Vacation time: part 4 of Past The Point of Pain

Aletta Ocean

Past The Point of Pain: Part 4: Vacation Time

It is vacation time for Master and I and we always go to a cabin we timeshare with several other lifestyle couples, so a yearly schedule is planned out in advance for extended vacation times and the occasional weekends and holidays, once a year several if not all of the couples sharing ownership of the property have a get together for an extended weekend. For the next month and a half it is ours to go and relax and enjoy the surrounding woods, private pool and hot tub.

The cabin sits nestled in amongst a group of trees, on a private piece of property that is gated and fenced, we have 30 total acres to roam around, explore and the best part is the ability to play outdoors in total security. There is a small historical town nearby where we can go to shop for supplies or have dinner out, go shopping or just enjoy the small town atmosphere.

When the land was bought the other couples and we pooled our funds together and then we each helped to design the 4-bedroom cabin and it’s splendid amenities. Since we are all lifestyle couples we were all in agreement to adding one of the nicest playrooms or as some call it, a dungeon room. Each couple of course brings their own personal floggers and other toys but items such as rings in the walls and ceiling for suspension use, a St. Andrews cross, and various other bondage furniture are permanent features.

I started packing for the trip several days in advance and on the night before we are to leave Master helps to load our SUV before going to bed and then we awake early, making sure we have the house secured and all appliances unplugged, mail stopped and the newspaper on hold, we go down the check list and then head out for a wonderfully decadent six weeks.

Usually we stop and have a delicious breakfast in the restaurant of this little rustic Inn located in another small town we pass through on our way to the cabin. We spend an hour or so walking along the quaint little streets and we do a little shopping at a few of the tiny shops where we purchase a few homemade goods such as jams and jellies, bread and other delicious little treats, and once Master bought me the prettiest vintage tablecloth I have ever seen, it is white linen with hand crotched lace and embroidered with small delicate pink and yellow roses. We don’t really rush because we know its vacation time, but yet we also don’t spend too much time because we are usually pretty anxious to get there unpack and relax.

Once we arrive to the cabin we unload the car and unpack the clothing and supplies we brought with us, Master always handles the packing and unpacking of any and all toys and equipment He has chosen and puts it away in the playroom. I would love to help with this of course, but sometimes He likes to purchase or make something new for us that He likes to surprise me with, so He’s rule is He handles that part of the work. So while I am unpacking and putting away food supplies in the kitchen He unpacks and puts away the toys and equipment He chose for our vacation.

By the time we have each finished our unpacking chores it is around one o’clock in the afternoon. We have lunch and then we strip and dive into the pool for a nice swim. The care of the pool will now be our responsibility and the couple that was hired to care for it and who gets the cabin ready before we or one of the other couples arrive will no longer be coming out, this is to insure the privacy of whoever’s turn it is to stay there.

When Master and I first started having vacations or long weekends away here, it was hard for me to get used to walking around nude all day, I was never one that was very comfortable with my body, but Master sometimes insists that I remain naked and ready on certain days. At first, I cried and felt ashamed to walk around like that, always wanting to cover myself with anything, including my own hands. It got so bad once that Master had to sit me down to talk, and after a long day of exploring my past we finally got to the root of the problem.

The problem isn’t a new one and many people deal with the same issue, it is age-old, the one of upbringing from a parent who makes one ashamed of their own body. But for me it was a double issue, it was not just my mother who made me feel self-conscience it was also my ex-husband who had berated me for years. I do much better now with remaining nude but I still have some days where I struggle a little, however, Master knows how to handle that though, and does so quite efficiently. This cabin and the times Master and I have spent here means so much to me, not because of some of the scenes we have shared here, but for the times such as this, time where we worked on issues that was holding me back from being all He wants for me to be.

Our first day at the cabin was well under way, everything was put away, lunch had been eaten and cleaned up, now our clothes laid in a pile and we were relaxing nude in the sun with droplet’s of water still Escort dancing on our skin from our swim. The sun felt warm and we were both already becoming so relaxed that I noticed we were breathing easier; the magic of the cabin had begun.

