Weddings Make her Hot

Doggy Style

Weddings make me hot

Jill and I had been friends for over 20 years, from our days as teens at the local burger joint to now. We had both lived in different cities around the country, sometimes the same place sometimes not. We were both nerdy teens that had grown into successful adults as the best of friends. There was never any real sexual tension between us although I personally had found myself dreaming of what her naked body might be like in moments of self pleasure. However at the heart of it we were best friends and we were in our home town for a mutual friend’s wedding.

She was living there again, so she invited me to stay with her, on the couch of course, but we had shared a bed many times without incident. After some cocktails the night before she said I could share the bed and the night passed without incident as usual.

So the next day came and it was wedding day. I was in the wedding party, so was in my suit ready early. I farewelled her as I headed to the Groom’s house. She told me that she had an amazing dress for the event and that I would be amazed.

Come wedding time I was indeed amazed, the dress was a strapless pink silk dress that pushed her breasts up to display a cleavage I had always imagined and hugged her curvy behnd tightly.. Standing at the front of the gathered crowd alongside the other groomsmen I felt myself beginning to get hard and realised, standing in profile, my suit pants clearly showed my excitement. I saw her eyes drift downwards and a blush come to her cheeks. She knew what had caused this.

The wedding went off without a hitch and drinks flowed at the reception. As we all drank and celebrated on the dance floor Jill and I gravitated together. We were both looking our finest and we were regular dancefloor buddies. We danced closer and closer, both looking our absolute best, her silky dress felt great against my hands, I could feel every curve of her body. Several time I became rock hard and she would brush against the solid bulge. We would blush and move on. By the end of the night we finished with the slow dance, both full of alcohol my hard dick thrust into her stomach throughout that final dance. With my hand in her back pulling her it I felt the head thrust into the underside of her breasts, almost a foot shorter than me I was astounded by their firmness. The Side Escort song ended, we looked embarrassing at each other and headed for a taxi as the bride and groom departed.

Back at her place We switched from our fine clothes to more relaxed dress for lounging around. She wore black yoga pants and a tank top, I wore cloth shorts and a t-shirt. We poured more drinks and talked about the success of the wedding. Before long she complained of sore shoulders from the dancing and asked if I could massage them as I had so many times before. She lay face down on the couch, her beautiful round buttocks looking fine in the black yoga pants. I started to work on her shoulders as I had many times before. But unlike so many times before, as I leaned over to wrap my hands across here shoulders I felt my dick harden and push against the cloth shorts, then very obviously into her soft bum. As I rocked back and forth massaging she didn’t flich as the head of my hard dick continually brushed and pointed into her. I thought, “I’m getting away with this nicely.”

Then, as my thumbs massaged the small of her back, she pushed up with her knees and hard back into my groin. Not a word was said as she ground back into me, the view like I was taking her from behind as her gorgeous round butt thrust back into me. My cock now so hard it pointed out in the cloth shorts so much that a clear outline of the head, complete with small wet patch where pre-cum had started to appear was visible. In panic I said, “more drinks?” and walked to the counter to pour us each a fresh cocktail.

I breathed deeply trying to bring down my raging hard on as I started to pour two new drinks, “Matt” she creid, “what do you think?” I looked up to see her facing me, tank top flung in the air, both hands above her head and her breasts, firm with tiny pinkish brown nipples, me favourite size and shape, on display, her long brown hair flicking from side to side, my jaw on the ground.

“As good as you thought?” she asked. I think I mumbled some kind of response. But the newly formed bulge in my shorts told the story.

“Wait here” she said as she smile cheekily and jogged to her bedroom. “When I call you in be ready, I know you’ve thought about what to do now, many times.”

Surely not I thought. I reached down into my shorts to make sure everything was clean Side Escort Bayan and ready just in case. Using the glass of water on the table I quickly cleaned away any pre-cum and got ready for anything, “Come in, I’m ready!” OK, what is about to happen?

