WALKING THE DOGI moved to a new part of the city a few months back. It’s taken me awhile toget adjusted and find my new neighborhood. It has been so damned hot thissummer that I started walking my dog around 10:00pm, but awfully dark.Through my neighborhood a few blocks over is a well lighted parkway, where Idecided it would be safest to walk, not that I had to worry walking a GreatDane.Well, the story begins a few weeks ago, the first or second time I walked atnight. As I approached the parkway, I spotted a guy with his goldenretriever. What caught my eye was that he was shirtless and wearing onlyshorts and slippers. No, that’s not true, what caught my eye was hismagnificent chest, well defined but not bulky. He was obviously not out fora walk, but to let his dog do his business.As we approached, I said a cursory “Good evening.”He made eye contact and replied “Hi. Beautiful dog.””Thanks. So is your dog. I love golden retrievers. You must live close by?”I asked”Yeah, right there,” he pointed to a house.”I didn’t figure you for a walker in those slippers.” I deduced.”Not in these shorts either” he replied, running a hand over his shorts.My breath caught in my throat as I witnessed his dick move against thefabric.”You might get the police on your ass walking the neighborhood in that.” Ismirked.That was the extent of our conversation that first night. I walked on, andhe returned home, dog in tow.I thought about him a lot, but didn’t see him again for several nights. WhenI did see him, he seemed to remember and spoke to me first.”It sure is hot,” he said.”Too damned hot for me” I replied. “I can’t stand to walk any earlier.””I hear you.” By this time our dogs had completed their sniffing each other.”Good thing people don’t do that!” he commented. “Hey, mind if I walk withyou tonight?”I looked down at his feet and noticed shoes instead of slippers. I couldalso see the outline of his flaccid cock against the thin fabric of hisshorts, obviously sans underwear.”Sure, I’d enjoy the company. I’m Tom, by the way””Good to meet you Tom, I’m Alex.”We walked down the middle of the parkway, where the light was best. He wasyounger and in better shape, so I had to walk lively to keep up, althoughthe view of his ass could encourage me to fall behind.We talked about jobs, our commutes to the city, the weather, sports, andfinally, our lifestyles.”So, you live alone too?” Alex asked.”Yes, most of the time it suits me fine, but sometimes it gets too quiet.” Ireplied.”I hear you there.” By this time we were approaching our starting point.”How often do you walk?” he asked.”Almost every night. Sheba (my dog) gets real restless if we don’t walk.” Ipaused a moment. “You obviously get regular exercise yourself. Care to walkagain sometime?” I asked.”That would be great, but I’ll need to wear some support. I’ve been floppingaround all night.” He said, hefting his package in a very alluring way.”I thought that might be uncomfortable, but each his own. Going commando inshorts is tough to pull off, even for me.””So, what do you wear under there?” he asked.”Tonight it’s whity tidies.” I lowered my waist band of my shorts before Irealized how forward that was.”I’m a boxer man myself, but it doesn’t help with support. I keep a jock inmy locker at the gym until it stinks so bad I can’t stand to put it on. Arethose low-rise?” he asked.I pulled the shorts down farther. “No, bikini. I love them skimpy” Isuddenly realized that I was getting aroused and about to spill over thewaist band, so I pulled my shorts up.”Oh, I see. I never had the nerve to wear a bikini or thongs, but I’vethought about it. Maybe I’ll go buy some for tomorrow’s walk. Same timethen?” he asked.”Great, see you then.” I replied, as I walked on.That night, after a quick show, I lay in bed and thought about Alex,especially the way he looked in those shorts, and the conversation at theend of the walk. Without conscious thought, I began to stroke myself. As Imentally pictured his cock against his shorts, I came, more powerfully thanI had in years. After I cleaned up, I was stricken with guilt over myarousal of another man, feelings I thought I had put behind me.The next night, right on schedule, Alex was waiting, still shirtless, withhis dog.I asked “So, what did you buy?””Buy?” he asked. “Oh, you mean support wise. I found a pair of stylish Polobriefs.” He lowered his waist band to show them to me. The white fabricagainst tuzla escort his