Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 79 Welcome to Gayberry � 79 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. This is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 79 The service ended and the choir and the organist left by the back stairs to change out of their robes. The sheriff had instructed Aunt Flea and Mrs. Bedford to wait in the choir room until they came to fetch them after the service. As the men reached the narthex of the building, where the reverend always greeted the church people after the service, the minister pulled Randy aside. Most of the people had left and were getting into their cars but a few lingered nearby. “Sheriff, I need to have a word with you, please” Reverend Smucker said. “Well of course, Reverend” Randy said, offering his hand which was ignored by the pastor. “I’d like you to meet my new friend and our visitor, David…” The pastor cut him off mid-sentence. “You must stop treating these women so badly” the minister said quietly. “I know what happed at your home this morning before the service. It is simply intolerable and unchristian to behave in a manner like that. The very idea that a law man would shock repeatedly two elderly saints of this church and then attempt to drown them in a bathtub. I will have to take some actions I’d rather not take and I may have to ask you not to come back to this church.” Reverend Smucker’s voice had become louder as he continued to speak. His face was red and he was a quite angry. A small crowd of men and boys was lingering nearby, sensing some disagreement between the pastor and the sheriff. “Pastor, you need to learn to keep your big ass nose out of things that don’t concern you” Randy said, his voice and his anger rising. “You have no idea what events have transpired with these two criminals you refer to as saints of your church. Maybe it don’t matter to you that Mrs. Bedford hired a hit man to kill a very young boy in this community and has been funding Ku Klux Klan operations in this community for many years. That may not matter to you that she screamed the word nigger at a woman in my employ this very morning or that there is a significant and growing amount of evidence she may have drowned her own husband after he kidnapped babies from strangers for her to raise as her own.” “I don’t really care what the circumstances were this morning” the reverend sniffed. It is unacceptable to treat women in such a manner as you reportedly treated them. I think you should perhaps start finding another place to worship.” “You wait a goddamned minute, preacher” said a man the sheriff didn’t recognize. The man stepped up and grabbed the pastor by his robe and lifted him completely off the ground. “You won’t talk that way to a member of this church and one of the finest men in this country” the man said angrily as he shook his fist in the frightened pastor’s face. A young boy stepped up, grabbing the older man by his jacket. “Dad, calm down” we can settle this without you punching the preacher” the boy said. The young boy was Tyler, one of the boys Randy and William had put in chastity after finding them drinking and having sex with the underage daughter of the mayor. The man put the pastor down but continued to speak. “This man is a saint in my book” the man continued. “This sheriff saved my boy and his best friend from going to Statesville Prison. I won’t get into all the gory details but he saved my son and for that I’ll always be grateful.” “I feel the same way about our sheriff” another man unknown to Randy said as he stepped up with his arm around a young boy the sheriff recognized as Robert, the other lad the sheriff had saved from dire legal jeopardy. “What you need to know is that the compassion and the brilliance of this sheriff not only saved our sons from prison but his actions have brought us closer to our boys than we ever dreamed. Neither boy was getting the school work done and now both boys are making honor roll. Both boys are smart but they weren’t trying academically. We were just hoping we could get them into a state school. Now they’re both working so hard, the guidance counselors tell us they may have a shot at getting into Duke or Vanderbilt. Not only that but we went with the boys yesterday out to the ranch the doctor is building for boys who need a place to live and some guidance. We all worked side by side with other men and boys from right here in this community. We worked our asses off but at the end of the day I’ve never been prouder of my boy or myself. Sheriff Gaylor has changed our lives for the better. So if you tell our sheriff he needs to find another church, you bet your ass, we’ll all leave right behind him and we’ll all take our checkbooks with us! And we didn’t see your fat ass or your butt buddy, Professor Hand out there working up a sweat to help out!” A round of applause broke out for the sheriff and the pastor quickly decided to fold his tent. “I’m sorry I can’t finish this discussion right now, gentlemen but I have scheduled a meeting with Nellie Walker and her uncle” Reverend Smucker said. “I would just urge you not to make any hasty decisions that might not please our Lord and Savior Jesus. Please do nothing until we have the chance to talk again.” The pastor turned and walked more quickly than he had moved in many years toward Nellie and her uncle. Several of the grumbling men wadded up their church bulletins and threw them at the pastor who was making an exit as hastily as he was able. David followed Randy to the side door nearest the choir room. Just as they were opening the door, Randy felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to find it was Tyler’s and Robert’s fathers. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you, sheriff, and we know you’re in a hurry � Sunday lunch and all, but we wanted to tell you that we meant every word of what we told that asshole preacher” the man who introduced himself as Ty said. “Both our boys are juniors but we used the diminutives so they go by their full names. ” Rob and Ty introduced themselves formally to David. “We really wanted you to know what a difference you’ve made in our lives and the lives of our sons” Ty said. “One reason we joined the boys at the workday on the ranch yesterday was because we had hoped to meet you and William. Of course the doctor told us you had taken your boys on a camping weekend. But we got to meet the doctor. Tyler and Robert sing his praises pretty much every day.” “But we wanted to thank you for reminding us of our responsibilities as fathers” Rob said. “The two of us had gotten too involved in not being who we really are. We had begun to overlook what friendship between men really meant. We had become a whole lot more interested in our careers and in being friends to our sons instead of being their teacher.” “Rob and I have been friends all our lives” Ty said. “We discovered everything together and that includes learning about sex and experimenting with girls and with each other. We let social restrictions move us away from those things. But, seeing our boys become so loving with us and each other, we’re continually rediscovering. It isn’t making our wives very happy but we’ve both told them they are welcome to leave if they don’t like us doing our duties as fathers. I wouldn’t mind if they both just packed their shit and left!.” “Fuck them” Rob chuckled. “Our first responsibility is to raise our sons. If they don’t like the way we’re doing that, they can fucking well leave. When the boys came to us to confess what had happened and the punishment you had devised, we were both pretty steamed. But we talked it out and it just began to make sense. You not only saved our boys from going to prison for fucking an underage girl, you may have saved them from knocking up some slut and ending their college years before they even got started. It all made sense when we saw how loving our boys were with each other and now with us. I had not cuddled with my own son since he was a toddler. Now we do that every night. My wife gets mad because I often go to sleep in his bed and spend the whole night there. Neither of us had seen our boys without clothes since they got their first little pubic hairs. The same was true with the way we had started hiding our maleness from them. That is just no longer true and we’re all better for it. We’re all heading back out to the ranch as soon as we grab a bite. And we plan to stay for the cookout tonight. I hope you and David will be there.” “I honestly didn’t know a thing about it but I’m sure David and I will be there if we’re invited” the sheriff said. “I’ve only talked to Doc for a quick minute and we had a lot going on earlier. We’ll look forward to seeing you at the ranch.” They all shook hands again and David and Randy headed for the choir room. “You really have helped those guys become better dads.” David said. “You should feel good about that.” “I’m just learnin’ as I go, son, just learnin’ as I go” the sheriff said. When they got to the choir room, Mrs. Bedford was already complaining about how she was starving and