I’m having a lazing day at home today. Bit of me time” I replied.

“Bit of me time, sounds interesting. Not like you to be alone, but I guess you have your toys to keep you company.”

“Ben, you know me too well.” I replied back.

“I was wondering, if you’re not busy tonight, I have a few friends coming over. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

“Ok, sounds fun. What time?”

“How about seven o’clock.”

“Ok, see you then.”

As I sat thinking about tonight, I could feel my pussy starting to get a little wet. I got up off the couch and headed to the bedroom. I opened the drawer and pulled out two vibrators before laying my naked body on the bed. I turned one vibrator on and softly pressed it against my pussy as my mind ran wild thinking of being surrounded by a room full of guys, watching me as they stroke their cocks. I could feel my pussy, dripping wet, as I started to slowly insert the vibrator. It felt so good inside me as I slowly pushed it deeper. I reached for the second vibrator and turned it on, before softly pressing it against the rim of my arse. I eased it in nice and slow and with both vibrators now inside me, the sensation felt amazing. My mind ran wild thinking of tonight and being used by Ben and his friends.

After a few minutes, I could feel my pussy about to explode. I quickly slid the vibrator out of my pussy and pressed it against my lips, while the other was still inside my arse. All of a sudden, my body started to shake. I could feel my pussy gushing as I threw my head back, enjoying the intense orgasms. As my body started to relax, I turned both vibrators of and laid motionless on the bed. After a few minutes, I got up and headed out to the lounge. Still naked, I laid on the couch and continued watching the TV.

It was around five o’clock when I woke up on the couch. After sleeping most of the day, I felt refreshed ready for a big night. I quickly had something to eat and headed for a shower. I washed my body and shaved my legs and pussy nice and smooth before getting out and drying myself. I headed to the bedroom to look for something to wear, remembering last time Ben requested a bikini. This time, I decided to wear my smallest white g-string and matching bra, with a short black summer dress over the top.

It was six thirty, and time leave to get to Ben’s house by seven. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door, locking it behind me before catching the elevator down to the car park. I got in the car and arriving at Ben’s ten minutes early. I knew Ben wouldn’t mind me being early, so I parked my car and headed to the door. I knocked, and after a short wait the door opened.

“Hi baby.” Ben said, “Come in.”

“Hi Ben, how are you.” I replied, as I walked inside.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’ve got a few guys dying to meet you.” Ben said, as I followed him.

“Guys, this is Toni. Toni this is George, Mal, Andy and Sid.” Ben said, as we arrived in the lounge.

“Hi Toni.” The guys replied, as they looked me up and down.

The guys were in their mid-sixty’s. The oldest was bald and quite tall and all were average weight.

As I stood around chatting, getting to know the guys. Ben headed to the kitchen and quickly returned, handing me a drink. I took a sip, it was a very strong scotch and coke.

“You trying to get me drunk?” I asked, looking at Ben and smiling.

“Just trying to help you relax baby.” He said, with a smile.

As we stood around chatting, a few of the guys started playing pool.

“Toni is good at pool.” Ben said, looking over at the guys.

“Especially when she bends over the table.” He said, whispering in my ear.

“Oh, honey I remember, I’m sure you’ll love what’s underneath.” I whispered back.

After the guys finished playing, they set the balls up for another game before passing me the cue. Sid broke without sinking any balls.

“Your turn.” Sid said, as he moved back from the table.

I moved close choosing my shot, and I noticed Ben move behind me as I slowly leaned over the table. As I took a quick glimpse back, his eyes were staring at my arse. After I played my shot, I moved back from the table and stood next to George.

“So, how do you know Ben.” George asked.

“Ben and I used to work together, old work colleagues.” I replied.

As I stood waiting my turn, I could feel my pussy escaping out of my tiny panties.

Next escort izmir it was my shot. I noticed Ben giving a wink to the guys, as I walked up to the table. I took my time lining up my shot, as I lifted one leg helping me lean forward further. I could feel their eyes staring at my pussy lips. I played my shot, intentionally not sinking a ball to drag the game out longer. Before I knew it, it was my shot again. As I bent over the table, Ben moved behind me, and I felt his hand on my pussy.

“How about if you sink this ball, we strip. If you miss, you strip.” Ben said, with a seductive voice.

“You’re on.” I replied.

