Working Without Pants Ch. 01


As with the rest of the Literotica site, if you are not older than 18, please don’t read.

Please ask for permission to post on other web sites or distribute. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about my fantasy and real life story! Don’t be shy, send me an email (I like to hear about happy endings and what I can do to make your day at work very uncomfortable!)!!

This is just a little fantasy that started brewing in my mind while reading one of my favorite erotica writers and from reading the many sexy emails I’ve received from my own erotica.

I’m not sure how many chapters this story will contain.

This starts off slow, just like in real life! After the build-up, things end in an inferno.

Chapter 1:

Nicole sat in her car; before she could blink she started to cry. What was she going to do? It was Dec 15, 2008 and she was just terminated. But then so were all her coworkers. The company went from one hundred fifty employees to thirty five. There she sat crying thinking about what she would tell her husband, and how on earth would she find another job?

Nicole hated the company that she worked for. Some of the things that her manager would make her do were just an inch shy of being illegal. The company was only out for profit and those that sucked company ass were rewarded. The only two positive things that Nicole could think about was how much she hated the company and that now she could find a better job. She wasn’t aware of the impending disaster and near collapse of Wall Street.

She thought about that smug CEO. Yeah it was nice that she CEO came down to explain things, and that this was no one’s fault. There was a recession coming and the company had to cut expenses before the finical storm hit. That it was best to lose many but it was no his mission to keep a few employed.

Nicole had no idea what she was going to do. Over the next week she had emailed and mailed out over a hundred resumes but nothing. To add insult to injury she even went door to door for a week and still nothing. Nicole started to think about what if she started her own little company to compete with her past employer? She was earning good money and missed those fat commission checks. Why not?

Then again she was pretty naive.

Then at a friend’s house she was talking and their friend Jeff who by chance was looking for something to do. He had been in technology and was looking for another startup but had no idea what he wanted to do. Together they started talking about the idea and they both became excited. She never realized how good looking he was and his six foot three athletic frame was some nice eye candy.

Jeff asked her questions and felt confident that she knew her role in this new company. He knew that she lacked any type of management and leadership skills but he was okay with that. He could start the company, fund it, and take care of operations.

She knew that he could handle all the stuff when it came to a start up and then the day to day operations. She also enjoyed flirting with Jeff but that was her little secret. Both of them started to become excited about the new venture.

Over the course of the next month they would meet every day and talk about the business. It was in this time that that Nicole spent with Jeff on planning this new business made her very comfortable. She even caught him peeking down her blouse a couple of times, which aroused her. While planning this new venture she grew closer to him and even started to open up with him talking about some very intimate aspects of her life and past. Her relationship was more growing from a friendship to an attraction.

They started to have meetings to plan things out from the company name to how they would operate day to day. While out having lunch with him she wondered if anyone would think that they are a couple. After all he was six foot three and she was five foot two and even with her tallest heels he towered over her. She felt so safe being around him and would wonder how it felt to have those big muscular arms around her. At first she felt guilty by those thoughts. After all he was married too. His wife was beautiful that could be passed off as Jennifer Gartner’s twin sister.

After lunch they would talk about hours of operation and dress code. Nicole would go shopping with him and they would order letterhead, phones, computers, and all that stuff. She appreciated that Jeff wanted her option and respected her, which really turned her on.

They set up a start date of the first week in December. The reason to start in December was that this was a slow period in their industry and allows them some time to work out the kinks. In November Jeff had found the perfect office building for them. The office was an executive office but the building had everything that they needed from high speed internet access, a gym with showers, conference room, mail/shipping room, and a lunch room. They both were pleased with the new Escort office. It was in this time period that they started to talk about other things allowing Nicole to get closer to him.

They made plans of working out together at the gym which only started to help fuel her fantasies about him. The fantasy of watching him work out in a tank top really aroused her at night.

It was during this time that a comment turned into a bet. Nicole desperately needed to earn money. Each week she watched foreclosure signs go up on her neighbor’s homes and she didn’t want that to happen to her. So, when Jeff made a smart ass comment about having bottomless Friday, she jumped on it. But only after they struck a deal in which she would agree, if he would, and they were earning a regular paychecks. She didn’t want him to know that she and her husband were living pay to paycheck and could really use some extra income. Even though parts of her were freaking out he calmed her down. It was his confidence that kept her going.

Nicole knew what she had to do. She would set him up by dressing sexier at the office and some days even a little being a little slutty and accidently leaving her bra at home. She knew he loved peeking down her blouse or tee shirt and this week she would give him something to look at. Nicole also knew that he liked women wearing tights. However, this one would be a little harder for her for Nicole never wore a skirt at work before. In fact she hardly ever wore skirts but knew that she had to for him. That next weekend she went shopping for sexy skirts to wear to work. She only shopped at stores that had clothing really marked down. Nicole shopped for clothes that normally retailed for a hundred dollars that were marked down to under twenty, and under ten was her goal.

Finally she decided to let go of her fears and have a little fun. The first time she went to work braless she was terrified. That is until she noticed Jeff’s response. He made her feel sexy and beautiful. Every other time having her nipples hard would embarrass Nicole and mortify her if she had ‘pokies’, but this day was a turn on. By the end of the day she was enjoying the rush of being aroused and his attention. She knew that by being topless, well it pleased and teased him.

