You”ll Do


Though inspired by the present pandemic, this is not a Covid-19 story, it is more a “This is the way the world ends” man and boy story.

                                             By Ivor Sukwell


Chapter Seven


Sir stroked Boy”s silky fair hair as Boy sat in his usual place, between Sir”s legs, his head resting on Sir”s cock. It was Boy”s favourite place, unless Sir took him on his lap so they could kiss long and deep, and Boy liked kissing almost as much as he liked nuzzling Sir”s cock and balls.

Boy often had little licks at Sir”s balls when he was between Sir”s legs; Sir, Boy knew, liked having his balls licked, and it was such an easy sex thing for Boy to do.

Boy was coming along very nicely, Sir thought, turning into the perfect obedient sub Boy. Perhaps that wasn”t all that surprising because for more than two months now, Boy”s life had been all about sex. Sex and learning how to be a sub.

Sir knew it had been for two months because there was a full moon and it was the second full moon since Sir had parked the bus, and Boy now wasn”t at all like the prep school boy he had once been.

Sir took Boy for little walks when the weather was nice, always on a lead, because Boy needed fresh air and some exercise, and though they always stayed quite close to the bus, there were a couple of trees that Boy could pee on, and Boy always giggled when he did that.

Boy thought it was funny that Sir took him for walks on a lead as though he was a dog and giggled when Sir put his lead on, and poked his tongue out and panted.

“Would you like me to be your dog, Sir?” Boy grinned innocently, and Sir patted him on the back. “You could still call me Boy if I was a dog.”

“Much better as a boy,” Sir said, “My Boy can be kissed and sucked.”

“And I am your Boy, Sir, aren”t I,” Boy rubbed himself against Sir”s leg, “Your Boy to do sex things with and take for walks.”

It was really quite an idyllic life for a paedophile and a developing sub boy, but Sir knew they could not stay where they were; they had to find somewhere safer.

“Must be nearly three months since I left my factory and you left your school.” Sir said, gently stroking Boy”s neck while Boy nuzzled Sir”s cock and balls, “It seems like the Death has forgotten all about us.”

Boy nuzzled in closer to Sir”s groin; Boy didn”t want to think about nasty things.

“So it looks like we are going to be around for a while yet.”

“Years?” Boy asked Sir”s cock.

“If we keep ourselves safe and have enough food,” Sir said, thinking of practical matters.

“Years enough for me to be old enough to spunk?” Boy chortled to Sir”s cock, “If we are, Sir, then you can eat my spunk.”

Most, if not all, of Boy”s thoughts were about sex things now; thinking about sex things stopped Boy from thinking about anything else, and Boy only wanted to think nice things.

“Delicious as your spunk will be,” Sir grinned, “We won”t be able to live on spunk alone.”

“Will my spunk be delicious, Sir?” Boy beamed, “Is boy spunk better than man spunk? I really like your spunk, Sir. I don”t think I”d mind at all if I had to live just on your spunk.”

“Spunk is actually pure protein, so it is very healthy, but a few mouthfuls a day isn”t going to stop us from getting hungry. And yes, Boy spunk is better. Thinner than man spunk, but much sweeter.”

“I like it that yours is thick and creamy,” Boy said dreamily.

“Boys like man spunk best,” Sir improvised, “But men much prefer boy spunk.”

“Mmmmm,” Boy purred into Sir”s balls, “I”m a boy and you”re a man, so we can feed each other the spunk we like best. When I”m old enough to spunk that is.”

“We can,” Sir agreed, “And that”s why we need to find somewhere really safe where we can live and eat spunk.”

Sir explained to Boy that there were bound to be other people that the Death had forgotten about, and Boy had a little worry that Sir might find another boy, one who could spunk and had that switch thing inside his bum, and if he did then Sir wouldn”t want Boy anymore because that other boy would be so much better for doing sex things with and Boy mumbled his worry into Sir”s cock.

Sir was really nice, and cuddled Boy very close and told Boy that he was Sir”s Boy and Sir didn”t want another boy instead of him because Boy was a very special boy and Sir didn”t think that any other boy could possibly be anywhere near as good at sex things as Boy was, and Boy felt much better after that.

Boy thought he was quite good at sex things now, he could get as much as a whole half of Sir”s cock in his mouth now, much, much more than when he”d first sucked Sir, and he really liked Sir playing with him and kissing him, and it was good that he liked those things because Sir was always playing with him and kissing him.

Those sex things were easy peasy, but bum sex things were a bit more difficult.

Of course, Boy tried very hard to be good at those as well, and he really, really liked it when Sir tongued his bumhole. Being tongued was magic, even more magic than being sucked and Boy loved being sucked.

