Why I’m Such A Bad Girl Ch. 02


Now if you recall, I am average at best. Cute, sweet, always nice, but average. Let me take the time now to tell you about Sam.

He was anything but average. At least 6 feet tall, lean and muscular, to me he was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. His hair was nearly black, and reached the middle of his back. I loved his hair, it was the 80s after all, and long hair was in. He was the drummer in their little band, and was nicely muscled due to the workout that drumming gave him.

And those eyes. To this day I can honestly say that his are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Deep green, with lighter flecks that caught the light and reflected his playful nature. I could have spent a lifetime staring into those eyes. But we had better things to do that night than sit around staring at each other, so I’ll get on with the story.

At some point while we were “recovering” Zack and Danny had made their way back to the car. They had opened the trunk and were cracking open beer cans that they got out of a cooler. Sam and I got most of our clothes back on and climbed out of the backseat to join the guys on the beach. Danny handed me a beer, and though I’d never tasted a drop of alcohol I certainly wouldn’t have let them know that, so I took a big sip and pretended that I didn’t hate the taste.

Five or six beers later I couldn’t keep my hands off of Sam. He was doing his best to control my roaming hands and finally leaned against the car holding me close, with my back against his chest and my hand trapped between us, stroking him through his jeans. Zack was lying in the sand with his eyes closed, singing to himself and completely oblivious to anything that we were doing. Danny, on the other hand, was watching every move that we made.

I don’t know why, but knowing that he was watching us made me bold. I wanted to shock him. I started rubbing my nipples through my t-shirt with my free hand. Watching him watching me made me weak in the knees, and my cunt began to swell. I was still rubbing Sam’s cock, now with both my hand and my body, grinding myself against him. eskort gaziantep I slid my hand up under my shirt and pinched my nipples hard, causing myself to moan. Sam had his hands on my hips and was pulling me harder against him, thrusting his crotch into my backside.

Danny was moving slowly towards us with his hand stroking the bulge in his jeans. Just as Sam began to lick and bite my neck and shoulder Danny came close enough to touch. And I did. I reached out and took his hand, bringing it to my tit as he looked over my shoulder for reassurance from Sam.

Apparently Sam gave him whatever confidence he needed because he closed the distance between us to no more than an inch or two and squeezed my breast hard. I moaned deeply and pulled my t-shirt over my head as Sam reached around me and undid my jeans. Danny took full advantage of my near-nakedness and lowered his mouth to my nipple, licking gently at first and then biting hard, making me squeal with the combination of pleasure and pain. Sam lowered my jeans, leaving me naked, my panties still somewhere in the front seat of the car.

Danny was now kissing me and massaging my breasts while Sam was grinding into me from behind with his hand buried in my pussy. Danny brought his lips back to my nipples, then lower over my rib cage stopping for a moment to fuck my belly button with his tongue, till he continued further down, moved Sam’s hand out of the way, and dipped his tongue into my cunt. I grunted and thrust my dripping pussy into his face and stepped out of my jeans so I could spread my legs and give him better access.

Sam never missed a beat and was biting my neck and caressing my ass. Danny got on his knees in the sand and was tonguing my clit and fucking me with his fingers when Sam touched my asshole with his fingertip. I barely noticed and continued pinching my own nipples and moaning in ecstasy. I did notice, however, when he pushed his finger into my back door, and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

I regained composure quickly as the pleasurable sensations gaziantep eskort bayan took over and he put his lips to my ear and whispered for me to relax. He slowly fucked my ass with one finger and then two, and the combined pleasure of a tongue teasing my clit and fingers in both my cunt and my ass were almost more than I could handle. I reached behind me and pulled Sam’s face towards mine, sucking his tongue into my mouth and biting his bottom lip. “Mmmm, fuck me,” I grunted, pushing back hard, forcing his fingers deep into my ass.

He apparently took my statement quite literally and removed his hand, placing his dick against my asshole. He only had to push forward slightly, because I was rocking back and forth on Danny’s fingers and tongue, and pushed myself onto his cock almost effortlessly. He very slowly eased his dick deeper into my ass until I could feel his hips against my cheeks, and when he withdrew the first time it felt as though my insides were coming out as well.

I adjusted quickly to the size of the monster invading my asshole and soon he was fucking me hard and fast. It didn’t take him long to peak and he grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back and bit my neck hard as he hammered into me. I had both on my hands on my tits, twisting my nipples hard and was panting as I neared orgasm.

Danny nibbled and sucked my clit between his lips, his fingers working in and out of my cunt like a piston as Sam grabbed my hips and slammed himself into me, yelling like a madman and forcing his cock deep into my bowels. I finally climaxed as Danny sucked my clit like a Hoover and Sam’s cum coated my insides. The orgasm hit me so hard that I screamed and completely lost control of my legs, collapsing against Danny in the sand, my own juices flooding down my legs.

“Out-fucking-standing,” Danny whispered to no one in particular.

Sam grunted in agreement as he dropped to his knees, “No shit, man. Fuckin incredible.”

I smiled to myself. “You can say that again,” I quipped, grinning at both of them. gaziantep eskort

I was lying in the sand next to Danny, softly stroking his dick, hardly aware that I was even doing it. “Harder,” he murmured, driving his cock between my fingers. When he spoke I took notice and began to jack him off in earnest. He wasn’t as well endowed as Sam, but definitely average or better. I’m sure he never got any complaints.

I rolled onto my side so I could reach him more easily. Resting my head midway between his chest and his waist I watched his cock slide between my fingers. Danny groaned as I slid my thumb over the head of his cock. I looked into his eyes as I sucked my thumb, tasting his pre-cum. Smiling at both him and Sam, and then licking my lips, I lowered my head to take his tool into my mouth.

His hands immediately went into my hair so that he could guide my mouth as he thrust himself deep into my throat. When I felt the head of his cock pass my tonsils I worked my throat muscles, drawing him in further. Using my throat and my tongue, I massaged every inch of the meat in my mouth. He was muttering incoherently and had a death grip on my head, thrusting in and out of my mouth.

I slid my hand between us and fondled his balls, running my finger down further, gently tickling his tight asshole. “Oh-my-fuckin-God,” he grunted in time with his thrusts when I pushed my finger inside. His cum hit the back of my throat in quick blasts, hot and thick, seeping from between my lips. He withdrew from my mouth and wrapped his hand around his cock, jerking the last of his spooge onto my tits.

He grabbed my head again and pulled my face close to his. I opened my mouth slightly preparing for a kiss, but he licked his own cum from my lips instead, lowering his head to lick my breasts clean as well. Then he did kiss me, viciously, biting my lips and tongue hard while holding me tightly. He lay back down in the sand, pulling me down with him, so that I was nestled nicely between his body and Sam’s.

“Crazy night,” Sam said, idly running his fingers up and down my thigh. “Never thought a shitty set would end up like this.”

Danny laughed, “Fuckin incredible, man! No one would ever believe it.”

Then, from somewhere behind us Zack piped in. “Hey, who said the night was over? What about me?” he shouted. The guys on either side of me both laughed like hyenas, and I knew that my big night out was not over just yet.

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