Welcome To The City Of Angels


Kimberley slowly opened her eyes, feeling the weight of her headache and the nagging guilt in the pit of her stomach. She glanced over at her husband, who was still sound asleep and took a deep breath. The previous night’s events played back and forth in her mind. She felt a mix of excitement and embarrassment as she lay there reflecting on what happened. She couldn’t help but think about how it had all started as a fun night with her husband, but had taken an unexpected turn once she saw Edwin peeping on them. Deciding she needed to talk to someone, Kimberley reached for her phone and quickly typed out a message to Stephanie. “Good morning! Want to grab a coffee and chat?” She hit send and waited for a response, hoping that Stephanie was available to meet up and listen to her thoughts.Kimberley quietly slipped out of bed and got dressed, not wanting to disturb her husband’s rest. She chose a cute black dress with white flowers on it before putting her makeup on and quickly putting her hair up. She grabbed her keys and headed out the door, eager to hear Stephanie’s take on the events of the night before. As she drove towards the coffee shop, she couldn’t help but feel nervous knowing that she was about to open up to a friend and discuss one of the most erotic nights she had ever had. Stephanie had always been a bad influence in the past. So deep down, she knew she was looking for validation from her best friend to continue this erotic adventure with her stepson.Kimberley walked into the bustling cafe and spotted Stephanie sitting at a small table in the corner. She was signing an autograph for a horny fan. Leaving the classic lipstick imprint next to her signature before taking a photo with the gentleman.Kimberley made her way over, taking a deep breath before sitting down across from her friend.”Good morning!” Stephanie greeted her with a warm smile.”Good morning,” Kimberley replied, her voice slightly shaky.”What’s wrong, love?” Stephanie asked, sensing that something was bothering her.Kimberley hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to start. But then the words spilled out, like a dam breaking. “Last night, something unexpected happened,” she began. “I don’t even know where to start. I feel so confused and ashamed, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel aroused by the whole thing.”Stephanie listened intently as Kimberley told her about the events of the previous night, her voice filled with a mix of embarrassment and excitement. Stephanie listened without judgment, nodding and offering an occasional smirk as Kimberley shared her conflicting feelings about the erotic night she had experienced with her husband and Edwin.With her jaw dropped and her mouth watering, Stephanie couldn’t get enough of the juicy details as she bit her lip. “You dirty little slut! I love it!” Stephanie said with a chuckle as she crossed her legs and leaned forward. “Ugh, Steph! Stop. I feel so guilty,” Kimberley responded as she blushed“Kim, please, with everything you have done? I mean all of the guys we used to sleep with back in the day. This is not that big of a deal considering your track record,” Stephanie teased. “I know but it’s my stepson! This is different, Steph,” Kimberley responded. “So what? He’s not blood-related. And besides, he was the pervert who spied on you,” Stephanie emphasized. Kimberley nodded as she reminisced silently. “I mean, c’mon, Kim, it’s only a year since I persuaded you and Cedric to join me at that swinger orgy last summer. Remember all of the dirty fun we had that night?” Stephanie reminded her with a smirk on her face.  “C’mon… it’s not like you didn’t love that a young hot college guy was watching you! I bet you encouraged him to jerk his cock and watch, didn’t you?” Stephanie heckled. “I mean… maybe a little…” Kimberley admitted as she giggled. Her face became cherry red and flushed as the image of Edwin jerking his length returned to her memory.“Ahhh! That’s so hot. How was his cock?” Stephanie questioned curiously. Kimberley hesitated. “It was… so sexy! He is packing just like his father,” Kimberley said as the girls both giggled excitedly. The girls laughed together as they looked around and tried Balgat Escort to quiet down to avoid making a scene.As the conversation continued, Kimberley shook her head as she listened to Stephanie. Stephanie had always been the friend to push her past her comfort zone and be a devilish influence on her. As they continued to sip their coffee, Kimberley felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. Talking to Stephanie helped her process her feelings and she felt grateful for her friend’s understanding and support. Though she still felt a twinge of shame and reluctance, she was slowly starting to accept and embrace the new and stimulating feelings that had been awoken in her.After they finished their coffee, Stephanie grinned at Kimberley and said, “so what do you say we go back to my place and see what this degenerate is up to? I bet he is finishing up with my lawn soon.” Kimberly nodded and blushed as the two girls stood up and walked out of the cafe with excitement. —————————————————————Earlier that morning, Edwin rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat up in bed, realizing that he had overslept. He checked the time and saw that it was already ten in the morning. He stretched and got out of bed, feeling a twinge of regret for sleeping in so late.He sat on the bed and recounted the night that had played out. His morning wood stood at full attention as the mental movie of Kimberley moaning and taking Cedric’s cock played over and over in