Working In An Adult Bookstore Fantasy Booth ( Part III )


I knew my husband wanted me to go back to that adult bookstore and work in the fantasy booth again. We talked about what I did the first time and it made us both very excited, that I had been such a naughty girl. I would tell him in detail about each man, one at a time, as we would lie in bed with me masturbating him until he came all over my fingers.I kept putting him off for a while although the thought of seeing those guys jerking off their hard cocks as they watched me playing with my pussy sure made me horny. This is such a private act, and exposing myself to them was all I thought about when I masturbated.I did agree to go with him to the adult theater again to get him off my back and that made him happy, The next Sunday afternoon we were back at the theater and I was nervous but not as much as before. The theater was quite crowded and I was the only female. We took our seats with my husband on the aisle and me next to him.I took a look around and saw that most of the guys had their dicks out and their arms were going up and down their cocks, pretending to watch the movie, while they kept looking back at me every chance they could.We watched the movie for a while, then my husband started to touch my breasts under my shirt. He then unbuttoned it and exposed my hard nipples to anyone that wanted to look. Just then a young good looking guy came in and sat in the row across from us and one seat in front. He looked back as my husband unzipped my jeans as he put his fingers into my panties and began to frig my pussy.”You are very wet. Let’s take those pants off so I can touch you better.”I lifted up my butt so I could pull my jeans and panties down to my ankles.The guys started to move closer to me with several standing in the row in front and one guy sitting down next to me. My husband told them, “You can watch but no touching,” and they all shook their heads ok, and out came their erect cocks, including the guy next to me. My husband Ankara escort said, “You play with your pussy while we watch.” I started to rub my clit.I looked at the guys while I masturbated myself. I had never noticed before but each guy stroked his cock differently. Some of them fast. Some of them slow. One guy was twisting his hand around his dick and another was rubbing a finger around the soft spot under the head of his penis as he jerked himself with his other hand.I started to rub my clit faster as the guys began going faster and my husband told them, “Don’t cum on her.”I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and when the first guy started to squirt on the floor I started to cum on my fingers as the other two guys also moaned and came on the floor. I stood up and pulled up my panties and jeans and looked over and the guy sitting next to me. He was still stroking himself. My husband moved my hand over to his penis and I began to jerk his cock up and down. He was hard as a rock and I heard him groan and he shot his cum all over his shirt.I wiped my fingers on a tissue my husband gave me. I looked up to see the good-looking young guy was still stroking his cock but when he saw me looking at him he put it back in his pants. I whispered my disappointment to my husband and he said, “He is probably shy and didn’t want the other guys watching him.””Why don’t you go over to him and see if he would like a private strip show in the little movie booths outside the theater. Tell him we are leaving but if he would like to see you strip tell him to wait a few minutes after we leave and you will meet him in video booth number three.”My husband and I got up to leave and I whispered to him what my husband had said. This is different I thought as we left the theater but I was still horny and I did want to see him play with his penis so into booth number three I went, My husband went into booth number two, next Ankara escort bayan to the one I was in to wait. After a few minutes, I thought this guy is not coming and just then my door opened and in he came. I told him, “Put some money in the video machine so you can see me better.” When the movie came on it lit up the booth.”What do you want to see?” I asked, as he sat on the bench and I stood in front of him.”Everything,” he said. So I took off my top and hung it on the door handle. I started to take down my jeans and panties to my ankles as he stood up and took down his pants. Damn, he was good looking and he had a very nice stiff penis. Just the right size I thought as he sat back down.”Did you really cum in the theater,” he asked as I started to rub my clit a foot in front of his face.”Yes, I came great,” I told him.”Can you cum again? I have never seen a girl cum before in person,” he said.”I am going to cum really good for you so take a good look,” I said and started to tickle my clit faster and put a finger in my pussy and started to finger fuck myself.”Can I eat your pussy?” he asked.”No. Just watch me,” I said.”Well can you put your leg up on the bench and open up your pussy more so I can see it better?”I had to take my shoe off and take my leg out of my jeans and panties. I put my leg up on the bench and opened my lips so he could see all of my pussy as I frigged myself right in front of his face.He then grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy to his mouth and started to lick me like a starving man. He was wearing a baseball cap and it fell to the floor as he licked my slit. I was going to push him away but he was licking me so good and it felt so wonderful that I did not stop him. I grabbed the back of his head and ground my wet pussy into his face as he licked my clit. I was getting close when he put his finger in me and started to finger fucked me and I could not help myself and I shook Escort Ankara and came all over his face.After I caught my breath, I had him stand up and face the screen and I reached around to tickle his balls. They were so tight that I knew he wasn’t going to last too long so I started to stroke his penis very slowly. I wanted to make him last but he started to hump my fingers and he started to moan. I started to jerk him off faster and he started to shoot rope after rope of cum on the wall under the video screen. I milked his cock until the spasms stopped and we both got fully dressed.”How old are you?” I asked.”Twenty-one and nothing like this has ever happened to me. You have a great body and that shaved pussy is sure tasty. I loved eating you.””You were great. You made me cum really good and I loved playing with your stiff penis and making you cum for me. You have a very nice cock,” I told him.When I left the booth my husband was waiting at the end of the hallway.”Did you have fun?” he asked.”I let him eat my pussy until I came. I will tell you the whole story when we get home. I want to jerk you off as I tell you everything. You are going to like hearing this story,” I told him.I knew that going to the theater was not going to stop my husband from asking me to work again in the fantasy booth. In truth, I did want to try it again. It made me feel real good to know men would pay me to watch me take off my clothes and get so turned on that they would have to jerk their cocks off in front of me to get relief. So, after telling my husband “no” a few more times I told him “let’s go,” and two days later I was back at the adult bookstore about sixty minutes from our home.There was another girl working that night. So we sat together in the glassed-in area where the guys could see us and pick out the girl which girl he wanted to put on a show for them. There was a phone into that area where the guys would signal for one of us to pick up. to speak with us. If they wanted a show we would go into our private booth. The girl had me use the booth that I had used before. I knew my husband would go into the booth behind the guys’ booth and watch me put on a show through the little hole in the wall between him and the customers’ booth.

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