“Pet.” Master broke the silence of the country air.

“Yes, Sir?”

“I think we better go inside soon or we will be burnt to a crisp or at the very least, put on some sunscreen.”

I smiled and agreed, “Would You like a cold beer or soda?”

We both started to stand, Master bent down and picked up our discarded clothing and said, “Yes, love, a cold soda sounds really good. Why don’t you go fix us each one and then meet Me back here, I’ll go get the sunscreen so we don’t burn.”

In the kitchen I got out two tall glasses filled them with ice and soda, placed them on a tray, carried it out to the deck but Master had not returned yet with the sunscreen. I stepped back into the doorway and just as I was about to call out to Him and ask if He needed helped, He rounded the corner, paused and smiled at me.

“Be there in sec hun, I want to get My book, want Me to get yours too?”

I smiled, mmm reading in the sun, that sounded so nice, “Yes, please, thank You.”

I turned back to the deck, and sat down in the lounge chair and took a sip of the cold soda. A few minutes later Master walked out onto the deck looking down at me and smiling.

“Changed My mind about reading pet, instead I think you and I need sunscreen, and you need these.”

Bringing my hand up to help shield my eyes from the sun I looked up to see what he was holding. In Master’s hand dangled a set of nipple clamps connected by a chain, I almost moaned a loud and He saw the look of disappointment on my face.

“Stop it pet, these are not as harsh as the one set, and I want to see those little pink hard nipples throbbing and pinched for Me.”

I sighed and sat up so He could put them on. The harsher set He was referring to is a set of cloverleaf clamps, a set I have never been able to tolerate. This new set looked much like sets of tweezers and they had a bead that slid up and down to adjust just how tight to make them.

Master was grinning as He squatted down in front of me and bent His head towards my left nipple and sucked it into His mouth, I moaned as I felt Him flick His tongue across the hardening bud, and then with His teeth pulled slightly outward and then let it go, over and over, He nibbled, sucked, pulled and let go, and then rolled His tongue around it. The nipple was so hard when He moved His face away and it almost glowed red with the blood He had sucked to the surface. He took the nipple between His finger and thumb and pulled it out to slip the clamp on, our eyes locked together as He slid the bead to tighten it. Once I felt it begin to tighten, I closed my eyes and started to bite my lip, a habit He constantly corrects me on.

“Pet?” He said more than questioned, hearing my name He calls me was a subtle reminder, for me to stop biting my lip.

He moved to the other nipple, again He sucked and teased, and pulled till it too glowed and throbbed and He slipped the other clamp around the hardened nipple and tightened it till I moaned all over again.

“Now, don’t they look so pretty?” He said and picked up His soda and took a long drink. When He had half of it gone He reached in with two fingers and picked out an ice cube.

“Sit back in your chair, pet.”

I put my feet back up on the lounge chair and leaned my head back against the back of it. Master sat on the edge of the chair and held the ice cube clenched in His hand and over the left nipple about 3 inches. Slowly it began to melt and one drip at a time it fell and each slow agonizing drop hit it’s mark and made me moan. He went from one nipple to the other until the ice was completely melted, but not once did the ice cube ever come into direct contact with my skin. Not only had Master found a set of clamps that I could tolerate, but He also found a way to include a form of ice play that didn’t make me scream and use my safe word.

Small trails of water traveled down and over each breast and over my sides. My nipples were so hard they ached and throbbed and I wanted to cry and beg for them to be released from the tight grip of the clamps. I felt the wetness between my legs and I so wanted to feel my Master’s cock.

I looked into His eyes and His were gleaming, He bent His head as He had before and took one clamped nipple into His mouth. He flicked His tongue over it and then sucked hard, His hand came up and released it from the clamp as He rolled His tongue over it and then sucked hard one more time before moving to the other nipple to do the same.

Master sat back and we stared at each other, no words were spoken, He just simply stood up held out His hand for me to take and we walked into the cabin and into our room where we made love the rest for of the afternoon.

