Unexpected Wedding Night


I was plowing through the snow towards the cabin in front of me. Unexpectedly being stuck in this snow storm with temperatures dropping fast, that place was my only hope of some protection from the cold.On my way back home from a neighboring city, I ignored the weather warning partly because I couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel And partly because I just wanted to be home. But halfway through the long forest road, disaster struck, my front wheels locked up in a corner and my car went straight into a ditch. At that time it had already been snowing heavily as I didn’t even see the ditch until I was in it. With my car stuck and no reception on my cell phone, I had no other choice than to leave the car and find help or a place to weather the snow storm.I had been walking along the main road for at least twenty minutes before I saw a faint shadow of a cabin not far from the road. Knowing that cabins in this part of the forest would usually be used during hunting season or during summer holiday, I was expecting it to be empty. But at least I could break in and find shelter. To my surprise, I saw lights emanating from one of the windows. Finally reaching the cabin, I knocked on the front door. Here’s hoping these people would react positively to a black man in the middle of the forest.A man opened the door. He was about a head shorter than me and I guessed in his late 20s, just like me. He was dressed in tuxedo pants and shirt. A little overdressed for cabin attire, I thought to myself.”Sorry istanbul travesti to bother you, but my car slid into the ditch. I was wondering if I can call for a tow truck.” I pleaded, rubbing my hands together as if it needed clarification that it was cold.”Come on in, come in,” the man said without hesitation, stepping aside. “Let’s get you warm first before we’ll see what we can do.”I stepped inside, quickly dispatching my boots before heading for the fireplace, holding my hands out towards the warmth.“Hi!” a female voice came from the chair to my right that I hadn’t even noticed.I turned my head and immediately felt the warmth return to my body as I took in the sight of the woman sitting in the chair. The perfect face, right out of a women catalogue was looking at me. She must have been mid-twenties I guessed as I observed her. Her blonde wavy hair was styled to perfection as she sat there. Her legs were hiked up sideways in a big armchair as a big white bathrobe was draped around her body.“Oh, I’m so sorry. How rude of me,” I said. I walked over to the woman and reached out my hand.“I’m Mike,”“Alice, nice to meet you,” the woman replied, stretching her arm to take my hand. But by doing so the loose bathrobe fell open, exposing the top half of her well-rounded breasts.“Nice… to meet you too,” I stammered. From my almost top down view of the sitting woman, I could see down her breast to her stomach and I could swear she wasn’t wearing any underwear. istanbul travesti I was glad I was still wearing my winter jacket, concealing the effect that this woman had on me.“This is Martin, my husband, she said” nodding in the direction of the front door.“Nice to meet you too,” I said, turning around to Martin, who had closed the front door and was standing there fiddling with his cell phone.“I will make you some tea. Please take off your jacket and sit down by the fire, you must be frozen till the bone.”Alice stood up and disappeared into the kitchen.I took off my jacket and sat down in the armchair, taking in the heat from the fire. Martin sat down on the couch opposite of me on the other side of the fireplace.“I don’t think we can do much at the moment. This cabin doesn’t have a phone and it looks like the normally weak signal on my cell phone is completely gone with this storm.”I looked at my own phone again, no signal. “Shit. Would it be possible to stay here for the night?”“I’m sure we can…”“Of course, you can sleep on the couch.”Alice interrupted her husband as she came back into the living room holding a tray with cups of tea and an unopened bottle of whiskey and glasses. She put the tray on the coffee table and handed me a cup of tea. Then she started to put some whiskey in the glasses.“It’s not how we planned our wedding night, but…”“Your wedding night?!” That explained the attire. I jumped up from the chair. “I’m sorry… I don’t want to interrupt istanbul travesti you, especially not on your wedding night.”“You already did and what kind of people you think we are if we’re going to leave you out in this cold? I don’t know but the next cabin could be an hour walk with good weather.”Alice held a glass of whiskey in her hand and handed it to me. “Drink this and sit down again.”I took the glass and downed it in one go. As I felt the warmth of the whiskey through my body, I figured I didn’t have any other option and at least the view was nice.“Okay then. So tell me about this wedding.”The next few hours I spend listening to Alice and Martin talking about their wedding that morning and all the events that lead up to their wedding. How they met, how Martin proposed, and so on.I nodded and asked some obvious questions now and then, but it all sounded really boring to me. High school sweethearts in a small village, destined to be together, in large part because of social pressure it seemed to me. I wondered if they even have had sex yet, or that this night would be THE night.I couldn’t help but steal glances at Alice. She was sitting on folded legs on the couch, with the bathrobe hanging down over her legs. One hand in her lap and the other holding her glass. She seemed to glow in the light of the fireplace. And as more glasses of whiskey got downed, I thought I saw her hand moving in her lap, rubbing against her crotch. I shook my head and closed my eyes, must have been the effect of the alcohol on my imagination.“We certainly gottt to work ooon that bottle o whiskeeey,” Martin said, speaking with a noticeable slur. I looked at the bottle, it was empty alright. Though I felt tipsy I couldn’t recall taking more than four glasses.“Letsss get another ooone.

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