He wasn”t very good at being fingered though, Sir could only get about an pursaklar escort inch of finger in him and Sir had been fingering him for ages now when he sucked him.

Boy had squealed like mad when Sir first got a tiny bit of finger in him; it had really hurt, hurt much more than being spanked hurt, though Sir hadn”t spanked him for ages now and all his red cock marks had long gone.

Sir had been very nice though and told Boy to try to forget about the hurt because, when he got used to being fingered he would really like it, and it would all feel very, very different when Sir could get a whole finger in him and his poo lock had learned how to be a way in as well as just a way out.

“Why is it called “tonguing” when you put your tongue in my bumhole?” Boy, being a curious Boy asked his Sir, “And `fingering” when you do it with a finger, but it”s called `bumming” when a cock goes in there? Shouldn”t that really be called `cocking”?”

“I suppose it should,” Sir, distracted from what he wanted to talk about, humoured Boy, “Do you think you”d rather be `cocked” than `bummed”?”

“Oh, yes, Sir!” Boy enthused, “I love your cock, Sir, and I”ve got such a stupid girl bum, all tiny and tight. Cocking sounds much better than bumming.”

“Cocking it is then,” Sir declared, “And your bum”s nothing like a girl bum. It”s a lovely little boy bum.”

“Is it, Sir? Really?” Boy was so pleased that Sir had said he had a proper boy bum that he gave Sir”s balls an extra special licking.

Of course, that extra special licking made Sir”s cock go hard, and instead of talking about finding somewhere safe to live, Sir grunted, “Suck it,” instead and forgot all about safe places and thought instead how wonderful Boy”s pre-teen mouth was.

“Mmmm,” Boy gave Sir a big, spermy smile when Sir had fed him, “Nice, yummy spunk,” and then asked Sir why they had to move.

Sir explained that they needed somewhere much safer because, if other people had survived, they might not be nice people and because Sir and Boy had a lovely comfortable bus to live in, nasty people might want to take it from them because they didn”t have anywhere to live that had electricity and hot water.

Boy hadn”t thought that anything like that could happen, but then, he was only ten and ever since Sir had rescued him, all Boy”s thinking had been about sex things because sex things were important.

“And,” Sir said, “We have to eat as well, and even if we could live on just spunk, you aren”t old enough to make any yet, and our stores won”t last long enough for your balls to drop.”

Boy didn”t want his balls to drop off, so Sir had to digress again and explain what `dropped balls” meant, and Boy had a feel of his own little balls and a feel of Sir”s big ones, and thought he understood what Sir meant.

“And we are going to have to become vegetarians as well,” Sir said. “Even if I could hunt something, I don”t think I would be able to kill it, and I certainly wouldn”t want to cut it”s head off and pull all its insides out and then chop it up for cooking.”

Boy thought that would be utterly gross! He”d never thought that sausages and burgers and the meat in school stews had been parts of an animal that had walked about going `Moo” or “Baa”! Boy never wanted to eat meat again!

“We won”t be proper veggies, though,” Sir stroked Boy through his shudders, “We will still eat spunk.”

Boy, predictably, forgot about nasty things like chopping heads off, and grinned at Sir. “I like spunk,” Boy sniggered, “It”s yummy.”

Being a paedophile brought certain problems as well as lots of plusses and it didn”t help Sir that those plusses were what made the problems.

The fact that a fully dressed Boy wore only slippers and a collar was a definite plus, but the constant presence of Boy”s naked, lithe and perfect pre-teen body was a problem as it constantly distracted Sir from things that ought to have been important, but became minor considerations when compared with the delights of sampling Boy”s lithe, naked, perfect pre-teen body.

Then there was the fact that, by definition, a paedophile”s boy must be a pre-teen boy, and pre-teen boys need only a breath or two between orgasms. That was a plus in that it meant Sir could make Boy cum whenever he felt like making Boy cum, but a problem because Boy always wanted Sir to make him cum.

“But we still need more to eat than just spunk,” Sir forced himself to concentrate on less important matters than Boy”s delightful and utterly available naked, lithe, perfect pre-teen body, “And it won”t be all that long before we won”t be able to get tins of stuff from shops any more, so we have to find somewhere safe where we can grow things to eat.”

Boy stared at Sir”s cock and licked his soft, red boy lips.

One solution might have been to go shopping and get clothes for Boy to wear, and wear some clothes himself, but Sir dismissed that idea for the nonsense it was.

No, Sir would have to discover how to combine being a paedophile with being a responsible adult.

“Not now,” Sir said to Boy, behaving like a proper, responsible adult paedophile, “We have to go on a little exploration first, find a safe place, and then you can suck my cock.”

“Meanie,” Boy pretended a sulk, “We going rize escort in the bus?”

“We are. Probably take some time to find what I”m looking for.”

