Wife gets lesson


I had just transferred in and didn’t know a sole at my new high school. I was just starting my English class and was introduced to the class by my teacher, Donna was a blonde, nice tits and with a nice ass. As I asked around, I was told that Donna married some Hispanic guy a year before. Okay class Donna announced, this Keith a new student, please welcome her I am sure I will have fun teaching him and you will help him if you don’t mind. Anyways, we got into the last ten minutes of class, Mrs. Gutierrez announced that we had a project due in three days, the assignment was to write about your favorite thing and we could include pictures or drawings to help illustrations. Donna said again, any favorite thing.
My favorite thing was fucking. So, when I got home, I started working on my project. I type and shot pictures cut and pasted my project, it two days before I had my story and my al my pictures put together. It was ready for Mrs. Gutierrez to read. I couldn’t wait for the deadline to come. So, brought to class and asked her if I could turn it in early. Donna asked if it was ready for her to review, I replied that it sure was. Very well and Donna took it. Now all I to do was wait.
Donna took her new students story book home and since it was the only that was turned in; Donna decided to review it after dinner her husband went to bed. Donna would always do her school work after he went to sleep. Donna had a glass of wine and put on the desk; she reached in her brief case and pulled out the Keith’s story book.
My favorite thing that I like to do.
By Keith Soto
Donna opened it up and found an index page breaking down the subjects. I wonder if he had misunderstood the idea of the assignment. As I read the sub topics, Donna paused, what?
1.My tool
2.Your sample bag
3.Your pictures
4.My pictures
5.My story

Now Donna was really curious and went to his tools, and that was a close up of a Keith’s dick, Donna had heard black males had big dicks. Donna uttered, my god that is just huge. Donna had never seen a black man’s dick and with it measuring 7.5 inches and another picture showing that it was 2 inches thick. If that wasn’t overwhelming the next picture was of his long tongue, it measured 6 inches. Then Donna guessed, the following picture was to substantiate it was his dick he was measuring. Donna about chocked on the wine, wow it was big. Her husband’s dick wasn’t that big and Donna thought his 6 inch long and 1.5 inch was big let alone his tongue. Donna stopped and didn’t go any further; she closed the book because she was brought up to be religious and never questioned that it was wrong to want another dick than the one Donna had married. She thought about her husband and thought of the sex. She didn’t think it was bad at least compared to what the other female teachers would describe of their sexual experiences. She sipped her wine and look at the story book, deep in thought. Now her curiosity started to get the best of her.
Donna went to the sample bag divider and found nothing, puzzled she went to the next divider. Donna went to the your pictures and again found nothing. Still mystified, she went to the next divider which was labeled His Pictures. He had pictures of him having sex with a woman, she was obvious was a white, blacked haired woman on her back. All Donna could see her having his dick in her pussy. He had several pictures in different positions. Some of which Donna had never thought possible, well at least not with her husband dick. She turned to the next page, this time it was a black woman. He had her in different positions. Donna started to get a little bit horny seeing other woman getting fucked by her student. He had seven woman all in different positions. Donna kept thumbing back and forth and kept looking at how big his dick was. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go any further.
Donna took a gulp of wine, like she was trying to build up courage to go further. Donna could hear herself saying that it would lead to something bad and she should stop, but thought to herself, it is only pictures and just words. Then she turned the page.
My story, I was born with an enormous dick, I was told that be my sisters and their friends. I was also told that I should share it with many other woman and keep records of their encounters. My story is a simple one.
If my English teacher came dressed in a long Spanish styled dress with a low cut top and had no underwear. Donna would indicate to me that she wants the pleasures that I could offer her, during class I would not answer her questions and she would punish me by having me sit to right of her and facing her so I could see her legs facing me. She would assign the class to read an assignment that everyone would do in class and be forceful about them reading. As the students started to read she would drop a box of paper clips to the ground and tell me to come and pick them up. Again she reminds the students if they didn’t want to stay after school they should keep reading because Rubin didn’t any help now or after school unless they were volunteering to do so. The English teacher would raise up dress up and sit at the edge of her stool and spread her legs so I could see and then take a breath of her. Donna Escort thought to herself, this guy has it all planned, the podium was tall and wide enough where no one could see him tasting my… my pussy. Donna found herself putting her hand down her shorts and below her thongs.