I entered the bedroom and looked across to the bed where we had slept the night before. She lay in front of me, her back on two pillows as she propped on her elbows smiling, naked, legs apart offering me the perfect view of a tiny landing strip and the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her skin was smooth, her stomach flat, but slightly soft, her hips curvy and her thighs soft and light brown from the regular trips to the beach over the summer. Even my wildest dreams did not match how beautiful she looked naked.

She rocked her head back and gestured with a finger for me to approach, as I did she pointed to the ground, so I dropped to my knees, she shuffled forward, her legs on my shoulders, placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed it roughly toward that beautiful pussy.

Using every experience at my disposal my lips came down on her clit with light suction, my tongue flicked underneath it and slid lightly along her lips, I slid a finger into her and stroked her g spot. Within minutes her first orgasm rocked through her. At this point the cute nerdy Jill Ihad known over 20 years was gone, replaced by a screaming, wide eyed woman with both hands pushing down on the back of my head, her legs wrapped tight around my neck as she almost pulled herself up from the bed with the power of her thighs. Wrapped tightly around my head her pulsing pussy thrust into my face as she yelled “Fucking lick it, fucking lick it, where’s this been hiding for 20 years. Fucking eat me and make me cum fuck you!”

Who was this? I knew the voice, but I had never heard her like this, I certainly liked it as I shimmied my shorts down exposing my hard cock. As I felt her orgasm subside I thought now was the time to work my way up her stomach towards those delicious breasts. I kissed gently on my way up, my lips eventually reaching her left nipple, which a gently sucked as I stood, place my knees on the bed, and kneeled above her. My cock almost twitching already slid up and down her wet slit.

“No!, again” she cried as she pie faced me backward. My knees slipped from Escort Side the edge of the bed and my face bounced off the covers between her legs. I felt her hands grip the hair on the back of my head as she roughly pulled my face in to provide a second, then a third screaming foul mouthed orgasm. Her eyes were wide, sweat poured from her brow she screamed “23 years and all I get are 3 orgasms, where have you been hiding these skills fuck you.”

As much as I loved eating her sweet pussy I desperately wanted to feel my cock surrounded by its warm embrace. I pulled away and stood, grabbed her by the hands and pulled her to a seated position at the end of the bed. “24 years and no orgasms” I said, “Friends return the favour.”

My penis stood hard and proud, just inches from her face. We had talked about dating many times as we had both adventured through our teens, twenties and now through our 30s, so I knew that she loved a thick, good looking cock. Almost a cock snob, so much so that although other women had complimented me many times I wondered how I measured up to her standards.

She was as surprised as I had been. “Its beautiful” she cried as she smiled and grasped it with her tiny hands that made me feel even bigger. “So thick so straight, just how I like them. I felt it up against me and I knew it would be good”.

Her thumb rolled around the head as she gripped and pulled down sharply. Her tight squeeze felt so good I thought I might explode on the fist stroke, but her hand didn’t slide back up, instead she laid her lips on the now bulging head and sucked deeply as it filled her mouth. Her tongue whipped around as she nodded just a little. Her mouth working only the first few inches. One hand gripped and gave short strokes as the other cupped my balls.

This was too much for me and as her hand gripped my balls they tightened and a torrent rushed into her mouth almost without warning, she tried to swallow, but cum shot from the sides of her mouth and back onto me. She sat back mouth open, cum on her chin, cheeks and running down her breasts.

She smiled and laid back and I laid alongside her. A moments rest I thought, before we start again.

I laid back on the bed and reached around her with and arm. She stopped me, looked across and said “That’s a bit much for the friendship don’t you think?”, then rolled over and quickly fell asleep. I sat frustrated wondering what had just happened. I heard a snore as I looked at her naked and now sleeping.

Already feeling myself get hard again I quietly stroked myself hard and wondered, “Where do we go from here?”

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