Wife’s Friend Turned Me into a Cuck Ch. 03


As Beth turned on the shower, I continued to lay in bed, feeling confused, terrified, aroused, and curious–all simultaneously. I was not expecting her to suggest I abstain from having sex with her. This was undoubtedly an even stranger twist, yet I couldn’t shake the raging and throbbing hard-on that I was experiencing.

I look to my right and see her panties still on the bed, bunched up after she hastily slid them off. I was never the type of guy to get aroused from women’s underwear and always found the thought somewhat creepy, but I just couldn’t help myself this time. I grabbed her underwear and brought them up to my face. Suddenly, I felt the urge to explode. The idea that these were the same panties she wore last night, the same ones that she put back on this morning after two well-endowed men fucked her, raw, with their massive cocks while I just stared helplessly… I couldn’t control myself.

I began stroking my cock with one hand, holding her panties to my face with the other, thinking about the events that transpired last night. Within a few seconds, I shot out one of the biggest loads I’ve ever had. The orgasmic release was surreal. I use my boxers to clean up the mess, then head over to the shower with Beth.

When I walked into the shower, Beth held the showerhead off the fixture and used the pulsing massage setting on herself.

“Get in here,” she said.

I take my shirt off and step into the shower. Beth puts her arm around me and kisses me while holding the pulsing shower head over her clit. After a few seconds of making out, she squeezes me hard as she bursts into a climax and lets out a massive sigh of relief. She notices I’m not as hard as she expected me to be and asks if I had just rubbed one out. I told her about the intense session I just had via her underwear, and she smiled, stating I had better get used to it.

We finish our shower and enjoy the rest of our pretty average Saturday afternoon. At some point on Saturday night, Beth spoke with Mia about the previous night and expressed her intentions about fucking James again. Mia said she would reach out to James and give him Beth’s number.

Sunday morning, Beth has a text from James asking her what’s up, how her day is going, etc. They exchanged several messages before suggesting they should meet up but were not sure the best way to approach it. James was not used to this lifestyle and wanted to discuss it with me sometime in the next day or two. We agreed that James and I would have a conversation about expectations and boundaries.

Sunday afternoon, we go on our regular hike and work up a sweat. Beth is wearing tight leggings and a tank top over a sports bra. For some reason, her ass and tits look even more phenomenal than usual, and I know it’s because of what she said the previous morning. I am walking behind her as we hike up the hill, staring at her perfect round ass as they defy the limits of her yoga pants. I wonder how serious she was about the me being abstinent thing, and I constantly thought about pulling her leggings down and fucking her right there in the wilderness.

Once we get back home, I tell her I can’t take it anymore. Her hot, sweaty body wrapped in all that tight clothing was driving me crazy. When I attempt to get her on the bed and take her pants off, she immediately stops me and sternly reminds me that she is off-limits to me. I tell her how hard I am and ask how serious she was about the abstinence thing.

“I told you, not until I fuck James again,” she said.

“Well, this is your fault,” I joke. “What am I supposed to do with this?” as I point to my raging hard-on.

Beth looks me in the eyes and smiles. I know exactly what she is thinking. She takes her leggings off, followed by her underwear, and softly pushes them right up to my face.

“This is as close as you’re going to get to this pussy,” she says.

I grab the underwear as she walks off into the shower, tossing her top and sports bra towards me as well. I hated this feeling, yet strangely loved it as well. Before she steps into the shower, I ask if I can eat her out instead. She thinks about it for a minute and says no. That only she will decide when I can eat her out, and giving me control over that takes the pleasure away for her.

Bummed out but also throbbing, I lay down on the bed and take my shorts and underwear off. I grab Beth’s mini vibrator and place it on the shaft of my penis while holding her underwear to my face. The pulsing vibrations of a female sex toy work surprisingly well on men. Within a minute, I explode, with near the same intensity as I had yesterday morning.

The next several days were uneventful. I primarily work from home as Beth commutes to her corporate job. On Tuesday, I got a text from James stating that he wanted to discuss some things over the phone. I gave him a call, and he sounded somewhat hesitant. I assured him that I was ok with this and asked him if he wouldn’t mind playing a particular “character” I had in mind. I figured if I was going to be ok with my wife fucking eryaman rus escort another man, I should at least be able to get my own fantasy out of it. James was not 100% on board with everything I asked for, but I knew his desire to fuck Beth again superseded any uncomfortable feelings he may have had. We settled for them to meet up Friday night, and I was going to keep Beth in the dark regarding the specifics of the night.

