Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 19


Toscolano Maderno is not a particularly large town but it did have nice shops and was well kept and clean. We had fun walking around with Daniella as our guide. She really seemed to enjoy showing us the sights. There were quite a few restaurants and cafes to eat in as well as bakeries and assorted places to snack. We just nibbled instead of having lunch. I couldn’t help but wonder why this tasted like real food instead of the crap we put in our mouths back in the states. After a couple of hours, it was time to return to the villa.

We stopped at Daniella’s villa first so she could get a robe and a change of clothes to wear after the massage. She gave us a tour of the place. It was slightly smaller than ours but very nicely furnished and appointed. It was perfect for a summer home with all the modern conveniences including a small pool.

Daniella told us that she and her husband lived in Milan. She was a fashion model and he owned some department stores all over Italy. They met at a fashion show when Giorgio had taken a liking to a dress she was modeling. It didn’t take long for him to take a liking to what was in the dress. She had continued to model but each year she did less so she didn’t have to go away on assignments so much. Now she only did three shows a year, all in Italy.

She tried to accompany Giorgio on his business trips as much as possible and acted as his personal assistant when she did. She said she did this as much to keep him from taking some other pretty woman with him as to actually help him. She was always fearful that some other model at a show would catch his eye. He was a handsome man who was fifteen years older than Daniella who had just turned thirty. Which, she confided, was a source of more anxiety about her husband straying with someone else.

Suvarna told her, “Daniella I’m one year older than you and this is as old as I’m going to get. You’re drop dead gorgeous and you take very good care of yourself. Quit worrying about your husband cheating on you. What’s the worse that could happen? He finds somebody else and wants to be with her. It’s not the end of the world. You could have men lined up around the block if you wanted to.”

“Alysse lost her husband and she was torn up about it for a year. Now she’s rediscovered and increased her capacity to love and she’s living again. Meeting us and deciding to be with us was the best thing she ever did. The meditations have made a big difference in her life. This is the reason you need to do them. They will put things in perspective and help you quit worrying and dreading what might happen. There is a lot more inside you than you can imagine. You have depth and untapped power. You need to discover it. You need to quit allowing outdated morality and fear to control you and see for yourself how fantastic love can really be.”

“You make it sound so possible to do these things. Nobody has ever told me about this before.”

“Nobody told me until I met Carl and Julia. The important thing was that I listened. Not just with my mind but with my heart and then I knew what she was saying was true and possible if I only trusted her enough. Not that she could give it to me but she could help me discover that I’ve always had it. Now you can see the difference in me and certainly you can see it in Julia. And you felt it with Carl. You may not know what that difference is but it calls to you, it beckons you as though you had heard something you forgot long ago.”

“Anne what you are saying is giving me Goosebumps. It excites and intrigues me. I’m really going to try and convince Giorgio to be receptive to this. I know it can be of great benefit to both of us.”

When we got to our villa everybody dispersed to get a robe and meet in the spa. When Daniella saw the spa she screamed with excitement. “Anne it’s beautiful! Now I am upset with you. This magnificent place has just been sitting up here the whole seven years we’ve been just down the hill and nobody’s been using it? You should be spanked for that.”

“Actually the spa wasn’t built until 2009 so it’s only been sitting here for five years but if you want to spank me that can be arranged if you and Giorgio decide to spend some time with us. Do you think Giorgio could get into spanking a mischievous little girl who’s done something naughty? Maybe he’d like to do it while my head was between your legs eating that delicious pussy of yours.”

“Oh God Anne, he’ll come with you for sure if I tell him that.”

Suvarna moved close to Daniella and put her hand under her chin then leaned forward and kissed her. “Then by all means Daniella, drop it in the conversation when you get a chance.”

“Anne you’re the most fascinating person I’ve ever met. I think I may already be a little bit in love with you.”

“Be careful Daniella, Julia says that we generate a love field when we’re all together. It’s like a spider’s web, once you’re caught in it you can’t escape.”

“Who would want to?”

“You catch on fast Daniella. Now come on with me. While the others cinsel bilgiler start the massages Carl and I will give you a bath in the bathing pool.”

