What a Night


I arrive to pick you up in a pair of casual grey trousers and a maroon button-down shirt.  And, oh, don’t you look stunning in that tight black dress that buttons up the front, and hugs you in all the right places.  Your sheer stockings shimmer on your smooth legs.  Like a schoolboy, I peer into your black patent leather stilettos to see if I can glimpse the nirvana between your thighs.  My eyes begin to undress you before I stop myself and notice the time.Neither of us is very hungry but we head out to the cafe at the edge of the city for a bite.  It will be nice to pass some time together before we hit the nightclub a few blocks over.  The cafe has decent food and a cosy atmosphere so we can talk and not be bothered too much.  The hostess directs us to a booth across the room.  I sit down and move over so you can share this space with me, but you let out a sexy giggle and sit opposite me, across the table.  You couldn’t be further away.I bury my nose in the menu to hide my disappointment when I hear a slight thump, followed by another.  As we wait for the waitress to arrive and take our order, I feel your sexy stocking-covered feet move up my leg and under my trousers. Your silken toes are on my calf and rubbing my naked skin.  It sends small electric pulses up my leg, to my little head, situated in my now very interested cock.  What once was relaxed is now wide awake and trying to rip its way out of my trousers.The waitress arrives and we order two colas, stating we were still unsure of what we wanted to eat.  I was sure what I wanted and I was very sure it was on the menu, just not on the menu in my hand.  She left to get drinks and I feel both of your feet elvankent escort bayan slide into my lap.  I lower my hand and caress the smooth, cool nylon encasing your naughty appendages.  Your feet rub on my trousers, stroking over my raging, attentive cock.  You pass me a note that simply states, “pull your cock out.”  I give you a puzzled smile and can’t believe you’ve been planning this, anticipating what we would do tonight.I cannot wipe the grin from my face, as I look around and unzip.  My cock flies out like he’s making a bid for freedom.  Your eyes grow wider when you hear the zip and discover my hard cock against your nylon encased foot.  You smile at me and say, “no pants, you naughty boy!” You guessed it, I was commando under my trousers.  You stroke my cock with your foot, getting the occasional gasp as your foot passes over my slightly red, aggressive head.  The feeling of your nyloned foot at the tip of the head is amazing.  The waitress comes over with drinks and places them on the table.  I order some chips as I fight to keep a steady voice.  The toe of your other foot is running up and down the underside of my cock, while slightly grinding down on my sensitive gland.  You order a burger and look me in the eyes as I notice for the first time you have a couple of buttons unfastened in your lap and your hand has disappeared inside your dress.  You slowly move your hand and ask if I would like some pie afterwards.  Your eyes aglow and the lift of your brow makes me simply stutter out a yes.The waitress moves away to get our order, you slide me another note that says, “you’ve dropped your napkin, you should Escort emek pick it up.”  When I move down, under the table, with my dick still bouncing free, I am immediately greeted with your very wet and glistening pussy.  It is framed by sexy black lace from your crotchless panties.  Your thigh-high stockings caress your legs.  When you slide forward, you lift your ass to show me the glistening jewelled plug, which makes my cock throb even more.  I can’t take it and I move forward and work my way between your sexy gorgeous nylon covered thighs.  I rub my tongue from the jewel up through your lips and to your hard clit.  I flick it lovingly and nip it with my teeth.  I can see the goosebumps rise on your thighs, your pleasure rising quickly at the taboo nature of this act.  The thought of being caught, the thought of what we are doing, and what is yet to come this evening.As I lick and flick the leaking juices, you nudge me as you don’t trust your voice to speak.  You’re fighting the battle to maintain a normal front in a cafe filling with more people.  I quickly grab my napkin as I see the waitress’ legs approaching the table.  I emerge from under the table and make a show of retrieving my napkin.  The waitress is placing our meals on the table and I realize that I have a wet, shiny chin.  The waitress gives us a cheeky wink and tells us to enjoy our meal.As we begin our undesired meal, you say that the waitress is watching.  I glance in the direction that you point to see she is leaning on the counter watching us as we eat.  She seems to be standing in an unnatural pose and her hand is not in sight; but, there is definitely eryaman escort a strange shoulder movement.  Once we have finished, she comes over and takes the plates.  She asks if we still want the pie, to which I reply no thank you; I have had some.  You turn a bright crimson and I offer a lopsided smile.We pay the bill that she brings, giving a generous tip, as she points out that we may have to tidy our clothing a bit.  As we are about to leave, she brings our receipt, clearly showing her name and telephone number.  She thanks us for making her shift interesting and we giggle as we leave the cafe, moving on to part two of the evening.We walk closely together, passing through the park, to get to the club.  My arm is around you and my hand drifts to rest on your ass.  My middle finger drums and taps on the base of your plug.  I see your eyes close and you let out a small whimper.  Your chest rises sharply and you release a deep moan.  You grab my hand and pull me to a secluded bench.  You yank down my trousers and free my cock, taking me in your mouth.  You suck and fist my cock, making me hard as I moan.  My cock comes to life in the warm, wet confines of your mouth.  You unbutton the last three buttons of your dress and start to rub and slap your clit while moaning around my cock, sending vibrations up my dick.  I tell you I am getting close, but you stop, stand up and pull me in for a kiss.  We kiss so passionately until the edge has worn off.  Our tongues dance together and you start to nibble and suck on my tongue and I caress your lusciously large breasts.You break this kiss and tell me to remove the plug as you bend over the back of the bench with your ass in the air.  I removed the plug to see a very sexy gaped ass – someone was planning ahead.  You tell me to just fuck your ass and fill you up, so who am I to refuse and order like that.  I insert my hard dick into your ass.  I go slow, but you snip, “for fuck sake fuck me and cum in my ass!”  

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