“Okay,” Boy cheeped cheerfully, sulk forgotten. Boy knew that a nice long drive in the bus meant that he would be sitting on Sir”s lap all the time, with Sir”s lovely big cock pushing against his bum, and Boy really liked Sir”s cock against his bum.

Sir liked it as well, and just a few wriggles by Boy would get Sir”s cock wonderfully hard, and when they stopped, Sir would really need to have his cock sucked and Boy would get a lovely mouthful of Sir”s wonderful thick spunk.

“I think your cock really likes my bum,” Boy sniggered. It had only taken just a wriggle or two to get Sir all hard, and Boy had been really a bit naughty and reached behind himself, pulling his bum cheeks apart a bit so Sir”s cock could nestle inside Boy”s bum crack and rub a bit against Boy”s tight little boy hole, which Boy thought felt specially nice and made Sir groan a bit and have to concentrate really hard on driving the bus.

“My cock”s got good taste,” Sir grinned at the road ahead, and that made Boy snigger because he thought Sir”s cock had a lovely taste, and it would really need sucking when they stopped.

Boy”s bum had got Sir in the mood for more than a sucking, though, as Boy discovered when the bus did stop.

“You”ve been a very naughty Boy, wriggling your bum against my cock all the way. I”m going to give you a real seeing to! Sir twisted Boy round so he could be kissed and Boy”s mouth opened wide at the first touch of tongue on his soft, red, Boy lips, and Boy moaned happily as Sir”s tongue did it best to find Boy”s tonsils.

Sir couldn”t find Boy”s tonsils, so he pulled Boy to his feet turned him round and bent him over the bus steering wheel and gave a hard hand slap to each perfect Boy bum cheek, hard enough to make Boy squeak, before prising Boy bum cheeks apart with his thumbs and giving Boy a right royal tonguing.

Boy squealed with delight as Sir tongued him, and when Sir”s tongue got tired and Sir demanded to be sucked, Boy slobbered and slurped with real enthusiasm, and he must have done an extra special good job because Sir spunked huge!

“Where are we? What”s this place?” Boy asked when each and every one of Sir”s sperms was safely in Boy”s tummy. Boy hadn”t taken the slightest notice of where they”s been going, all his concentration had been on wriggling his bum about on Sir”s cock so Sir would really need to be sucked when they did eventually stop.

Boy looked around and he could easily see that the bus was in what must have been a car park but why there should be a car park at almost the top of a hill, Boy had no idea.

“It”s an Iron Age hill fort,” Sir said, but Boy”s prep school hadn”t included the Iron Age in its History lessons, so Boy still had no idea what it was, apart from Sir saying it was a fort, and that meant it must have something to do with war and battles and that was a little bit interesting.

“It doesn”t look like a fort,” Boy said, peering ahead, “It”s got no walls. Forts have to have walls.”

“It has got walls,” Sir explained, “Just not stone ones. Iron Age man didn”t build with stones, he used earth to make his walls.”

“That”s silly,” Boy declared, “No-one can build things with earth. They”d fall down.”

“Come on,” Sir said and put the lead on Boy”s collar, “We”re going for a walk and you can see how good those ancient people were at building with earth. This fort has been here for three thousand years or so, and it”s still here.”

“Three thousand years?” Boy squeaked. All he knew about that long ago was that Ancient Britons had painted themselves blue and lived in caves, but there weren”t any caves here!

There was a fort, though. Boy could see it really was a sort of fort when Sir took him for a walk. They had to cross a wide and quite deep ditch, but there was a wooden bridge over the ditch for them to do that, and Boy said that the bridge couldn”t possibly be three thousand years old and Sir said it wasn”t. The fort was what was called an `ancient monument”, and before the Death people used to come and visit it and the bridge had been built so people could get inside.

The other side of the ditch was a mound of earth that seemed to go all the way round, apart from a gap where the bridge was, and Boy could see how that mound might have been a sort of wall thing, though it wasn”t very high, no higher than Boy was.

Sir said the ditch would have been much deeper and the earth wall a lot higher three thousand years ago, and Boy believed Sir because Sir was very clever and knew about everything. Sir had made the bus they lived in and taught Boy lots of wonderful sex things, and Sir had made it a rule to never tell fibs.

“Expect you could do with a run about,” Sir said and unclipped the lead from Boy”s collar, “Want me to throw some stones for you to chase after?”

Boy did, and happily dashed as fast as he could after every stone Sir threw for him until he couldn”t dash anymore and flopped down on the grass at Sir”s feet, and Sir put his lead back on.