complaining about having to wait. “You better be quiet or the big, bad sheriff may shock you” the professor said, puffing out his chest. “The professor told us why he was delayed in getting to the sanctuary this morning” Mrs. Bedford blurted out. The professor’s eyes got wide in fear as he began chewing out the woman for having divulged the information he had given her in secret. “You just couldn’t wait, could you, you little prick!” David said as he grabbed the rotund, sweating man by his collar and the knot in his tie. “Not now, David,” the sheriff said. “It’s not worth doing it on church property. We’ll get even when he’s least expecting it. Like when he’s getting in his car in the dark when he leaves the church or when he goes out to his garage one morning. We’ll surprise the cowardly little motherfucker and it’ll be all the sweeter cause he won’t draw an easy breath till it happens. And when it happens, it’ll be too late.” The man fell to his knees, crawling in front of David and crying out loud. “I’m so sorry I told” the professor blubbered. “I was just so mad I couldn’t keep it in. Both of you humiliated me. You treated me as I have never been treated. There’s not a more respected man in this community than I and I couldn’t just let that pass. Please don’t hurt me! Mrs. Bedford and Miss Flea have never told my secrets before” “You mean like the one about when I caught you and the preacher sharin’ that cheap piece of pussy you both now call your secretary at the Buttercup Motel?” the sheriff asked. “Did he tell you that one, Mrs. Bedford? Did he tell you him and the preacher been buttfuckiin’ each other for years but both claim they’re straight because they keep a piece of pussy around as their beard? No, I bet he failed to tell you that one. Well, you’re goin’ to be hearin’ a whole lot more about this piece of shit motherfucker and his fuckbuddy, Reverend Smucker! That’s a promise!” “No, please” the professor begged. “Please, I take every word I said back. He’s lying to you ladies. I have never done anything with another man or with any woman except my precious, beloved wife. Don’t listen to his lies.” “Get out of the floor, you lying hunk of dog turd!” the sheriff said, kicking him full force right in the balls and causing his body to be thrown against the wall. He grabbed his crotch and started to vomit all over the room. He was crying, begging for mercy, and vomiting at the same time. “Keep on your blubberin’ dogshit man!” Randy said. “You will soon regret you ever were born you lying sack of shit!” The sheriff grabbed the two naked women and pushed them roughly down the hall and out the door, the professor still crying and retching in the choir room. Once they reached the door, David and Randy were laughing uncontrollably. They ordered the bitches to hit the road and told them for every minute it took them to get home, they’d each be getting a lick on their bare ass with the paddle. The women began to move as swiftly as possible, which was not very swift as both had no shoes and were futilely attempting to cover their breasts and their genitals as they went. They trailed closely behind the women in the car. At one point, Randy stopped the car and motioned Aunt Flea over as if to tell her something. When she got to the door, he swiftly opened it, causing her to tumble into the ditch. Quite a little crowd of boys and older men gathered as they neared home. They were whistling and catcalling and Aunt Flea was again in tears of humiliation. Mrs. Bedford looked straight ahead, furious at the sheriff. By the time they reached the house, the women were grimy with dust and small stones. Randy said it had taken twenty one minutes for them to walk home so they’d each be getting twenty one licks with the paddle. He ordered them into the back yard where he and David hosed them down using a garden hose. He then threw towels at them and told them they had five minutes to dry themselves. He informed them that another lick would be added for each minute they used over the allotted five. Randy invited David to have a seat in the living room and Eliza brought them big glasses of iced tea. She asked if they had heard any news while they were out. They said they had not so she told them there had been news bulletins about an explosion and plane crash near the lake where they had spent the night. “The footage I saw indicated it happened last night so I knew your babies were okay” Eliza said. “I knew you wouldn’t have left them sweet, precious boys in any danger.” “I’m sure they are all right” the sheriff said. “I kissed Dopie before I left this morning although he didn’t even stir. I remember that David and I heard what sounded like an explosion sometime around eleven but we wrote it off as fireworks.” “Then you may have heard it” Eliza said, turning on the television which was flashing a news bulletin. The station in Raleigh was showing a video recording which at first appeared very dark, then you could see tiny red lights flashing. Then a red light appeared to fall from the sky followed by a massive, fiery explosion and orange fireball which slowly dropped into the dark water. “No chance anyone could’ve survived that” Eliza said. “Not a snowball’s chance in hell.” The reporter said that search teams had continued to search the entire evening and all morning with only minor debris found floating in the water at this point. They also said the passengers had been identified but were not releasing names pending family notifications. “There’s gonna be some sad folks when they find out who was on that plane” Eliza said. “There could also be some pretty happy people. When tragedies like this happen, all the people who perished seem to get instantly sanctified. Instant sanctification is how I think of it. There may have also been some real assholes on that plane. Of course nobody will admit that. Who’s gonna jump up and down and celebrate that some assholes got killed in a plane crash? It’s kinda the same way they put up all them memorials to confederate generals after the civil war. Why, there’s monuments everywhere to that General Nathan Bedford Forrest and that motherfucker started the Ku Klux Klan. I bet that Bedford bitch is related to that sorry motherfucker!” “That’s true” the sheriff said, winking at David. “So very true” David said, winking back at the sheriff. I’d be willin’ to wager everything I got in this world that ain’t a soul gonna be sad when that she-bitch you took to play the organ at church this mornin’ finally kicks the bucket” Eliza said. “That shebitch better be getting’ her saggy ass downstairs or the additional licks are gonna start addin’ up.” The women made it downstairs with twelve seconds to spare. Both were still a mess, but they had managed to remove the dust and stones from their bodies. Both had wrapped large white towels around themselves. “Nobody told you that you could use those towels!” Randy barked. “Those are for Eliza and our guests. Get them off right this motherfuckin’minute. You ain’t gonna need towels or nothin’ else when you’re across our knees.” Randy had laid out a mean-looking leather strap and two ping pong paddles. “Which one do you want to start with?” the sheriff asked David. “Doesn’t make a bit of difference to me” the boy answered with his beautiful smile. “Why don’t you start with Aunt Flea’s fat ass and I’ll take the scrawny bitch” the sheriff said. “We can give them twenty one licks and then switch. I think I want to start with the paddle and save the strap for later.” “Wait, wait, wait” Mrs. Bedford objected as the sheriff began to guide her across his lap. “That was not the deal. You said one lick for each minute it took us to get home. That took twenty one minutes. So we should only receive twenty in total and not twenty one from each of you.” “Bitch, I guess you’re just never gonna get it through your head that you don’t make the rules anymore. It is how I fuckin’ say it is. Now get your ass across my knee or I add ten penalty swats for each of you.” “Please just hush, Tara, and let’s get this over with” Aunt Flea begged. “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life being naked and touched by a young stranger and then by my own nephew. My own blood.” “Don’t go trying to shame the sheriff, ma’am” David said to Aunt Flea. “He’s a man trying to do the right thing for the people of this town and the sooner all of you understand that, the easier life will be.” “Fuck you” Mrs. Bedford said under her breath. “What was that you said, Mrs. Bedford?” David asked. “Nothing” she answered. “I said nothing. Just get on with this.” “Where the fuck is Mrs. Dykes, by the way?” the sheriff asked. “I didn’t see her this mornin’ or since we got back.” “She’s still up in her room” Eliza said. “She’s having a terrible time with morning sickness. If she even hears food mentioned before noon, she vomits constantly.” “Guess she shoulda thought about that when she was chowin’ down on the Colonel’s fat, tasty cock” Randy mersin escort laughed. “Get her down her to see her girlfriends getting’ their asses busted.” Eliza disappeared up the stairs as