With the recession starting to hit the economy pretty hard, they both felt that the company should be barebones and try to find the least costly solutions for the company. After all the less that they spent on start up and day to day stuff, the quicker the company would become profitable.

On the day that they moved into their office Jeff made a smart ass comment about their large office and that they will have to work bottomless on Friday’s and turn the air conditioning off. Hearing his joke Nicole made a smart ass comment and then agreed. However, she put a stipulation in that only when they made their first paycheck. She thought by offering to work nude Jeff would be extremely motivated to make the business profitable and agreed to working without pants if and when they earn a paycheck.

Nicole needed the income and she knew that Jeff was a self made man. She was at a disadvantage but didn’t feel like she was being taken advantage of. She knew that Jeff had his money and sure it would be nice to make some money. However, Jeff was looking for something to have some fun and keep busy. She had one thing that he wanted, well that all men want. She had the pussy and could use that to motivate Jeff.

Jeff was impressed that she was willing to take the bet. He started to wonder if she would actually follow through with that first pay check?

The two of them were able to successfully start the enterprise. They were pretty close to the budget with a few exceptions that were basically Jeff’s fault since he didn’t do his homework. Nothing major just a few expenses were over budget. Still he was impressed to have a modest client base and his goal for the next two months was to convert accounts receivables to cash.

Slowly she started to gain faith in the business. Her previous employer didn’t try to sue her when she was able to steal away a couple of clients. Week by week they watched their book of business grow and slowly so did the cash flow. By the second quarter they were able to pay down what little debt they had acquired when they started the business.

Nicole was sitting in her office. She could hardly imagine that in the next couple of weeks that she was about to cash her first paycheck. This past year has been hard on Nicole, but she felt like she had kicked some major butt. No one could say that she didn’t earn this check!

One thing that caught her off guard was that she felt like she grew closer to Jeff, not in a romantic way but as a friend. Well, a friend that she loved to flirt with. After work Nicole would have an hour or so before her husband Tom would get home. Most nights she would masturbate while thinking about him. She also started to wonder if Escort Bayan he was masturbating while thinking of her. She wasn’t about to leave her husband, but the thought of Jeff doing her excited her.

Like most marriages over time hers started to slow down. She felt a little guilty for masturbating. Most of her friends had caught their husbands masturbating but she never caught Tom. She started to wonder if he didn’t find her sexy or what? Since Jeff was flirting with her she knew that she didn’t lose it.

When she first started to masturbate after being married, at first those images were of other men and then she started to think about Jeff. She didn’t feel guilty for pleasuring herself just for the thoughts of him. Over time the guilt went away but her orgasm became more powerful. She wondered how it would feel getting it before and after lunch, and then being bold and getting it before a meeting with a client. The rush of thinking that a client walking in and her taking it doggie style really excited her.

With her husband being conservative in bed she knew he would never understand. Also, his job was becoming more stressful as his hours increased. Now wasn’t the time to take waves and he put more and more hours in trying to stay at the top at his job. This however to Nicole’s dismay meant that his sex drive went to sleep.

This company was more than a job and as the numbers became more positive she knew that this venture would take care of her. This company would provide her with a nice nest egg and options just in case if Tom lost his job.

At work she didn’t always think about work and thinking about the company wasn’t limited to a Monday to Friday thought. In fact, Nicole was excited every day thinking about work and flirting with Jeff. She loved the way that he would listen to her and even though she was busing doing her job he would sometimes not only ask her for advice but would even use her advice. She noticed over time that she started to dress sexier for work. During the summer her shorts and skirts became shorter during the summer and her jeans a little tighter when it was cooler. She liked having him look at her, and liked that he would compliment her about her hot body.

Some times during meetings she would check Jeff’s crotch out. She wonders how big he was and if he was a good lover. Since he was married there was no way she could find out. His wife was pretty conservative and even though he did flirt and push things he never went too far.

During their board meeting the topic was raised about company pay. The company was almost finically strong enough to offer them paychecks.

On Sunday she started to plan out her work week. Nicole started to think about what she should wear. She knew that he has a stocking fetish, then again what man didn’t? On Monday she would wear tight jeans that hugged her every cure. On Tuesday she would wear a super short skirt and stockings. On Wednesday she would wear her ultra sexy jean skirt, but she was undecided for Thursday. Nicole’s goal was to tease him all week so that by Thursday he went home with a hard on and that Friday he would go home so aroused that he would masturbate all weekend thinking about her.

Then things really took a turn. They had lunch at this new restaurant and they both were caught checking out the hot waitresses. The waitress’s uniform was basically like hooters instead of the short shorts these girls were wearing a short skirt. Nicole was even finding it hard to focus on business as the girls were so hot.

Back at the office Nicole had to know more about him and used Jeff as an excuse to learn more about men. She knew that he would be open and honest and decided to get some answers from him, “So Mr. Horn Dog, why do men like stockings?”

“Who said that?”

