Upon Reflection, Ch. 03: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Alex Tanner

Author’s Note: This is a commission I’ve been working on recently from one of my readers. It explores a side of MC that I usually don’t write about, which made it a lot of fun to work on!

Upon Reflection

by Fidget

Chapter 3: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The following week, Maddie got the terrifying news from her mom that her younger sister, Kendal, had a few days off school, and would be coming to stay with her in her dorm. She tried to convince her mom that it would be a bad idea, but nothing she said made any difference, and it only resulted in her being called ungrateful. For some reason she hadn’t been able to bring herself to tell her mom the real reason she didn’t want her sister here, and before she knew it, her sister was on her way.

To be honest, the whole mirror situation wasn’t the only reason Maddie was hesitant to have her sister visit. Maddie loved her sister, but they were very different people, and rarely got along. Kendal was a perfectionist, and extremely concerned with tidiness, which had made her a nightmare to grow up with, She thought highly of herself, and made efforts to let everyone know just how refined and high class she was, though she had had the same upper middle-class upbringing as Maddie. She had even started imitating the Transatlantic accent from old movies in an attempt to sound more posh than her Nebraska upbringing would suggest. Even worse, she was a senior in high school, had just turned 18, and thought she knew everything. She had also recently come out to their parents as ace, which hadn’t surprised Maddie, since Kendal had never shown any interest in anyone other than herself, especially in a sexual way.

The day of both her sister’s visit and her next scheduled trip to Cassandra’s room inevitably arrived, and Maddie was ready for the delicate knock on her door when it came in the middle of the afternoon.

“Ah, hello Maddie dahling,” she said when Maddie opened the door.

Maddie rolled her eyes. “Hi Kendal.” Their mom said that the whole accent thing was just a phase, but Maddie wasn’t so certain, and as much as she hated to admit it, it actually kinda suited her.

They went to grab dinner in the cafeteria, with Kendal complaining about the quality of the food the entire time, before heading back to Maddie’s room to relax.

Eventually, however, eight o’clock drew near, and Maddie found herself getting up and beginning to make her way downstairs.

“Where are you going Maddie?”

“Don’t worry about it. Stay here,” she responded.

“No way, I’m going with you!” Kendal said, hopping up and following her big sister out the door.

Maddie was unable to stop herself from making her way to the basement, and unable to stop her sister from following her, so minutes later the two girls found themselves at the top of the final flight of stairs going down just as Nicole and Professor Streater arrived. The three regulars were dressed as they usually were, with Maddie showing off her toned legs under a pair of short shorts and a tight t-shirt, Nicole leaving nothing about her curvy body to the imagination with a tiny skirt, no underwear, and a tight maroon tank top with generous cleavage, and Professor Streater dressed professionally, if frumpily, in a brown pantsuit and frilly blouse. Kendal stuck out from the other three in her tasteful sundress that accented her slim body’s feminine curves without being overtly sexual.

“Who’s this?” Nicole taunted.

“My little sister. Leave her alone, Nicole.”

Nicole snorted in laughter. “You brought your little sister here?? You’re dumber than I thought!”

“Why on earth would you bring her with you?” the professor asked.

“I didn’t have a choice! I told her to stay in my dorm room, but she wouldn’t, and it’s not like I could just not come!” The other two nodded, understanding perfectly. At that moment, the clock struck eight, and the four of them carefully made their way down the stairs and walked through the large door at the bottom.

As they entered the hidden room in the basement for a third time, Cassandra’s eyes widened with surprise and delight at the sight of Kendal. “Well, who is this lovely young thing?”

“She’s my sister. Please leave her out of this, Cassandra – she hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“Maddie, you wound me. You know that nobody’s forced to do anything they don’t want to here. How old are you, my dear?”

“I just tuhned eighteen,” Kendal said, looking around the room in awe at the rich furnishings – this was just her style, and the huge, ornate mirror in the middle of the room was the perfect centerpiece. “I love what you’ve done down heah, especially that amazing mirrah. It’s all very classic.”

“Why thank you child. You should go have a look in it – it really ties the room together,” Cassandra responded enticingly, winking at Maddie and the others.

“Ok!” Kendal gushed in youthful excitement, before skipping over to the mirror and looking into its polished surface before Maddie could stop her.