What was Donna thinking, she could get fired, divorced and who knows what else! Then that thought of doing something like this thrilling and sexual began to appeal to her horny side. Donna started to fantasize that she was doing all that he asked so she could get the thrill, and she could always stop him if he went too far. Donna made up her mind; she wanted it, all of it. Donna skipped the end of the story and flipped to the checklist.
The checklist.
1.Provide samples pubic hair and put in one of bags.
2.Put in a sample of your juices on an clean underwear.
3.Put one of your bras in the other.
4.Take pictures of your tits and glue them on your pictures, two at least.
5.Take close ups of your pussy unshaven, at least two and glue them as well to your pictures section.
6.Take close ups of your pussy shaven, at least two and glue them as well to your pictures section.
7.Check all the positions you what to enjoy and don’t forget to check one, two or three.
She was glad that he had given the book on Friday because it was going to take a day or two in order to get all that I had to do for Monday experience. No one was going to deprive her this dick and tongue, no one was. She close the book and tried to go to sleep, but was having a tough time of it. She laid beside her husband and started having fantasies about Keith’s dick and his tongue. She started to play with herself. Her husband was laying on his back, she realized that if she played with his dick it would get hard and she could give him a blow job and think it was Keith’s dick. She reached over and moved his underwear to expose his dick. When she touched, it came to life and so did he. Donna. Daniel said. Okay, you horny? Sure, I can do it. He got on his knees and Donna was like wasn’t letting his dick out of her mouth. He put his hands behind her head and started to move heard back and forth. Daniel was taken aback; Donna never liked him to hold her head like that before. Hel started to get a little bit suspicious but that subsided when Donna managed to say, Daniel, you know you have always want to skull fuck me. Your have told me many times. Well… What you waiting for? With that, Daniel started skull fucking his wife. Little did he know Donna wanted practice so she would be able to take all 7.5 inches of Keith’s dick in her mouth and throat.
Donna had everything done in the book and had brought her new thong. She was ready for Keith. She walked down the hallway and greeted all the teachers she knew as she went to her class room. Donna had 10 minutes before Keith would be coming to her class. She moved the stool behind the podium so she could make sure no one could see Keith at all when he would be at her legs. Donna looked at the clock and just minutes away. She went to the podium and sat down waiting for him to come in. the kids started to come in, everyone but Keith had come in and sat down. Still no Keith, she began getting a bit apprehensive. Still no Keith, she thought. Where was he? Was he running late, should she start the class without him? Of course she should! But, what about reading, she was becoming upset, even disappointed. She started the class, she couldn’t help but to look at the clock, five minutes went by, still no Keith. Fine Donna thought, I’ll just give him an F and take all my personal belongings out of his book and tell him mother what he was doing and get him in trouble. As she was looking at the book and was thinking how she has done all that for him and now he wasn’t even going to show up! The door opened, Donna looked up , and there he was. Keith walked in. Hey, whatss up. You’re late Mr. Soto, Donna blurted out! Take a chill pill teach. I can explain. No, Mr. Soto just sit there, so I can keep an eye on you!
Donna realized that Keith had given her reason to make him sit in the seat. Donna didn’t miss a beat, okay thanks to Keith, you all will start reading chapter 4, now! If anyone is not reading you will join Mr. Soto after school while he reads more. With that every head in the classroom went right to the book. As if Donna had planned it all, Donna knocked the box of paper clips hit the floor. Fine1 Donna said, Mr. Soto, since I am sure that you won’t mind, can you pick up the paper clips of the floor? I mean you are the reason this happened. Keith replied, why me? How long did you want to stay after school today? That will include anyone else who wants to see pick up the paperclips. No a head looked up. While she was telling them this, she had managed to lift the front of her dress to expose her thighs to Keith. Donna managed to slide forward to the edge of the stool so he could put his nose to her waiting pussy. Keith slowly went to Donna and got behind the podium. She waited for him to put his nose next to her cunt. Nothing. Then she looked down, there was Keith looking at her. He gave her a gaze that told her, she did something wrong. The thongs! He wanted her without any underwear. What was she thinking? So she had to think Escort Bayan fast, what to do, what to do. She had it! If any paper clips went under the podium you may use this to remove them with. Donna handed him a pair of scissors. With that Keith reached under her cunt and made contact with it, Donna moved a little bit more towards the edge. Now Keith had his finger behind her new things and pulled out enough to put the scissors between her cunt and her soon to cut in half thong. It didn’t matter, she just wanted him to get it over. Snipe, he gave her back the scissors back and she put them away. She looked up to make sure no one was looking her way. Not a sole was looking.
