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“Waiting Outside The Lines 15”

The oxygen that I was struggling so hard to inhale and exhale at a regular pace during that moment might as well have been made out of a coagulated glob of wet cement! I couldn”t get enough life-giving air into my system to function physically, or even enough to use my brain to think my way out of this situation. I felt like I needed more time to think, but my growing cluster of na�ve emotions were threatening to strangle the LIFE out of me if I didn”t wise up and make a decision in the next couple of seconds. One that would take this one golden moment and make it the most incredibly HOT few minutes of my entire teenage existence! But I COULDN”T make that choice, you know? I just…I didn”t know HOW!!!

In the back of my mind, there was this agitated armada of reckless impulses that fed on every spontaneous sensual feeling that I had ever entertained concerning my baby, Chandler Riggs, and my far away sweetie, Asa Butterfield, since I was old enough to know that these blasted hormones had more of an impact on me and my behavior than I ever thought possible. Two boys who have been filling in the naughtiest parts of my sopping wet, bed sheet, explosions for the last two or three years now! How awesome would it be to stop merely jacking off all alone in the darkness of my bedroom over their intangible phantoms…and, instead, get a chance to actually TASTE the warm gushing seed of both boys on the flat of my tongue in real life??? Even if it was just this ONE time, it would be better than having it remain as some stupid fantasy in the back of my mind. An unanswered question that I was sure to regret in the long run.

I could make this work! I could turn this into something REAL!

It was both an intense sexual craving and a nostalgic revisiting of the first primal urges I ever felt and accepted for other boys in general, combined. To me…it was the temptation of the most forbidden fruit there was. This was truly the City Of Gold…and it was being offered to me without consequence! Without sacrifice! All I had to do was smile…and say yes.

The very thought of licking both boys from head to toe had me gasping for breath while helplessly wiggling and tapping my feet in anticipation. There”s no way that I”m going to be able to last long! I didn”t last that long with just ONE hot celebrity boy in my arms! I”m supposed to figure out what to do with the massive brain overload of TWO of them? At the same time? I don”t even know how the logistics of such a naughty proposition would WORK! I mean, like…who gets on top of who? Do we just make a big sandwich or something? Who do I kiss? I”d love to make out with Asa first! I think Asa would totally be hot about the whole thing! Then again, Chandler”s lips would be sooooo soft and amazing! Maybe should kiss him first, and let Asa kiss the side of my neck or something. And once we get naked, we could just…


Wait wait WAIT! No! What am I thinking? I can”t do this? Why am I even considering it? That”s just stupid!

What about Greyson? I mean…I”ve never had a “boyfriend” before. Never. I don”t even know if Greyson and I are really together yet. Well…we ARE…but are we? I wish I had a contract or something to look over, detailing the rules behind this kind of thing. Kind of like the one I signed to be on “The Walking Dead”. When it comes to one of those things, there”s nothing left up to interpretation. No changing the deal at the last minute. No walking away from it without having to deal with the harsh fire and brimstone of unspeakable consequences afterward. It was all stated in writing. Everything was clear. But…as happy as Greyson made me, I found myself suddenly searching for hidden “loopholes” that would make this crazy situation okay.

I feel bad about that. Really bad.

“Geez, Evan…you”re literally trembling right now!” Asa smiled, rubbing my shoulder. “Are you sure you”re ok?”

I closed my eyes, thinking that it would somehow keep me from doing something I shouldn”t. But as Asa”s fingers began to massage and knead the tension out of my shoulder, I think closing my eyes only made things worse. Now my imagination was free to run rampant, dreaming up images of me stripping down and feeling their soft bodies sliding all around on top of me, beneath me…all skin to skin. Heavy tongue kissing and the heated scent of teenage pheromones at a level too potent for me to absorb all at once. Even my confusion was sexy at this point.

Chandler spoke up and slid his foot further across my lap. “He”s fine, dude. Seriously, he just need some time to warm up to everything. Don”t be so anxious.”