Randy and David held their paddles ready. “Okay, bitches, you know the drill” the sheriff said. “You both count the licks out loud. If you miss one, we start all over.” “Go ahead, young man,” Randy said. “You get the first one and make every single one count. I want these bitches beggin’ for mercy. ” David held the paddle tightly in his hand and took a full swing, the paddle landing perfectly centered on Aunt Flea’s dimpled white butt cheek. It made a very loud slap, followed by a scream from the woman. “I’m gonna have to step up my game” Randy chuckled. “That was about the loudest pop I’ve ever heard out of a ping pong paddle. Look, you’ve already got her cryin’.” Randy responded with a hard lick to Mrs. Bedford’s scrawny butt. The sound was different as she was much bonier than Aunt Flea. The sound was more of a thud than a slap, but it was painful nonetheless. They continue for a while, with both women crying and begging them to stop by the time they reached eight. Eliza had brought Mrs. Dykes down now and seated her in a chair very near where the ladies were receiving their punishments. She looked more attractive than Randy remembered. Though disheveled, she had on some makeup. She was wearing a short men’s tee shirt that barely covered her to the top of her thighs. When she sat, she crossed her legs and pulled the tee shirt down to try to hide her privates. When they had delivered fifteen swats, Randy suggested they take a break and switch to the strap. Both women were crying and pleading with them to stop. Both were promising better behavior but Randy ignored their pleas. “Shut the fuck up and both of you bend over the back of that couch” Randy said. “I want you side by side and get ready for this leather strap. Them paddles was child’s play compared to what you’re about to get. “I guess you’re thankin’ your lucky stars you got a baby inside of you” Randy said to Mrs. Dykes. “David, this is Mrs. Dykes, the wife of the mayor you saw at church this mornin’ with his slut daughter .” “Well, who was the attractive woman he was taking to church?” “Oh, that’s his fianc�” the sheriff answered. “He caught this Mrs. Dykes with the big, fat cock of a traveling liniment salesman inside her making her moan and scream so he divorced her. He’s now shacked up with and engaged to marry the ex-wife of the prisoner at the jail you met this morning who wears girl’s panties, sucks off the town drunk and who got his nuts cut off. I know it’s hard to keep the characters straight. Well Mrs. Dykes here has three daughters, the younger two of which have gone to live with her mother and father and the oldest lives with her father and the father’s new girlfriend. She’s underage but is still one of the biggest sluts this town has ever seen.” “Oh yes, I think I’ve got that straight” David said. “She’s the dick-crazy little teen slut who is doing the leadout at the big Purity Ball with her father.” “You’ve got it, son” the sheriff said, embracing the handsome muscle boy. “Mrs. Dykes, have you signed the papers yet giving up any parental rights to the baby you’re carrying?” “Yes, I’ve done that” she answered. “I can’t wait to have this brat and get to my parents and my other two daughters. I just want to put this whole Gayberry thing behind me. That asshole husband of mine had my own daughter bring me divorce papers yesterday to sign. She was with that little tramp friend, Sarah and I’m sure they were going cock hunting. And Franklin is giving me nothing. Not one dime after I gave him three beautiful daughters. He says he can prove my adultery with the Colonel and I guess he’s right. I’ll leave that marriage without anything.” “Ummm, you might want to think about that, Mrs. Dykes” the sheriff said. “You are technically still married and he is living with another woman. Don’t that make him just as guilty of adultery as you are? It might be worth talkin’ to my friend, Arnold. He’s a good lawyer and he won’t charge you nothin’ for a consultation.” “Sheriff, I always thought you and Franklin were friends” the woman said. “Why would you be willing to help me out with this?” “It’s entirely possible I’ve saw another side of your husband that I hadn’t seen before” the sheriff said. “I knew he was settin’ you up to get pregnant but I bought into his story about how bad he had always wanted a son. He told me all about how you ain’t fucked him since your youngest daughter was born and how you hated fuckin’. Now I’ve seen some things that made me understand things from your point of view. I don’t think he’s a fit parent for any more babies, boys or girls.” “I appreciate that, sheriff, and I do appreciate your help with this”she said as Randy handed David the thick leather strap and they began the painful lashes on the women. By the time they finished the lashes with the strap, both women were sobbing and begging for it to end. “No can do” the sheriff said. “But we do need to finish up cause we have other places to go and people to see. Aunt Flea, I want you to remember how this felt the next time you think about spillin’ your guts to that fuckin’ preacher. If you pull that shit again, what you got today will be mild in comparison to what you’ll be getting’.” “I fixed you boys a little snack since I know you haven’t had lunch” Eliza said, inviting them to the table where she served them meat loaf sandwiches and cheesy mashed potatoes with English peas and homemade rolls. “If I’da known you men were going to be free for lunch I’d have arranged something fancier” Eliz said. “I know you both must’ve worked up an appetite beatin’ them bitches!” “No apology necessary, ma’am” David said. “That is the best meat loaf I ever put in my mouth. Thank you kindly for the delicious food.” “Okay, let’s get this done” the sheriff said. “For the sake of not usin’ so much time, I propose we just bend `em both over the sofa and give them twenty one swats as hard and as fast as we can. How does that sound.” “Sounds like a perfect plan to me” David said. “No, Randy!” Aunt Flea cried. “You’ve already given us out punishment! This is just not fair. I can’t take any more of this!” “You’ll take whatever the fuck I say you’ll take, you mean old bitch!” Randy spat at the woman. They placed both women leaning over the back of the sofa, both their asses totally exposed. “I don’t know about you, son, but that’s two of the ugliest assholes I ever looked at” the sheriff chuckled. “You ready?” They both went at it with hard, fast swats, this time counting for themselves. The women were wailing in pain as the red spots on their buttocks began to ooze a clear liquid with reddish streaks. Here’s the rubbing alcohol, sheriff” Eliza said. “I knew you’d be asking for it when you finished.” She handed him a full bottle of rubbing alcohol. “Thank you, Eliza!” the sheriff said with a warm smile. “No, please Randy, I can’t take that” Aunt Flea was begging as he opened the bottle and the distinctive smell filled the room. “It’s a brand new bottle so it’ll be really strong” Randy said. “Now if either of you moves an inch while we rub this on, we will start all over from the first lick.” “No, please” Aunt Flea screamed as the alcohol was poured into the open wounds. Both women were howling by the time they finished. “You might want to reapply that every couple of hours for the next twenty four or so” the sheriff recommended. “I’ll take care of it, sheriff” Eliza said. “You can count on that. I just dearly love hearing those bitches squeal like a couple of piggies.” David asked Eliza for a bottle of water before they left and she gave him one. When they got out to the car, Randy asked David about the water. “We just had two big glasses of iced tea” the sheriff said. “Are you havin’ some kind of thirst crisis or somethin’? “No, sir, I just realized it was warming up considerably and thought we better get some for Miriam” David said. “Oh fuck!” the sheriff exclaimed. “I plumb forgot about that bitch bein’ in the fuckin’ trunk! Glad your brain’s workin’ a whole lot better than mine. We need to get her outta there. I don’t know of no place better to take her than the quarter. I ain’t sure that’s a good long term solution but I think it’s the best I got for now. We need to give the bitch some water but we can’t risk it till we get there. I need to stop and get some food for the others. They ain’t been fed or watered since we left on Friday afternoon. That’s gonna be a mess. I had thought we’d get by there early before church but things just ain’t worked out as planned.” They stopped at a small store and bought some crackers and some snowball dessert treats. They drove by the Churchill Plantation house on the way and the sheriff pointed out the place to David. He explained that Michael Churchill was partnered with Frankie Blount, who had inherited the Blount Plantation. He also explained that the two men were married to a pair of lesbian sisters who shared the Blount Plantation home place. “Their arrangement really seems to work for them and most everybody in town knows what’s going on” the sheriff explained. “Nobody says nothin’ because of all the good they do in this