Uncle George, the Ensign


In the previous story, Uncle George, the Stud, I told of spending time with my favorite uncle and with the help of a bottle of bourbon to aid the conversation hear of his various exploits while on spring break on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Where that story left off was upon his graduation from Dartmouth and subsequent commissioning in the Navy. I had the good fortune of sharing yet another bottle of Wild Turkey with Uncle George when he told me of the beginning of his naval career. We sat there in his study each with a glass of bourbon: mine with ice, Uncle George’s neat.

After graduating from Officer Candidate School at Newport, RI, Uncle George had headed home in his dad’s Chrysler. Interstate 95 was in the planning stages but for the most part it was state toll roads and older U.S. routes all the way to his family’s home at Falls Church, Virginia. The story doesn’t get interesting until a week later when he had to get the train to Pensacola, his first duty station. At Washington’s Union Station he boarded the Atlantic Coast Line train, The Silver Meteor, heading to Jacksonville. While the Navy would only pay for a day coach ticket, George’s father, through a business connection with the railroad managed to get him a roomette. George, traveling in uniform, got to the station and boarded. Now this is where this gets interesting and I’ll let George tell it in his own words.

“I got on the train and a porter showed me to my roomette where my immediate reaction was there are larger phone booths. Still, it was better than the reclining seat in the coach section. About 10 minutes later I felt the train lurch to a start. Travel was slow until we cleared the yard limits of Union Station. As we picked up speed my thoughts turned to finding a drink in the lounge car.”

“This doesn’t sound too bad under the circumstances.”

“It wasn’t but the story gets better.”

“Let me guess, you met a woman?”

“Well, now that you mention it, yes. But not until over an hour later when she boarded at our stop at Quantico. She was a Marine lieutenant, tall and good looking. Let’s just say that she filled out her uniform nicely.”

“I’m already all ears.”

“Now hold on. Marine lieutenants outrank Navy ensigns so I had to be careful. Anyway, shortly thereafter I headed to the dining car. Most of the tables were occupied but one had a seat open. You won’t guess who had the other seat?”

“The lady Marine?”

“Yup. Betturkey So I asked her if that space was taken and she invited me to join her. We introduced ourselves and I learned that her name was Jill Kroger, that is like in Lieutenant Jill Kroger! After we ordered we got into the small talk of where we were from and what we were doing in the military. I explained that I was fresh out of OCS, an engineer and assigned to the Seabees at Pensacola. She had been at Quantico for two years following graduation from Bentley College in Boston with a degree in accounting and was heading to the Marine Corps Repair Depot at Albany, Georgia where she was going to do an inventory audit. With different destinations we were both going to change trains at Jacksonville.”

“So you two were hitting it off.”

“We were. She had a great sense of humor and an even nicer smile. She was a real looker and just a pleasure to be with. I made a comment about the train being so nice and modern. She agreed, but said that she only had a seat in coach and wasn’t looking forward to not getting any sleep. That’s when I told her that I had a roomette. She said she had never been on a long-distance train before and wondered what they were like.”

“I think I know where this might be going.”

“Well, just hold on. Remember I am an officer and a gentleman and she outranks me. But I agreed to show her the roomette. Now mind you, it is not huge, but still had a double bed which the porter had made up while I was at dinner. So she takes one look and tells me that it is apparent that I’m going to get a good night’s sleep. So I politely offered to let her join me, but emphasized that it was not a come on.”

“Yeah, right. And she accepted?”

“In a heartbeat. In no time at all she had retrieved her bag and was back at the roomette. Then I got the surprise of my life because she told me that while we were both enlisted in the naval service, that it would be a good idea if I learned more about invasions.”


“Yeah, you know that this is supposed to be a Marine Corps competency, or at least General Lejeune decided it was.”


“General Lejeune. He was Commandant of the Marine Corps before WWII. It doesn’t matter because she proceeded to take off her skirt and blouse. Now she was dressed in what they call a Class A uniform which was a dark green skirt and a tan blouse. Actually, it was darn Betturkey Giriş attractive.”

