TY AND I part 4

Cum On

TY AND I part 4I have been seeing Ty on a pretty regular basis over the last several months. It is now the summer recess and he is out of school but we still must evade the growing suspicion of his grandmother. As previously noted Ty was permitted to be free when he was in my apartment. He loved his growing wardrobe and wept each time I bought him a new article and was always eager to try it on. For his birthday I bought him a nightgown made of sheer white lace with matching underwear. His eyes flowed with grateful tears and kissed me wildly. I sat and watched him model his new clothing. I loved the way his cock filled the tiny panties. Even though I promised to replace them immediately I tore them off his body and sucked his cock until a lovely stream of come rushed down my throat.We were falling in love. It was obvious to the both of us. Once he was old enough he was going to leave his grandmother’s care and live with me, or we were both going to take up Paul’s offer and live with him. Paul was a frequent guest whenever Ty was available. Paul had a new boyfriend, a young Japanese student who was attending a nearby college name Yukio. He was a skinny youth with a tiny penis that was scarecely four inches when totally erect but could shoot thick streams of come. Paul was always generous when it came to sharing his lovers and one night we double fucked Yukio. I inched my cock up his tight petite ass while hungrily sucked Paul’s massive cock. As he aquired most of his lovers Yukio responded to an add Paul placed for models to pose for him. Being a student with little income Yukio answered the add, posing as Paul required without hesitation.This is how I initially met Paul. Some others refused to undress and quickly fled the studio. Yukio was a sweet boy even if his English was somewhat labored at times. He became very friendly with Ty since they were closer in age.One late afternoon Paul and I sat and watched the two youths having sex. Paul idly stroking his cock and had a dreamy smile on his face. I looked at Ty’s face and how beautiful it looked as it registered a multitude of pleasures. As we all knew by now Yukio had a very tight ass and it had to penetrated gently and with patience and not to allow mindless passion cause any physical damage. Ty’s sizeable cock advanced in calculated thrusts, pausing periodically and waited for Yukio’s kocaeli rus escort ass to accomdate him, relaxing and opening. Periodically Ty would glance over at me and gleam a radiant smile, his face shimmering with perspiration. Even though he was younger than Yukio Ty was physically larger but his feminine qualities never allowed him to be hurtful lover and would stop abruptly whenever he heard a cry of pain. He kissed and soothed Yukio and wait for a word of consent before he resumed. Meanwhile he never ceased stroking Yukio’s cock or fondle his balls. The little bit of pre cum made the tiny cock appealingly slick. Yukio muttered some words in Japanese that none us understood. Later he told us what he said was that Ty was the first black lover he’d ever had. It made us all chuckle. Paul and and I remained respectfully removed from the two young lovers but could not resist the temptation to move another vantage point. I was content with my position so long as I could view Ty’s face. The expressions that passed across it were infinitely more erotic than what was happening with his body, however the beads of sweat twinkling on his smooth brown flesh was not without it’s erotic allure.Paul then walked over to where I was seated. My cock was quite hard by this time but still hidden within my pants. Paul smiled and liberated my cock, his long fingers curl round the shaft and in one swift motion had engulfed my cock deep down into his throat. He knew the art of relaxing his throat muscles and accomodating massive cocks. I have witnessed this talent on a number of occassions where he was even challenged by men even more endowed than himself to swallow their cocks and stunned to silence when this was accomplished. He called it the Zen of cocksucking. It was an amazing sight to behold. Paul was also very accomplished at self sucking. To watch a man of his advanced years throw himself on the floor and curl his body up so that he was deep throating himself was also a stunt that made a party go suddenly silent with rapt fascintion. I attempted this a few times but never got anywhere near my cock before the strain upon my back brought the experiment to an abrupt halt. For Paul this was the rewards of many years of yoga. His lean, sinewy body was one massive sexual organ. He had swallowed my cock down kocaeli rus escort bayan to the base and held it where for a few minutes before releasing it with a wet pop and my cock shimmered with his saliva. “We