whitedogs lucky lotto cuckold story chapter 2


whitedogs lucky lotto cuckold story chapter 2Lucky LottoChapter 2On Thursday evening as I was preparing dinner for my wife and me the phone rang, I went to answer it as Sara was taking a bubble bath after her exhausting day of house hunting. “hello” I said “is Sara there?” a strong male voice on the other end asked “she’s not available right now may I take a message?” I asked pulling out my palm pilot quite use to taking messages for my wife. “yes you can, tell her this is Steve and I just wanted to know what time the limo was arriving tommarrow” I was caught quite off guard, I knew the state limo was picking Sara up tommarow at 9am for the three hour ride to the lotto headquarters to pick up her check but I had not known anyone was going with her as I knew I couldn’t because I had to work. She had mentioned finding a friend to go with her but I thaught she meant a girlfriend. I’m not the jealous type but for some reason this guys strong masculine voice was a little disconcerning, but being the good little secretary I was I answered the gentlemans question “the limo gets here at nine Steve, ah are you a friend of Sara’s” I added definitelly wanting more information from him “ya, you could say that” he chuckled and then added “just tell your wife I’ll be there at 9:15” he then hung up the phone, he obviously knew Sara was my wife but he spoke to me like I was the damn maid or something who was asking questions that I had no right to ask. I waited for my wife to finish her bath and as she came out to dinner which was all laid out on the table waiting for her, I told her of the call “Steve called and said he would be here at 9:15 tomarrow” She raised an eyebrow at me and damn she sure looked beautiful even with the towel wrapped up in a bun on her wet hair and then said rather sternly “is that jealousy in your tone Tim, I must say that’s not like you and to be frank I don’t at all like it” I was immeadiatelly put on the defensive “ah no I’m sorry Sara I just didn’t kow you had found someone to go with you” I quickly tried to be apologetic “Steve’s a friend of mine from the gym, I told you I was going to try to get a friend to come along with me sinceyou were working” she said making it appear there was nothing more to it while still using a tone of voice that scolded me for questioning her intentions. She kept up the appearance of being dissapointed with me throughout dinner and we didn’t talk much more, when she finished eating she just got up and walked away which told me she was indeed angry with me as she almost always would give me a peck on the cheek and thank me for dinner before leaving me to clean up. I cleared off the table and loaded the dishwasher and then went to our master bedroom where Sara was relaxing on the bed reading one of her many romance novels. God she was stunning, I can’t beleive I let my body go to pot as she really took care of hers, she looked better now than she did in her early twenties. I couldn’t beleive I would do anything to upset her I loved her so much and even though we didn’t have a traditional marraige I knew she loved or at least cared for me afterall we had been married now for about twelve years and since I knew I couldn’t satisfy her sexually why should I deny her affairs if she was still willing to keep me as her husband. It was during this moment of weakness that I probably offered her way to much freedom as I tried to appologize to her. I went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of massage oil saying “Sara, honey I’m so sorry I made you angry can I give you a massage and can we talk?” I asked in a very submissive tone, she seemed intrigued by what I had in mind as she looked over her book at me and said “hum a massage would be nice, why don’t you start on my feet and legs and tell me what’s on your mind” as she set her novel down beside her on the bed. I poured out some lotion on my hands and rubbed them together to heat it up and then began to work it into her sexy toes and soles. She let out a gentle sigh as I said “I know I don’t satisfy you in bed any more honey and I’m so afraid of losing you that sometimes I do get a little jealous of other men calling you.” she was listening closely to what I was saying and also enjoying the sensation of my kneading fingers working on her tender soft soles as I continued “I ah I guess what I’m saying is I could understand why a woman as sexy and vibrant as you might need a more verile lover in her life” her eyes really opened wide as I said that and her look encouraged me to continue.”I really guess what I’m trying to say is that if you ever decided to find someone who could give you what I can’t sexually I ah I guess I’m alright with that as long as you don’t leave me” There I said it, I just gave her carte blanche, she would no longer have to attempt to hide her little affairs that we both knew she had been having, it was like a