Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Arrangement

Sarah waited outside of yet another mob hideout in search of the man that had killed her parents. After two weeks of searching she was getting a little bit anxious. She had already killed or injured five mob cronies, including one hitman. She concealed her self in the shadows of an alley way across the street.

Sarah had quickly taken this crime fighter thing seriously not only actively searching for anyone in the mafia but also protecting those that couldn’t defend themselves should she happen upon a crime. She had even come up with a custom that would help to conceal her from any watching eyes, and most importantly conceal her identity as she didn’t want her remaining loved ones to be in danger. The outfit wasn’t anything to fancy. A pair of black leather pants, a black leather vest, calf high boots, and a long black coat which she used to hide her weapons. About the only thing that was special about it was the black mask which covered the upper part of her face. The mask resembled the one that she had seen sported by the Black Cat in the Spiderman comics. She carried with her the two revolvers, and two semi-automatic pistols, as well as the two fully automatic Berettas and her MP5 which were all easy to conceal under her coat.

Over the past week she had seen several stories in the papers about her fight against the mob. They had even come up with names for her, the Mafia Murderer, the Hitman Huntress, on so on but most of them weren’t to catchy. But one stuck out in her mind, The Night Terror.

It was nearly 2:00 AM when she decided to call it a night; she had seen no one come out of the building that was connected to the mafia as far as she knew. She headed down the back alleys towards her knew, unregistered motorcycle, which she had chosen to use when she was out ‘hunting’.

Once she arrived home she did what she always did and checked on her brother and sister. Not surprisingly she found Tiffany sitting and watching TV with her best friend Chandra. Her brother, Albert, was upstairs playing games on his computer. Once in her own room of the cavernous house she checked her phone messages. As usually she received a few from old friends looking to hang out, not that she could anymore, but one message was frightening.

Sarah walked thru the door of Luke’s Gun Shop not knowing exactly what to expect. The message she had received from Luke had frightened her, it hadn’t been hard for him to figure out that she was The Night Terror, and because he had taken down her information he knew exactly how to contact her and black-mail her. She had been instructed to come to his shop wearing the clothes she would were out on patrol. She wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted from her though she felt it would either be money or sex, possibly both. Inside she found Gary and two other men they were obviously waiting for her arrival.

“Is Luke in back?”

“Yes he is but I’ve been told not to let you see him until we’ve frisked you for weapons.”

“Fine I’ll make it easy on you.” Sarah removed her coat and took of her holsters and ammo belts then handed them to Gary.

“Sorry but we need to check every possible hiding spot.” Sarah figured she’d let them have their thrills; she didn’t want to risk having Luke reveal who she was to anyone. Gary had her assume the position against the wall, her feet spread wide and her butt sticking out. She felt his hands as they went along the sides of her torso and legs, then she felt them move back up against her belly until they reached her tits. Gary’s hands firmly gripped her breasts through the leather vest and squeezed and yanked them. As Gary did this he pushed his crotch against her ass and Sarah couldn’t help but notice the impressive size of his tool, though it seemed unlikely that it was as thick or as long as Luke’s. Gary’s hands moved up to the zipper of her vest and slow pulled it down allowing him access to her fabulous D cups. Sarah gave a little start when his hands began to toy with her nipples. She was beginning to enjoy herself and was grinding her ass back against his crotch. “I guess it’s safe to say that you aren’t hiding any weapons their.” Sarah turned around and looked up at him.

“I doubt the same can be said for you.” She reached forward and grabbed his tool through his jeans.

“There will be plenty of time for that after you’ve talked with the boss, baby.” He said “Now go see him.” Gary smacked her on the ass as she walked away. He turned to the other two men, Jason and Shawn, and told them to lock the door because they were going to be busy tending to this customer tonight.

By the time Sarah entered the back room she had gotten her vest and coat back on as that was what Luke had instructed her to be wearing. She didn’t waste anytime once she was through the door.

“What do I arap escort have to do to keep you quite?”