Master and I had made love all Escort Bayan afternoon and fell asleep in each other’s arms. When we awoke it was early evening and we were both starving. We got up and without bothering to dress fixed a lite dinner together. We ate and I did the dishes while Master got the hot tub turned on and it was bubbling away when I stepped outside holding two glasses of wine. Master was already in the tub and I handed Him one of the wine glasses and got in beside Him. I was all nestled with His arm around me when He asked me how had I liked the clamps and how was my nipples tonight, were they sore or not? He sat His glass aside on the deck and began to play with one of the nipples He was now asking about.

I softly moaned as He gently rolled it between His thumb and finger. The fact was it was a tad bit sore but not enough to make me ask Him to stop.

“Mmmmm,I liked the clamps this time, these new ones are not as strong or as intense as the other ones were.”

“mm huh, but I thought My girl liked intense.”

“Yes, Sir I do, but I didn’t like that kind of intense.” I replied as I turned to look at Him and He leaned in to kiss me, all the while still playing gently with the same nipple.

The kiss was the kind that has all the passion of two lovers, the kind that young girls dream about in their teens, the kind that has the power to curl your toes several times over.

Finally the kiss ended and Master suggested we get out of the tub and get to bed so we could get up early and take a nice long walk in the woods to really welcome ourselves back to nature. I smiled knowing He meant we would walk till we found just the right spot to play among the trees.

When He stood and held out His hand for me to follow, I could see just how hard He was, we may be going to bed I thought to myself and smiled, but we aren’t sleeping just yet.

We turned out the lights and locked the door on our way to the bedroom. I handed Master a towel and we finished drying off from the tub and turned down the bedding and climbed in. I turned towards Him and laid my head against His chest while stroking His hard cock.

“Shall I do something about this for You?” I asked teasingly.

“Yes, I think you should do exactly that pet, but first if I allow you to pick how you would like to handle it, you must do something for Me first.”

I looked at Him kind of suspiciously because sometimes His bargains come at high prices.

Before I could ask what, Master opened His hand and let the clamps dangle in front of my face.

“Play with your nipples for me, love, make them nice and hard, and while you’re at it, I think you should use this too.” He opened the drawer to the nightstand and handed me on of our dildos. “Play for me.”

This was also something that took a while for me to get used, playing in front of Him. Having Him watch me touch myself during directed play. But I quickly learned that there were times when I really loved playing in front of Him, it was those times when He would stroke Himself at the same time and cum on my face or in my mouth or on some other area of my body. The only time I don’t like watching Master stroke Himself till He cums is when I am being punished and forbidden to touch, taste or feel Him. He sometimes will do that after a really hard spanking that leaves welts that hurt for days, or when He has used the crop or cane in a non-sensuous way. I think that’s about the worst punishment He has ever come up with, the one where I am not allowed to be submissive and serve Him. Granted many other punishments could and do deliver a lot more physical pain, but nothing speaks louder or hurts me more than being denied the privilege of serving Him.

I took the dildo Master was handing me and I began to rub it back and forth, my lips parted and I could feel how slick I was already, my clit throbbed and it made me moan each time the head of the toy brushed over the tip. My other hand rolled a nipple, making it hard.

Several minutes later both nipples were hard and aching, I watched as my Master moved to place the clamps on them as He had earlier in the day. He had one on and tightened it, I groaned from both pleasure and pain, as I was still a little tender from that afternoon.

Before He put the second clamp on He told me when I feel Him tighten it He wanted me to shove the dildo hard inside, He said His standards, which meant hard, deep and fast, one thrust, He wanted it to slam against my cervix.

He placed the clamp on the nipple and His fingers were on the bead, I knew this time He wouldn’t slowly slide the bead to tighten it, this time He would make it tight just as fast as He wanted that dildo to slam inside.

My breathing quickened as I waited, I continued to move the dildo along my wet slit, my clit so hard and sensitive, I shivered, I was already so near to cumming it wasn’t going to take much more to send me over the edge.

Master sensed just how close Bayan Escort I was, He smiled at me, I moaned one last time before I felt the bead tighten the clamp so fast and I shoved the dildo hard.

I almost screamed as I began to beg to cum. Master chuckled and reached down to pinch my clit hard and ordered me to cum to Him. Cumming so hard my hips arched upward off the bed.