We all slipped our robes off and hung them on hooks placed along the wall behind the bathing pool. I stood and watched as Suvarna and Daniella sauntered to the pool and wondered what I had done to deserve being in the presence of so much beauty. All of the women in this room were physically beautiful but that physical beauty was enhanced by the inner beauty that had blossomed within each of them. Even though Daniella’s inner beauty had not been nourished by meditation as the others had, her physical beauty was mesmerizing. She compelled, demanded that you look at her.

Although I was sure Suvarna saw Daniella’s beauty and appreciated it, she wasn’t the least bit intimidated by it nor should she be. Her beauty could match Daniella’s because of the more developed inner beauty that permeated the physical and drew you toward it. Sometimes people who are physically beautiful are full of stress and anxiety inside and if you have any consciousness at all you can feel it and it detracts from their beauty. Suvarna could see that deep down inside that beautiful woman’s body was a beautiful little girl; one that her inner little girl had already decided to be friends with.

I saw how they looked at each other as they lowered themselves into the warm water of the pool. Daniella had been caught. She would come with us regardless of what Giorgio decided. I hoped he had sense enough to encourage her to accept the gift that was being offered to her and that he would accompany her and accept it for himself. It would be wonderful if they could reach the same level of love that Suvarna and I were on. Their life and love would be enriched immeasurably by the experience and unlike us; they would have a longer time to enjoy it. Neither of them was aware of it but they were at a crossroads and it could take them into a whole new realm of love or it could tear them apart.

I wondered how I could see them so clearly and they had no idea of what was about to happen. I decided I had to help them see what a tremendous opportunity awaited them because as the Moody Blues put it: Together they were standing on the Threshold of a Dream.

I was finally able to tear my eyes away from Daniella and turned to see Mitra sitting on the floor under a rain showerhead in lotus position, her wrists resting delicately on her knees, palms upturned. Water was gently cascading over her. A second before I had been looking at the personification of feminine beauty and now I was looking at a living Buddha. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I was completely immersed in the unfathomable depth of my love for her. Tears rolled down my cheeks. She smiled enigmatically. I smiled back. That was all that needed to be said.

Suvarna was standing beside me. I heard her voice as if down a long tunnel. “Prem, Prem, can you hear me?”

I had to force myself to return from wherever I was. “Yes my love, I hear you.”

“Would you like to join us in the bath?”

“Of course, I’ll be right there.” Somehow I managed to get to my feet and walk with her over to the bathing pool. I stepped in and felt the warm water on my legs. Slowly I sank down into what felt for all the world like amniotic fluid; as if I had returned to the womb. I was there but I was also not there. Before me was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I couldn’t even focus on her. I was being pulled in a thousand directions at one time. My very being was fragmented into pieces like a shattered mirror. Some part of me wanted to focus but I couldn’t even gather enough strength to do it. There simply wasn’t enough ‘I’ left to do anything. All ‘I’ wanted to do was crawl over to Mitra and collapse in her lap.

I felt warm lips on my mouth. Air was being forced into my lungs. I began to breathe again. I opened my eyes and looked into Suvarna’s. She was crying intensely. I heard her telling me, “Prem don’t leave me. Don’t. Don’t. Not now. You can’t do this. That’s my job. Stop it! Stop it right now!”

I began to return to some semblance of reality. I could breathe again. I felt water in my mouth. I spit it out and opened my eyes. I could see shapes again. My eyes began to clear and I was able to see Suvarna and Daniella. I heard Suvarna ask me what had happened. There was no way I could tell her. I managed to get one word out: “Satori”. Immediately she understood. She was on her knees holding me like a helpless alcoholic. Her sobs could be heard all over the spa. She was crying now because she understood and also because her love for me had risen to challenge any threat to my well being. She would have fought death barehanded to her last breath to protect me and everybody in the spa knew it.