“No!” Maddie yelled, running over to grab her sister and try to pull her out from in front of the mirror, but she was too late. Kendal’s mouth was already slack as she stared with dull eyes into her reflection, unable to look away, and no matter how hard Maddie pulled, she wouldn’t budge. Maddie knew that her sister’s personality was currently being overwritten by the mirror, and that there was nothing she could do, so she briefly glanced into the mirror herself to try to get an idea of who her sister would become. She was utterly shocked by her sister’s nearly unrecognizable reflection, before her gaze was pulled over to the familiar angry stare of Madison, and she began to care less and less about what happened to her sister, and more and more about getting some alone time with her petite, submissive girlfriend, or any other girl that happened to be nearby at the time.

Kendal was confused – she felt compelled to continue looking at the mirror, but the longer she stared, the further her thoughts drifted. And her reflection didn’t look anything like her! The woman staring out of the mirror was much older than she was, first of all, with strong freckles and a deep farmer’s tan complementing the crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes from long days out in the sun, but that couldn’t be right, since Kendal was proud of her clear skin and avoided the sun to keep it healthy. Furthermore, this woman was much larger than she was, with a protruding belly, and mature breasts swollen by years of use both by her lovers and by her children, poorly covered by the loose overalls she was wearing. She still looked a bit like Kendal though, to the extent that Kendal might have thought the reflection was her mother’s, if not for the obvious blue collar roots and uncharacteristic plumpness.

As Kendal stared with discomfort into the laid-back eyes of the freckled, pudgy face in the mirror, however, she began to be a bit jealous of her double’s easygoing manner, and realized that she really didn’t have to be so prim and proper all the time. She tried to hide it, but she was a country girl at heart, and there was nothing wrong with that. She saw how ridiculous her affected accent was, and resolved to fully lean into her rural, country twang instead. From now on she’d be true to herself. There was just no reason to be so uptight all the time; most things would work themselves out if you gave them a chance to, and those that wouldn’t usually weren’t worth the effort anyhow.

Feeling better about her new, carefree outlook on life, Kendal’s attention was drawn back to her reflection’s appearance. She realized that her initial impression had been too harsh – this was the body of a strong woman who accepted and loved herself for who she was, and didn’t feel the need to put on airs to impress others. Kendal was again struck by the simple wisdom of this realization, and was glad she had adopted that outlook at such a young age. She accepted that her own belly, swollen tits, and wrinkles were the sign of a life well lived, and of a person who knew how to enjoy their body. Speaking of which, she realized that her initial disinterest in sex had stemmed from her mistaken belief that she was above her peers, and was too good for the pleasure that Escort they could bring her. Looking at her reflection’s well-worn body, which was feeling more and more familiar to her, however, she saw all of the pleasure an ignorant young girl could easily cheat herself out of by thinking too highly of herself. In her many years of experience, Kendal had quickly learned that letting others do stuff to her body felt good, so she’d let as many people as possible do so as often as possible, male or female, young or old.

Kendal’s eyes drifted over to her sister, who was apparently looking into the mirror with her, and she felt her mind grow fuzzy again as the details of their relationship somehow began to grow… clouded. Maddie had always been relatively nice to her, but they had never had much in common, and she had always felt like Maddie had never taken her seriously, or deferred to Kendal’s age and wisdom. It was time she started showed Kendal the respect she deserved. After all, Kendal had carried the ungrateful brat for 9 months and given birth to her, hadn’t she? She remembered how easy her pregnancy had been, and how natural it had felt. She also remembered how natural the night of pleasure with a random stranger had felt that had given her Maddie in the first place. He had been a city boy who had thought her country accent was sexy, and apparently thought her country body was even sexier, since he had eagerly deposited load after load into her fertile, unprotected pussy before heading back to the city, never to be heard from again.

Kendal hadn’t minded though. She liked being a woman, and feeling her body swell with life had been part of that experience. She rubbed her small hands up and down the soft fabric of the sundress covering her slim, virginal, 18 year old body as she looked at her buxom figure in the mirror, remembering how her mature body had stayed swollen, soft and jiggly after that first pregnancy, her nipples and areolas visible large and dark under the thin straps of her overalls. The men had liked her mom bod, and the women had too, she thought wistfully, licking her lips at the memory of the pleasure the tongues of all of her curvy, feminine lovers had brought to her sensitive body over the years. She had felt proud when Madison had come out to her as a lesbian, both because of the trust that Madison had showed in her as a mother, and because they could bond over their mutual taste in pussy. The fact that it meant more dick for Kendal as well was just a bonus.