tanned stomach was very attractive.”Sharp.” I complemented, “Low rise or bikini?””Don’t have the balls to try bikini” he replied. “Not yet, anyway.””Looks like you got balls from where I’m standing,” I joked. “Big ones, I’dguess.””Thanks, but tonight there more squished than usual.” He actually put hishand inside his underwear and arranged himself.”You’ll get used to it. At least it’s not a jock, those really crowd myboys.” I said.”It feels tighter than my jock right now. Maybe it will be better when theystretch out, or maybe I need a bigger size.”I looked closer, seeing the outline of his cock and balls. “You might need abigger size, or maybe a different brand with a bigger pouch. At leasttonight you won’t be flopping around.””So, what are your wearing tonight?” he asked. I was hoping he would ask,and was ready with white mesh low rise. I lower my shorts and he lookedcloser. “Is that mesh?” he asks.”Yes, much cooler on these hot nights.” He was still examining me closely.”They sure don’t hide much.” He commented. I could feel myself beginning tofill out, worried that he was still looking, way too close for fashionreasons.”I like them skimpy, remember?” I said, returning my shorts to position.About half way through our walk, Alex stopped. “Man, these shorts arekilling me. I’m chaffed and uncomfortable. I’ve got to loose them.” Helooked around as if checking for onlookers.”There’s a shadow behind that bush.” I suggested.We stepped behind the shrub and he took off his shorts and handed them tome. “Hold these for a second” I then watched in total fascination as helowered his underwear. His flaccid cock was a good 6 inches, circumcisedwith a full helmet head. His balls were full and hung at dramaticallydifferent heights. His pubes were trimmed and his balls appeared shaved. Hetook his shorts and put the underwear in my hands. I wanted to feel andsniff them, but decided to keep in control. “That’s better.” He commented ashe adjusted himself, scratching and positioning.”You want these?” I asked, still holding the warm clothing.”No. Their going to the nearest trash can.””Mind if I keep them?” I asked.Alex looked at me a little funny, and said “Sure. Maybe they’ll fit youbetter.”I tucked them into my pocket and thought about how I could enjoy them forthe remainder of the walk. Once I was alone, I took them out and looked themover, feeling the fabric. In the pouch I found a pubic hair and just staredat it, getting aroused quickly. I looked around before deciding to sniffthem, as if I expected to be observed doing something so perverted. I putthem to my nose and inhaled the deep musky odor, moving quickly to strokemyself. It was only seconds before I erupted all over my stomach.What was I getting myself into? Was Alex interested in me? He certainly wasgiving me positive clues. Now, all the old feelings and fantasies cametumbling out of the proverbial closet.It was two nights before we walked again. Alex quickly asked me “So, are youwearing my Polo briefs?”I couldn’t tell him I saved them for sniffing. “No, I haven’t done laundryyet. So did you buy a larger size or a different brand?” I asked.”Neither. I’m going commando tonight.” He lowered his waist band toemphasize the missing underwear. I caught a glimpse of his pubes and whiteshaft pointing downwards.”What are you wearing? A thong?” Alex asked, a little too interested for astraight guy.”Good guess, but just plain `ole Hanes low rise. No glitz or glamourtonight.” I lowered my waist band slightly.”Are those red?” he asked. I pushed the shorts down lower, giving a fullview. “That looks pretty glitzy to me. Are they boxer briefs?” He asked.I pushed them even lower showing the legs, confirming his guess. “Yes, goodguess. I like all kinds and colors.””I bet you got a full underwear drawer.” Alex said.”I’ve got way too many for any one person. I just can’t stop buying them.I’ve been told I have an underwear fetish.” I replied.I was definitely thicker and fuller and needed to cover up quickly. Myshorts didn’t cover up the growing bulge. I could see his goods hangingloosely in his shorts, balls down his left leg opening, his penis pushingagainst the fabric in the center. This was getting to be a sexually chargedevent.We walked our usual route. When we got to the bush where he disrobed before,I fondly remembered seeing him naked.”I maltepe escort need to take a leak behind the bush.” I commented, stepping into theshadows.”Me