To her surprise, Keith put his hands on her inside of her thighs and spread her legs out further. Donna didn’t understand why. In the next second, it wasn’t his nose that was touching her pussy, it was his tongue! Not just touching her, he was playing with clitoris and moving it inside and out. Donna froze, not sure what to do. She felt surges of excitement go through out her body and mind, but she had to keep control. Donna felt like she was on the edge of screaming of excitement.. She reached down to get Keith to stop but he gave her his full length of tongue and she about passed out. She quickly regained control, Keith moved her more towards to edge of the seat. Donna felt like she was about to fall off the stool but he held her one leg to help keep her from falling. With no warning Keith put his tongue back in and put his index finger in her butthole. Donna cringed. She kept from making ant sounds, sounds that she would have let out if it where anywhere but here. Her asshole squeezed to keep him out but his finger was strong and he must have put her juices on his finger to lube her ass hole because it went in her anyways. She could feel he toes curl up and her pussy muscles squeeze at the same time. He had to stop! I put my hands down in front of him in the gesture to prayer, like I was praying to him, in my case, begging him to stop. Mrs. Gutierrez, did you see this on the floor? She looked up and hope that no one had seen her squirm around on her stool. To her surprise the kids were still reading. She said let me look at it, and got off her stool and bent down. He put his hand under her chin and held it in place as he opened his mouth to give her a kiss. She opened her mouth ready to receive a kiss, but to her surprise he put it deep and she tasted her own juices. Donna had no idea that she had even shot any of her white juice down on him. Donna immediately stood up and told Keith that he had picked all of the paper clips but still had to serve detention for getting an attitude. Keith remarked, yea whatever. The bell rang and the students left the room. Right before Keith left, Donna called him and gave him his book. She told him that she would reread it again, but with the rest of the students. She smiled was whispered, unless you change my mind.
Donna reviewed what just happened to her, her pussy had a monster tongue go in, out and around the inside of it, finger invaded her butt of which I didn’t know that was going to happen! Admittedly, between have pussy ate and her butt hole being excited it was, well fucking great! Minus her new thong.
She had a two hour break before her last class and of course her final encounter, well for now a final encounter with Keith.
The final bell rung and I pulled my key to double lock the door after Keith came in. Keith walked in, looked around and smiled and said, you ready for me. Donna looked at Keith’s huge bulge in his pants and said without a doubt Keith. She started to walk to the door with key in hand, Keith cut her off and told her he would lock. She handed him the key, as she turned around Keith put his hands on her waist and rubbed his dick against her ass, she froze. Keith knew she was his. Mrs. Gutierrez I’ll lock the door, go to the that table in the back. I’ll be there in a jiff. Donna walked like she was in a daze bumping the desks as she walked to the table. She didn’t understand what she was feeling, this 17 year old black boy, well with a huge dick and tongue has me under his control.
Keith told her to get on her knees, she asked if he wanted her to undress? Keith looked at her and said’ did I tell you to? Donna quickly responded I always do for my husband. Keith, smiled and said, am I your husband? Donna snapped out of it, no Keith, your not. Good he said. Donna went down to her knees. She knew what was coming but it was going to be better, a lot better. She made up her mind that no matter what she was going to get herself fucked royally. She wanted his dick, his tongue and was going to do whatever he wanted. Okay my bitch, Donna looked at his bulge and responded, yes, ahhh, ahhh, what do you want me to call you. What do you think I should be called? I don’t know? Well you will later on, you understand? No, but right now I don’t care. Good, Keith said. Take my dick out! Donna reach up and unzipped his pants and unbuckled his pants. He didn’t have any shorts. There it was this big black dick looking at her. Keith your dick looks bigger than 2 inches! Bitch, it is bigger, I had some surgery done to it to make a 3 inch dick, you got a problem my blonde hole. Donna looked at Keith and Bayan Escort opened her mouth but it wasn’t going to fit. Donna opened her mouth, looked at Keith and shoved his dick into her mouth. At first she was struggling with it, but pre-cum was lubing it and it slided a lot easier. She started to get a rhythm going but Keith grab her hair and said, no! Not like that, I am in control and you will do it my way! You get it? Donna thought to herself, that’s right I had checked Skull fuck on the check list. Keith had her get on the low table on her back. Donna hadn’t even taken any of her clothes off. She felt uncomfortable but she wanted to get Skull fuck by her new student.