Daniella was almost in shock as she stared at what was unfolding before her eyes. Nevertheless she moved forward and put her arms around us, then began to cry like her only child had cinsellik bilgileri just died. I gradually returned to… Well, close to normal. Then I realized everybody in the spa had come and put their arms around us. I started crying again. I couldn’t imagine what made all these people want to come to me and do this. What had I done to inspire this level of devotion? Where had all this love come from? It was then that I noticed the absence of one person from this pile of bodies surrounding me: Mitra.

I turned my head to where I had last seen her and there she was. Still sitting like a Buddha under the gentle rainfall. Nothing I had ever seen could possibly come close to the exquisite beauty and serenity of her motionless form sitting there glowing in the sunlight streaming through the skylights in the ceiling while the water cascaded down on her . My strength returned and I did the only thing I could do. I stood and walked over to her. I knelt before her and bowed down to touch my head to the floor in front of where she was sitting. I hadn’t even realized that everybody else had come with me and were bowing in silent communion with her.

What happened in the spa that day was beyond my ability to describe. A silence descended upon the room that was palpable; it surrounded us like a fog. All of us were affected and touched by a divine presence. Then as if nothing had happened, Mitra stood and turned around to turn the water off. When she turned back she said, “Isn’t it about time for my massage?”

We all stood up and went back to whatever it was we were doing before this incident occurred. Suvarna, Daniella and I got back in the bathing pool. Daniella was sitting on the seat near the edge and we were kneeling in front of her. She looked at us and said, “Anne, Carl, listen to me please because I’ve never meant anything more than what I am about to say. I will not leave you until you have helped me to learn to love as you two do. I am truly awed by what I have seen today. I get it. You people are not just fucking around.”

Suvarna looked at her and said, “It will be our pleasure to share everything we are with you Daniella. Your only obligation will be to keep your heart open to receive it.” We moved forward and finally began to bathe her exquisite body. With soft, loving strokes of the sponges we spread the fragrant body wash over her shoulders and arms. She closed her eyes and soaked in our adoring touches. My hands moved slowly down from her neck to her incredible breast. When I cupped it in my palm I knew I had never felt anything so perfect before. I lowered my head and covered her nipple with my mouth. My tongue told her how much I loved her and she moaned when she heard the tender message.

This was no longer biological or physical. This was spiritual. The sexual energy had already begun to move up in her and pervade her heart. What she had seen earlier was now being transcribed into sensation and was spreading through her entire body. She was almost in a trance as we continued to wash her. We were both kissing her softly all over her face, taking turns pressing our mouths to hers as our hands roamed all over her body. Suvarna sat on the ledge beside her then together we lifted her up to sit on Suvarna’s lap so she could lean back on her. Her body was almost completely out of the water.

Suvarna kissed her neck and caressed her breasts as I washed her legs and moved slowly toward her pussy. She bent her knees and put her feet on Suvarna’s thighs and spread her legs wide. I used my hand to caress her neatly trimmed pubic hair and let my fingers slide down her lips to her ass cheeks. I massaged her slit with my open hand rubbing my palm firmly over her lips. We all knew what this was leading to. Suvarna whispered in her ear, “Tell him Daniella. It’s OK; let it happen. This was meant to be.”

Her exposed pussy was merely a representation of her open heart. She was ready to take the next step. She was ready to experience love at the next level. “Make love to me Carl. Love me the way you love her. Convince me that this is real. Let me feel what you felt. Show me how to love.”

I moved between her widespread legs and placed the head of my hard cock at the entrance to her vagina. Her eyes were still closed as Suvarna stroked her forehead with her hand and gently rubbed her hair while she continued kissing her face. I pressed forward and felt the head ease inside her. She breathed in deeply but slowly and evenly as though she was being completed rather than invaded. I pushed forward again and kept on going until I was buried inside her snug welcoming vagina like I had always belonged there. Suvarna moved one of her hands to Daniella’s stomach to confirm that we all knew this was right, that we were all meant to share this moment together.

I began moving in and out of her in long, slow strokes. I made love to her as if this was the first time she had ever had sex. I had no intention of getting her off. My only purpose was to cinsel bilgi fill her with love. Orgasm, hers or mine, was the last thing on my mind. This was sexual communion not fucking. She spread her legs wider to show me she understood this and wanted me in her so we could transcend the animalistic urge to copulate and transform our union into pure love. We both knew that she had been waiting for this for a long time and she was ready to accept it without reservation.