“Fuck that cunt hard and keep cumming!” Master told me as He pinched and released my clit.
He let go of my clit and watched as I pumped the dildo hard and deep and kept cumming, His hand began to stroke His cock, I could see the Precum covering the tip. I began to shake, my hand was tired and it was really beginning to hurt to cum over and over like I was. I slowed down, I couldn’t help it, I was wanting Him not some toy.

Master suddenly stopped stroking Himself, “PET! Did I say to slow down or stop?”

“M-m-master,” I gasped as I began to beg to slow down.

“Please, please, let me slow down, it hurts to cum over and over and over without a break.” I cried.

“Get on all fours, NOW!”

I quickly moved forward till I was on my hands and knees, Master moved behind me, He was so hard and I knew, close to cumming. I felt the head of His hard cock at my ass. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, waiting to feel Him shove Himself hard into me.

His hand reach under me and grabbed the chain on the clamps, I felt Him tug hard as He rammed His cock deep inside my ass, cumming instantly as I screamed out.

I was crying so hard when He withdrew and rolled me over and told me to hold my legs open. I bent my knees upward and placed my hands around the outside of my legs and held my own legs to my chest, my wet pussy fully exposed to Him. My knees brushed and pressed hard against the my clamped nipples.

“Stay just like that slut, and don’t you dare move!” Master ordered me and then got up and went into the bathroom, I heard water running for a minute and then He walked back in still cleaning His cock with a washrag with one hand, and in His other carrying a crop.

He looked at me laying there, my legs held tight against my chest, my wet pussy on display and tears spilling from the corners of my eyes. He laid the crop against my mouth and told me to open, placing it between my lips as if it was a rose between the teeth of a Spanish dancer.

“Hold that for me, and don’t you dare lose it.”

Standing in front of me, looking at me for a second He raised His hand and then I felt Him slapping rapidly against my exposed wet cunt. I have no idea how many times I felt His strike and sting but I knew when He was done my pussy would be blood red and it would ache and sting.

Finally He stopped, but I wasn’t told I could put my legs down. Instead He began to lecture and humiliate me for not following instructions. I cried even harder. He took the crop from my mouth and began to quickly strike it back and forth on my inner thighs.

I felt the heat and stinging build and I knew without looking that my thighs would be covered in welts. He stopped and moved to the side and cropped the backs of both legs. By the time He stopped I was sobbing and begging Him to forgive me for not following instructions.

He laid the crop aside and I felt nothing for several minutes, I had been squeezing my eyes shut so I had no idea if He was still standing there or if He was about to continue anymore punishment. When I felt nothing, no touch no more pain being added, I slowly opened my eyes, Master still stood there between my widespread legs stroking Himself again as He had before. Tears still spilled from the corners of my eyes as I watched Him cum, I felt it landing on my red swollen pussy lips.

Once He was done cumming, I was told to put my legs down, they ached from being in the position they had been in, my nipples throbbed and begged to be released from the clamps. He reached for them and took them off quickly and without soothing them or me, I was told it was bedtime. He climbed in on the other side and turned out the light. I didn’t even bother to ask if I could go and clean up, I just crawled under the sheet, still covered in cum and feeling so incredibly empty.

We laid there for almost half an hour, then I felt His arms pulling me close, I moved to cuddle against Him, laying my head against His chest I softly cried. We stayed like that for a long time, Him letting me cry it out, and then He whispered.

“Pet, you need to learn more control and to follow instructions.”

I nodded my head against His chest and sniffled.

He moved me slightly as He turned and propped Himself upon an elbow. I felt Him kiss me, His hand softly trailed down over my stomach and to my legs. His cum still wet and sticky between my legs provided a nice soothing cream for Him to use to play with my sore pussy and clit. His fingers gently parting me and circling my clit, occasionally dipping two fingers inside and back out and up to the tip of my clit again until I shivered and was told to cum, a nice soft easy orgasm, basically to let me know it was all over, and He loved me, drifting to sleep with Master spooning me.

To be cont:

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