his head. He didn’t hesitate to rub one out to the erotic images in his head for roughly ten minutes before cleaning himself up and making his way downstairs.As walked downstairs, he couldn’t help but think about the events of the previous night. The memories of the unexpected and erotic encounter continued to play back in his mind, and he felt a mix of excitement and confusion. He had never been one to peep at other people, let alone his own family, and he wasn’t sure how to process his feelings about it.Once he entered the living room, he heard the sound of his father’s voice coming from the kitchen. He paused, listening as Cedric spoke on the phone.”I understand that, but I’m telling you, I don’t have the money right now,” Cedric said, sounding distressed.Edwin frowned, his curiosity piqued. He quietly approached the kitchen, trying to listen in on the conversation.”I’ll have it for you by the end of next week, I promise,” Cedric continued. “I just need a little more time.”Edwin realized that his father was talking about money that he owed someone. He felt a twinge of concern, not knowing that his father had been struggling financially for a while now. He wanted to help, but he wasn’t sure how.He considered going back upstairs because he didn’t want to intrude on his father’s privacy. Instead, he decided to wait until Cedric was off the phone to talk to him and see if there was anything he could do to help.As Cedric hung up the phone, Edwin took a deep breath and stepped into the kitchen. “Good morning, Dad,” he said, trying to sound cheerful despite the weight of the situation. “Is everything okay?”Cedric looked up at Edwin and gave him a tight smile. “Good morning, son. Everything’s fine, just a little work-related matter that I need to take care of,” he said, collecting his things and heading toward the door.Edwin raised an eyebrow, sensing that there was more to the story. “On a Saturday?” he asked.Cedric nodded. “Yeah, I’ve got an important case that I need to handle at the office,” he explained, a hint of stress in his voice. “I’ll be back later today, don’t worry about it.”Edwin nodded, but he still felt uneasy. He was about to ask his father more questions, but Cedric cut him off.”Listen, son, there’s something I need to ask of you,” Cedric said, his expression serious. “I don’t want your stepmother to know about this. Can you keep it between us for now?”Edwin sighed, feeling torn. He didn’t want to keep secrets from his stepmother, but he also didn’t want to put his father in a difficult position. “Okay, I won’t say anything,” he said reluctantly.Cedric gave him a relieved smile. “Thanks, son. I appreciate it,” he said, patting Edwin on the shoulder. “I’ll see you Balgat Escort Bayan later today.”With that, Cedric left the house, leaving Edwin alone with his thoughts. He sat back down at the kitchen table, wondering what was going on and how he could help his father. Despite his father’s reassurances, Edwin had a feeling that things were not as fine as they seemed.After Cedric left, Edwin felt a sense of unease settle in the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his father was hiding something from him. He decided to try and push the thoughts aside for now and focus on something else.He headed to the kitchen and started making himself breakfast. As he cooked, he thought about the task he had agreed to help Stephanie with. He had promised to mow her lawn today and he didn’t want to let her down.Once he was finished with breakfast, he got dressed in an old tee shirt and blue jeans and headed next door to Stephanie’s house.As he approached her house, he remembered that she had permitted him to come inside whenever he wanted. He took a deep breath and made his way inside, feeling a little nervous. He had never been in Stephanie’s home before and he was curious to see what it was like. As he entered, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe.Her large mansion was filled with all sorts of memorabilia from her successful career as a pornstar and producer. Awards lined the walls, and posters from her movies adorned the living room. It was clear that Stephanie was proud of her work and wasn’t afraid to show it off.Edwin took a slow walk around the room, taking in all the details. He was surprised to find that he wasn’t as uncomfortable as he thought he would be. He had always known that Stephanie as a fictional character that he would masturbate to occasionally. Now that her work surrounded him, he found himself intrigued more than ever.He paused in front of a large poster of Stephanie, admiring her confidence and beauty. He couldn’t help but think that she was someone who lived life on her terms and was unapologetic about it.Edwin couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration for Stephanie. Despite all the challenges she must have faced in her career, she still managed to achieve great success and maintain a sense of pride in her work. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to fuck her as he had envisioned so many times while watching her movies. After exploring Stephanie’s home for a few more minutes, Edwin went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. As he reached the counter, he noticed a piece of paper lying there. He picked it up and read the note that Stephanie had left for him.”Edwin, thank you so much for mowing my lawn. I appreciate it. You’ll find the lawn mower and weed trimmer in the shed out back. Place them back where they were once you are finished if you don’t mind. And here’s a little something extra for your trouble. Thank you again!”Edwin was taken aback by the generous gesture. He counted the cash, finding that there was $300 in his hand. He couldn’t believe that Stephanie had given him this much money for just mowing her lawn. He felt a warm sensation in his chest as he realized how kind and generous she was.Edwin stepped out of Stephanie’s mansion and made his way to the shed. He was determined to get started on mowing the lawn and maintaining the beautiful green yard. He found the lawn mower and weed trimmer that Stephanie had mentioned in her note, and he collected them along with the other necessary equipment.He took a moment to admire the lush greenery surrounding him. The sun was shining, and the cool breeze was refreshing. He couldn’t help but feel grateful for such a beautiful day to be outside and working on Stephanie’s yard. He was motivated by the thought of making her proud.Edwin started the lawn mower and began to work his way around the yard, carefully mowing the grass. He felt a sense of satisfaction as he watched the neatly trimmed lawn take shape. The yard was expansive, but he was determined to do a thorough job. He worked diligently, stopping occasionally to remove any rocks or sticks that may have gotten in his way.After a few hours had Escort Balgat passed, Edwin was just finishing up putting the lawn mowing equipment away when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He turned around to see Stephanie and Kimberly walking out to the backyard. They had just returned from their brunch date and were admiring the work that Edwin had done. Along with admiring his sweaty body. He looked like a young model as he walked up to them shirtless and sweaty. “Hey, perv!” Stephanie called out. Immediately calling him out for his actions from the night before. “Steph! Oh my god…” Kimberley blushed. “Wow, Edwin, you did an amazing job,” Stephanie said, beaming with pride. “The yard looks fantastic!” Kimberly agreed, “It does look great. You did a fantastic job, Edwin.”Edwin felt a conflicting sense of pride and embarrassment at their compliments and teasing. “Thanks, it was my pleasure. I just wanted to help out,” he said modestly.“I think we should celebrate. I’m going to go make some drinks. I’ll let you two pervs catch up,” She teased as she gave a playful spank to Kimberley’s butt before walking back into her house. Edwin blushed as he stood there with the sun beaming down. He was a little unsure of what to say to Kimberley. “Kimberley… I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” Edwin said before he was cut off by Kimberley. “Shhh, it’s okay, Edwin. It was my fault too. I guess the alcohol got the best of us,” she played along as she couldn’t help but feel aroused by the very thought of ripping those blue jeans off of Edwin. “I appreciate you being so cool about it. I had a really good time…” Edwin admitted as he reddened. “So did I,” she agreed. She blushed and bit her lip while looking up at Edwin with her sensual blue eyes. As the two have a moment of closeness while gazing seductively into each other’s eyes, Stephanie calls out from her balcony. “Kim! Get up here and pick a bikini out with me,” she called out. Kimberley and Edwin looked up to see a topless Stephanie holding a bottle of patron tequila. She teasingly leaned over the ledge and posed for them before taking a shot of tequila. “Enjoying the view, Edwin? We all know you like to peep now.” She taunted and chuckled as she playfully shook her voluptuous tits for him. “Oh my god, Steph. I’m coming!” Kimberley responded. Edwin chuckled as she bit his lips and enjoyed the view. He still couldn’t believe that he was relishing the view of his favorite pornstar nude and in person again.“I’ll finish putting the equipment away,” he assured them as she collected the materials and lawn mower and began returning them to the shed. Edwin could feel the familiar feeling of blood rushing to his cock. He looked back over his shoulder and made eye contact with Stephanie on the balcony. She looked at him with her classic “come and get me” eyes before pouring herself more tequila and taking another shot. Edwin smiled nervously as he continued cleaning up the equipment. He couldn’t help but wonder what events lay ahead once he was finished. Kimberley walked into Stephanie’s room and found her dancing to the beat of the loud music while sipping from the handle of Patron tequila. Stephanie noticed Kimberley’s presence and gestured for her to come over.”Come on, let’s go show Edwin what he’s missing!” Stephanie yelled over the music, handing Kimberley a shot of tequila.”I don’t know, Stephanie. I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Kimberley responded hesitantly.”Oh, come on! Live a little! Let’s put on our bikinis and go downstairs. Trust me, he won’t be able to resist us,” Stephanie coaxed, giving Kimberley a mischievous grin.Kimberley hesitated for a moment before finally giving in and grabbing a bikini from her friend’s drawer. She grabbed the handle of the Tequila and chugged a few shots worth of tequila down to help loosen up.“Yes! That’s my girl. We are going to have so much fun!” Stephanie said in excitement. The two of them changed into their swimwear and headed downstairs to find Edwin.Stephanie was wearing a bright red bikini with triangular cups and thin straps tied around her neck and back. The bottom thong piece was low-rise with side ties that hugged her hips.Kimberley, on the other hand, was wearing a black bikini. It had a tie string cut out that tied in the back and offered a view of her ravishing cleavage. The bottom was a high-waisted thong that had a subtle ruched detail that added a touch of femininity.

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