Beth stayed true to her word about me not being allowed to fuck her. I tried a couple of times to initiate sex throughout the week, and she sternly turned me down each time, and I could see the pleasure she was getting out of it each time. Regardless, I abstained from masturbating because I knew the release would be more intense if I waited a couple of days. Thursday night, she came home from the gym in a sweatshirt and tight-fitting gym shorts. She had just done an hour of intense cardio, and she knew how much I loved it when her body was glistening with sweat.

“Get up,” she said as I was lying down on the couch playing a Smash Bros on the Nintendo. I turned the game off and saw my wife looking flush from her workout. Her hair was tied back, and she took off her sweatshirt, revealing her tight-fitting sports bra. She got on top of me and began kissing me while pressing her gym-soaked breasts in my face. At this point, I hadn’t masturbated since Sunday afternoon, and my cock was throbbing. I practically begged her for sex at this point, and again, she said no.

Beth stood up and instructed me to take her shorts off. As I peel the tight-fitting spandex off her perfectly wide hips and round ass, I shoot out a little pre-cum from the intense arousal. I feel a physical wave of heat radiating from between her legs, paired with the sweet aroma of her sweat and body spray.

At this point, Beth climbs onto the couch and wraps her thighs around my face, forcing me to eat out her wet pussy. As I am going to town on my wife, she tells me to stroke my cock. I unzip my pants and struggle to pull my cock out, but when I do, I almost instantly explode, shooting a stream of hot cum all over my pants and the floor.

“You can clean that up later; you’re not finished yet,” Beth says as she forces my face deeper into her pussy. I eat her out for the next several minutes as she moans with pleasure. Once she gets off, she climbs down and gives me an intense and passionate kiss before walking off to shower off.

Friday morning comes around, and I am both excited and terrified for the things that are about to go down that night. Beth and James have been sexting all week, and she showed me some of the messages he sent her. He had sent a picture of his cock that morning with the caption “Can’t wait to see what we get into,” and I could see the gleam in Beth’s eyes.

That entire week she had an air of confidence to her that I hadn’t seen in years. She walked taller, flirted more with strangers, and even dressed less conservatively at work (tighter fitting pants/skirts and somewhat more revealing blouses, though still appropriate for a corporate workplace). She was more confident and sexier than ever, though I wondered how long this would last and what it meant for the future of our marriage.

Friday Night

I had discussed this plan and all the details with James earlier in the week, but Beth was unaware of the specific details of the night. I was going to take Beth out to a high-end sushi place, and we would have drinks after. Beth assumed she would meet up with James much later in the night at his place, alone, but I had told him to conveniently “run into us” at the bar after dinner, so the situation seemed more spontaneous.

Beth came home around 6 PM on Friday with a huge smile on her face. I could see the excitement in her eyes as she eagerly took off her corporate best and began getting ready for dinner and her eventual night with James.

Beth wore a sexy yet elegant black dress, which accentuated her features so perfectly. My wife was always the type of woman who knew exactly how to strut her features in the classiest way. To an outside observer, she was attired elegantly, yet they would know, intrinsically, that she had the ideal pair of breasts paired with a perfectly round ass underneath that dress. The type of woman who could make a straight man explode in his pants just by having a mundane conversation with him.

I also had a role to play in this night, and if my wife was going to have another man’s cock inside of her, I was going to ensure that I engineered the night to my liking. Beth finished getting ready with a spritz of my favorite perfume I got her (Burberry Classic) as we grabbed our coats and headed out.

I drive us to a sushi place a little out of town in fear of running into someone we know. I text James to be at the bar in one hour and wait for us inside. We get to the restaurant, and I put on my “good boy’s best” behavior. I open the door for Beth, grab her hand as she exits the car, and tell her how much I love her. She ankara etimesgut escort bayan gives me a suspicious look but enjoys the chivalry and runs with it. Once in the restaurant, I do all the stereotypical chivalrous things, open the door for her, pull out her seat, grab her coat, etc.