too” Alex replied.I pulled my penis and balls over the waist band, getting fuller by thesecond and in danger of not being able to pee. Alex pulled his penis out hisleft leg opening. It took a second for me to get a stream, but was able toempty my bladder. It took him a few seconds longer and he finished after me.I gave the cursory 2 shakes and pulled and stuffed my goods back into myshorts, enjoying the ability to touch myself. I watched as Alex finished,and his shakes looked more like strokes, like he was stretching his penis. Iwanted to make some witty comment, but my brain was fogged by pure lust. Iwas suddenly trying to rearrange and hide a full fledged erection.When he let go, his penis was longer than his shorts. The dogs distractedme, ready to move on with the walk. Alex flopped more noticeable in hisfuller state.When we finished our walk, I was still sporting a full erection.”Better get home and take care of that” Alex said.”That was my plan exactly. You look ready for some relief too” I replied.”It’s miserable only having my right hand for relief.” He said, leaving anopening for me, and I was too afraid to make the step.”Maybe you could use your left hand.” I suggested.”I was hoping for your left hand.” There it was, the open door. I steppedcloser and reached for his cock. We were in a dark area, late enough thatthere was no one around. This was incredibly dangerous, but I was no longerable to think clearly.The first touch of his cock was magic. Alex quickly filled to full erectionand lowered his shorts to below his balls. I stroked him and could see hiseyes close and expression change.”Oh Gawd, that feels incredible….Oh, yeah!” he moaned.He made no move to stop me or reach for me, so I kept going. I thought aboutgoing to my knees, but decided that it would be too much in too dangerous aplace. I could now feel pre-cum which lessened the friction, but added aslick, wet slapping sound. I did a full 360 degree turn to make sure it wasstill safe.”Oh, careful, I’m close…almost…there….fuck!” His semen splashed on my thighas I continue to stroke him, standing within kissing distance. Iinstinctively stopped, knowing he would be incredibly sensitive.”Well, good night.” He said. “Tomorrow night? Same time?” he asked.”Sure” was all I could mumble. I was so hard and aroused that I consideredjerking off right there, but was my emotion quickly changed to being pissed.How could he just walk away? Why didn’t he reciprocate? Confused but quicklydrawn back to reality by my dog sniffing the semen on my leg.I walked back to my house, deep in thought and confusion about the entireincident. I vowed to bury those feeling once again, a routine I followedafter contact or fantasy of another guy. That plan worked till the followingevening when I prepared for the walk. What to wear? I wanted to tease thehell out of him, make him drool for my cock. In the end, I wore some lowrise white 2(x)ist jockeys, trying not to appear. I also wore some runningshorts cut clear to the hip on the sides, and no shirt. Well, maybe I was alittle desperate. I was already half-way hard by the time I reached ourusual meeting place.I had to wait a few minutes for Alex to appear, worried that he wouldn’tshow. I resisted the feelings of being having a huge crush, but it washopeless as I ran my hand across a full bulge. I spotted him a few minuteslater, smiling and talking like nothing happened the night before. He wore ashirt for the first time, and knee length basketball shorts. I felt like acheap man-whore walking with him.About half-way through the walk, I stopped and confronted him, a verydifficult thing for me to do. “What the hell happened last night? I thoughtmaybe it was something special, but then you just left. What’s up?” I asked.”I’m sorry. I was really flirting with you, hot and heavy. I’ve never donethat with a guy before, never wanted to until I met you. I guess I justfreaked,” he explained.”I guess I freaked too” I said, trying to find the right words. “I wantedyou to jerk me off so bad, and then thought up all kinds of reasons why youdidn’t, like you find me ugly, old or fat. It helps to know it was about youand not me.” I was feeling better, but still thinking he owed me one. Iwanted to bend him over kartal escort a park bench and fuck his brains out, rough andhard. “So…, what kind of underwear are you wearing?” I asked, trying tolighten the conversation, and get back to our typical sexual