In the meantime, Madison was so obsessed with her own thoughts of getting laid that she didn’t even notice as her younger sister became her mother. When she finally looked over and met her mom’s wrinkled gaze in the mirror, she remembered all of the sexy stories – and women – they had shared over the years. Madison rolled her eyes at the sight of her mom wearing nothing but a pair of overalls; she wasn’t surprised, since she knew how much of a slut her mom was, which was why Madison had never known her father. Not that any of this bothered her, of course. It was none of her business, and hell, her mom was probably where she’d gotten her own love of polyamory from. It was definitely where she’d learned to lick a pussy properly.

As the two were (re-)discovering themselves, Cassandra glanced down at her hand mirror to see what the exact nature of the changes were.

Kendal Lancaster







Kendal Lancaster and Madison Lancaster


Cassandra lowered the mirror practically quaking with arousal. The sisters’ newly discovered relationship with each other, and their shared extreme sexuality, was almost more than she could stand. She was so incredibly tempted to break her one rule, and insert herself into the sexual hijinks that were sure to ensue with these two in the room.

Madison was finally able to look away from her mother’s gaze in the mirror, and, remembering the first few times she had come to in this strange room, immediately looked down at her clothes. This time she was prepared for the mild dysphoria she felt seeing the casual cheerleader/sorority girl outfit she once again found herself in, and even pulled the shorts up a bit and tied up her tshirt to show off her tight ass and toned abs more clearly, while she looked around the room to take stock of her current situation.

Kendal was discovering her own odd clothing, tugging on the small sundress that fit her petite body like a glove as though it were uncomfortably tight across her bust and hips. Once she had it situated over her belly as best she could, she pulled the chest straps of the dress down and to the sides a bit to show off more of her massive cleavage, not realizing that she had fully revealed her slim figure’s small breasts and pert nipples in the process.

“Madison, look at this here dress I’m wearin’! It looks right purty!” she said, eager to show off to her daughter. The small sundress was something she might have worn decades ago, and seeing herself in a pretty number like this again was bringing back a strong dose of sexually-charged nostalgia.

“Mom, how on earth did you manage to pour yourself into that tiny thing?” Madison asked. “You look like a tramp!”

As Kendal continued to check herself out, Madison looked across the room and noticed Nicole for the first time.

“Nikki! What on earth happened to you? You look so odd, like you’ve put on about forty pounds, and in all of the right places too! Get over here bitch, and let me get my hands on that sexy body!”

Nicole remembered how much she had wanted just this to happen, for Maddie’s sexy alter-ego to come on to her like this, but the bizarre experience she had had last week with the altered Professor Streater, combined with the odd way this new Maddie had called her sister “Mom” and her “Nikki”, had Nicole a bit weirded out at the whole thing.

“No thanks, I think I’ll just stay over here with the professor today,” Nicole said, drawing back a few steps, almost defensively.

Confused and, surprisingly, even a bit hurt, Madison turned to her mother to explain the situation. “Mom, this is my girlfriend Nikki that I was telling you about, but she’s acting really weird. Last time I was here, I heard them saying that the mirror changes you – I think they made Nikki look in that mirror, and she changed into this weird girl. If we can make her look in the mirror again, she may change back!”

“Awright then, let’s go git her!” Kendal stomped over to where the usually confident Nicole was practically cringing in fear, grabbed her by the arm, and started yanking her over toward the mirror.

“What are you doing, you crazy bitch! Let me go!” Nicole yelled as the small teenage girl’s surprising strength overpowered her and she felt herself being pulled closer and closer to the mirror’s calm surface, full of dangerous potential.

“Y’all need to come with me now, and look in this here mirror!” Kendal finished dragging the much larger Nicole over to the mirror, and held her steady while Madison opened her eyes and forced her to look at her meek, petite reflection. Immediately Nicole felt the fight go out of her, and began to feel more and more comfortable with the sensation of being firmly held in another woman’s powerful arms as her desire for the fairer sex flared back up, and she began to hope the strong woman holding her in place might take advantage of her in her weakened state. Kendal was looking into the mirror as well to ensure that whatever was supposed to happen to Nikki happened, but once the busty girl in her arms stopped resisting, she felt her own eyes drawn to the girl in the mirror, and was surprised at the petite vixen she found reflected there.