The meal goes pretty much as planned, we order a few rolls and some pieces of nigiri, and I get Beth liquored up with some hot and cold sake. I avoided drinking too much at dinner, as I knew we would go to the bar after, and I would eventually have to drive us back.

After dinner, we walk over to the bar. It had been about an hour and a half since I last texted James, so I knew he would be waiting inside somewhere. We sit down at the bar, and I can see James cradling a scotch at the end of the bar. I give him a nod as Beth and I order some drinks. Beth orders a glass of wine while I order a local IPA. We begin discussing the plan for tonight with James. She asked me again if I was ok with it, though it was more of a formality at this point, as she knew nothing I said now would stop her from fucking James; it was practically all she could think about the entire week.

James moves closer to us and yells out, “no way!”

Beth turns her head and sees James.

“James? What the fuck?”

“I was in the area, just stopped by to grab a drink. Crazy seeing you guys here!” he said.

Beth looks at me very suspiciously. I gotta hand it to James, he isn’t the best actor, but he does have spirit. I can appreciate that, at least.

“Come sit with us,” Beth says. “Sooo crazy how we ran into you here,” she says sarcastically while giving me the side-eye. James laughs but stays in character.

“For sure, what are you guys up to tonight?” said James.

“Oh, you know, just had dinner. Trying to get laid,” said Beth. I could tell she was enjoying this.

James moves closer and takes the seat next to Beth. “Any luck?” said James.

I could tell Beth was suddenly very nervous. She had thought about this night all week, but a part of her froze. “The night is still young,” she says with a nervous laugh. I order Beth another glass of wine, the kind aged in a bourbon barrel (higher ABV), while I continue to sip my IPA.

We all casually exchange some more pleasantries, but I am a little annoyed with James as he is not taking control like I wanted him to. I give him a puzzled yet stern look, and he excuses himself to the restroom. Beth asks me if I had planned for him to be here, and I play dumb, but she obviously knows, and I can tell the alcohol is flowing through her bloodstream.

She wraps her arms around me and whispers, “you’re the best; I love you.” I give her a kiss and remind her of how much fun tonight will be.

James walks back with three shots of whisky in hand, “like old times,” he says, and we all laugh. Beth and James take their whisky shot, though I tell James I’m driving so one of them can have it. James grabs my full shot glass and sips half of it down. He then brings the half-full shot glass to Beth’s lips as she downs the second half and smiles at James seductively.

James puts his arm around Beth, and I can visibly see the goosebumps rise on her arms.

“A woman like you needs a real cock. If he can’t give you that, you can use mine,” James whispers to Beth.

At least he is trying.

I can tell Beth is getting super-hot, and her panties are probably already soaked. It didn’t matter what he said; the desire was physical. She is at a loss for words and simply leans in towards James to give him a kiss. They exchange several long, deep, sensual kisses before he sits back down.

James places his hand on Beth’s leg and begins stroking her thigh. “That’s a nice dress you have on,” he says.

“Thanks, my husband got it for me,” she replied.

“Seems he has good taste… in a lot of things,” he says while continuing to softly stroke her.

At this point, I can feel a hard-on coming, and I ask the bar for the tab. I suggest going back to our place to watch a movie, and Beth looks at me confused.

“Sounds like a plan,” said James. Beth decides to just go with it, as she knows something is going to happen. Just not at James’ place like she had anticipated.

Once finished at the bar, we head out and walk to the parking structure. James follows us, and Beth asks him if he parked in the same lot.

“I’ll ride with you guys; I ubered here,” said James.

“Just in the area, huh?” Beth said salaciously.

“The guys got club empires to run, Beth, calm the fuck down,” I say.

Beth smacks my arm, and we all have a laugh. Once we got to my car, I expected Beth to sit up front with me, but to my surprise, she got in the back with James.

“Onward, driver!” She yells. I smile, happy that she’s no longer nervous about the situation but rather embracing it full-on. As I pull out of the parking garage, Beth and James waste no time and immediately begin making out in the back seat of my car. I keep quiet as I accept the gölbaşı rus escort bayan reality that will come later tonight.

During the 15–20-minute drive back, I begin to think of which movie I should play once we get home. I figured it had to be something interesting but not engaging. I initially thought of the new Matrix movie but knew Beth, and I would lose track of the situation and become fixated on the movie.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Screams Beth from the back.