town. The only problem is when the klan starts stirin’ up some faggot shit or some racial bullshit, but, for the most part things are better now. Especially since we got these motherfuckers locked up in the old slave quarters here.” He explained how the burning of the Colony school and community had occurred and how they had determined that the klan members behind the burnings were also behind the workings of the Reverend Smith’s Church and the nonconsensual circumcisions of teen boys. “Let’s go on in and leave the bitch in the trunk till we get the lights on and see what a mess the place is” Randy said. They went in and Randy turned on the master switch lighting up the cavernous building. “Wow!” David said. “It looks nothing on the inside like what you’d expect on the outside. It’s really a high tech facility out here in the middle of nowhere . Fucking chrome and stainless steel everywhere with special lighting. Is that a sound booth in the back?” “Yes, it is but we ain’t really used it” the sheriff said. “There’s a lot we ain’t explored because we’ve just had our hands full since the day we brought the first men here. You’re welcome to explore all you want, son.” “I’d really love that once we deal with what we have to deal with” the boy said. “I’d love to spend a whole day in here just seeing what’s here and how things work.” “You can explore to your heart’s content” the sheriff said. “Michael and Frankie had more money than God himself and when they were in college, they had this place redone for the bondage parties them and their college buddies liked to throw. I imagine there was some really wild times. Both of them are especially fond of marines and I hear them guys can get pretty goddamned kinky.” Once the lights were on, the men were squawking, cursing and yelling about how hungry they were. Thor was begging to have his bladder drained. “Sheriff, we’re all so hungry” young Charlie said. “We ain’t et for days and we’re all so thirsty. I think I’ll die if I don’t get water soon. I been tryin’ to figure out how to drink my own piss. We all have but we can’t do nothin’ with our arms stretched out and chained. Thor’s been screaming that his bladder is on the verge of busting. P.T. won’t stop his fucking screaming.” “David, this is young Charlie” the sheriff said, handing David the keys to unlock the shackles from his wrists and ankles. “Charlie may seem like one of the good guys and he’s gotten really good at cleaning up the others and washing up the place. We have high powered and regular hoses which wash all the piss and other refuse away and down the recessed drains. Charlie, clean yourself up and then start on your dad.” “Yes, sir, sheriff, “the boy said as he busily started his duties. “See, he can seem almost like a normal human” the sheriff said. “But we have to remember that him and his paw took a contract on Kurt Smith, one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet and were seconds away from putting a shotgun blast into the boy’s chest. He was going to kill that boy for one hundred fucking dollars and he helped set fire to the school and the homes of black folks in the colony.” “Why do you have to go and keep dredging all that fucking bullshit up, sheriff? Goddammit, I’m trying as hard as I know how to do better and you goddamn well know it” Charlie screamed. “See, he’s really just another asshole, only a little bit younger” the sheriff said. “Charlie, we all know you ain’t tryin’ to be a better person. You’re just tryin’ to do anything you can to save that little teen pecker of yours from that sharp, steel blade.” Charlie glared at the sheriff as he began washing his father. “I see exactly what you mean” David said. “And who is this young Charlie is washing?” “This man with the bandage on his peter is Charlie’s father, Charles” the sheriff said. “Charles used to own the finest hotel in Gayberry. He was known as a respectable businessman in the community. But then he chose to do the work of the Klan and helped to burn down the Colony School and community. The hotel is now being run and is owned by the city for the benefit of the very people whose homes and school he burned. He’s also the first one we cut without no anesthesia. Not a fuckin’ drop! You shoulda heard the asshole howl! And he still howls when we pull that dried gauze off his cock and pour the rubbin’ alcohol on it. You oughtta try it.” The sheriff moved Charlie out of the way and retrieved a bottle of alcohol. Mr. Print was begging the sheriff not to touch him as the sheriff roughly ripped the dried, blood-crusted gauze from his cock and it began to bleed again. He really screamed when the sheriff poured the alcohol on it as the sheriff and David howled at laughter at the man attempting to get away from the burning liquid.” “So you guys circumcised him yourselves with no anesthesia whatsoever?” David asked. “That had to hurt.” “Oh fuck yeah” the sheriff said. “Just like it hurt the boys they held down with the help of their own paws in that little church. Those men held down their own sons on that fuckiin’ wooden table in the center of this room and cut their cocks while the boys were begging and pleading with their own goddamned fathers not to hurt them. Can you believe that?” “No, sir, I guess I really can’t” the boy said. “My paw would’ve never hurt me and he’d have killed anybody who tried to harm me.” “That’s what paws is for” the sheriff said. “Charlie, when you’re finished cleanin’ up your paw, you can feed him a sleeve of them crackers and a snowball. You can have some too and there’s water in the cooler. Help yourself, boy, just don’t dawdle.” They moved on and were standing before the Smith brothers, Reverend Roy and his brother, Jack. Randy thought both men were tolerating captivity rather well. Both had just a bit of a paunch when they were brought here and that was now gone, leaving flat, fuzzy tummies leading to thick patches of pubes. Both men were uncut and had very respectable penises. Jack’s foreskin was longer, ending in a lip which overhung his cockhead. Both men were phobic about being stared at or having another man touch their penis in public. This here is Reverend Roy who seemed to hatch the whole idea of cutting boys without anesthesia in his sadistic little pea brain” Randy explained to David. “He founded a redneck dumbass evangelical church in the woods and somehow attracted some men of substance. I think he lured them in by dangling young cocks in front of their closeted little minds but we ain’t sure about that quite yet. Anyway, the reverend didn’t have no sons. He weren’t man enough to make boys and his wife could only spit out girls. So the reverend focused on his handsome nephew. First he got his oldest daughter engaged to her first cousin, Jack’s son, then convinced the boy’s father that the boy was hellbound for masturbating. He convinced his brother and a number of other men that they could only save their sons from the fires of hell by tying them to an altar and cutting off the ends of their cocks. He convinced them that circumcision stops a boy from beatin’ his meat. He refused to use any anesthesia and insisted the paws hold their sons down while he sliced into their young cock meat. Right next to him is his somewhat more handsome brother, Jack. Jack is the father of Kurt, at least for the time being, a beautiful, sweet boy whom you’ll be meeting in just a little while. He promised his son would marry the reverend’s daughter, Sarah, but then the reverend started noticing just what a handsome, innocent boy Kurt had grown into. He decided to seduce the boy for himself as he did a number of other young boys while posing as a pastor and healer. He managed to accrue a significant amount of funds from members who believed he could save their sons from eternal damnation. He also has a wife who has no interest in locating the reverend as she has taken up with the pastor of the most important mainstream church in town and with the music director, a college professor of some note in this area. You met both of them pretentious windbags this mornin’. Of course Reverend Smucker and Professor Hand are both deeply closeted buttfuckers who have fucked each other for years. It just seems to make them feel better about theirselves if they have a slut in the bed with them. Reverend Smith’s wife, Beverly June, has filled that need perfectly and currently resides with the pastor and his wife in that big old house the church provides for them.” “What are you starin’ at, motehrfucker?” Reverend Roy asked David. “You must be wantin’ some of this prime meat in your mouth. Go ahead and put it there and I’ll fill you so full of piss you won’t be able to walk. Neither of us has pissed in almost two days and we’re both about to bust. The rest of these assholes has just let their piss go but me and my brother wasn’t raised like that!” “Do these shock collars all escort mersin the men are wearing still work?” David asked quietly. “They sure do” the sheriff said, walking over to the table, retrieving the remotes and bringing them back. “Which one is for the fine, upstanding reverend