We Started in the Car


We started in the car. We had been to dinner and were heading home on the LIE. I had noticed early on, you were wearing a thong, and I couldn’t help brushing against your ass at every chance I could get. I got a charge watching the other guys checking you out, too. The way they stared I knew they were thinking of how hot you are in bed; how they would love to peel you out of your clothes and see your ass up in the air, rocking back and forth as they take you from behind.

You were wearing those stretch pants that feel oh-so-fine and when we got in the car and started driving I couldn’t help rubbing my hand up and down your thigh.

I know you wore those pants for me. They make me crazy, the way they hug your hips, your thighs, and I can’t stop thinking of touching you through them.

I slowly move my hand from your knee up your thigh and back again, each time getting just a bit higher and higher. It’s a slow process, and I’m thinking you might stop me at each move. I guess the dinner and sangria has made you comfortable, because you seem happy and willing to let me play for now. Down to the knee and back up. Just a bit higher each time. I start turning my hand inwards, slowly, just a bit, with each trip back and forth. I think you’re enjoying it; I feel you spread your legs a bit, but it could just be my imagination. Wishful thinking.

I feel the edge of my hand brush against the crotch of your pants, feeling the softness of the material against my skin. On the next slow trip down your thigh I just use my fingertips on the inside of your leg. The trip back up is even slower, just lightly stroking the inside of your thigh with my fingertips.

At the top of the stroke, I gather up my courage, thinking you’ll put an end to my play time at any minute. I gently press my fingertips across the crotch of those awesome pants. Escort I can feel the strap of your thong as it disappears between your legs, and you let out a little sigh as I slowly put a little more pressure on my fingertips and gently rub you through your pants.

I can tell you’re enjoying the moment as you lie back in the seat and spread you legs a bit more. I can hear your breath, deep and slow. You pretend to brush a speck of dirt off your top, but I know you just wanted to feel a little pressure on your nipple to enhance the feeling of my fingertips on you. I can feel your pants getting wet as I draw little lines up and down your pussy. My hand pauses for a moment, and the quiet sigh that escapes your beautiful lips tells me it’s OK and you want more.

As I pull over to exit the highway I start to trace slow circles around your clit. Your pants and panties are pretty damp now, and you’re beginning to really let go, let yourself be pleasured. I stop for a red light, and since no one seems to be around, I quickly pop the shift into park, let loose my seat belt and turn to cover your lips with mine. My tongue slips between your open, willing lips, and we kiss, deeply, madly, with hectic passion; my finger never ceasing its rhythm against your clit. I peek my eye open and see the light is green, so I put it in drive and slowly keep heading for home.

You’re completely turned on now. I’ve never seen you this wild outside the bedroom! Your eyes are closed, your breath quick and heavy. You raise one of your hands and start caressing your breast through your blouse; your other hand is holding the roll bar tight, clutching it as if it will keep you grounded as you disappear deep inside your desire. I wish it was my cock gripped in your hand, with your lips and tongue running up and down my shaft; but that will come later; it’s your Escort Bayan turn right now. You’re squirming and moaning with pleasure as I slip my hand inside your pants. The string of your thong is drenched and I follow it down over your clit, between your lips and down to the bottom of your pussy and back.

Another red light. I put it in park and turn again. This time I use my free hand to undo the buttons of your blouse. Your tits look awesome in the red half-bra, and I’m glad you chose that one; it’s easier to pull down so I can give your hard, hard nipples a quick lick.

You don’t even realize we’ve stopped, or that there are six or seven 20 year old studs in an SUV stopped next to us, panting over the sight of you writhing as my fingers make their way back to your clit. Your eyes are pressed closed, lost in your fantasy. But their eyes are wide open as they stare down at you hungrily while we wait for the light to change, eyes fixed on your breasts heaving as you move in rhythm to the time of my finger. As I take off at the green light I give them a silly smile, knowing they’ll all be dreaming about fucking you as they jerk off tonight. Dream of you naked and willing, their private sex toy; dream of your perfect lips and tongue on them, dream of your wet pussy and tight ass gripping their cocks snugly as they fuck you until you scream with delight. Let them have their fantasies, it’s me you’re on the way home with, it’s me that makes you happy and horny. I’ll be with you, on you, in you…..soon.

We’re a few blocks from home, and I know I can’t stop. I want you, need you, have to have you cum. I purposely turn down those streets with all the factories, where no one walks at night, and park in a nice patch of darkness, midway between streetlights.

I leave the car running, and turn in my seat so I can give you Bayan Escort my full attention. You raise your gorgeous ass an inch so I can slip your pants and panties down below your knees. You’re dripping with juice now.

“God”, I say, “I love how wet you get. I’m hard for you, Lover, and I want you!”

You just moan in response, and squirm in your seat, blind and deaf to everything except the pleasure of my touch.

Now I have two hands to work with, and you have all my attention, you are the center of my world. With one finger still keeping time on your clit, I run my hand over your pussy, down through your lips, between your ass cheeks, and then back. My finger slips inside you easily, and I start twisting my hand as I slowly move in and out. Your breath is coming in bursts now as your body contracts in waves and lifts your ass off the seat.

I slip another finger in you, and a scream of pleasure cuts the air, as the need to cum rushes up your body. The smell of sex is heavy in the air; you’re bucking your hips, pumping into my hand, driving my fingers further and further into you. Your body begins to shake and I feel the muscles deep inside you contract around my fingers, gripping them and letting go as you shake with wild excitement. Your breasts are swaying in front of me, and I run my tongue over them, leaving them slick and shiny with my saliva. Your hands grab my hair and you scream “FUCK!” as shots of heat pulse through your pussy and into my hand. Your body convulses as wave after wave of pleasure surges up your spine and explodes in your soul, making you crazy with desire, screaming again and again as you lose all sight, all sanity as the orgasm floods over you.

The convulsions that shake your beautiful body taper off slowly as the after-effects of your orgasm fade. We kiss and kiss, and don’t notice the time moving on. A day, a year could be passing while we lay there.

Eventually, near exhaustion, we button up your blouse and slide your pants back up. We drive off to finish the short ride home. And the night is just beginning…

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