Glad they are making the best of the car ride.

I look in the rear-view mirror and see James’ face buried in my wife’s breasts, presumably with his hand up her dress. Beth’s moaning gets louder as we approach home.

Once we are about to pull into our driveway, I keep an eye out to make sure none of our neighbors see us, as I would hate to have to come up with an excuse about the who and what.

Luckily, no one was around as we pulled up, and I desperately realized that I needed a drink to get on their level.

As we walk up to our front door, Beth has her arms around James’ torso, and he has his arm around the small of her back, with his hand placed firmly on my wife’s ass. Once we get inside, we head to the living room, and Beth opens a bottle of wine. I grab a bottle of vodka and pour myself several shots in a rock’s glass and throw a splash of cranberry juice inside.

I know, I know, beer and hard alcohol = bad, but I needed to get buzzed fast.

As I am downing my vodka, James is standing behind Beth, arms around her waist, kissing the side of her neck.

“I’m his tonight, honey,” she says suggestively while fully embracing his touch.

I Google something like “raunchiest movies” on my phone and find one of those listicle sites.

“You guys want to watch ‘Eyes Wide Shut,'” I ask them both.

“Fuck the movie, let’s rage,” Beth says as she grabs her clutch and pulls out a small baggy of white.

She clears the kitchen counter and forms three lines with a credit card, pulls out the little straw and takes the first one, then hands it to James. James takes the second line and hands me the straw. It has been a while since I’ve done the powder, and I was always afraid of addiction because I loved the drug so much. Regardless, I figured tonight was special, took my line, and instantly felt the dopamine rush.

We continue drinking and taking lines around the kitchen counter for the next 10-15 minutes when Beth goes to the room for a bit as James and I continue to talk nonsense.

Beth walks out of the room with a more serious expression on her face. She walks up to me, gently lifts up her dress and grabs my hand, signaling me to finger her. I do, and can feel her warm natural lube dripping out of her. She pulls my hand out and sticks my fingers into my mouth. I was so turned on at this point and was hoping she would be brutal with me the rest of the night.

“Enjoy it, because you’re not gonna taste this again for a while,” she said seductively, yet sternly with a smile.

James pulls Beth away, turns her around, and with his hands squeezing her ass, gives her a passionate French kiss. Beth places her hand on James’ crotch, and I can see through his pants he is already rock hard.

“Sit down,” yells Beth, as she points to the couch while glaring at me.

“You wanted a show tonight, didn’t you? Couldn’t let me have his massive cock for myself,” she said.

I say nothing as I sit on the couch, both terrified and aroused.

Beth grabs James by the hand and makes him stand in front of me.

“You’re gonna prep my alpha for me since you were so eager to participate tonight,”

Before I could even comprehend what she meant, she instructed me to undo James’ pants. At this point, I’m not sure how James felt about this since it wasn’t even on the table when we had our previous discussions.

He seemed completely unphased, almost as if he expected this to happen.

“You heard her; listen to your wife when she’s speaking to you,” James ordered.

This was unexpected.

I undo James’ belt and unbutton his trousers, pulling them down to his ankles. He lifts each foot up and kicks them off to the side. James’ crotch is now literally inches away from my face, and I can see his massive cock pulsing underneath his tight boxer briefs.

“Keep going,” ordered Beth.

I grab the waistband of James’ underwear and slowly pull them down, similar to how I undid his pants. As the waistband passed the head of his penis, his massive cock sprung up and hit the bottom of my chin.

Beth walks over, still wearing her dress, grabs James’ throbbing penis with her hand, and smacks it across my face a couple times. I knew James’ had a massive penis, but seeing it this close, I realized it was a lot bigger and a lot more massive than I had initially thought.

My wife instructs me to open my mouth as she glides James’ now fully erect penis into my mouth.

“That’s right, get it nice and wet for me,” she says.

I obey my wife and struggle to avoid suffocation from James’ cock pushing into the back of my throat. My eyes are how teary, and saliva production has nearly quadrupled. Beth grabs the back of my head and slowly eases James’ cock deeper down my throat until I gag. She pulls James away and jumps on my lap, giving me a sloppy kiss as tears and saliva run down my jaw and neck.

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