banter.”None” was his simple reply. “You?””Oh, just some white 2(x)ist low rise.””Can I see?” he asked.I thought he’d never asked. I stopped, turned to face him, and lowered myshorts to my knees. My erection was clearly outlined over my left hip. Myballs were full and pulled tight by the fabric.I could see him look. I ran my hands over my own package, toying with him,flaunting myself. “Care to touch?” I dared him.He looked around to make sure we were alone, and hesitantly moved his handclose. “I swore to myself I wouldn’t do this,” was all he said as he ran hishand over my crotch.I wanted him to pull them down, but I could tell he was struggling with sometype of demon. I decided to put him at ease “Ready to finish walking?” Iasked.”Yes…no…shit! I’ve got to do this” he said as he went down on his knees. Hemoved close enough to sniff me, rubbing his nose into my balls. He kissed myerection, getting my underwear wet. I could feel my internal tension build.This was the most erotic moment of my life. I fought the urge to takecontrol and feed it to him, fuck him, or something, anything to get me off.Alex continued to move up and down my erection, bathing me in warmth andwetness. I could feel his hands on my ass, kneading and exploring. Withoutany direct contact, I filled my underwear with cum. I was a mess, but didn’tcare. Alex stood and I pulled my shorts up. He made no eye contact as heturned to continue to walk.I caught up with him quickly, trying to read his mood. “Are you ok?””How the hell would I know? I swore I wouldn’t do that ever again, and thereI was on my knees, powerless to stop. Shit!””I don’t understand. It was great. What’s the problem?” I asked.”I’m engaged to be married.” He dropped a bombshell. “Whenever we make love,all I can see or think about is you. You haunt my dreams and show up in mythoughts. The harder I try not to, the more I think about you. Damn, what amI going to do?”I wasn’t sure he wanted a reply. “Was this the first time?” I asked.”I wish.” He replied. “I experimented a lot in college. Got pretty screwedup with sex and d**gs. I thought when I got clean and sober, that the sexwould…you know…be straight.””Believe it or not, I’ve tried to go straight myself. After much pain andagony, I decided I like cock, all cock, nothing but cock. And boy, do yougot cock.” I said, trying to be funny, and maybe open the door form somemore play.”Have you come out?” he asked”Only to you just now.” I replied, truthfully.”Really? I thought you were out. I guess this makes us both `newbies.'” Alexreplied.”I’ve got several more firsts in mind. Alex, could you stop a minute?” heturned and faced me. “May I?” I asked, looking at his rather striking bulge.”What?” he asked. “Oh that. Yes. What the hell.” He seemed resigned to thefact that there was no going back.I slid to my knees, and sniffed his scent, already imprinted it on my brainfrom sniffing his underwear. I lowered his shorts and underwear together.His erection smacked my cheek when it cleared the elastic waist band. Icould feel a smear of pre-cum on my cheek. I went right to the shaft, not inthe mood for foreplay. I hadn’t given a blow job in several years, but thetechnique came right back, I guess it’s like riding a bicycle. He was widerthan any before him, but I managed to get the first several inches down. Ipried his ass cheeks apart with my hands as I worked his knob. I abandonedhis shaft for his balls, smooth and silky. I took turns with each one beforereturning to his cock. My fingers were now circling his hole. Alex wasbreathing deep, almost panting. I could see his back arch as he moanedgibberish. I found a rhythm that worked, and in seconds had a mouth full ofcream. Swallowing as fast as I could, I got most of it down. At the momenthe came, I felt his anus contract against my finger tip. I had hoped to findhis prostate before he came, but maybe next time.I was hard again inside my slimy underwear. Outdoor sex was the greatest,especially with a hot stud like Alex. I jacked off again after I got home,just reliving the night. I don’t know what the future holds, if Alex canreconcile himself to his sexual identity and break off the engagement. Isure hope so, and so does my dog. We’re walking again tonight, so there’shope. As for me, all doubt is lost. After I tell my folks, the rest will beeasy…I hope.(Don’t forget to vote and send me a message!)

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