Vulva Envy


I woke up feeling dazed and confused. Where was I? What happened? I struggled to open my eyes, heavy with sleep, and slowly gazed around the room. This was not my room; everything was white. The walls, the tables, the medical equipment–medical equipment?! I started to get up, but I couldn’t move my arms. I tried lifting my legs, but they were also firmly held. I lifted my head and looked down where I lay, and saw that I was covered in a clean white sheet. I felt a dull pain between my legs, and noticed my chest looked bigger under the soft, white linen.

I struggled again to get up, and heard the echo of voices coming from the distance. It was an excited chatter, and as it drew closer, I recognized it as women’s voices.

“Where am I?” I said with a weak voice.

“She’s awake!” came the reply.

The door at the end of the room opened, followed by five young women dressed in white lab uniforms. They gathered around my table, and looked at me as if they somehow knew me.

“Please tell me where I am…” I said, my voice wavering.

“You’re in a new world that we think you’ll enjoy as you begin your new life.” said one of the women. Her voice was soft and caring, and I knew from her eyes that she meant it.

“You’ve undergone surgery, and have just woken up; you’ll feel better very soon.”

“What kind of surgery?” I asked.

“Gender reassignment surgery” came the reply. I was breathless. Suddenly all my questions seemed to disappear before the wonder and anticipation that flooded into me.

“Can I see?” I asked.

“Sure, but you need to take it easy–you’re still under the effects of general anesthesia. Remove the straps and cover,” said one of the otele gelen escort ladies, and the other four began to slowly pull back the sheet covering me.

I bit my lip and held my breath as the cover slid gently off my chest, revealing two beautiful breasts. I felt my heart beating fast as I gazed at how firm they were, capped with luscious erect pink nipples that were protruding proudly into the air. The sheet slid further down my body, past my belly button, and I gasped with pleasure at my now wide hips–the hip bones gently protruding.

“Greg, are you ready to embrace your dream?”

“YES!” I cried, and the sheet slid slowly down my waist, revealing the beautiful “V” that until now I had only been able to dream of. Tears of emotion began to flow from my eyes as I watched the sheet gently slide past my new mons veneris, parted with a slight dimple.

“Please release me” I said quietly, as though I were entering a silent sanctuary.

The women released the straps that held my legs and arms in place. Still a little dazed, but yet charged with adrenaline, I lifted my arms, and reached for my breasts. Starting with the base, I slowly caressed the firm and soft skin.

“This can’t be real!” I thought to myself. “I must be dreaming.”

I slid the fingers of each hand to touch the perky nipples which erectly displayed themselves. Oooh that felt good. The circling touch of my fingers sent a sensation between my legs; causing them to pull tightly together. I felt clean between my legs; no feeling of penis or scrotum, but instead a voluptuous feel of tight, moist flesh that felt wonderful. I reached between my legs as if in disbelief, türkmen escort and was wonderfully relieved to feel two gentle lips of skin, smooth and silky. I traced the slit down with my finger, and plunged it in as I felt the lips give way to flat, wet skin. I felt my finger come towards me, slowly parting my lips. I was moist, and could see my wetness spill out of my lips to each side, and flow down my thighs.

“I think she likes it.” said one of the ladies.

I let out a groan of delight as I felt my inner lips separated by my finger, and then stop as it caught my clitoris. A sweet feeling of bliss swept through my body as I felt muscles tighten in my thighs, and an intense pulsing deep between my legs. I moaned loudly and began to shake as my knees trembled.

“We need to check your new vaginal canal; can you lay on your back, please?” asked one of the attendants.

Still quivering with this new pleasure, I smiled, and laid back, spreading my legs slowly, in anticipation. The attendant reached under the table, and removed a long dildo. She gently covered it with wet lubricant, and then slowly moved toward me.

“You might feel a little pain,” she said, “but it’s only temporary.” She pointed the tip between my legs, and I felt the slick end gently part my new lips.

The gentle glide of the dildo filling me felt wonderful between my legs; this time with nothing to get in the way. I moaned, arcing my back and pushing my hips forward toward her, taking more of it inside me as my abdomen accepted the tight wetness and firm grip.

“Your vagina is 5 inches deep; do you feel any pain?” she asked.

“No” I moaned; my evi olan escort breathing heavy. “It feels wonderful!” I said, still overcome with emotion.

“Help her up” said one of the ladies.

They reached under my arms and back, and sat me up. I looked down at my body, and was thrilled by what I saw. My new pubic mound partially hid my now parted outer lips, revealing my sleek clitoral hood. I felt the gentle tug of my small AA breasts on my chest which felt wonderful. The ladies helped me stand–my knees still weak and wobbly. One of the nurses rolled a mirror over towards me, and for the first time fantasy gazed into the eyes of reality.

Incredibly, my body was that of a young woman. My long, blonde hair draped over my shoulders, spilling onto my breasts–supple and firm. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I gazed at my wide heart-shaped hips and firm buttocks which were beautifully formed and pushed out beyond my old boyish form. My vulva–smooth as silk–nestled between my thighs and legs, and I could see the light glisten off the natural moisture that my arousal was secreting. My skin was smooth as silk, with a slight tan gained from the skin procedure used on me.

“What name would you like?” they asked.

“Sherri,” I replied; “it’s the name I would have been given had I been born a girl.”

“You’re all girl now” came the reply. “We’ve removed your prostate and all other male organs and have successfully transplanted ovaries and a womb inside of you. You’re one of the first to receive this new type of surgical transformation, and you won’t be the last.”

My new body was wonderful; I felt as though I’d been given a fresh birth into a clean, sensual shell. The beauty was incredible. No longer was I longing for, and dreaming of something unattainable; I was that intense sensuality. My dream had come true at last, and my struggle finally over. I was now accepted and welcomed by women as one of them; tears trickling from my eyes as the realization of my new reality overwhelmed me.

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