“Well, well aren’t we anxious.” Luke stepped up from his desk and came around grabbing her coat from behind and helping her take it off. Once it was removed he leered at her generous cleavage and beautiful ass. “Damn, I knew you’d look good but I didn’t think that you’d look this fucking sexy.” Sarah rolled her eyes she just wanted to get this over with.

“Could we just get to it?”

“Very well, I had a few things in mind.” He walked around his desk and took a seat in his chair. She did the same sitting down in front of the desk. “First off I want to be your sole supplier; you have to by your weapons and ammo from me.” Sarah didn’t even have to think about it. She knew that at least this way nobody else would be able to find out unless it was from her lips or his.

“Done.” He smiled

“Second thing is I want you to bring me money at least once every week.”

“How much money?”

“$10,000 cash. And don’t try to claim that you can’t afford that, I know that your parents left you and your brother and sister with over 1 Billion. I consider 10 g’s a week to be a generous offer.” Sarah was a bit shocked that he had found out so much about her already ‘Am I really this naïve?’ She thought to herself. ‘It must be way easier to check up on people than I thought.’

“O.K., O.K., what else?”

“The last thing I want from you is your body.” Not exactly a big surprise. “You are to be my slut.”

“Exactly how much of a slut do you want me to be?”

“You will have to do what ever I tell you to do. I can call you at anytime and you will come to me wherever I am and do whatever I want to whoever I want.”

“Why should I accept that offer, I won’t be able to fight crime if you’re always fucking me.”

“That’s not my problem, besides if you don’t accept my offer I’ll tell the mob, the press, the government and any one else I can find that the young Sarah Ranger is The Night Terror. Besides, it might be inconvenient at times but the fact is I’m getting old and don’t have the energy to fuck someone every night of the week so it would only be an occasional inconvenience.”

“So let me see if I got this right, I have to buy all my supplies from you, I have to give 10 grand a week, and I have to be your fuck slut. And in return you won’t tell anyone who I am.”

“That’s right, except for Gary and the rest of my employees who already knows.”

“What’s to stop them from talking?”

“Well I’ve made some arrangements to prevent them from talking.” Sarah contemplated the deal, it wasn’t much of a deal, she would get fucked over both literally and figuratively. But she couldn’t afford to put Tiffany (her sister) and Albert (her brother) at risk.

“Fine. You’ve got a deal.”

“I thought so. Now let’s see how well you will adhere to this arrangement.” Luke got up from his chair and walked around the desk until he was behind Sarah. He reached down and placed his hands on her marvelous breasts. Luke squeezed and kneaded them through her top. “Tonight you are going to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the chair, tossing it aside. He then picked her up by her waist and sat her down on his desk. Sarah was shocked by how strong he was, even thought he didn’t seem physically imposing because of his short height he was apparently very muscular. He reached forward and unzipped her top revealing her perfect tits to him. He took her right breast in his mouth and sucked and teased her nipple. Sarah instantly began to become excited she could feel the juice building in her crotch and before long was breathing heavily.

“Oh, yes.” She mumbled without realizing. Luke was pleasantly surprised that she was becoming excited and was more than happy to take advantage of the situation. He pulled away from her breasts and flipped her over onto her stomach. Then he began to roughly squeeze her ass before winding up and giving it a hard smack.

“Oww, fuck.” She screeched. “Don’t do that.” Luke smacked her ass again but harder this time.

“I’ll do whatever I want, that was part of the agreement.” He then continued to spank her ass.

Smack, Smack, Smack. With each impact Sarah felt more pain but also more pleasure. Soon her screeches of pain were turning to moans of pleasure. She decided that if she had to do it she may as well enjoy it. Luke by now was rock hard and he was eager to use his cock on the little slut before him. He let go of her ass, grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up to her feet. Then he yanked her vest off before giving her ass another smack.

