Up on the Roof


Work was slow. After the umpteenth lap of the mall I decided to go hide. I grabbed my novel and a coffee, told dispatch that I’d be checking electrical rooms, and headed to the roof.

Luckily, it was Saturday so there wouldn’t be any HVAC guys around, I thought. There were one or two that I wouldn’t mind finding, but no one paid contractors overtime to fix a/c units on a 70* day. I resigned myself to solitude and sat down to read.

The novel was interesting enough, a story about an Englishman in WWI and his French amore. I flipped page after page, enjoying the sunshine, when all of a sudden the story got steamier than I expected. It was a simple paragraph about two people doing it against a wall; pretty straight forward, but it got me thinking…. I put my book down, leaned back, closed my eyes, and lost myself in a fantasy.

Usually I can enjoy a five-minute fantasy and go cheerfully on my way, but today was different. The more I let my thoughts wander, the hotter and hotter I got. Finally, I knew I couldn’t go back inside without taking care of myself. I took a quick peek around to assure myself I enjoyed adequate privacy, and unhooked my belt. I slid my finger down to my clit and slowly between my lips. I was so turned on that my panties were thoroughly soaked and I knew I couldn’t wear them back inside. I took another quick peek around the roof and pulled off my pants.

Before I slid my panties off, I had an idea. I took my handcuff case off my belt and started to rub myself through my panties with it. The sun nicely warmed the leather case, and I imagined that it was someone’s finger teasing me ataköy escort through the thin cotton. I pushed the edge of it hard against me and could feel how it pushed my panties between my soaking lips and against my by now electrified clit. The orgasm was building and I decided to let it happen rather than teasing myself. I was just starting to rock my hips when the sun went out. My eyes snapped open to see a man standing in front of me.

“Quite a little show you’ve been putting on for me,” he said. “Hope I stopped you in time.”

I was so shocked I had lost my voice. I could only look up at him, my mouth forming silent words.

“Cat got your tongue? Tell me – did you come or not?” I managed to squeak out a noise that could be construed as “No”.

“Good. Now here’s the story – I didn’t see anything up here as long as you do me a favor.” I had a feeling I knew what the favor would entail, but still could only nod mutely. “I’m gonna sit down right over here,” he continued, “and you’re gonna do exactly what I tell you to do.” He sat down just out of arm’s reach and rested his hand on the bulge in his pants. “First, you’re gonna take them panties off.”

He held my gaze as I slowly pulled my underwear off. “Toss ’em over here” he directed. I threw them over and he caught them. He unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock, and began to rub my panties all over it. “Now, let’s see. You got a flashlight on you?” I nodded, wishing I hadn’t decided to carry a 15″ Maglite this particular day. “Take out that flashlight, and show me how you suck cock.” Watching him rub his cock with my avcılar escort panties had gotten me into the game at this point, so I pulled out the flashlight and began to lick the tip of it.

“That’s it,” he encouraged me, “Rub your lips all over it. Now use your tongue – let me see what a good little cock-sucker you are.” Still holding his gaze, I began to lick the long black handle up and down using the tip of my tongue. Watching him watch me was making my pussy drip, so I slid my free hand down there. I had barely touched my slit when he told me to stop.

“Now that you’ve got that flashlight all wet, why don’t you just shove it up that wet little gash of yours?” he suggested. “Nice and slow, too. I want to see your lips all wrapped around it as you push it in.” He moved closed to me so his knees were almost touching mine. “Do it – fuck yourself for me. Do it NOW!”

His eyes fixed on my wet hole and I didn’t see him blink once as I slowly worked the handle up my pussy. When I had as much in as I could take, I started to slowly fuck myself with it. “That’s really nice,” he commented without looking away, “but why don’t you do it harder?” I started to fuck myself harder and harder, watching his eyes follow the handle in and out of me. He began to stroke his entire shaft for me, matching my thrusts with the flashlight. “You like fucking yourself for me, don’t you?” he asked. “I know you’re wishing it was me in there, fucking that wet slit of yours.” I pulled the flashlight out and moved closer to the hard cock, which was so tantalizingly out of reach. In one sudden motion, I was beylikdüzü escort pushed onto my back and his cock was inside of me. He put his hands under my ass to push himself all the way in and as he did, I came so hard I screamed.

As I came back to reality, I opened my eyes to see him kneeling in front of me. “Now it’s my turn, doll. You ready to suck the cum right out of my balls?” I nodded and started to crawl towards him but he stopped me with a wave of his hand. “Lay on your back again,” he directed. I rolled onto my back and to my puzzlement he picked up the flashlight. “You’ll want this in a minute” he laughed. Instead of kneeling over my chest facing me, he knelt over my face. He lowered himself just far enough that his balls tickled up against my lips. “Here’s the drill – you’re gonna use one hand to fuck yourself with that flashlight, the other hand to play with your tits, and you’re gonna take my load in your mouth. Got it?” My answer was to lightly draw my tongue back and forth across his balls.

I was so turned on I couldn’t concentrate on any sensation for more than a second at a time. My nipples were so sensitive that every time I pinched them I could feel an answering tingle in my pussy. As I worked the flashlight up my soaked cunt he pushed his cock between my lips and started to slowly fuck my mouth. As I would push in with the flashlight, he would push into my mouth and the feeling of having both filled at the same time was mind blowing. As soon as I felt the first hot salty burst of cum in my mouth I came too, grinding as hard as I could against the metal shaft inside of me.

My new friend reached behind him and grabbed my panties. “Least I can do is clean you up!” he told me, and gently rubbed my pussy dry. He stood over me, as I lay there half naked and panting. “Have a nice afternoon, babe,” he said as he pushed my panties into his pocket and headed for the roof hatch.

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