Ben rubbed my pussy one last time before stepping back. I took my time, letting their eyes stair at my moist pussy before I played the shot, sinking the ball.

“Nice shot.” Ben said.

I put the cue on the table and turned around watching the guys, and without a word, they slowly stripped naked.

“You miss the next shot, the dress comes off.” Sid said, with a laugh standing naked.

I leaned over the table lining up the shot. I could feel my pussy lips on display escaping from my panties as I played the shot and missed.

“You know what that means baby? off it comes.” Ben said.

I put the cue on the pool table and slid my dress off. I looked at the guys staring at my almost naked body, as their cocks started to get hard.

“So, if I win this game everything comes off. Deal.?” Sid said.

“Sounds fair.” I replied, as Sid lined up his next shot.

He sunk two balls and was on his last when he missed. As he stood back, I lined up my next shot and leaned over the table, taking my time. With my legs spread, I could feel the coolness between my legs as my wet pussy swallowed my tiny g-string. I played my shot and missed. Sid moved up to the table and quickly played his shot, sinking his last ball winning the game.

“You know what that means.” Sid said, as he laid the cue on the table and joined the rest of the guys.

I turned my back to them and slowly bent over, sliding my panties down to my ankles giving them a clear view of my hungry pussy. As I stood up, the guys surrounded me and as their hands groped my body, I reached down feeling their hard clocks. I slowly knelt on the floor, taking Sid’s hard cock in my mouth as I grabbed George and Mal’s cock, stroking them slowly.

“Oh, God that feels good.” Sid said, as he held my head thrusting his cock deeper in my mouth.

After a minute, Sid pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat on the couch. George and Mal stood in front of me and I took turns sucking each of their cocks. All of a sudden, Ben knelt behind me and I felt his hand between my legs rubbing my pussy before sliding his fingers inside me. It felt so good, and my moans were gagged by George’s cock in my mouth.

“You like that baby, you’re nice and wet. I think we should get a cock in that pussy of yours.” Ben said, as he stood up.

He took my hand and helped me up before bending me over the pool table. He spread my legs and slowly eased his cock inside me fucking me nice and slow. After a few minutes, Ben slid his cock out and one by one they all took turns fucking my pussy. Once they had all had their turn, Sid took my hand and led me to the couch. He sat down and guided me on to his hard cock, sliding it inside my pussy.

“Fuck your pussy feels good.” Sid said, as he grabbed my breasts.

“We should of invited your wife Sid, she likes a bit of young pussy.” Ben said, as he stroked his cock.

“God yes.” I said, as I rode him harder.

“You like a bit of pussy.” Sid said, as his hands grabbed my arse.

“I love pussy.” I replied.

“Well, we will have to organise that for you.” Ben said, as he moved behind me pushing me forward.

He pressed his cock against my pussy and joined Sid’s cock inside me. I let out a moan as both fucked me hard. It didn’t take long, and I was ready to cum.

“Oh god, fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed. “Harder, fuck me harder.

My pussy exploded, cumming over their hard cocks as my body shook. All of a sudden, Ben slid his cock out and sat on the couch.

“Fuck my arse,” I said, as I looked at Andy as he moved behind me.

Sid spread my arse wide as Andy positioned his cock pressing it against my arse. As the head of his cock slid inside me, I threw my head back, letting out a moan. As both guys fucked me, Mal stood on the couch beside me. He was nice and hard, and I ran my tongue around the head of his cock tasting his pre-cum before taking him deep in my mouth.

“Fuck, your arse feels good.” Andy said, as he fucked me.

“Her mouth feels good to.” Mal said, thrusting his cock deeper.

After a few minutes, Mal pulled his cock from my mouth and got off the couch. George stood up and replaced him with his hard cock ready to fuck my mouth. His cock was covered in pre-cum and tasting delicious as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. With all holes filled, I was so turned on. I felt my body start to tense izmir escort bayan as Sid and Andy buried their cocks deep in my arse and pussy. I pulled George’s cock from my mouth as I started to moan.

“Yeah, oh fuck, I’m cumming again.” I screamed, before George gagged my moans with his hard cock.

As I started to relax, enjoying the sensation running through my body. I collapsed on Sid, as Andy slid his cock out of my arse before helping me up.

“Come on guys, let’s take her up to the bedroom.” Ben said.