“I”m not being anxious. I just thought Evan might be more comfortable if we just came clean with him and let him chill out with us for a while. That”s all.” Asa replied with a smile. Then I saw him take hold Chandler”s soft sock foot in my lap, and use his thumbs to gently knead him right in the arch with both thumbs. Slowly. In small circles. I watched Chandler”s narrowing eyes as he leaned his head back with a sigh and stretched out, his heel now positioned right over my privates…which were a LOT harder than I thought they were at that particular moment.

I know he felt it. In fact, there was a time or two that the back of Asa”s hands gently brushed up against it, causing my hardness to swell and tighten from the contact. Both boys smiled at me seductively, sharing a wink at my expense. Behind me, Chandler”s other foot moved in closely, his toes moving back and forth across the small of my back. Then I felt Asa scoot a bit closer to me. Close enough to where I could feel his warm breath on the side of my neck.

“Feel free to get as comfortable as you like…” mersin escort Asa moaned. “Like I told you, it”s just us out here.”

I couldn”t stop myself from shaking. I think they got a thrill out of watching me quake so helplessly before them. I felt Asa”s hand reach across my lap, and lightly push against the inside of my left thigh…then felt Chandler”s heel push gently against the inside of my right thigh…their combined forces opening my legs just a little bit wider. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head as I felt the material of my pants apply pressure to my already straining erection. I felt so dizzy. A naughty touch of weirdness ran through me as I felt the beginnings of my sticky arousal leaking out of the tip of my shaft and soaking into the fabric of my underwear. It was getting so very difficult to breath in here.

“You”re so quiet.” Chandler grinned, nudging me with his foot. “Talk to me, hehehe! I want to know what”s on your mind right now.”

“I…I uhhh…” Just as I began to speak, I felt a dip in the mattress, Asa leaning closer to me. I gasped as the tip of his nose lightly touched my cheek. “What…?”

“Huh? What?” Asa smirked. “Go ahead. What were you going to say?”

As if Asa”s neon blue eyes weren”t enough to mesmerize me at first glance, I felt Chandler lightly wiggle his foot into the center of my lap, eventually resting it along the length of my hardness and slowly rubbing it once or twice with a smile. There was no mistaking it now. They knew I was hard as a rock…and they were seeing that as a good thing.

“I was…I was gonna say…” Then I heard myself whisper, “Oh God…” as I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. Still feeling Chandler”s foot moving up to the top of my tent, and then back down again to the tightened nuggets beneath it. My reaction surprised me, and my eyes sprung open as I tried to return to my senses. “You guys? I think that…maybe I should just…”

“Shhhh…” Asa grinned. He let go of Chandler”s foot to put one arm behind me, his other hand resting on my thigh as if to further trap me in. “You”re trembling so much. That”s cute.” He said. He put his hand flat on my stomach to see if he could feel the vibrating tremors there. He pressed down on it and his bright blue eyes widened slightly. “Whoah, I can feel it! Chandler, give me your hand. Come here.”

Chandler scooted closer to me, his groin now pressed tightly up against my side. Tightly enough to feel a rather sizeable lump of his own on my hip. Asa gently took his hand and they both felt my stomach together. Stop shaking! STOP IT! Why am I just sitting here? What part of my brain is keeping me still while all of this is going on?

“Hehehe, oh wow. That”s awesome…” Chandler said, looking up into my eyes. “We”re not all that terrifying are we?”

Before I could manage another stuttering ramble of incoherent sounds and goofy facial expressions, Asa reached for the bottom of my shirt. “This is pretty tight, Evan. You got some abs under there? Let me see…” He lifted the material slightly, and I felt the palm of his hand touch my bare skin. Chandler”s was soon to follow, and both boys slid them further and further up, bringing my shirt up to my nipples. “This is nice.” Asa smiled.

“This is nice.” Chandler chirped happily. “Smooth too…”

At this time, I tried to shake myself free from the double team hypnosis I was struggling through, and I reached for my shirt to pull it back down again.

Asa grunted for a moment, and he said, “Bollocks…you know, David Mazouz wasn”t nearly this hesitant.” Making Chandler giggle sweetly and give him a little kick.

“David who…?” I asked.

“Not important.” Asa said, and he focused those sky blue headlights on me, saying, “Listen, Evan…can you keep a secret?”