“This is where we are going to live,” Sir said, leading Boy to the top of the earth wall, “You can see for miles. No-one can sneak upon us here. ankara rus escort We”re going to have a lot of work to do,” Sir enthused, “We”ll have to dig out the ditch and build up the walls. Take down that wooden bridge and build a proper ramp so we can get the bus in and out, and that means we”ll have to have a proper gate as well, something big and strong.”

“Oh yes!” Boy joined in the enthusiasm, his imagination running away with him, “We”ll have real castle to live in!”

“We”ll have to give it a name,” Sir said, enjoying Boy”s pre-teen excitement, “Castles always had names. We could call ours “Castle Sir and Boy”.”

Boy, being Boy, had a different idea for a name.

“Let”s call it `Castle Sex Things”,” Boy giggled, “Because we”ll be doing loads and loads of sex things in it, won”t we.”

“Loads and loads,” Sir confirmed, and dragged sweaty Boy in for some tongue wrestling.

It had been easy for Boy to imagine Castle Sex Things all finished and splendid, but then he wondered how it could possibly be done. One Sir and his Boy to do all that work?

But Sir was very clever and he knew how to do it.

Boy had to learn how to drive the bus and that was so exciting! Boy didn”t find it easy at first because, if he sat in the driver”s seat, his feet couldn”t reach the pedals that made the bus go and stop, so he had to learn how to do it standing up. Once he”d got the hang of that, though, it was quite easy; the roads were empty and all he had to do was steer the bus round corners, and once he could do that, Sir said it was time for them to go and do some serious shopping.

Sir and Boy did a lot of serious shopping and had lots of expeditions to find the things Sir wanted. Boy didn”t find that boring because it meant he spent lots of time sitting on Sir”s lap while Sir was driving the bus, and Boy liked sitting on Sir”s lap and feeling Sir”s wonderful cock pressing against his bum crack.

Boy tried very hard in his pre-teen mind to work out why it was that he so liked Sir”s cock against his bum. Of course, he knew that Sir wanted to put his magnificent cock actually inside him, right the way in through his poo lock, but Boy was very scared about that because he was sure that would split him wide open and he didn”t want to be split open. So why did it feel so nice when he sat on Sir”s lap?

That was too complicated for Boy to work out, but it was obvious that Boy”s bum and Sir”s cock liked each other a lot, and Boy was not going to stop doing things that Sir”s cock liked and felt nice to Boy as well.

Boy got to drive the bus three times, all on his own without Sir being there with him and that was super exciting! Scary as well, a bit like being on one of those big, scary rides at a theme park, so Boy really, really liked it.

Sir knew of a place where big, earth moving machinery was kept, and Boy had to drive the bus back from there, following Sir in the big, yellow digger he”d taken. There were big drums of diesel fuel in the digger”s bucket and it had taken ages to fill those drums from the big tank where the diggers were kept, and that had been very smelly as well and Boy hoped they wouldn”t have to do that again.

Then Sir discovered a big lorry with loads of huge plastic pipes loaded on it and Sir had said that was just what they needed for drainage and water, so Boy had to drive the bus again when Sir took that lorry and put it in the car park at Castle Sex Things.

The third and last time Boy had to drive the bus was when Sir found what had been a car dealer”s showroom and there was a brand new, very expensive car that had an open truck at the back and super comfortable seats in the front. Sir had said these were very popular in places like America, and, as it was a plug-in electric, it was just what they needed for shopping.

Of course, it didn”t matter that it was very expensive as they didn”t have to pay for it, but Sir said they now had to find a generator so they had somewhere to plug it in as the batteries wouldn”t last for very long.

They did lots and lots of other shopping as well till Sir said he thought they had all they needed to make Castle Sex Things into a really nice place to live, and every time they went out shopping, Sir stopped at road signs and took down the little windmills and solar panels the Councils had put up to power the lights on those signs.

Boy thought they must have collected hundreds of them.

Of course, Sir and Boy spent so much time out shopping that there wasn”t much time for sex things during the day but Sir made up for that in the evenings and when they were in bed at nights, and gave Boy lots and lots of lovely cums and Boy never went to sleep without a supper of Sir spunk in his tummy.

Sir spent a lot more time doing sex things with Boy”s bum as well, and told Boy that he was going to be cocked for his eleventh birthday present, so his bum had to be got ready for cocking, so he wouldn”t be split in half when Sir”s magnificent cock went in though Boy”s poo lock.

Boy still wasn”t at all sure that he wanted to be cocked, but if Sir wanted to cock him Boy knew it was his duty to do his very best to keep Sir happy because Sir was so nice to him and had saved him and was making Castle Sex Things for them to live in.

And Boy really did like being tongued and Sir could get a whole finger right inside him now when he sucked Boy and made him cum, and though that had really hurt to begin with, Boy rather liked it now, so perhaps he would be okay with being cocked after all.


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