Nicole gave him a smirk, “Yeah right.”

She paused for a second, “Okay how about this. Do you prefer women in stockings or pantyhose?”

Jeff wasn’t ready or sure of this conversation. Could she handle the truth and what would she gain from this? What would he gain from this? “What makes you think that I like either?”


Jeff lobbed the question back to her, “And why would I give you an answer?”

Nicole took a deep breath and since she had to know, “Fine, tell you what if you give me an honest answer and I’ll answer any question of yours.”

Jeff sat back and paused. He knew that this could be fun and decided to play along. “Not sure that this will answer your question, but since you will answer one of my questions I’ll answer yours.” Jeff took a deep breath, “To be honest I love the sensation and look of a woman in black thigh highs and when I run my hand up her thigh feeling the silky hose then discovering her bare flesh is pretty sexy. Now, the women at the restaurant were pretty hot in pantyhose. I also love the eights when women would wear a thong leotard with sheer tights as a work out uniform. I’m not sure why but Bayan Escort there is something so erotic about a woman’s hips in hose. So, if I had to make a choice, well I guess I would prefer crotch less pantyhose.”

Nicole appreciated him being so honest. Never did she expect him to answer since her husband never did. She looked him in the eye, “Really now,” she didn’t expect him to like a woman in pantyhose. “And why pantyhose?”

“I have no idea why. However, a woman in control top pantyhose isn’t sexy. A woman that has a nice body wearing sheer pantyhose now that is very nice. Not sure if it’s the material or how the material covers a woman. Either way, the simple thought of it makes me rock hard.”

“I see.”

“Yep, I think my fetish started back at the gym. You are not old enough but in the eighties women would wear thong leotards with sheer tights. I loved it!”

“I bet.” She made a mental note. Tomorrow she would wear sheer pantyhose under her jean skirt. Maybe that would spark some interest from him. With it being winter and cold outside she could play off wearing pantyhose to the office. “So what was your question?”

In a monotone voice he asked, “Oh, have you ever been with a woman?”

With that it was right around six at night. Their day was over. Nicole’s phone rung and she knew she had to go. She apologized and told him that she will answer his question tomorrow as she had to leave right now.

On her way home that she started to think about his question. Should she tell him the truth? After all it was part of the deal. Could she tell him? Now that was an interesting question. Since she was planning on wearing a skirt to work the next day she stopped to pick up some sheer pantyhose. She wanted him to notice more of her. At the checkout line she started to crack up, she was purchasing the hose for Jeff not her husband.

Later that night she thought about what might happen and how he would react to her enjoying a woman as a lover from time to time.

When the alarm went off Nicole was excited for this day. While taking her shower Nicole thought that it was funny how her husband didn’t notice her shaving her pussy this morning in the shower. Sure during the summer she kept her pussy shaved after all it was bikini season. However, this is the first winter that she shaved her pussy. Why didn’t Tom notice she wondered?

Dressing for work Nicole knew that something would be different. She never wore a skirt to a job before, let alone pantyhose! This is the first time in her life she went out with out wearing panties, and even though her thong was tiny it was still a panty. What if he didn’t want to see her pussy? Worse, what if he noticed her scent?

When she slipped into the pantyhose she felt so naked and aroused. She could feel her skin tingle but wasn’t sure if that was from the hose, not wearing panties, or being shaved? As she gave one last check in the mirror, she admired her flat stomach, and hoped that he liked her tone abs. Would he appreciate her wearing pantyhose? Would he want to see more of her? How far could this go today? How far did she want this to go?

Nicole wanted to play cool and tried to walk in to the office playing cool and nonchalant. She acted like nothing happened the day before. She also didn’t want to blurt out about being with a girl before. She wanted him to ask her. As she sat at her desk pretending to work she felt so aroused. Every time she moved she could feel the pantyhose move against her skin, teasing her, and arousing her. She tried to contain her arousal.

Ten minutes after she arrived to work Jeff pulled up. He said hello and went over to his desk. She tried not to look his way and was doing her best to look busy. They played this little game all day, each wanting the other to ask but unsure what to say. When lunch time came a vendor came in with sandwiches from the deli store next door. Both were upset about that as they both were looking forward to getting away and asking the other. Once the vendor left the phone just run off the hook for the next couple of hours. Before they both realized it the clock was reading 4:30. They sat there for a few minutes.

Finally Jeff said something.

Even thought he had asked her the day before surprisingly she was caught off guard by his question. Clearly her being with a woman was the first and only think on Jeff’s mind. If she hadn’t been paying attention she would have no idea what he asked since he asked in a nondescript way.

With out thinking the words escaped from her lips, “Yeah, I have.”

“That is pretty hot.”

She smiled, “Thanks!”

“I think we both agree that two aroused women in bed is hot.”

“Oh very much so,” Nicole also, she knew that Jeff liked the idea of watching his wife with another woman as he would joke about two women together at the office every now and then. In her first marriage Nicole had been with two different women while her husband watched, and when she was single even stripped at a club with a girlfriend just for fun every now and then. She hoped that this would plant the seed in his mind making him want her.

“Man, I wish that my wife would do a threesome.”

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