Suvarna continued massaging her lower stomach as if to sanction this act so that Daniella could go deeply into it and see for herself what sharing love felt like. She was showing her new girlfriend what it meant to love purely with no thought or judgment. Even without the carnal aspect of our act the sensations were taking her toward a climax. She didn’t do anything to help it happen or to hinder it. She relaxed into the almost infinite patience that women are capable of and waited passively for it to come. When it did, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Her orgasm was like a slow motion explosion that spread through her like a shockwave filling her with light. Suvarna’s mouth covering hers kept the energy of the super climax inside her where it touched places she didn’t even know she had. It was so powerful and so joyous that Suvarna and I shared it with her. I didn’t have the slightest urge to cum. It was so intense that I knew if I had leaned over and lay on top of her we would have immediately begun to circulate the light. As much as I wanted to do that, I knew she wasn’t ready for it yet.

Suvarna pulled her mouth away and smiled at her. I slowly eased my cock out of her warm pussy and put my hands on her ankles to pull her legs straight so her calves were back in the water on either side of me. “Well, how do you feel?”

“I… I can’t describe it. I didn’t just see stars I felt like I was out among them. It was fantastic. Is this what you were feeling Carl?”

“Yes, only more powerful. The orgasm you just had came from your heart. What I experienced came from my being.”

“And you did that without having sex. You did that just from looking at Julia. I would never have believed you could feel that much love for someone.”

“Do you believe it now?”

“I don’t have to believe it, I’ve done it. I know what it feels like now. The bath, the tender touching and the lovemaking are the most wonderful things anybody has ever done to me. Thank you so much Suvarna for showing me how it feels to share love. I’ve always thought that you could only love one person and now I know that sharing it takes love to a whole new level that is much more intense than keeping it confined to just one person. Before I came up here if you had told me that by the end of the day I would have made love with another couple in a room full of people I would have said you were crazy. Now I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Oh, I can’t wait to share this with Giorgio.”

We got out of the bath and dried off so we could take our turn on one of the massage tables. Since there were two, anybody not receiving a massage was giving one. I took particularly good care of Angelika when she was on one of the tables. Her ripe body was so soft and sensual. I would defy any man to try and massage her without getting an erection. She couldn’t get enough of having her voluptuous body rubbed and caressed. Janelle massaged her pussy with the same expertise that she exhibited when giving men hand jobs. It produced the same result too. She brought Angelika to a toe curling orgasm.

We played around in the spa and the pool for the rest of the afternoon. At seven we got in the van and drove to Daniella’s favorite restaurant where we had a leisurely dinner outside under the stars. All of us were feeling very good after the loving afternoon we had shared.

What a joy it was to be with happy people without arguing or bickering over trivial crap. I had always tried to keep up with current affairs by watching news broadcasts but I hadn’t seen one since we left New York and I sure didn’t miss them. The rest of the world could go on fighting and committing crimes without my having to hear about them. None of us used a cell phone the entire time we were there.

We returned to the villa about nine-thirty and did our meditation and Suvarna’s visualization. Both seemed to be more intense due to the presence of Daniella. The love field was stronger because of her.

When we were splitting up for bed Suvarna asked Daniella if she would like to stay for the night and sleep with us. She accepted the invitation happily like a young girl going on her first sleepover.

We took a shower in the villa in the bathroom next to the bedroom we would be sleeping in. Daniella got to give us a loving bath as well as get another one herself. She couldn’t decide which she liked better.

“Daniella since I held you while Carl made love to you today, you can do the same for me tonight.”

Suvarna lay on her left side in the middle of the bed. I lay behind her and Daniella lay on her right side facing Suvarna. “Now Daniella you and I are going to make out while Carl fucks me from behind. Put your arms around me and snuggle up to me. Oooohh Yessss just like that. Your beautiful body feels so warm and sexy. I’m so glad you didn’t go home and spend the night by yourself.”

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