“A secret?” No. Say no! Gosh, I”ve got to get out of this trailer! “I don”t think…”

“You”ve gotta swear, Evan.” Chandler said. And the moment I turned my head to look at him, Asa put his hand back on my stomach, gently running his fingers across it.

“I…yeah. Fine. I swear. Just…”

Asa said, “Be honest with us, Evan. We all know what we”re doing out here, right? I mean…you were just a few ticks on my radar at first, but now I”m quite sure we had you pegged right. I mean…right?” I don”t think I”ve ever been, like…discovered before. Something about having him look right at me and say the words out loud made my blood run cold. My breath got caught in the back of my throat, and my initial knee-jerk reaction was to deny it. I mean, doesn”t every closeted gay boy have a hair trigger response to being called out on his sexuality? Three quick inquiry responses that teenage boys ALWAYS keep a the front of their mental rolodex? Are you gay? Are you a virgin? And how big is your penis? If you don”t have at least a satisfactory answer for those three questions ready to go at any moment…you”re NEVER going to make it through high school! That”s just the way it works.

Unfortunately…my rolodex started getting clogged up the moment Chandler started grinding his hardness into my hip. “I didn”t…tick off your radar…” I said, my voice still trembling, hopelessly infatuated with what was going on.

“Yeah. You kinda did.” Asa said. “Listen…no judgements. It”s totally ok. You”d be surprised to know what me and Chandler get up to when the cameras aren”t rolling. We have, what you might call, a “special arrangement”.” I didn”t look either one of them in the eye. Bright blue on the right, piercing blue on the left…it”s best that I keep my stare aimed directly at the floor. “It”s really not a big thing, Evan. It”s quite common, to be honest. I mean…being a celebrity and all, the lifestyle can be a bit stressful sometimes. We”re people like everybody else. We want to date and find love and share affection too. But…in this business, especially for boys with our particular tastes and involvements, it can be difficult to find someone who”s willing to be discreet about it all. Someone to help us…”relax” when we need to.”

Chandler spoke up, saying, “It”s really cool to find someone to hook up with. Especially someone as cute as my Asa here, escort mersin hehehe!” Then he used his fingers to touch my chin and turn my head to look him in the eye. “Someone as cute as you too. I always noticed. I just didn”t think I had shot, that”s all. All three of us can come out here twice a day if you really wanted to. Three or four times on days that we”re not doing much. We can hang out on the weekends too. That”s when things really get wild. We”ll have sooooo much fun, Evan, I promise you!”

I was going to do this, wasn”t I? I could feel it in my bones…and not just the one in my pants. I could give in. I could stop holding back and just slam myself, face down, in Chandler”s lap to let his stiff inches rub all over my face while I moaned and whimpered like a man possessed. I could let Asa pull my shirt off and wrap his loving arms around me from behind, his shaft eagerly poking at my back door. We could get naked and let the Summer sun rays shine on us through the slatted windows of that trailer as we writhed and tangled each other up in the most erotic and explosive embrace that I was ever likely to experience in my whole life! I could lose myself in the moment, not knowing who to kiss, who to suck, who to lick, who to penetrate. And every day, for the rest of my life…whenever I saw Chandler on TV or Asa promoting a move through another interview or Comicon panel…I”ll think back to this moment, and I”ll remember exactly how these boys tasted. I”ll remember their warm bodies being snuggled up next to mine, and the “smoosh” of their bulbous mounds as gripped their asses with both hands, their tongues as deep in my mouth as my sucking lips would allow. More than anything, I”ll remember the relief I felt as my shaft expanded and began throbbing, spraying my nectar at full force, giving a tasty offering to whichever boy was quick enough to get it in his mouth first.

I won”t lie…I wanted this. GOD…I wanted it sooooo badly! My mouth went dry. Almost as if ridding itself of all it”s natural fluids so that nothing else could possibly dilute the flavor of the warm and fleshy tubes that I was soon to be enveloping with all the passion I had to give. I wonder what it would sound like…having Asa moan in my ear. Would he still have an accent?

This is what I”ve been waiting for. Five minutes from now, I could be sinking myself deep into Chandler”s tight hole, feeling his breathing quicken as he winces slightly from the sensual pain…his legs wrapping themselves around me as his lips touch mine. I”ve been watching. I know exactly what he likes. Imagine how amazed he”ll be when I please him in all the tantalizing ways that he”s grown so used to.