“So she was standing there in her underwear?”

“Yes, in other words a white brassiere and a white panty girdle to hold up her stockings.”

“A panty what?”

“A panty girdle because pantyhose had not been invented yet. So she unhooked her stockings and slipped them off and then peeled off the panty girdle meaning that she was down to her bra and panties. Those were anything but sexy, not like the bikinis and thongs that girls wear nowadays.”

“She’s doing all this as you just stood and watched?”

“That’s pretty much what it was. And let me tell you she had one wonderful pair of tits. That brassiere of hers had four hooks on the back and was an engineering marvel being able to hold up them so firmly. Eventually, that had to come off, too, and I got a good look at those marvelous mammaries of hers. Those really got my attention so to speak.”

“Sounds nice.”

“Nice? That doesn’t begin to describe them. They were damn near perfect. Big and round, but not grotesquely so. As I said earlier, she filled out that Marine uniform like nobody I had ever seen before, nor since now that I think of it.”

“So she wasn’t hesitating at all?” I asked refilling our glasses with more Wild Turkey in the hopes that Uncle George was going to get to the good points of his story.

“Hesitate? No, hardly. Those tits were just too much to contemplate so I soon had my face buried in her cleavage. Let me tell you it was really something having those nipples of hers above eye level. I thought that it was entirely possible for me to suffocate in there, but then again concluded that it would be a wonderful way to go. As long as I was paying that much attention to her titties it seemed only natural that I got to suck on them for a few minutes. You know, sort of like an appetizer for things that were likely to follow or at least I had hoped so.”

“Yes, I can visualize what was happening. With a certain amount of envy, I might add. So eventually your attention had to wander to elsewhere.”

“Well, yes, it in fact did, but the attention that I had paid to her titties had gotten her really excited and wanting more attention devoted to other places if you catch my drift here. When she worked her panties down off her hips and finally took them off I thought I was going to lose my mind. She had the most beautiful full bush of hair covering her lady parts that I had ever seen. Most of all it just beckoned to me.”

“Beckoned to you? How?”

“Pretty much like her cleavage. It just ached for me to bury my face there. So I did and you know what? All that public hair tickled my chin and my nose. That pussy smelled darn good too!”

“What did it smell like? I know what a natural pussy smells like, but it has to be clean.”

“Same thing. There were some women who would regularly douche and you could get a whiff of vinegar or maybe mint. No, not Jill. She was a squeeky clean girl, but her pussy smelled, well, like pussy.”

“I’m getting excited just thinking about it.”

“Yeah, so am I. Soon she had had enough and wanted to get back to that point about invasions. She was pretty hot and bothered so I rolled on a rubber and went to invade that tunnel that was behind the jungle.”

“That’s too funny. I never thought about it that way, but I’ve never been with a girl that had a full bush.”

“You should try it. Anyway, Jill moaned and groaned and was really good at thrusting her hips. Now having sex on a train is a bit different because that musical clickety-clack helps you keep time. It was the one and only time that I ever had sex on a train, but even now I can hear that sound and it gets me going.”

“So eventually . . “

“Yes, eventually we both climaxed and I had dutifully filled the rubber. I eventually withdrew and we both slept like babies that night only to awaken when the sun came shining through the window. We both got up, washed, and put our uniforms back on ready to head to the dining car for breakfast before the train rolled into Jacksonville.”

“Then what happened?”

“Can you believe that we both reassumed our military bearing? Despite the activities in my roomette the previous night we both now were very formal and I would only address her as ‘ma’am.’ The train pulled into Jacksonville pretty much on time, we got off, found our connecting trains and went our separate ways. Three hours later I arrived at Pensacola and another chapter of my life was to start.”

“Weren’t you sorry that she wasn’t heading to Pensacola?”

“Yes and no. There was no telling where things might have wound up, but just as well that we weren’t on the same base with the possibility of running into one another. Besides every time that I would have seen her, I would have been obliged to salute her as senior officer. Just the same even today whenever I see a female Marine those memories of the finest set of tits that I have ever laid eyes on come back to me.”

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