load off my chest. bahçelievler escort I continued to work my thumbs into the balls of her feet my head down in a sign of submission waiting for her response. Finnally after what seemed like hours but was actually just a minute or two she replied “Why Tim are you really saying that if I go out and find some young stud to share my bed that your ok with that?” She asked wanting to make real sure what I was offering her. I thaught for a moment to try to choose my words wisely but I knew I couldn’t backtrack on my offer now as I said back “I’m just saying I would understand Sara, I would do anything to keep you happy and I just couldn’t bare to have you leave me” I probably not choosen my words as carefully as I had hoped to, in fact I had probably just confessed to her that I would go along with anything she wanted just so she wouldn’t leave me. She gave me a huge grin and said “that’s so sweet honey, but I told you before that I could never replace you. Where could I ever find another husband who takes such good care of me and worships me the way you do, you make me feel like a goddess. You just keep doing what you do and we’ll be together for a long long time sweethart.” her words made me vary happy and more importantly she was now happy again and that made me feel very good but as to not let my offer go to waste she did add with a chuckle “and now your telling me it’s alright with you if I see other men, well that’s just perfect, what more could a girl ask for, a devoted house husband and a lover on the side, you’ve got to be the best catch ever” Well that pretty much settled it, she would no doubt begin dating again but at least it would be out in the open now, I wouldn’t have to sit at home alone wondering if she was out with her girlfriends or another man, she could just tell me. I also now knew exactly where I stood with her as she put it basically as long as I continued to devoe myself to her comfort and pleasure we were fine and that was ok with me as I just wanted her to be happy and when she was happy she could be very affectionate.She opened her arms and we hugged for several minutes and then she said “I’m so glad we had this little chat Tim, we should talk like this more often now please be a doll and repaint my toenails, I want to look sharp when I pick up that check tommarrow, and then you can go down on me and just maybe we can take care of the little stiffy you’ve got there” she spoke so seductively as she brushed her toes along my member almost causing me to shoot my load right there, I was like a toy to her, tightly wrapped around her little finger and there was no place I would rather be.I gave her the best pedicure ever and then brought her to three quivering orgasams with my darting tongue. Then as she relaxed recovering from her orgasams I went back to the foot of the bed and finished blowing her nail polish dry, after a few minutes she giggled and said “that was just wonderfull honey, now let’s take care of that cute little weenie of yours” she always refered to my penis as small but I didn’t mind, I just took it as her way of being playfull. She had me kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed as she slid herself to the end and all she had to do is just lightly touch the head of my boner a few times with her toes and I spurted all over.She giggle again and said “your just so easy honey, now be a good boy and clean up that mess and let’s go to bed” I was in pure heaven as I got a towel and wiped my cum from the floor and then joined her in bed and as we kissed goodnight and I was about to turn out the lights she said “you know honey I as planning on stopping to see Kim on the way back from the capitol, we pass right by he campus. Why don’t you drive up and meet us on Saturday” “ah ya ok sure honey, that will be nice” I replied “yes it should be intresting, ok goodnight honey” she replied back and I turned off the lights.I layed awake for several minutes thinking about how she said interesting, what did she mean by that. I was pleased that she asked me to meet her there though, before our little chat I don’t think she was going to include me. I was also very interested in seeing how Kimberly was living, something told me I was going to find it quite fasinating.Just as I left for work the next mourning I saw the long stretch white limo that the state furnished to bring the lucky lotto winners to the capitol to collect their checks. I had a feeling things were going to be much different from now on but after my conversation with Sara the night before I was much less nervous about the future. Friday seemed to go on forever as I was really looking foreward to going to the college campus tommarrow, it will be my first trip back there since helping Kim unpack almost a year ago. At that time it was a dorm room but she had since moved to a larger balgat escort three bedroom apartment with two of her girlfriends, it looked quite nice from the brocheres she had given to her mom and it cost quite a bit more money but Sara quickly gave in to Kim and increased the allowance we were giving her.On Friday night Sara called me at about 11pm, she was giddy and sounded alittle drunk and I could here the strong male laughter of Steve in the backround. She told me she got the mock check as the real money was being wired into her account and she was celebrating. They were staying at the exclusive Four Seasons hotel near Kim’s apartment. I didn’t get a chance to ask her any questions as she began giggling saying “stop that, I’m on the phone” she then said she had to go and said goodbye. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on and although it didn’t thrill me I was happy she at least called.I headed out early Saturday and headed for the college with nervous anticipation. I reached the campus at about 11am and couldn’t reach Sara or Kimberly on their cell phones so I drove around looking for Kim’s apartment. I found the complex and it was quite impressive, there was even a guarded gate where luckily Sara mustv’e put me on the list and I was able to drive in. I found her apartment which was actulally more like a townhome and noticed the complex must’ve been primarily college students.I knocked on the door and was greeted by a rather twerpy young guy who invited me in. He said that Kim was showing her mom and her boyfriend around the campus. I was quite shocked by the word boyfriend but figured it was just his interpretation of Steve. He interduced himself as Duffas and although I thaught that was a strange name I remained polite and shook his hand. He told me I was welcome to wait on them but he had to get back to what he was doing.He offered me a bottled water from the fridge and I took a seat on the sofa and watched the skinny little guy go into the hall bath where he knealt and continued scrubbing the floor which was what he had apparently been doing when I knocked. I felt a little guilty sitting there as when the guy finished in the bathroom he headed to the kitchen and began doing some dishes and wiping down the counters. I tried to reach the girls again but to no avail. I then asked the young guy if he minded if I looked around the place, he told me to help myself as no one else was home. I was pretty impressed at how neat and organized everything was, not something I expected of three college girls living together. All the beds were made there were no clothes or shoes laying around even each of their makeup desks were completely organized. I wouldn’t have even thaught I was in Kim’s room if I hadn’t recognized some of the furiture. I then remembered the brochere had mentioned maid service was available and then assumed that was this guy was doing, earning some college money working for a maid service. I know I did some crazy jobs when I was at college to earn some spending cash. I was still in Kim’s room when I heard a female voice call out “doofus! Bring me a water now!” It was quite an authoritive voice and I knew it wasn’t Kim or Sara and I was a little nervous about walking back out to the living room.I nervously fidgited in Kim’s room for a minute or two before working up the courage to walk out and interduce myself. I walked into the hallway and saw a stunning nineteen year old black girl seated on the sofa wearing a tight black spandex top and jogging shorts. She had dark shoulder length waivy hair and her perfect long bare long dark legs were stretched out on the coffee table where she was pushing off her bright white Nike running shoes with her toes. Her back was to me so I took the oppertunity to peep as Doofas carried out a tray with a bottle of sparkling water and a remarkably clean glass of ice. I watched as he balanced the tray on one hand and filled the glass with water and then offered it to the black girl who took the glass and then Doofas set the tray on the coffee table next to her perspiring glistening smooth legs. I didn’t want to get caught as a peeping tom so I made my way into the room. The girl was a bit surprised but I quickly interduced myself saying “oh hi, I’m Tim, Kim’s dad” The girl gave me a sligh grin and said “don’t you mean stepdad, and isn’t that even stretching it some” I had just quickly been put in my place by this wicked temptress and began to turn red, obviously Kim filled in her roomates on our somewhat unique relationship. “oh yes that’s what I meant to say” I nervously studdered out “um hum, will I’m Tracy one of Kim’s roommates” she said rather confident knowing she had me squiming before her, she then paused for a second and looked sternly at Doofas and threw her arms up “well…what the hell are you waiting for, you know batıkent escort the routine when I come back from my jog.” “oh yes I’m sorry great superior one Miss Tracy” Doofas exclaimed as he jumped into action and headed back to the kitchen, Tracy’s gorgous face broke out into a huge grin as she chuckled “damn pledges, they