here?” “If I recollect, it’s the one with the number three sticker on it” the sheriff said, smiling. “No, please don’t do that” the reverend begged the boy. “I was very rude and I apologize. It’s just that we’re hungry and we’re extremely thirsty and I’m about to die to take a piss! I didn’t mean to be rude and I spoke inappropriately and I’m sorry.” David took the master key the sheriff had given him and unlocked the wrist shackles. Reverend Roy moved, very slowly at first as he slowly regained motion in his arms. “Please don’t use the collar” he begged, almost crying now. “I can’t stand that. It makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack.” “Do you need to piss as bad as your brother does?” David asked Jack Smith. “We’re all about to bust open except a couple of us has already let it go” Jack said. “My brother and me have always hated the smell of piss so we tried to hold it till we knew somebody was here to wash it down the drains. I can’t hold it much longer.” “You won’t have to hold it, Jack” David said calmly and quietly. “Reverend get on your knees and put your brother’s penis in your mouth” David said in a very soft tone. “Do it right now or I will hit the button on this device.” “No, please sir, I just can’t he’s my brother and I’m no cocksucker” the reverend said, tearing up now. “Please don’t make me do this. This goes against ever’thing I believe and against all the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jehovah. Not only the fact that he’s a man but he’s also a blood relative.” “So was your handsome nephew but that shore didn’t stop you from molestin’ that handsome boy, you fuckin’ asshole!” the sheriff said. “It won’t be bad” David said. “Actually your brother has a very nice cock, much like your own. It’s a shame you boys haven’t been taking care of each other’s needs all your lives like most good brothers would.” “Incest is a sin in the sight of the Almighty Jehovah” Preacher Roy said. David smiled sweetly at him and hit the button on the shock collar. The reverend’s body went completely rigid, his eyes bugging out. Then his muscles began to jerk. Randy was laughing out loud as were P.T. and Charlie. The reverend was screaming as his body convulsed. Then David released the button and the reverend crumpled to the floor. David reached out and began to run his fingers through Jack’s thick pubes. Jack stiffened but said nothing, just glaring at handsome David. “Preacher, you have five seconds to get on your knees and put your brother’s fucking cock into your fucking mouth” David said, never raising his voice or losing his sweet smile. “Do you understand me?” “I’m so sorry brother” the preacher said as he got to his knees and put his head near his brother’s flaccid, uncut penis. “Open up, preacher man” David said. “And, Jack, you will unload your bladder in your brother’s mouth. You will empty it completely. If you don’t start your flow within ten seconds, I will hit you with double the shock your brother got earlier. Now do you both understand?” Both men nodded and the reverend opened his mouth as Jack got closer and his brother enveloped his flaccid cock in his warm mouth. Jack started pissing in his brother’s mouth almost immediately. Roy began to cough but David grabbed his hair and warned him he would lick up anything that hit the floor. Roy looked sick but he began to swallow as fast as he possibly could. Only a few stray drops ran down his chin onto his neck. “Jack, I’m going to go ahead and unlock your wrist cuffs so that when your dear brother finishes pissing in your mouth, you can do the same for him” David said. “Oh hell no” Jack said. “I don’t take dicks in my mouth like you faggots!” “Yes, you do now” David said. “You have a few minutes to think about it though while he finishes draining you. If you don’t hit your knees for him I will make the shock he got look like absolutely nothing. You better think hard and you better fucking think fast.” “Charlie, you can get started on the Smith brothers while they’re loading each other up with their piss loads” the sheriff said. “We do need to move along. You seemed to enjoy the crackers and the cake.” “Yes, sir, I was starved” the boy said. “Thank you for the food. I just love those snowballs! That chocolate cake with cream filling and topped with cocoanut! They’re my favorite. I know I ate a lot more than my share but I just couldn’t stop eating once I got started.” “That’s okay” the sheriff said. “A growin’ boy needs his nourishment more than a bunch of old, tired fuckers. Why don’t you help yourself to another snowball” the sheriff suggested. “I’m sure someone won’t want one after tummies get full of piss. And don’t worry about them. They’d all sure as hell let you starve while they filled their bellies. Bet on it.” As Charlie began washing Jack Smith, the sheriff moved on down the line to where Thor was crying silently. The big man had said little after his initial outburst. “Thor, you’ve been awfully quiet since we got here” the sheriff said. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay today?” “Hell no, I don’t feel okay” Thor spat at the sheriff. “I think my bladder has busted and I’m probably dyin’ from the poisons being released in my system.” “I think you’re worrying needlessly and unnecessarily” David said. “It must have hurt a lot when they cut your nuts and your penis off. Randy tells me you did some very bad things so I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for you. Your belly looks and feels a little bloated thought.” The sheriff touched the man’s bloated belly right above the pubic area and the man jerked away in pain. “Your bladder’s definitely full” Randy said. “David, as you have already noticed, I’m sure, Thor no longer has any of the male equipment. Thor made the mistake of accepting a contract to kill my very dear friend William and his two sons, Johnny and Billy Paul. He has paid for it with his cock and his balls. He can only empty his bladder when we release the clamp on this tube and if he goes to long without being drained, his bladder will essentially burst, releasing all that piss in his abdomen.” “That would not feel very good” the boys aid sarcastically. “You are absolutely correct” the sheriff chuckled. “Would you like to release the clamp? Just grab the tube and aim it directly at the drain.” “Is it really a Christian thing to do to waste all that liquid when the men are complaining about how thirsty they are?” “That’s a good point” Randy said. “How could I have been so thoughtless? I” get Barrow off the wall and let Thor quench his thirst.” No!” screamed Barrow. “I can’t take any more of this! I just fucking can’t. ` “You can fuckin’ take it or I’ll hit your shock collar and hit you with that cattle prod up your asshole till your fuckin’ heart stops beatin”! Randy said as he dragged Barrow’s body over to Thor and threw him to the floor in front of Thor. Randy took the clamp and released it, immediately drenching Barrow in Thor’s piss. Then he reclamped it and told Barrow to take the tube in his mouth. Barrow, terrified of being shocked, silently did as he was instructed as Randy unclamped the tube and the piss began to rush through the tube and into Barrow’s mouth. Thor groaned in delight as he slowly felt the pressure being released. David looked over to see Roy still had his brother’s cock in his mouth. “Jack has to be finished pissing now” David said. “It’s time to swap things out.” “Not quite but almost” Jack said. “I ain’t never needed to piss that bad. But please don’t make me do this. Please, I am begging you.” “No mercy” the sheriff said. “We’ve been draggin’ this out long enough. I’m about ready to just line all of you up and lob off the ends of your dicks. We might have a little teeny tiny bit of room to negotiate with you brothers. If you two was to decide to give us a complete list of names of all the boys you cut at that church and their paw’s names, we might consider giving both of you a break. I ain’t makin’no promises cause I ain’t the only decision maker but it’s something you fellows might want to think about and discuss once you both finish slurpin’ each others’ pissloads.” Roy had finished draining Jack and came off and opened his mouth to prove he had swallowed and it was Jack’s turn to drain him. “That’s a good boy” the sheriff said. “I know you heard the information I just gave while you was drinkin’ piss. I ain’t givin’ you long to think about it and I ain’t makin’ no promises. But if you don’t want to feel that sharp blade cuttin’ into your cock meat this very fuckin’ day, you better think about it.” “Thor, I think that’s about enough drainin” David said. “Charlie, when you finish the Smith’s please get started on Thor.” “Please, it ain’t empty yet” Thor said. “It’d feel so good just to feel an empty bladder for a few minutes. Please let me finish draining.” “Ignore his bullshit, David,” the sheriff said. “We don’t want to spoil these motherfuckers.” David clamped off the tube and he pulled the tube from Barrow’s mouth, throwing him onto the floor. “Brother Barrow, I ain’t heard a word from you