“Take off your pants slut. But I want you to leave that mask on.” Sarah obeyed without hesitation. escort arap First she slipped off her boots and then started on her pants. As she struggled to wriggle out of her incredibly tight pants Luke stripped off his shirt, undid his belt and removed his pants and shoes. His cock was standing at full attention and Sarah couldn’t help but stare. It didn’t matter that she had seen it before it was still a marvel to her. Easily the biggest dick she had ever encountered and she knew that at least tonight it would be filling something other than her mouth. Once her pants were off Sarah awaited Luke to take command. He picked up his belt from off the ground then walked over and grabbed her by her hair. Luke then proceeded to drag her over to some water pipes in the corner of the room were he pushed Sarah down to her hands and knees. He then instructed her to hold her hands up next to the water pipe. By now Sarah was quite turned on and decided as she figured an obedient slut should.

“Yes sir.” She huskily stated, putting her hands up by the pipe. Luke looped the belt around her hands and the pipe clasping it shut in a way that Sarah couldn’t undo it. Luke then kneeled down behind her and began to lick the folds of her pussy. Its effects were instantaneous and Sarah quickly began to moan.

“Ohhh, Ohh.” He placed to fingers in her cunt and began to fuck her. “OH Fuck, Yess, Oh Yes.” Luke quickened his pace thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could. He smacked her already reddened ass as he did this each smack elicited a moan from the delicious Brunette. Smack “Ahhh” Smack “Ohhhh” Smack “Yes”. Sarah eagerly thrust back towards his fingers desperate to cum. She finally screamed out beginning for his cock. “Fuck Me, Oh god fuck me. Fuck me with that giant cock. Make me your little bitch!”

“Don’t worry baby you already are my little bitch.” Luke straightened up and placed his large cock at the entrance to her womb. He didn’t bother easing it in he just buried all 9 inches of himself inside of his fuck slut.

“Ohhhhhhh, FUCK, YES!” Sarah screamed. Luke leaned forward and grabbed hold of her hair and pulling her head back forcing her to arch her back as much as her bonds would allow her. Luke began to thrust in and out of her as hard and as fast as he could. Sarah was amazed it was as if he was hitting her g-spot with every thrust liquid spewed from her pussy as she had her first orgasm of the night. “OHHHH, I’m fucking cumming. Oh fuck yes, yes.” Luke smiled to himself, encouraged that he could make her cum so easily. He continued to pound her as hard as he could drawing from her several more orgasms of tremendous proportions.

“You like that slut.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then you’ll love what I have planned for you next.” He could tell that he was close to cumming and decided to take her in the ass. “You ever been fucked in the ass before.” Sarah shook her head no.

“No, I haven’t, but please don’t. I don’t think I could take it.”

“Well to bad because that’s were I’m going.” He pulled his well lubed cock out of her pussy and pushed in to the buxom sluts poop shoot. Sarah instantly screamed in pain and tried to close her sphincter to deny him access but it was too late. Luke had already buried 3 inches of himself inside of her ass and was pushing to force his entire length down her shit hole.

“AAAAHHHHHHH FUCK. IT HURTS, IT HURTS.” Tears flowed from Sarah’s eyes; she couldn’t believe how much it hurt. Yet at the same time she was slowing becoming further aroused by the sensation of the huge dick in her ass. With in a few moments she was beginning to thrust back on to Luke’s dick and was moaning. His big balls were smack against her pussy as he fucked her and he was now using one hand to yank her hair and the other was squeezing and smacking her tits. Sarah came yet again her juices spilling out from her pussy onto her legs then running down to a small puddle that had been created on the floor. “Oh fuck yes, fuck me harder you stud. Fuck me as hard as you can.” She moaned. Luke was already fucking her as hard as he could but he knew that he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Oh baby I’m about to cum.” He decided to pull out of her ass and shot his wad in her cunt. Sarah would have protested except she knew it wouldn’t stop him and she was on birth control anyway. His cock exploded at the moment that he had once again buried it in her pussy. Huge spurts of cum filled Sarah’s womb and the sensation made her cum yet again. When Luke was finished he pulled out of her and then he walked back to his desk then he put on his clothes. Sarah became a little worried.

“Aren’t you going to untie me?”