I followed Ben up the stairs, as the other guys followed behind. Once in the room, Ben laid me down on the bed, and as the guys gathered around, I fingered my pussy as I watched them stroking their cocks. It didn’t take long before George pulled me to the edge of the bed. He lifted my legs and slid his cock in my pussy. As he fucked me, Andy and Sid held my legs, spreading them wide allowing George’s cock to enter me deep.

“Oh, fuck that feels good.” I moaned.

“Give it to her George, fuck that little pussy.” Ben said, as he knelt behind me on the bed.

As I lay helpless, George fucked me hard as Ben squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. After a few minutes, George slid his cock out of my pussy and swapped positions with Andy, and before I knew it Andy had his cock inside my pussy fucking me hard. Ben continued groping my breasts and as he started pinching my nipples, I felt my body tense as I was about to cum.

“Oh yeah, harder, harder, oh God I’m cumming.” I screamed.

As my body shook, Andy fucked me harder. The orgasm was so intense, and I could feel my pussy was dripping wet. All of a sudden, I could feel Andy’s cock getting hard, ready to cum.

“Fuck baby, I’m cumming, oh yeah.” Andy moaned, as his cock exploded filling me with his cum.

As he finished, he slid his cock out and stood back catching his breath.

“God, look at that pussy.” Sid said, as the cum dripped from between my legs.

Ben got up from behind me and laid on the bed, stroking his hard cock. “Bring that pussy over her baby.” he said.

The guys let my legs go and I made my way over to Ben and mounted him backwards, sliding his hard cock in my arse. As I started to ride him, he grabbed my breasts, pulling me back laying me on his chest.

“How about we fill that pussy again.” Ben said, as he fucked my arse.

Without a word, Mal knelt between my legs and slid his hard cock in my cum filled pussy. With both cocks inside me, it felt so good, and I could feel myself ready to orgasm again.

“Oh yeah, harder, oh fuck, I’m cumming again.” I screamed.

As my body trembled, Ben held me tight squeezing my breasts. I came so hard, and the feeling was so intense as my body continued to tremble. All of a sudden, I could feel both cocks inside me getting hard as Ben and Mal fucked me harder.

“Oh, fuck baby, I’m gonna cum in your arse, oh fuck.” Ben moaned.

“Fuck, I’m cumming.” Mal said, as he held my legs tight.

“Oh God, oh God, fuck.” I screamed, as both cocks exploded inside me.

Both guys held me tight, as their cocks stretched my arse and pussy pulsating deep inside me, filling me with their cum.

After both guys finished, Mal slid his cock out of my pussy and helped me up. I knelt down in front of Sid, as he stood stroking his cock. Dripping with pre-cum, I licked the head tasting him before taking him deep in my mouth. As I sucked him hard, I stroked the base of his cock. All of a sudden, I felt him getting harder. Sid wrapped his hand around mine helping me stroke him faster as my lips wrapped around the head of his cock.

“Oh baby, baby, I’m cumming.” Sid moaned, as his cock exploded, shooting his cum down my throat. After he finished, he sat on the bed catching his breath.

“God baby, you sure know how to please a bunch of old guys.” Mal said, helping me up off my knees.

“Honey, old guys always turn me on.” I said, as I headed to the bathroom.

I climbed in the shower and freshened up before hopping out and drying myself. I walked downstairs, and as I found my clothes and started dressing, Sid and Ben joined me in the lounge.

“Baby, I meant what I said, I’d love you to meet my wife. That’s if you’re interested.” Sid said.

“I’d love to, but are sure she’s going to be interested.” I replied.

“She has always fantasised and talked about a younger woman joining us. I know she’ll be interested.”

“Tell you what. Sid’s coming back tomorrow with Jill for her birthday. Why don’t you come over?” Ben asked.

“OK, sounds good. What time” I said, as I finished getting dressed.

“How about ten o’clock.” Ben replied.


I grabbed my keys and said goodbye to the guys before leaving. Once home, I had another shower and headed to bed, ready for Ben’s house again tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke around eight o’clock. I got up and had a coffee and something to eat before getting ready. I put on a white bra and panties and slid on a thin short white floral summer dress. izmir escortlar The day was warm, and knowing Ben had a pool, I packed a bikini in my day bag. I did my hair and makeup and before I knew it, it was time to leave.

I left my apartment and drove to Ben’s arriving just before ten o’clock. I parked the car and walked to the door. As I knocked, I heard Ben talking inside and after a short wait, the door opened.