today” the sheriff said. “You need to be more hospitable or I might just stop bringing new guests for you to meet. I see you still got that sullen look on your face and that gauze on your cock looks pretty damned crusty. I bet that’s gonna hurt when it gets ripped off. Our new buddy said you had some good man pussy when he fucked you. I bet you’d like this handsome David to put his cock up in you now.” Barrow just glared at the sheriff and David, staying silent. “Oh, David, I think young Mr. Barrow is pissed off at the world” the sheriff said. “See, Mr. Barrow tried to sabotage our school principal by sending a couple of bitches to wound or kill him so he could get the job. He then moved the money between Mrs. Bedford and the Prints to kill young Kurt Thomas. Then he appears to have been the ringleader for the burning of the Colony. He considers himself quite a stud and a real leader. He’s got some muscles and a nice hairy body but he came up short in the meat department. The lord really shorted Mr. Barrow w on the cock meat. He’s the most recent one we’ve cut and Arnold did him. I think Arnold had to use forceps to grip Barrow’s cock for cutting. Poor old Barrow’s got even less cockmeat than he did when he got here!” Barrow spit at the sheriff but the gob fell short and hit the floor. “That just wasn’t very smart, Mr. Barrow” David said. “I consider this sheriff a very good friend of mine and I don’t look kindly on people who attempt to spit on my friends.” “It didn’t even hit him” Barrow said in his most surly voice. “It hit the fucking floor.” “That was certainly not for a lack of trying and you will regret that move. I assure you that you will regret that” David said. “You’ll regret that even more than that Mrs. Bedford regretted calling that black woman a nigger this morning.” “Wait a minute” Barrow said, his ears perking up. “You said Mrs. Bedford. You mean Mrs. Tara Bedford. So she is alive and not in prison. Boys are you all hearing this? Great news! Tara Bedford is alive out there and she’s a free woman. That means she’ll be sending people to save us. She swore the oath we all did that we would never give up if any of us got captured. We will soon be out of this godforsaken hellhole. I’m sorry I was nasty to you. This is the best news I could imagine. We’ll soon all be free!” The men were shouting and celebrating at the news. The sheriff winked at David and David nodded back. “I hate to spoil your little celebration, Barrow” the sheriff said. “That’s the first time I ever saw a smile on your handsome face. I can understand now how you charmed all the ladies and got them to do your biddin’. But eventually you couldn’t keep a woman loyal once she saw what you have in the dick department. I bet most women just laughed when they saw that tiny little thing you call a cock. That must’ve been real hurtful, especially after you made promises to them you couldn’t keep. But I do need to check your cock and make sure you’re healing all right” the sheriff said as Barrow squirmed and tried to avoid the sheriff’s big hands. “Stop squirming or I’ll hit you with the collar.” Barrow gritted his teeth as the sheriff combed through his thick pubic bush. “Goddamn, boy, I can’t even find a cock in all this bush!” the sheriff laughed. “Are you sure Arnold didn’t just cut that little thing off? Look at this, David. This heman may have the world’s tiniest dick. Ah, here’s the gauze.” Barrow gritted his teeth and held his breath, determined not to show his pain when the sheriff ripped the gauze off his cock. He had seen how Mr. Print had screamed in agony each time he went through it and he had tried to prepare himself so as not to give his tormentors pleasure. But when the sheriff ripped the gauze off his penis, he could not help screaming out. It felt as if a hot knife had been plunged into his groin. He continued to scream, pleading with them not to touch him until he could get his breath. “Sorry that hurt so much, Barrow,” the sheriff chuckled. “Seems that David has a much more tender touch. You shouldn’t have pissed him off. Learn a lesson, asshole.” The man’s thick pubic blush was now filled with blood as young Charlie began to bathe him. “Don’t fucking touch me down there, you fucking faggot asshole!” Barrow screamed at the boy. “Charlie, let’s get Barrow back in his shackles as quick as we can” the sheriff instructed. “We need to make sure we put plenty of alcohol on that fresh incision so he won’t get infected. It would be a goddamned shame for him to miss the impending rescue he’s so sure his friend, Tara Bedford, is coordinatin’.” Jack had finished draining his brother’s piss load now and the sheriff gave both men crackers and a snowball each. All the men had been given their food and bathed except for P.T., who was still in the wooden box on the altar table. “I ain’t heard nothin’ out of the asshole for the last thirty minutes or so” the sheriff said. “He could have died” Thor said. “He warned y’all his heart couldn’t take being in that box. You may have killed him.” “I’d really hate that” Randy said, “but only because we hadn’t put the blade to his cock yet. I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ if he can scream as loud when he feels the blade as when we put him in that little wood box.” The sheriff began to remove the nails from the top of the wood box and he could hear P.T. crying and begging softly to be let out of the box. “Motherfucker ain’t dead yet” the sheriff announced as he pulled the nails out of the wood. “P.T. is one slimy son of a bitch” the sheriff explained to David. “He’s William’s father in law and he undermined William in every way from the day William married his daughter. It turns out the man was running an international trafficking ring, selling children all over the world. William found out about it and then P.T. found out that William knew. He sent Thor and a couple of his other thugs who are now dead, to kidnap both of William’s sons and eventually kill both boys and William. The plot got foiled and P.T. is here, along with Thor, the dickless muscleman. William’s wife, who is P.T.’s daughter, is sitting in solitary confinement under twenty four hour max security at the prison in Statesville. She will be there until she delivers the baby she is carrying which William will raise as his own son. P.T. is considered highly dangerous and a ruthless character, but we discovered he can be reduced to screaming and begging by placing his sorry ass in a pine box and nailing the lid shut. The second the lid came off, P.T. leapt from the box and began running wildly around the room. It seemed he was temporarily blinded by the bright lights after so long but he quickly seemed to regain his sight as he ran up to Thor, begging the bound man not to let them put him back in the box. He went from one to the next, begging their help. “That’s about enough of this shit” David said, picking the man up and returning him to his place on the wall. With Randy’s help, they had him in his shackles on the wall again in no time. Randy himself took the hose and started wetting him down while David lathered his hairy body with the soap. “P.T.’s another one that claims he don’t like bein’ touched by a man but his dick will rise in an instant no matter who touches him” the sheriff laughed. All the prisoners were now shackled back on the wall, their arms outstretched and legs wide apart except Charlie, who was enjoying the last of his crackers. “Come over here, Charlie” the sheriff said as he began to lather P.T.’s furry crotch, causing him to slowly get hard. “See, David, I think young Charlie really enjoys sucking cock but he just don’t want to admit it to nobody cause he’s scared they’ll call him a faggot. He most specially don’t want his own paw to know how much he enjoys suckin’ a cock.” “I ain’t none of that, sheriff” the boy said. “I like pussy like the rest of these men. Don’t say them lies about me.” The sheriff now had P.T.’s cock nice and hard as he took the hose and rinsed the soap off his pubes. “Bend down here and give him a little tug on that hard cock, Charlie, or I’ll get the remote for your collar.” Charlie moved immediately and knelt in front of P.T. beginning to move his foreskin back and forth over the swollen cockhead. “That feels real nice, don’t it, P.T.?” the sheriff asked. “Charlie’s comin’ along real good with learnin’ to make a man’s cock feel good, wouldn’t you say?” “Fuck off, you faggot sheriff” P.T. said angrily. “You’re a fag just like my son in law and both the faggot boys he’s raised.” “You need to settle down, motherfucker and let this boy suck your cock. You feed him a load or you go back in the box” the sheriff said. “And you’ll only go back in the box after I shock the living fucking shit out of you.” P.T. stopped resisting after the threat of the box and seemed to give in to the fact he had no choice in this mersin escort bayan matter. “You like watchin’ this too, don’t you, David?” Randy asked his new friend as he watched the front of David’s pants begin to tent. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Watchin’ a good blow job will get any man’s cock hard. Kneel down there by Charlie and help him out I f you want to. P.T.’s a son of a bitch but there ain’t no denyin’ he’s got a nice daddy cock on him.” David knelt beside Charlie and began to gently knead the handsome older man’s full, hairy nut sack. “It’s been a while since them nuts has been drained, ain’t it, P.T.?” the sheriff asked. “Just close your eyes and pretend it’s your old girlfriend, Magda, workin’ on your cock. Or pretend it’s your daughter. William says he always believed you were fucking’ your own daughter from the time she grew her first cunt hair.” P.T. was obviously enjoying whatever fantasy he had in his mind as the sheriff walked closer and guided David’s head close to the hard cock, which was now leaking a thick, sticky pre-cum. “You boys want to taste that nectar, don’t you?” the sheriff asked. “Go ahead. Taste it and share it with each other. I wouldn’t mind a taste myself. “Randy moved closer and knelt beside the boys as David swiped some pre-cum from the leaking cock and put his finger in Charlie’s mouth, giving him a taste. Then Charlie did the same for David. Then David again swiped it and offered his finger to the sheriff who sucked the finger all the way into his mouth and began to suck on it. Watching this scene had the Smith Brothers’ cocks on the rise too. It was very erotic watching a teen and a handsome muscle boy teasing the hard cock of a handsome man, regardless of what anyone claimed his sexuality to be. “Lookie there, watching this has a couple of straight Smith brothers’ cocks rising” Randy Said. Both men were obviously embarrassed that they were stiffening but had no control over their bodies and were absolutely unable to hide what was happening as their cocks slowly stiffened. Barrow and Mr. Print both had their eyes closed, fearing the scene would cause them painful erections in their freshly cut meat. P.T. was getting closer to climax now and had begun to beg the boys to suck his cock. He needed to shoot a load. “Listen to the man begging now to have his cock sucked” the sheriff said. “Wasn’t it just a few minutes this heterosexual hero declared no man would put a mouth on his cock. Now he’s begging for it. What an asshole and a hypocrite. You want that dick sucked, P.T.? You want them boys to empty a load out of them nuts?” “Fuck yes!” the man yelled, impatiently, thrusting his pelvis repeatedly. “Goddammit, I need to cum and I need to cum now. Suck my dick!” “Go ahead, boys, suck that hard cock a little bit for the man” the sheriff said. Charlie engulfed the hard meat all the way to the root, his lips lost in the thick pubic bush and P.T. moaned. “Oh, Goddamn!” he said. “I had forgot how good…” His voice trailed off and he closed his eyes as Charlie began mouth strokes on his hard cock and David continued to gently knead his nuts and tease his hole with his finger. P.T. instinctively opened his legs wider to give the boy access to his hole. “He wants your finger in his hole, David” the sheriff said. “Go ahead, get it nice and wet and stroke his fucknut a little bit. He ain’t gonna last long. Just tell us when that nut gets hard so we can all watch him spew that load in Charlie’s mouth. ” David and the sheriff exchanged a brief but knowing glance as the young man slid his finger right into the man’s hole and began in and out motions, immediately feeling his fucknut. “Suck that dick, Charlie” the sheriff said. “Take it to the root. Your buddy, P.T. needs to shoot some cum out of them loaded balls, don’t you, P.T.?” “Fuck yeah, feels so fucking good” P.T. said, as if in a trance. “That fuckin’ mouth is gonna suck the load right out of me. I need to cum so bad. Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah! Suck that dick, you son of a bitch faggot!” P.T. was thrusting hard into the boy’s mouth now and David was punching his index finger in and out of his hole. “Here it comes!” David yelled, as he felt P.T.’s prostate gland hardening like a stone. “I’m fuckin’ cum…” P.T. was obviously about to empty his load into Charlie’s mouth when the sheriff knocked the boy off his cock. Charlie went backwards, sprawled on the floor, trying to grope his own hard cock, while David immediately jerked his finger out of P.T.’s hole and began to slap his cock painfully. P.T.’s climax had been painfully ruined and he was fucking furious. Charlie was frantically beating his own meat, still sprawled on the floor at P.T.’s feet and David and Randy were laughing and enjoying the sight of a raging P.T. whose clock was still hard and just leaking the remnants of his pre-cum. While P.T. raged and raised hell, young Charlie got his own nut, spewing his thick boycum all over his still-smooth, flat teen tummy. “Don’t waste that boyjuice, Charlie” the sheriff said. “We’ll feed it to P.T. since he didn’t get none of them crackers or snowballs!” P.T. was calming down now and beginning to understand he had been cruelly tricked. When the sheriff told Charlie to go and feed his cum to P.T. the man resolutely refused to open his mouth. A few shocks to the collar had him licking every drop of boyjuice off Charlie’s fingers. The sheriff then walked over to stand in front of Preacher Smith. The man’s eyes widened as he knew being singled out in this group was never good news. “Preacher, we’ve been lettin’ somethin’ real important slide” the sheriff said in a low voice but loud enough for everyone to hear. “We’ve all had our fun today teasin’ P.T. and then ruinin’ his climax but we got some serious business to attend to. I told you some time ago I want the names of all the boys that got cut at your church as well as their paw’s names. I’ve give you plenty of time but you ain’t give `em up. I’ve even had Charlie listenin’ in and spyin’ tryin’ to get that information and he ain’t had no luck either.” “Sheriff, I did get a couple of names out of him” Charlie spoke up. “I just ain’t had a chance to report back to you. I know the names of two.” “You fucking little rat!” the preacher shouted at Charlie. “You fuckin’ Judas Iscariot rat! You’re worse than fuckin’ Judas! At least that son of a bitch got thirty pieces of silver and all you got was to finish beatin’ your worthless meat!” “Shut the fuck up, preacher!” David said in a threatening voice. “The sheriff is talkin’ to you. You need to keep that big mouth of yours shut unless he asks you a question.” “My young friend here has a plan to get the information out of you today” the sheriff said. “I don’t know what the plan is but I’ve given him approval to go ahead. I haven’t known this handsome lad long but he ain’t disappointed me yet. I don’t expect he will. So, while David goes out to the car to get a paper and a pen, you better come up with the names I’ve requested. The time for delaying is over. I don’t know what this boy has in mind for you but I doubt it will be pleasant for you should you not cooperate.” “Thank you, sheriff,” David said. “I’ll head out to the car and I’ll be right back.” “Take your time, son and please check on that other thing while you’re out there” the sheriff said as he patted the young man on his beautiful round butt. “Yes, sir, I’ll be glad to.” David left and the room grew quiet. All the men knew when something unusual happened it was rarely good for any of them. The presence of David was no exception. “Where’d you get that new pussyboy, sheriff?” the preacher asked, trying to keep nervousness out of his voice. “Is he suckin’ your dick or are you suckin’ his?” “Why don’t you just shut your fuckin’ mouth, brother?” Jack smith asked his sibling. “You just can’t keep that fuckin’ trap closed, even when you know your words is gonna cause some shit. I wish our daddy had put a fuckin’ pillow over your face the day our momma shot you out of her tired old pussy!” “You’re awful interested in our dicks and what we do with `em for a guy who holds himself out to be so heterosexual, preacher man” the sheriff said. “I saw how hard you and your brother’s dicks got watching that teen boy suck of P.T. You ain’t foolin’ nobody with your bullshit and you’ll never fool nobody again. Did your brother know how you was sneakin’ into his own son’s bedroom under the pretense of counselin, and instead beatin’ your meat with him and God knows what else? Did Jack know about that?. Kurt is just now beginning to deal with the shit you pulled on him but his memories are comin’ back and he remembers a lot of shit about the things you forced him to do.” “Is that true, Roy?” Jack asked. “Were you doin’ sex stuff with my son while tellin’ me how you were trying to keep him out of the flames of hell? Please say it ain’t so, brother! Were you molestin’ my only son, who you wanted to marry off to your daughter? Were you doin’ that?” “Don’t go all high and holy on me, brother” Roy spat at Jack. “You were all in on the stuff we did together as boys. You were the one who taught me to jack off and then taught me how to suck your dick. You taught me all of that stuff before I even started getting hairs around my boy cock. You’d parade around in front of me showin’ off your bigger cock and your hairs