“Not yet, your job isn’t done for tonight. If you recall you are to do whatever I want to whoever I want whenever I want. And I want you to arap escort bayan be a good little whore for my employees that are here tonight.” He walked out to the main part of the store and Sarah could here him tell the others to go in his office and take what they wanted from her. Gary and the two other men entered the room to find Sarah still bound to the water pipe. Her pussy was dripping wet the idea of being further used just made her even hornier. Sarah couldn’t believe how much of a slut she had been turned into. She was eager to be fucked by these three men and it showed in her lust filled eyes. Gary walked up to her and grabbed her by her raven hair. Then he turned to the other two men.

“I think the slut is ready for some action. Don’t you guys?” The tall black man, Shawn, standing next to him grinned.

“I would have to agree. Let’s see what this slut can do.” The third man, Jason, reached forward and undid the belt that was holding Sarah to the water pipe. Then Gary still holding her by her hair spun her around so that she was facing them. Instantly Sarah’s hands reached up and found Gary’s big cock. She rubbed it through his pants before removing his belt and pulling down his trousers releasing his cock.

“You are awfully horny aren’t you?” He said.

“Just fuck me you studs.”

Sarah grasped it and began to rub it before placing it in her mouth. She wanted to be fucked again, and she wanted it hard. With her lips and tongue she pleasured Gary’s 8 inch dick while her hands went to work on releasing the other two cocks. First she released Jason’s and took his 7 inch erection in her right hand stroking it in a steady motion. With her left hand she struggled to undo Shawn’s pants but when she did she was shocked to view his enormous penis. It was even bigger than Luke’s at 11 inches long and easily as thick. She instantly took her mouth from Gary’s dick and wrapped her lips around Shawn’s fat cock. She did her best to deep throat his cock but couldn’t quite make it. She began to alternate between the three cocks sucking off one while working the others with her hands. But before long she wanted more, she was anxious to be fucked by all three men at once. She was literally dripping wet and the three men noticed.

“Let’s gang bang this slut.” Gary enthusiastically shouted and within a few moments they had moved around and Sarah found astride Gary and she quickly forced herself down onto his fuck stick. Behind her stood Jason who was preparing to enter her anus from behind. And in front of her was Shawn who was eager to start fucking her pretty little face. When Jason pushed his cock into her ass she winced in mild pain but was quickly accustomed to his cock which wasn’t even comparable to Luke’s in width. Once Gary and Jason had a good rhythm going Sarah wrapped her lips around the thick black cock before her. She sucked for all she was worth hoping to pleasure the black stud and she found herself staring up at his face with her big brown eyes.

Shawn looked down into the eyes of the little slut and smiled, he could tell she was enthralled with his cock. He placed his hands on the back of her head and began to fuck her face. Sarah was already climaxing when the first forceful thrust from Shawn came. And she continued to cum with virtually every thrust of the cocks inside of her pussy and ass. The sensation of the two rubbing the walls between her pussy and ass was driving her wild and so was the fat dick fucking her face. Every climax was more powerful than the last and the amount of juice flowing from her seemed to increase as time went on. Before long neither Gary nor Jason could take anymore and both climaxed inside of her filling her womb and bowls with their seed. She moaned around Shawn’s cock sending him over the edge and without warning to Sarah cum gushed from his cock down her throat. Even though she was surprised but the first blast she managed to recover and swallowed load after load of his cum. Finally the three men pulled out of her and got dressed. They walked out of the room and left her there to dress.

Sarah couldn’t believe she had just taken on three guys like she had, and what was even more amazing was that she was still kind of horny. Even as she dressed she wanted to get fucked again. She walked into the main store to see that everyone had left except for Luke as she walked towards him he handed her the weapons and ammo she had removed at the beginning of the night. As she put them back on she felt his hands moving up and down her body.

“I’ve decided to make an alteration to the deal. From now on every time you enter this store you may not leave again until you have pleasured every single employee in the store.” His hands moved to her tits and squeezed them through her leather vest. “Do you find that acceptable?” Sarah’s arousal was through the roof and there was no way she could say no.

“Absolutely.” She moaned “I’ll gladly be a whore to every single employee of this store every time I’m here.”

“Good, I want you to bring me that $10,000 every Monday. You got that?” Sarah shook her head yes. “Excellent, now get the fuck out of here.”

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