Work Friends Nude House Party, Part 2


Work Friends Nude House Party, Part 2This is a continuation of part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/matt_001/posts/260172.htmlSo having been left with a fully erect cock stood infront of my work friend Tina at her nude house party, I turn to her as she glances down at my cock. “I think I’m going to be stuck like this for a while” I giggle as she jumps off the kitchen side and stands close to me. “I know what may help, come follow me” she winks as she turns and walks past me, her breasts brushing lightly against my arm as she does so, making my dick twinge. I follow her, again watching her ass say as she heads to the back door and outside. It’s a little chilly out, and immediately the cold hits me, but that thought soon passes when I see the hot tub in her back garden. She smiles over her shoulder at me and heads towards it, noticing a couple already sat in the tub with the girl knelt between his legs, obviously jerking him off under the water. “Don’t mind us” she says as they brake their kiss and look at us both as she climbs into the tub and stands in the middle. I climb in behind her and take a seat in the water, it coming up to my upper chest. “Nice?” she smiles down at me. “God yeh!” I smile back ümraniye escort up, “you not going to sit down in the water too?” I ask. She nods and turns facing away from me before lowering herself down onto my knees and leaning back so her shoulders rest against my chest. She reaches either side of her and takes hold of my arms, moving them and wrapping them around her stomach. I smile to myself looking down at her, her breasts sitting on top of the bubbling water making them jiggle. I flatten out my hands on her stomach, feeling her smooth soft skin. She coo’s slightly as I do so, and lays back more getting comfy, feeling her back press against the tip of my cock under the water. “You didn’t tell me you had a hot tub” I say as i glance over at the couple in the tub sat across from us. She’s still wanking him off under the water whilst he groans and reaches around her body, constantly grabbing her ass and tits. “Yeh, it’s a pretty kinky and special place this one” she smirks moving her ass over my legs a little.”How come?” i smile stroking her stomach from side to side, and up and down. “People in here always seem to end up either fucking or masturbating” she giggles.I pause for a second kadıköy escort thinking about how both hot and also a little bit worrying that is. “Don’t worry, it gets cleaned constantly and we refill the water after everytime something happens” she smiles as she arches her back, making her breasts more visible above the water. My cock twitches, rubbing against her back. “So your still hard then?” she giggles obviously feeling it laying over me. “Yeh, I can’t help but watch the other two, and your breasts” I blush as I look down at them again. She tilts her head back to look up at me and smiles seeing me stare at them. She looks down at them herself and starts to rub them a little, playing with her nipples. “I’m rather proud of how they turned out” she giggles and sighs slightly. “I would be if I were you” i grin as I move my hands up to her breasts, cupping them in my palms and giving them a firm squeeze. I feel her nipples harden against my palm as i slowly start to massage them and move them around. A sigh escapes her mouth as she arches her back slightly, pressing her ass against my stiff dick. She just lays there over me, looking down at my hands squeezing her tits. “God they feel soo tuzla escort good” i whisper into her ear. She quickly gets up and spins around on my lap to face me. She takes a hold of her breasts and holds them up to my mouth, wanting me to suck on her nipples. I happily oblige and open my lips moving my head forward, taking one of her hard nipples into my mouth and sucking on it as she watches. Another moan escapes her mouth as I move my hands down to her ass, starting to roll my tongue around her breast. She arches her back more as she stares at me as I look back up, moving to her other nipple to give it some attention. I grab her ass in my hands and pull her cheeks apart, feeling my cock pressing against her thigh as she stradles me. I lightly nibble on her nipple, making her cry out. I pause and look up at her to see her grinning down at me giggling “please don’t stop” she moans. I do it again, biting a little harder and tugging on her nipple slightly. All of a sudden I feel another hand grab hold of the shaft of my cock. I pause pulling away from Tina’s breast to see the girl in the tub with the other guy leant over forward holding my dick. I look past her to see the guy guiding himself into her. My eyes quickly move to hers to see them roll back into her eye lids and she lets out a moan of pleasure. She opens them again and stares straight at me, gripping my cock firmly with a smirk appearing on her face. To be continued in Part 3.

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