Donna laid on her back facing the front of the room. Keith told her to raise her legs up. She complied and her dress fell on her stomach. She had her legs bent and didn’t what was next, Keith put his dick in Donna’s mouth. Her head was over the edge of the table. As she lid there with Keith dick beginning to go in and out of her mouth and down her throat, he reach behind her knees and locked them with his arms. Keith pulled her legs towards him and started to thrust his dick into Donna’ s mouth. He bent her into the shape of a C with her pussy directly into view. Out came his tongue and down it went into and down Donna’s pussy. How Keith keep beat Donna didn’t know but she was finding it hard to enjoy but she had no choice but to relax and let Keith fuck her whatever way he wanted. Keith started slopping Donna’s juices all over her thighs. Keith put his finger in her flooding pussy and gave Donna no warning before he took his index and middle finger and started to push them into her asshole. At first Donna resisted by trying to straighten her back but was to not avail. She was getting hammer at all three orifices and she was going crazy, she wasn’t sure if she was enjoying it. She hit Keith in the hips trying to get his attention. He stopped and said, fine you want to go back to your husband? To the old ways? Donna paused, thought for a moment and garbed Keith’s ass and started pulling and pushing his hips for him to start again. Keith said, you sure cause I’ll stop right now! He pulled his dick out of her throat. She choked and gasped out the words, No Keith! I want to be your bitch! No Keith said, my slut! Say it Mrs. Gutierrez! Say it! Donna didn’t want say it because she knew what it meant but at the same time she wanted more of his dick, well at this point any big dick! Donna said loudly so Keith could hear her. Yes Keith I am your slut! Good with that Keith pulled the camera that he had hid behind one of the books. He had Donna suck his dick and took pictures of that and had get on her knee and took real closes up of his dick in her pussy. The ones she had seen in his book. He put the camera down and put his big dick into her asshole. She grunted and moaned but didn’t complain to Keith ay all. Keith got Donna back on the table and on her knees. Suck my cock Donna! Donna didn’t even argue she opened her mouth and put it as far as she could without choking and stay there until Keith grab the sides of her head and started to skull fuck her. She just kept sucking and licking and working Keith’s dick.
Unknown to her someone had came into the room, and now were on the table with them. She felt a new dick entering forcefully into her slightly loosen asshole. At first she started to stop and Keith said you want me to stop, Donna couldn’t speak with his dick in her mouth. So what are you going to do Donna? Donna knew that answer. She started arching her back against the new dick and bounding it wildly. Good Keith said! With that, Keith held her by head and moved her on her back. Now she was on top of whoever was fucking her asshole. Donna got comfortable and reached her left hand on Keith’s dick and the right hand on whoever was fucking her asshole. Keith kept skull fucking Donna while she was being fucked from behind. Whoever was fucking behind her put his big hand on her pussy and started to push three of his fingers in her pussy. He removed his fingers and then another dick was shoved into her pussy. She now had three dicks having their way with her.
Donna didn’t even flinch she kept grinding and squeezing as hard as she could. She didn’t want to entertain the idea of Keith not calling her his bitch or slut or whatever he wanted to call her. She wanted to stop but she didn’t want to go back to the old life. She wanted any dick she could get no matter what. She had hear of pussy whipped nut never dick whipped. Well that was what she was. Dick whipped! The idea of fucking to get off didn’t even cross her mind, she just wanted to do it because of the idea of big dicks especially black ones! She had never hear of any other nationality having big dicks. Not like the one she was fucked with. These guys didn’t stop, they just kept going at it. Finally Keith asked, Donna you want to stop? Donna relied, only if you want me too Keith, otherwise I’ll keep fucking. I want to be your slut or bitch or whatever you want. Good Keith that is what I want my white bitch to say to me. Oh yea, Mrs. Gutierrez, my last name of Soto. I am not black I am from Puerto Rico.
Let me introduce you to my Dad, he is 65. This is my younger brother Rubin and you know my cameraman. Your husband and he is the master of the house, his slut. Donna shook her head and said I am my husband’s slut, bitch and whore if he wants me to be. After this, what else can you be?

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