It was a mind-blowing moment of limitless possibilities.

And yet…at the center of it all…was Greyson.

I couldn”t help but to think about the boy who had so quickly, so effortlessly, stolen my heart from me. I thought about Greyson”s addictive smile, his contagious giggles, the lovable way his lashes would blink over the sparkling display of his sweet brown eyes. I thought about how enchanted I was by the sound of his voice. And about the depth of his blush as he jumped around the hotel room with his silly “We got the monkeys” dance. Hehehe, he was adorable in every way imaginable. The mental image of his clumsy sock feet doing that tickled something within me and brought an involuntary smile to my face. Hehehe, big goofball!

I think Asa took my grin as a green light to move forward. But instead of losing more of my senses, I think they were finally becoming clearer than ever. Asa scooted in even closer to me from the side and rested his hand on Chandler”s legs on either side of me. Rubbing the tops of his thighs with a smirk, anticipating the start of our special arrangement, as he called it.

“Why don”t you take off of some of these clothes, Evan?” He said. “You look uncomfortable. It”s hot in here, isn”t it? Chandler, don”t you think it”s hot?” The next thing I knew, Asa was taking off his shirt, and Chandler was quick to follow his lead.

You know…Greyson has this really cute expression whenever he tells a joke. Or when he”s just being funny in general. It”s like, he tries to be witty and hold his smile back at the same time…but that boyish grin always shines through anyway. It”s like…too beautiful, too honest, too amazing, to be tampered with or snuffed out for the sake of a humorous reaction. Hehehe, just a crazy thought that crossed my mind. That”s all.

“You wanna join us, Evan?” Chandler asked.


“Of course he does.” Asa answered for me. “You need me to help you, babe?”

As my heartbeat started to mellow itself out, and my brain stopped working overtime with the thoughts of how incredible and unforgettable it would be to indulge in the temptations being offered to me. I mean, they were right here! Right now! I wouldn”t have to wait another minute to dive in to one of the hottest sexual experience EVER! Things are already in motion. I would actually have to work harder to stop the sexual momentum that”s already been set in motion, than I would to simply turn down their advances. But something was different this time around. Something had changed.

I never thought that I would ever be in this position…but…wow! And I”m not talking about the celebrity ORGY that just got dropped into my lap out of nowhere! I”m talking about the fact that the biggest thing on my mind right now is…

“I”ve got a boyfriend! I can”t be a part of that!”

At least that was what was going through my mind at the moment. Even with a hot boy on either side of me, both practically begging me to take advantage of their hot bodies in any way that I saw fit. But, as exciting as that was, as sexy as the whole situation made me feel…Greyson could make me feel that way without so much as a single touch. Everything they did, Greyson could accomplish with a single ink and a smile. What my sweetie had to offer lasted longer. It was more genuine. It was more a matter of him giving himself to make me happy, instead of making himself happy…a few orgasms at a time.

I mean, what were Chandler and Asa mersin escort bayan really offering me right now? In comparison to my very first official boyfriend, I mean?

“You know what…you guys?” I said. “I really promise to keep everything quiet. I promise.”

“Sweet!” Chandler grinned.

But as he reached for my shoulders to pull me on top of him, I politely resisted and said, “But…I think that I should get back on the set. No offense or anything, I just…I shouldn”t be here.”

I think the looks on their faces said it all. It”s like they couldn”t believe that I actually said “no”. And, hey…there”s a good 35% of me that can”t believe I was stupid enough to say no myself!!! Fuckin” morals and shit! You know? CRAZY!!!

But, surprisingly enough…every thought that I had of Greyson, no matter how innocent or how confusing…labeled him as my number one boy. Like…in existence. And I know that he cared deeply for me. This sensual temptation is enough to drive anybody mad, but…tempting as they are…they”re not my Greyson. He”s found a place in my heart where nobody else belongs. I kind of like that. Even more…I”m willing to sacrifice a few hours of pleasure tingles, before, during, and after…to keep what my future boyfriend and I have in the works. So…no. My answer is no. And I think it”s about time for me to get up and go.