before I ever had even a single one. You told me it was normal for a boy to suck on his brother. You taught me all that shit and not only that but you went behind my back and fucked my oldest daughter. That girl was a virgin and you despoiled her.” “I believe I’ve heard enough of the dirty Smith laundered for one day, boys” the sheriff said. Now shut the fuck up. The next words out of the preacher’s mouth will be the names of the boys cut at your church and the names of their fathers” the sheriff said. “If you don’t talk, I will let David do whatever he pleases and I have a feeling it won’t be pretty. And I’m gonna tell you a little secret about my handsome new friend. Some assholes killed his momma and his paw in a phony car accident several years ago. He never had a chance to get even but he’s thought about what he’d do the folks who killed his parents if he ever got the chance. I don’t imagine the things he’s thought about doin’ are very nice. Do you?” The men were completely silent as David stepped out of the darkness. “Sheriff, you’re even smarter than I was thinking you were” David said. “Those are exactly the thoughts I’ve had just before going to sleep every night since I found out the truth about my parents’ murders. I think you know me as well as my dad did and I love you for that.” He stepped up and kissed the sheriff right on the mouth. They embraced, exchanging a wet, hot, passionate kiss. “We need to get Preacher Roy down off that wall, sheriff” David said softly. “I’ll get his shackles off if you like, son,” the sheriff said quietly. “Yes, sir,” David replied. “Let’s take him over to the table.” While the sheriff walked the preacher to the table on the pedestal in the absolute center of the room, David killed all the lights except the two very bright spotlights focused directly on the table. Preacher Roy had begun pleading tearfully with them not to take him from the wall, knowing what was about to happen was going to be very unpleasant for him. “No!” Preacher Roy shouted. “Please, please, please, please don’t fuckin’ do this! I am fuckin’ beggin you not to hurt me!” “Do you want the prisoner tied down?” the sheriff asked. “Yes, sir” David replied. David and Randy attached the leather cuffs to the man’s wrists and ankles, then attached the chains and locked them into the heavy iron rings on the floor. The preacher was now on his back on the table in the spotlight, his arms pulled overhead and bound and his legs spread and attached to the rings in the floor. He really was quite a handsome man with his hairy legs and chest, but now he was scared and it showed. “Don’t worry brother” Jack said to him. “The sheriff’s proved what a pussy he is. He’s been threatenin’ to cut us all for days now and has only cut two. If he was serious, we’d all be cut by now. He’s just a talkin’ pussy.” “Mr. Smith, I suggest you quieten down” David said. “I assure you your sheriff is not a pussy. Nor am I. If you choose not to do as I say, I will repeat what I am about to do on all of you. Except perhaps Thor on whom it will be impossible. You should all probably realize by now that you’ll be ending up like Thor but just how much pain you encounter on the road to getting there is largely in your own hands.” The preacher was terrified now. “Please, don’t hurt me” he said. “I really do have a low tolerance for pain and my heart won’t take it.” “Shut up brother” Jack said. “They’re just tryin’ to scare us all.” “Well I am scared” the preacher said. “You’d be shittin’ yourself if it was you spread out on this table. You know you would.” “Just keep your mouth shut, brother. Remember our covenant” Jack said.” You cannot break the covenant you made. It was a sacred covenant and you cannot break it. They’ll find some excuse not to harm you and you’ll be back over here with me in a minute or two. Don’t give in to your fear.” “Your time is up, Reverend Smith” David said quietly. “You will now give us the names of the boys who were cut at your church, followed by the name of each boy’s father. I’ll write the names down and you’ll be returned to your place on the wall with no further harm.” “Keep your mouth shut, Roy” Jack yelled at his brother. “This is all bullshit. They won’t hurt you.” The preacher was crying now and begging to be returned to the wall with his brother. “Last chance” David said. “I can’t betray my covenant brothers” the preacher sobbed. “I can’t. My brother says I can’t.” David laid the paper and pen on the floor and lifted a burlap bag he had brought with him. He then pulled out of the bag a hammer and a two inch nail with a round flat head on it. “I’m sorry, preacher, but you had your chance” David said in his soft, low voice. The preacher screamed as the boy took his uncut penis in his hand and began to pull the foreskin down. The preacher’s cock had shrunk with fear, but a little massaging and it loosened up again. “See, brother, the fag’s just gonna give you a hand job!” Jack Smith laughed loudly. “Shut the fuck up!” Roy screamed at his brother, clearly terrified of what might be about to happen. David stretched the foreskin down as far as it would go and quickly took the nail, holding it above the foreskin and began to hammer the nail into the man’s meat, nailing his foreskin to the wooden altar table on which the preacher had terrified so many innocent boys. The preacher screamed and shrieked in pain as the muscular boy silently continued to nail the foreskin to the table. “You motherfuckin’cocksucker!” Jack Smith screamed as he began to vomit. The men were yelling obscenities at David as he just silently smiled back at them, driving the nail all the way into the wooden table and securing the preacher’s foreskin. “I think we’ve heard enough from the preacher for now” David said as he took out a roll of duct tape and taped the man’s mouth closed. “He can’t tell you shit with his mouth taped” Barrow said. “That’s right” David said. “He waited too long. Now he’ll have more time to think until we return. Then if he still doesn’t want to tell us what we want to know, I’ll nail his entire cock to that table. The foreskin will heal up fast enough, but a few nails through the shaft of his cock will ruin his dick forever. And if he still doesn’t talk, a few blows with the hammer will crush his nuts entirely. Imagine the pain that will cause. If the cocksucker still chooses not to talk, we’ll do the same to each of you, one by one until you convince him to tell us what we want to know.” “You’re a sick motherfucker!” P.T. shouted at the man. “My brother could suffocate if he vomits while his mouth is taped” Jack said angrily. “That is a possibility” David said. “That would be a shame for him and an even worse one for you because it’s my understanding you were involved in the cutting of the boys too. You have the same information and if he doesn’t talk, you will.” “You motherfucker!” Jack spat. “The truth is that none of this was necessary” the sheriff said. “We have a prisoner in our jail right now who would spill the names to us for the asking. The punishment is gonna be bad for these men who betrayed their own sons so I ain’t movin’ without confirmin’ the names.” “That’s a fuckin’ lie” Jack said. “We all made a covenant. We even call ourselves the covenant group and we all agreed to continue meeting even if one or some of us got caught and imprisoned. Those others are still meeting every week and plotting how to find us and free us. We made that covenant with each other and I know in my heart it’s still happenin’. Those men are our brothers in the faith and they won’t forget us. You can count on that.” “Well, thank you, Jack for that information” the sheriff said. “We had assumed your little group of thugs had broke up but now we can check that out. We’d love to crash one of them meeting’s. Now that you told me that, it makes me think about that prisoner I got in my jail right now. You remember Mr. Hunt who got his foreskin and his nuts chopped off. I got him in the jail and he’ll give up information. Even though his little dick is useless now, I bet he’ll sure as hell tell us anything to keep from havin’ it nailed to a fuckin’ desk.” The sheriff left Jack and walked back to the center of the room. The preacher was still squirming and struggling on the table and attempting to scream, any sound muffled by the tape. “Preacher, David and I are gonna run now” he said to the reverend. “We got other things to do but I promise we’ll be back in a little bit. When we get back, the first thing David’ll do is rip that tape off. You’ll start spoutin’ names of the boys that got cut and their paws. I want them in the order you did the cutting and the boy’s name, followed by the name of his paw. If I don’t hear them words from your mouth. David will put another nail in you pecker, a half inch up from where the one is now in your foreskin. And he’ll keep on nailin’ that tender piece of meat till he gets to the pubes. It’s be a shame to ruin such a nice piece of meat.” Tears were streaming from the man as the two left and turned out the lights.

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