While Hubby’s Away with Toys I Play


I am what you would call an oversexed woman. I just can’t get enough of it. I am not the Barbie type sex doll; in fact some would call me fat. Although overweight I am attractive and I just love sex! When my hubby is home I can’t get enough of his hard cock. I love it anytime, anywhere and in any hole. I love when he takes me out of the blue in a room that isn’t normally used for sex. It just makes my day when I am over the sink in the kitchen and he comes up from behind me and pulls my pants down and drives his hard cock into my pussy.

The only problem is his work has him traveling quite a lot and that leaves my cunt and asshole yearning for his throbbing member. I am not the type to cheat on my man so I have to come up with other alternatives. At first I was satisfied with my fingers and a good porn movie but soon the need to have a hard shaft deep inside my wet cunt and tight ass had me going to the local sex shop. The first time I went to the sex store I couldn’t believe all the different toys they had and my head was spinning. I decided I didn’t want to feel the embarrassment of going to a store like this so I just bought kocaeli escort bayan a bunch of them.

It was always the same when my hubby left and this time he was going to be away for a couple of months. After a night of incredible love making I kissed him goodbye. I knew the great fuck he gave me would cure my lust for a few days so I went into my normal routine of cleaning the house. On the fourth day though I felt that familiar throb between my legs and knew I had to do something about it.

Since the kids were at school I knew I had all day to answer the lustful callings and I prepared myself for a great day of self pleasuring. I got a blanket out and put it down on the floor, and then laid out the toys I was going to use to bring me off. I had a butt plug, my favorite long black thick dildo that measures a good nine inches and my favorite clit stimulator, the pocket rocket.

Putting on one of our homemade porno movies we had made, I just love watching my husband drive his cock deep into my cunt or ass, and got ready. This particular video was one that we had professionally done, it had all the typical kocaeli sınırsız escort close ups with real good lighting and sound.

As I started the video I undressed and started rubbing my tits, taking each nipple in a hand, tweaking them to full hardness. I could really feel my pussy starting to leak as I concentrated on the video, watching as my husband buried his head into my throbbing cunt. I dropped one of my hands to my pussy and rubbed my juices all over it. It wasn’t long before my fingers started sliding deep in my hole and as I lightly rubbed my clit I had my first small orgasm.

I needed to be fucked though so I grabbed my big dildo and placed it at the entrance of my wet pussy. I matched the scene on the television as my husband fed me his big tool I drove the toy deep into my cunt in perfect rhythm. I could hear the wetness of my pussy as it sucked at the monster toy. The squishy sounds only turned me on more.

With my other hand I worked my clit hard while I pushed the thick fake cock all the way to the limits of my cunt sending me to another breathless cum. It was izmit anal yapan escort then I noticed on the television screen my husband had placed me in the doggy position and started putting his cock at my tight anal entrance. I quickly followed suit and got up on my knees. Taking the butt plug I timed it perfect and pushed it deep into my ass just as my husband drove his cock to the hilt on the video. I felt so full, just like when my hubby does it to me. Putting my anal friend in place I watched the video, which brought back great memories. My hubby surprised me that day because he brought a friend over and gave me a special treat. His friend came into the room on the video, his big pole just waving in the air. I heard on the video as my hubby told me of the surprise and instructed his friend to lie down on the bed. He told me to climb on his friend and ride him.

I did just that and I smiled as I watched the video. That is when my man came up from behind me and drove his beautiful cock into my ass. Just as he did this I took my big dildo and stuck it in my wet pussy. The feeling of both toys deep in my holes took me back to the day we had made the video. The wonderful feeling of being complete full of cock was too much for me and soon my whole body was shaking as I drove the fake cock in and out of my now soaked cunt. My orgasm caused my legs to give out and left me a breathless heap on the living room floor.

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