Asa asked, “Evan…you can really stay if you want to.”

Gratefully, I declined by saying, “I know. And…hehehe, I”m seriously convinced that I”m brain dead for not wanting this…but, I kinda have somebody already. Somebody special. I don”t think he would be too crazy about…you know…this.” It was hard to say. Especially as I felt a shirtless Chandler scoot back on the mattress and lean his back against the wall, and obscenely obvious tent in his pants clearly visible in front of me. “Sorry.” I said.

Asa seemed extremely disappointed at first, but as Chandler widened his legs to human trap on me, Asa just sighed and slowly slid back in the other direction to let me go.

Chandler smiled in the cutest way. “Greyson got to you first. Didn”t he?”

I didn”t say yes. I didn”t say no either. But I think he could tell from the subtle tilt of my smile that he already knew everything that he needed to know. And certainly everything that I was going to tell him, outright.

As I straightened out my shirt and stood up on my own two feet again, I noticed how lewdly my erection was poking straight out ahead of me! I blushed instantly and tried to stand in a super awkward position that would hide it from their lustful gazes!

I saw Asa swivel around and lay by Chandler, both of them smiling at my “un-missable” predicament. Both boys tangled their arms around one another in the most natural way possible. Obviously something they”ve practiced to the point of not having to think about it anymore.

God, they were SO hard! Horny! It”s like you could feel the heat from their naughty areas on your face from a distance! The cuddled up next to each other, four “knee-weakening” blue orbs concentrating on me with smiles attached to them, shirts off, flesh connected…still leaving their passionate offer on the table in case I changed my mind.

I felt like I should be saying…um…something

“Well, thanks for bringing me out here and stuff. Your secret is safe with me, promise.”

“Oh, we know! Hehehe!” Asa giggled. “You know…if you ever change you mind, don”t feel too embarrassed to just sneak off and come tapping at our door. We won”t turn you away. Not ever. Believe me.”

I watched as Chandler and Asa”s lips touched. Not just a secretive peek through a random window this time, but a blatant expression of their untamed fondness for one another. Just seeing the way they connected was so endearing to one another, especially when I saw their tongues coiling around one another and their sexual bliss evolve right in front of my eyes. I don”t think this was an arrangement at all. I think they both really cared for one another, whether they acknowledged it on a deeper level or not.

I don”t know, I thought it was kind of sweet.

I told them, “I think I”d have a hard time getting the idea out of mind for a long time to come.”

It wasn”t until I saw Asa worm his hand down the front of Chandler”s pants and undies that I realized how much they must have been STRAINING for a bit of release since they dragged me out here! Hehehe! With an even deeper, dark pink, blush than before, I said, “Wow…sorry. I should…I think I”m going to let you guys…I”m going to, ummm…you ant to be alone. I should go.”

As much as I stuttered, I think I got my message across. Even when Asa pulled Chandler”s stiff penis out of his underwear and flashed it at me. mean…WOW! I”m looking at the stiff shaft of my biggest celebrity crush, with another celebrity crush holding it in his hand…ready to lean over and suck it lovingly until it explodes in his mouth! Don”t think for one moment that I didn”t entertain the idea of changing my mind and leaping forward to writhe and wiggle with the boys in front of me. But…I made a choice. One based on what my heart was truly feeling at the moment. And I think I should stick to that.

So I said, “I”ll…see you guys soon?”

Chandler blushed and said, “K. Definitely. You can count on it.”

And Asa said, “Chandler and I are going to…hehehe, enjoy ourselves for a little bit. But we”ll come see you soon. On “set”, I mean.” Was he being sarcastic when he said it? Or like…I don”t know! What did that mean? I wish I was better at this kind of seduction and stuff. The two of them began making out, and I could feel my jaw drop a little bit by how feverish they were about it. With Asa”s hand stroking Chandler”s hard meat and their arousal getting magnified to higher levels than I ever expected, just by feeling each other”s touch. Whoah! Yeah, I needed to get out of there! I don”t know how much more alluring sex acts I can take! FUCK!

I don”t even think they”re paying attention to the fact that I”m still in the room right now! I mean…can I….? Can I, like…watch? Or….? UGH!

Walk away, Evan! Just walk away!

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