“Hi baby, come in. Don’t mention last night.” Ben whispered, as he invited me in.

“Sid, Jill, this is Toni.” Ben said, as we arrived in the lounge.

“Hi Toni.” Sid and Jill said, with a smile.

“Hi, nice to meet you both.” I replied.

Jill looked like she was in her mid to late sixty’s, average height, medium breasts, grey hair, and a gorgeous curvy figure. She was wearing blue denim jeans and a white buttoned up shirt, and as she looked me up and down, I could tell she liked what she saw. After the introductions, we followed Ben to the kitchen, and as we chat, Jill and I got to know each other as Ben made coffee.

“So ladies, Sid and I are just going to pop out soon to pick up a few things. We won’t be long.” Ben said, looking over at Jill and I.

“Ok, No problem. Toni and I might sit around and get to know each other. Did you bring something to swim in Toni?” Jill asked.

“Sure did, I have a bikini in my bag. I’ll go get changed ready” I replied.

I headed to the downstairs bathroom and quickly got changed into a black two-piece bikini before heading back to the kitchen.

“God honey, wish I looked that good in a bikini.” Jill said, with a smile.

“I’m sure you do.” I replied, looking at Jill.

“I’ll go get changed.” She said, as she grabbed her bag.

“Ladies we will head off. We will be back shortly, make yourself at home.” Ben said, as he grabbed his keys.

“See you soon guys.” Jill said, as she headed to the bathroom.

Ben and Sid headed out the door and after a few minutes, Jill returned from the bathroom.

“I was right, you do look good in a bikini.” I said, looking Jill up and down.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t usually wear a bikini. Sid and I usually go to the nudist beach.” She said with a laugh, as she headed outside.

“I usually sun-bake naked at home on my balcony.” I replied, as I followed behind.

As we got outside, we both pulled up a sun chair and laid them back before laying down getting comfortable.

“So, you and Sid go to the nudist beach a lot?” I asked.

“Yeah, a fair bit. Usually with a few friends. Sid and I have been married a long time, and when the kids all moved out, we decided to spice up our sex life, trying new things. What about you?” Jill asked.

“I’m single, always enjoy having fun. I have a few older male and female friends to keep me company.” I replied.

“So you’re bi and you like older? ” Jill asked, in a curious voice.

“Certainly am, and I do love older. What about you? ” I asked.

“Well, yes I am bi and always fantasised about being with a younger guy or woman.” she replied.

Jill stood up and slid her bikini off, and as she stood in front of me naked, I couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful curvy body.

“Ben did say make yourself at home, and somehow I have the feeling that this was planned. Don’t you?” She said, with a smile.

“Yeah, I do.” I replied, as I stood up and removed my bikini.

“Lay down.” Jill said, as she moved close.

As I laid down, Jill knelt beside me softly kissing my breasts before standing over me lowering her pussy over my mouth. As my tongue softly touched her moist lips, she let out a soft moan. Her pussy was nice and wet and tasted so good.

After a few minutes, she moved from over me and knelt down licking her juices from my chin before kissing me on the lips. She took my hand and helped me up before leading me to the couch in the lounge. She laid me down on my back and mounted me in a sixty-nine position. As I started licking her pussy, she buried her tongue in mine. We were both very wet, and the feeling of her tongue against my pussy felt so good. All of a sudden, she raised her head as she started to moan.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I’m cumming.” She moaned, before burying her tongue back between my legs.

As my tongue buried deep in her pussy, her juices gushed wetting my lips. All of a sudden, she got up off me and knelt between my legs.

“I want to taste you cum.” Jill said, as she ravished my pussy with her tongue.

It didn’t take long before my body started to tense. I couldn’t control myself as I started to moan over and over. I pressed her head harder against my pussy as it was ready to explode.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, yes, oh yes.” I screamed, as I let her head go.

“My God, you taste so good.” Jill said, as she rubbed my pussy, watching my body tremble.

As I started to relax, Jill stood up from between my legs and took my hand, helping me up. We both headed back outside and laid back on the deck chairs chatting and enjoying the sun.

“Can I ask you a question? ” Jill said, looking over at me.

“Sure.” I replied.

“I’ve always fantasied about being with a younger woman and also sharing her with Sid. Do you have any fantasies? ” Jill asked.

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