are Nature, long have we been absent, but now we return, We become plants, trunks, foliage, roots, bark, We are bedded in the ground, we are rocks, We are oaks, we grow in the opening side by side, We browse, we are two among the wild herds spontaneous as any, We are two fishes swimming in the sea together, We are also the coarse smut of b**sts….” Paul said in a dreamy tone than seemed as if he were in a deep state of enchantment. He identified the author of those words to be those of the great American poet Walt Whitman before he resumed sucking on my cock. I came fond of these strange interludes when he’d stop and quote a poet in the middle of a sexual activity. For Paul was never frivilous nor merely a transitory pleasure. Sometimes he referred to his lovers as his “little poems”. As Ty and Yukio continued fucking before us, Paul had tossed off the robe that up to now was just casually open. He turned and straddled my cock, holding it steady as it slid up his ass. I have no great knowldge of the human body nor to the stamina of the human rectum but Paul’s rectal muscles seem as supple and vibrant as when I first met him. I watched as my cock slowly disappears up his ass, but he is total control and savors each little moment and sensation which has not diminished regardless how many lovers he has had over the many decades. I run my hands over his back and feel the muscles quiver just beneath the tanned flesh. I reach round and give his erect nipples a gentle pinching between my thumbs and forfingers and evokes a deep sigh. My hand slips down over his taut torso until I’ve found his cock and balls. It is like clutching an iron bar that has been enclosed in velvet. Whereas many cocks active in decades of aggressive sexual encounters only to become somewhat rough, Paul’s has remain smooth and almost unblemished. His testicles were heavy and almost devoid of hair, what existed there was a fine fuzz that might occur during adolescence. Paul was a strange physical (and psychological) anomaly in the most beneficial way. Paul has maintained a youthful sense of wonder about sex that makes rus escort kocaeli every encounter something special. I have seen him display this quality even at a rest room glory hole while being sucked off by some anonoymous participant to whom his was sweetly grateful to. He liked to refer to himself as a “gentleman pervert” but this seems a little belittling but to him sex equaled joy and truly believed that a healthy sex life devoid of all hangups was key to a happy life, but stressed that was never allowed to become a destructive addictive force that totally eclipsed all other pleasures that enriched the mind. Paul leaned back and his rectal muscles tightened round my cock and for a moment I nearly shot my load but I managed to delay it and the sensation passed. We were both divided in our encounter and were still quite transfixed by the two young body stretched out before us. Whatever slight discomfort Yukio had previously experience had now passed and he lay passively lay beneath Ty as he pumped his round ass with graceful motions and both perspired profusely. I now gave Paul’s testicles a firm squeeze. He had a bit of pre come seeping from the tip of his cock. He rode my cock harder and faster until we ejaculated within a few seconds of one another. I purposely shifted his cock so that the stream of come splashed the bodies of Yukio and Ty. Ty lapped up the shimmering splashes from off of Yukio’s shoulder and cheek. Paul rose from my lap, dislodging my slick cock, and stood on shakey legs. He looked over at my with an illuminating happiness in his face.”I want you all to come live with me, ” he announced with a dramtic wave of his arms.His cock was still quite hard and now he knelt behind Ty and impaled the boy in one graceful motion of his hips. Ty let out a sharp cry that cannot be described as one of either pain or pleasure, mingling both emotions in one utterance. Paul started to shower kisses over Ty’s perspired back and continued fucking the boy until he came, emptying his load over Ty’s back and ass. It made Ty ejaculate and caused him to collapse in exhaustion. Yukio’s petite cock discharged it’s contents. I knelt down and sucked him until the cock withered inside my mouth and I let it just slip free, almost disappearing within the dense growth of pubic hair.We all lay in that bed from a long while before rising and heading towards the bathroom. The shower stall was quite spacious and accomodated all four of us. We lathered one another and the warm spray of water refreshed and clensed us. Paul restated his offer for us to live with him, It was no idle comment spoken in the throes of sexual delirium.”Yes,” I said.”Yes,” said Ty.”Yes,” said Yukio.

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