WoW 20 : The Country Hotel, Day 4


We have taken a brief pause, but now you turn the camera on again and we prepare to resume the performance. You reach for my cock and stroke me gently, encouraging the blood to pump through my veins again until they throb around the shaft of my cock, and the head swells and pulses.”Mm,” you say, “that looks delicious, but I think you’ve had enough oral attention for one evening. You’re at full length now, and I’d love to feel that cock go so deep inside me. I remember how you felt the first time you fucked me on the office desk; it was outrageously exciting. But now, I want to feel a more controlled, slow fuck, deep into my pussy, at least first. My pussy is already dripping with anticipation, so you won’t need any lube, yet.”You stand and press your whole body against mine, squeezing my cock against your belly. You look down and slip your hand behind my cock, to press the swollen head firmly against your belly button, as though you’d like me to fuck you there. “I just wanted to see how far up inside me you might get,” you say, “and it’s a long way!”I fondle your breasts with both hands, teasing your nipples with my thumbs, then bending down a little to moisten them with my mouth. Lifting my head again, I say, “If you want me to fuck you from behind again, you’d better turn around now and get on the bed on all fours. It should ankara travesti be more comfortable than it was on your office desk!”You do that, right at the edge of the bed, but turn your head to look at me over your shoulder and say, “Don’t forget, Simon. I’m in charge today, so you have to obey my every instruction and most importantly, you must not cum until I say you can; is that understood? Just stand behind me now, between my legs, and press your cock against my ass. That’s it. Now force it down and slide it up and down along my pussy lips and let all my juices coat your cock.”I follow your instructions to the letter and feel you jolt each time my cock head reaches your exposed clit, before sliding slowly back, along the full length of your swollen pussy lips. Your juices are starting to drip from me, running around my cock and down to my balls.”Now run your cock up and down between the cheeks of my ass,” you say, “and spread my juices. Look and see where you will be putting it a little later, but now put the head between my pussy lips, and get ready to fuck me. Very slowly, please!”I look down and see your asshole staring wetly at me now, and wonder how you expect me ever to get my cock inside there, but first I do what I know so well, and locate the head of my cock inside the entrance to your travesti ankara vagina, parting your inner pussy lips with my fingers. I can see the full length waiting to enter you now, but I wait for your command. You drop your shoulders to the bed and turn your head to one side, with your ass raised as high as you can, to allow me full access. Then you press slowly backward against me, while I remain as still as possible. This time, it is you who is fucking me!I just try to concentrate on not cumming, while you move steadily back and forth against me, groaning more loudly with each stroke, my balls getting wetter with your juices every time we reach full depth. You keep this up for what seems like an eternity, though your strokes steadily get faster. They could not get any deeper! I am distracting my attention by focusing on your asshole moving back and forth towards me, but that is also becoming more exciting all the time. Your ass is wet with juices and your asshole looks so small compared to the cock I see sliding in and out of your pussy.Your moans reach a higher pitch as you pump away on me, and then, quite suddenly, you freeze absolutely still, and swear loudly, followed by a series of little gasps for air, and then another moan. Meanwhile, I feel your pussy contracting tightly around my cock, and ankara travestiler ripples of gripping muscles running upwards into your vagina, trying to suck my cock dry. I know that there is a danger I will cum, and press my hands against your ass, to withdraw a little. You realise what I am doing and moan, “Sorry, Simon, I just HAD to cum, but I do still want you to wait; thanks for not letting yourself finish. Let’s just rest in this position for a while, to recover ourselves, before the finale.”I stay still and your tremors gradually subside, but my cock doesn’t. I still feel some trembling inside you, but the prospect of fucking the tight asshole which still looks at me has become exciting now, rather than frightening. I know that you will guide me in this, and I need not be afraid of hurting you too much.You raise your shoulders so you are on all fours again now, with my cock still deep inside you. You turn your head and say, “Reach for the lube now, Simon, and pour some onto my ass. Let it run down the crack, over my asshole, and down onto your cock.” I do this and feel it drip down and then from my balls, mingling with all the natural juices that have flowed from you.”Now, stay inside me for the moment, Simon,“ you say, “but put a thumb over my asshole, and gradually circle around, pressing lightly against me. I will try to relax all my muscles to allow you to slowly get inside my ass.”I follow instructions again and feel a slight give in your ass as you relax, but when I try to press my thumb inside, there is too much resistance. “I don’t know how this can work,” I say.

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