Madison looked into the mirror as well, just in case that would help Nikki find herself, but her girlfriend and her mom had already locked eyes with each other, and Madison had no choice but to wait passively, frozen in place, as her lover and mother became more and more familiar with each other. As Madison’s mind calmy accepted the new sexual relationship between Escort Bayan her mom and her girlfriend, Kendal’s tight grip on Nikki’s arms loosened slightly, and she began to slide her hands up and down the familiar curves of what she now saw as her own petite little lover, in addition to being her daughter’s girlfriend. Nikki’s squirming had long since stopped being about escape, and was now due her increasing arousal at the hands of her girlfriend’s eager and experienced mother.

Cassandra watched the busty goth’s large tits jiggle as Maddie’s tiny sister manhandled them, and slowly came up behind the three women and looked into the mirror with them, unable to hold herself back anymore. She smiled through her spectacles at her complete lack of a reflection, and admired the differences between the three women and their doubles as she brought up her hand mirror once more to see the changes.

Kendal Lancaster and Nicole Anderson


When the three girls were finally released from the mirror’s grasp, Kendal found herself free to explore her young companion further. When she slid her hand under Nikki’s short skirt and found her naked pussy waiting, already wet with arousal, she felt herself flush with excitement.

“Little Nikki, wearing a short skirt and no undergarments? That’s not like y’all at all!” she whispered intensely into the girl’s ear, feeling the girl shiver at her hot breath.

“Mrs. Lancaster, we can’t do this anymore! Madison is my girlfriend, and it feels wrong to have… relations… with her mother so often,” Nikki said. Tellingly, however, she made no effort to extricate herself from her mature lover’s embrace, and in fact sank into it even further as the older woman nibbled her earlobe, sending embarrassed tingles up and down her spine. When she realized that she had somehow forgotten to wear panties once again, she blushed with shame at her own wantonness even as she softly thrust herself down onto Kendal’s hand, unable to resist her own carnal urges as the practiced fingers teased apart the her slick labia and slowly made their way into her uncovered depths. Nikki justified her promiscuous behavior with the clear enjoyment Mrs. Lancaster was getting from taking advantage of her, and knew that Madison was well aware of how strong her submissive urge to please others was, especially with her body.

Madison just laughed, filling Nikki with a healthy dose of relief, embarrassment, and arousal. “It’s ok, bitch. I fuck other women all the time, and I know you can’t resist the affections of an assertive woman. And it’s not like I didn’t know what you two have been doing – I’ve been enjoying myself watching you for months!”

As Madison joined what she saw as her milfy mother and petite, submissive lover in their tryst, Cassandra made her way back over to where Professor Streater was standing in the corner with her face to the wall.

“Hello Professor. You don’t want to join the activities today?”

“Absolutely not. I have no desire to replace my personality with some one else’s. Last week was an accident, and it won’t happen again,” the professor said resolutely, still refusing to face her captor.

“But you had so much fun last week! We all did! And you remember what it felt like to look in the mirror – it’ll be nice, like a dream,” Cassandra wheedled.

“But I can’t even remember what I did!” the professor yelled.

“That just means that whatever happened isn’t your fault, and that you’re not responsible for those actions. And look how much fun the others are having!”

The professor glanced over toward the center of the room, not realizing that Cassandra had turned the mirror to face her before coming over. She was momentarily surprised by the erect cock pressing against the tight gym shorts of the muscular young man facing her back out of the mirror, clearly visible even across the room, but even as she realized how she had been duped, she felt a surge of pride at how big that cock was as a familiar sensation of intoxicating strength and virility began to flow through her. She had to admit, Cassandra was right about how good it felt to feel so young and, well, sexual. She found herself walking over to the mirror to see his body better, flexing as he went, as he once again felt himself filling with an intense, testosterone-fueled desire to sink his sensitive cock into a tight, receptive little pussy. He hadn’t really thought past that point, about how that pussy would probably soon have him spurting inside of it. Intellectually he knew the risks what could happen if he wasn’t careful, of course, but the instinct was too strong for him to resist, and he was entirely too young to worry about things like consequences.

Once he stopped admiring his muscles and straining cock in the mirror, Alex looked down in dismay to once again find that he was wearing a frumpy women’s business suit. Remembering how well things had gone for him last time he found himself in this predicament, however, he decided to strip to his boxers, leaving Cassandra to enjoy the view as the petite professor practically ripped off her own clothes, her cute little tits bouncing appealingly with the exertion of getting herself out of her offensive garments. Once she was wearing nothing but boy shorts that she pulled tight to clearly outline her plump cameltoe, Cassandra watched her look around the room hungrily, her eyes settling on the three cute coeds making their way toward the bed in the center of the room.