can really be quite stupid” “ah pledges?” I asked her nervously “yes pledges, I guess Kim didn’t tell you, are other roomate Michele is dating a fraternity pledge master” she paused as Doofas came back into the room carrying a big metal bowl filled with ice water and a couple of fluffy towels, i watched intently as he very carefully began to pull off Tracy’s ankle sweat socks and once she was satisfied he was doing it correctly she began again.”anyways like I was saying Doofas here is among two other pledges who failed the first cut so for their second chance they were given the option of an extended pledging which goes for the whole school year. A big part of whether they get in or not depends on how well they serve us three ladies as we give them grades every two weeks, isn’t that right Doofas?” she asked the guy tapping him on the forehead with her toes which were now bare. “yes great superior one Miss Tracy” Doofas answered and Tracy giggled “I just love the way Josh makes them answer us” I guessed that Josh was the pledgemaster, Doofas had just finished soaking a washcloth in the icewater and was about to start washing Tracy’s feet but she stopped him saying “wait, go put my shoes away first and don’t forget to clean the soles this time” “yes great superior one Miss Tracy” Doofas replied and picked up her running shoes and headed into her room. Tracy had just wanted him out of listening distance for a moment as she said softly to me “actually these pledges don’t have a chance in hell of becomming members of the fraternity, we all just string them along, they make such great little lackeys. At the end of the school year they’ll either be offered another year of pledgedom or they’ll be blackballed and we’ll start over with some new losers. There’s plenty of losers who’ll do almost anything to be accepted by the in crowd but I guess you know all about that huh” Again she did it just as I had sat down and was feeling a little less uncomfortable she threw out that little remark about me knowing what it is like to be a loser and once again I began to squirm it was like a game she was playing wit me. She didn’t even wait to here if I had response as she called out “what’s keeping you Doofas my feet are really sweaty!” the young guy came scurrying back out and knealt again before the black girls bare soles and began to delicatlly wipe the persperation from her toes and soles. Tracy leaned back totally relaxed and wiggled her toes a bit as she took a big sip of water and sighed.I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy at her feet remembering all to well how cruell some young college students could be and how others tried so hard just to fit in, I was sure he and the other two took just as much abuse if not more froim the fraternity brothers. My face had regained it’s normal shade and I was again feeling a little less tense when the little bitch did it to me again. “so do you think my feet are pretty, youv’e been steering at them long enough” she sort of sneered at me “I ah I was ah” I could think of nothing to say, she had caught me off guard and I was flustered.”aw, don’t be like that, I think my feet are very attractive, lord knows Doofas here and the others take great care of them to make sure they stay soft and pretty. Don’t think your the only one with a foot fetish there’s probably at least a hundred guys and some girls on this campus who have a thing for feet also. Some of the guys are pretty hot looking also, their not all wimps but I enjoy teasing the hell out of any of them when I see one gawking at my feet.” she was just as wicked as my oiwn stepdaughter, probably cut from the same cloth as the saying goes.She took another sip of water as Doofas continued rinsing the washcloth and was now working his way up her calves. She then continued to say “who knows maybe when Kim and your so called wife return they’ll even allow you to give my feet a kiss, wouldn’t t that be nice?” this time my face had not even returned to normal color as she got this jab in, making it clear that she felt I had to seek permission before doing such a thing but she was right I would love to kiss her delicious looking feet. After the bathing of her feet and legs Doofas carefully dried her off and then Tracy said “ok Doofas go put my socks in the hamper, have you finished your chores?” “almost great superior one Miss Tracy I just have to finish washing the kitchen floor” he answered “ok then finish up and you can go, I’m going to take a shower” Tracy said as she stood up and walked to her bedroom, Doofas following behind with her dirty socks. He returned a few moments later and went to work on the kitchen floor. I felt like telling him he was being used but I knew Kim would never forgive me if I did so I kept my mouth shut and twenty minutes later I just said goodbye to him as he left.Chapter 3 my wife and step daughter return

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