Alex recognized the hot curvy slut that he’d emptied his cock into last week, as well as what had seemed to be her girlfriend after she got all weird, but there was a new girl this time, and she was quite the piece of eye candy. She was in the process of stripping off a sundress, revealing a petite body that had an inviting softness to it, as opposed to the leggy, more muscular petite girl beside her. Looking at their nubile young bodies in a clear state of arousal was more than Alex could stand, so he began to make his way over, stripping off his boxers along the way, unable to resist his eager cock’s instinctual desire to slide itself into the new girl’s soft little pussy.

Kendal looked over at the cute little mid-30s woman making her way over to the bed, stark naked, titties shaking as she proudly strode her way over. “Mind if I join?” the woman asked confidently, as she absentmindedly strapped a dildo onto herself and began stroking it.

“Come on then! The more the merrier!” Kendal said, almost taken aback by the other woman’s surprising assertiveness, but, eager for a new experience, she allowed Madison to take over for her in the important task of roughly driving petite little Nikki to orgasm. Kendal bent herself over the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide to allow the large dildo full access to the ready pussy dripping with anticipation between her large, cushiony asscheeks, framed by her wide birthin’ hips and thick thighs.

Alex couldn’t believe his luck. Just the girl he’d had his eye on had practically thrown herself at him, just like last time, and he wasted no time in positioning himself behind her, rubbing his hands over her petite, creamy young thighs and tight, firm ass, before grabbing on to her narrow hips and sliding his dick inch by exhilarating inch into her tight, wet canal. He finally bottomed out, feeling his dick jerk with pleasure and satisfaction, before withdrawing and setting up a nice rhythm inside this new young slut.

As Kendal enjoyed the familiar sensation of being pleasantly fucked by a dildo strapped to a hot woman, she suddenly remembered something. “Ah almost forgot; ah think you’re s’posed to look in the mirror before you fuck. It’s a rule or sumthin’.”

“Whatever,” Alex said, willing to do literally anything to stay inside this fresh young pussy as he felt the familiar tightening sensation just beginning within his balls. As the two of them looked into the mirror though, Alex was surprised to discover that what he’d thought was a cute little co-ed was actually a mature, curvy milf. He continued to pump himself in and out of her, of course – fucking his stepmom was one of his favorite pastimes – but he’d had her so many times that he was starting to crave someone fresher and younger. Bayan Escort Even so, he could definitely see what his dad had seen in her before he passed – the woman was insatiable, and the pussy was like a vacuum. He could usually only stand a few strokes inside his experienced stepmom once she decided to start milking him before he shot himself off like a geyser inside of her.

Kendal, for her part, was focused on the reflection of the hard dick hanging off this young stud, her second husband’s son from a previous marriage, as it pistoned in and out of her in building need. She decided she’d let him think he was lasting a little longer this time before tightening her muscles and driving him over the edge, which would send him spurting deep into her cunt, as usual. She was glad they weren’t actually related, especially with how often they fucked and how casual she was with her birth control. She grinned evilly at Alex’s hot, young reflection in the mirror, tightened herself around him, and he moaned in surprise and pleasure as he found himself cumming inside his sexy stepmom yet again.

Madison and Nikki looked up at the commotion, met Alex’s eyes in the mirror, and sighed passively as their reserved former professor became a young, insatiably horny male member of their family. Madison briefly thought about how gross it was for her step-brother to be fucking her mom again. If she wasn’t more careful, she was gonna get knocked up again. Oh well, it was none of her business, and Nikki’s tongue was so distracting…

Cassandra walked over to the orgy on the bed and looked down at her mirror to see the final round of changes.

Alexis Streater and Kendal Lancaster


Madison Lancaster and Alexis Streater


Cassandra’s knees went weak at the sight of all of these women thinking they were related fucking each other, and she staggered against the bed as her arousal got the better of her. At that exact moment, however, Alex’s passionate flailing as he came inside his stepmom got a little too wild, and his elbow slammed into Cassandra’s cheek, knocking off her spectacles.

She bent down to pick them up and was glancing around to regain her balance when she suddenly realized that she was looking fully into the mirror, completely unprotected. Taken aback by what she saw, she instinctively tried to look away, but a childlike curiosity suddenly overcame her, and she realized that she wanted to look for just a few more seconds, to see what her reflection looked like more closely. It was already too late, of course, and she was long past the point of being able to avert her gaze.

The full weight of what she had accidentally done began to sink in, even as her precious control slipped away from her. She had thought of herself as a strong person, clever, with an unbreakable will, but now she realized just how fragile her own personality and reality were as they began to crumble around her. For so long she had believed that she was the one in charge, that she controlled the mirror, but now she knew that she was just as susceptible to its power – the mirror was the one in charge here, and she had merely been its pawn. Her hand unclasped, and her small hand mirror fell to the floor and shattered.

Cassandra had always been obsessed with control, but now that she was being forced to give it up, she felt so unburdened and carefree, as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, leaving her light and free to enjoy life. As she continued to stare into her reflection, she saw the excitement in her double’s gaze, and thought that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Her reflection’s eyes stared out at hers, wide with innocence and wonder, and Cassie couldn’t help but be infected by that intense curiosity, letting out a giddy giggle at her reflection, at the simple bimbo that stared back out at her.

Cassie looked around the mirror’s reflection and saw other people there as well! She gave them an empty grin as her eyes were drawn to each of theirs in turn, vaguely aware of the fact that some part of her was changing subtly as she did so.

The others had all glanced over at the sound of Alex banging into Cassandra and her glasses falling to the floor, and they were all quickly trapped in the mirror together as each of them learned their new relationship with the new Cassie.

Alex was briefly confused by the sight of the curvaceous girl in the mirror beside him, but then a fraternal protectiveness began growing within him, but that didn’t at all decrease his desire to bang his sexy, empty-headed stepsister, and once he was freed from the mirror’s grasp it took him practically no time to persuade her to join them on the bed so they could continue their family activities.

Meanwhile, Madison and Nikki each stared into the bimbo’s eyes for a few seconds before sharing a knowing, longsuffering look at Madison’s slutty antics, before getting back to the much more important task of giving each other a seemingly endless series of orgasms.

Kendal grinned as she watched her sexy stepson playing with her other daughter. She remembered the night little Cassie had been conceived: she had warned her beau of the week that it wasn’t safe, but then had given his sensitive cock one of her patented pussy massages anyway, knowing full well that the horny stud wouldn’t be able to resist. Well, not only had he not pulled out – that rascal had sunk himself up to the hilt and started spurting balls deep. The thick cum from his virile young body had been more than her fertile pussy could handle, and he had plumb knocked her up. There hadn’t been another accident since little Cassie, but with the insatiable Alex riding her bareback as often as he did and continually cumming in her unprotected pussy, it was just a matter of time before their little family grew even larger. Looking over at the clock on the wall, however, she noticed that it was way past time to go home. “Awright y’all, it’s time to head ’em up and move ’em out!”

Everyone let out a collective groan of disappointment, but as easygoing as Mrs. Lancaster was, she was anal when it came to getting a good night’s sleep, and so everyone began to slowly dress and make their way over toward the door.

“I don’t know why I’m always wearing some old woman’s clothes when I’m in here!” Alex yelled in disgust as he put on the blouse and pantsuit so as not to be indecent when they got outside.

“At least you’re not wearing slutty clothes like I am,” Nikki commented quietly, and in turn, each of the others complained about their clothes as well. All with the exception of simple-minded Cassie, who absolutely loved the green gown she had found herself in.

As they approached the door, words crawled across the broken shards of the hand mirror back over by the bed, completely unnoticed by the happy family.

Cassandra Morgana





Madison Lancaster, Kendal Lancaster, Nicole Anderson, Alexis Streater, and Cassandra Morgana


“This place is so neat – I can’t wait to come back here tomorrow!” the usually apathetic Madison said excitedly.

“I know!” Nikki said. “It was so much fun!”

Everyone echoed their sentiments, but when they finally got over to the door, it didn’t seem to want to open.

“Y’all, how do we get outta here?”

“Gotta, like, look in the mirror!” Cassie said knowledgeably. She looked up at the mirror, felt her eyes unfocus briefly, and giggled as the door swung open.

The others looked into the mirror in turn, before the happy family ventured out of the basement together, suddenly aware that they never wanted to come back to this place again.

Meanwhile, back in Cassandra’s room, the mirror stood alone on its pedestal, patiently waiting to assist the next person in need of some self-reflection.

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