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Young fat dickThis story actually began 6 months ago. My wife and I just finished fucking like rabbits and the conversation invariably went to sex. My wife and I had been recently married. She was 23 years old, 5’2″ and very thin. She wore a B cup bra but more than made up for that in her youthful and beautiful face. When she began teaching Literature at the local senior high school a few months ago, many older teachers, unfamiliar with her, asked her what grade she was in. With her long straight blonde mane that reached half way down her back, her big green eyes and baby face she was a favorite of the male students. The students nicknamed her Mrs. Suvari because she looked so much like the actress, Mena. Our sex life was fine but I wanted to know what she fantasized about when we made love. I asked her if she had any sexual fantasies she wanted to live out. She blushed and admitted she had one all through her life. She dreamed of sucking and fucking a huge cock. She immediately reassured me that my average 6 inch penis was fine but occasionally she dreamed of a monster 9 inch baseball bat sized prick impaling her. I bought her a dildo and that’s where the fantasy ended. Or so I thought.Six months later I was typing at my desk when Mrs. Henry came knocking at my door. “Can I help you?” I asked. “I hope so. Our computer crashed and is totally useless. My son, Ben, needs to finish his finals paper or he will fail his class. May we borrow your computer?” I knew Ben well. He was our 16 year old neighbor. Ben was 6 foot tall and a typical lazy teenager. He was failing nearly all of his classes and didn’t care. He was not one of my wife’s students but all the teachers knew of his reputation. He thought his height, curly blonde hair and boyish good looks would get him everything he needed in life. “I am working on my computer but he can use my wife’s computer,” I responded. She thanked me and promptly left while he went right to work. I sat at my own keyboard and typed away. Half an hour later I remembered I had a chore to do. I would have to leave and so would Ben. I was going to open the door and tell him he had to leave. But before I opened the door, I decided to türbanlı escort see if he was looking up porn. I peeked in the far entrance to my wife’s office near the computer. I was stunned at what I saw. Ben was masturbating while looking at a picture of some chick with huge tits. That is not what stunned me. What stunned me was the size of his cock. He had to be at least 7.5 to 8 inches long and thick. His cock head went well past his belly button. This was an impressive piece of manhood! I stood back so he couldn’t see me and watched for a minute while he continued stroking his hard donkey dick. I was startled by a knock at the door. It was his mother returning to check up on her son. I yelled for him and he came to the door. His mother was despondent over his grades. “Maybe my wife could help him. She is a teacher. I‘ll ask her tonight,” I said thinking that this was the perfect excuse to get this horse hung stud and my wife together. “That would be great. I don’t want him to repeat the 11th grade,” she said. She thanked me and Ben and his mother left to go home. That night I told my wife about what I had seen and asked her what she thought about fucking Ben and his monster rod. She was intrigued but scared that she might lose her job if anyone found out. “What if he freaks and tells on me?” she asked. I had a solution to this problem. I would hide in a closet while Ben and my wife played around. If things went fine then I’d receive a hell of a treat with a perfect view of my wife with prick-zilla. But if Ben freaked and tried to report my wife, I could say I was home and witnessed that nothing happened.The next evening approached when she was supposed to ‘tutor’ Ben. She was nervous. She said that she would wear a dress that would show her nice legs and no bra with her tight white sweater. She looked hot! She planned to tutor him while he sat on the couch then make her move. I had a perfect view from the closet of both of them. For tonight, she insisted that she was only going to give him a hand job or, if she was really excited, a blowjob. I reminded her that we had condoms in the drawer if she wanted to go any further with türbanlı escort bayan Ben. I hid in the closet as I heard the doorbell ring. I was ready for the fun to begin!”Where’s your husband? I saw his car out front,” Ben said.”He is upstairs sick in bed. Have a seat and we’ll get right to work,” my wife responded. The first half hour was genuine instruction in English Literature. I noticed Ben’s eyes wander many times to my wife’s sweet nipples as they visibly poked through her sweater. I waited for something to happen. I was getting bored until my wife uttered the magic phrase to Ben. “Let’s take a break.” Ben agreed. She threw her arm around Ben and made small talk as they sat next to each other on the couch. Ben appeared ill at ease with the situation. My wife noticed this too. “You look tense. I think you need a massage,” she blurted out as she stood behind Ben. Without hesitation, she moved behind him and began massaging his broad shoulders with her magical fingers. For the first time, I saw a bulge begin to rise in his jeans. “Ben, you may be failing English Literature, but you’re not stupid. We all have our weaknesses,” my wife continued. “My husband for example, is a good man but he simply cannot please a woman sexually. I am going to tell you what I tell my husband. You must relax. How about letting me relieve some of that tension. How does a nice, wet blowjob sound?” “Great, but what about your husband?” Ben responded. “He’s asleep. We will hear him if he wakes up,” she responded while winking at me in the closet. My wife knelt her small frame between the knees of this 6 foot tall teen and massaged his stiff cock through his jeans. She slowly unzipped him and undid his jeans as he slumped back in the chair. My wife moved to the side as Ben pulled them off in a hurry. A very large bulge was visible under his orange boxer shorts. My wife rubbed the considerable lump in his boxers and began to pull them down. “I see you are gifted in other ways,” she said. Ben pulled his butt up from the couch so my wife could remove his shorts. She tried to pretend she wasn’t impressed and turned on by the size of his thick escort türbanlı prick but her saucer sized eyes told a different story. His penis extended midway up his torso and her hand barely fit around his gigantic shaft. She took a few minutes to admire it and leisurely moved her hand up and down the length of his fat pole. “Oh yeah baby. I have dreamed of this day for years,” Ben sighed. “Really?” My eager spouse answered as she ran her tongue up the length of his shaft. “How many years?” she asked as she began bobbing up and down quickly on his thick cock head. “I remember when you substitute taught for us when I was in eight grade. That night I went home and had my first ever wet dream about you. I dreamt that we were in class alone and you straddled me in the chair right in the middle of the classroom. Since then I have dreamt about this moment. I jerk off while peeking out my window whenever I see you.” I knew my wife and being a secretly desired woman was one of her deepest fantasies. Ben was fulfilling it without even knowing! She couldn’t stand it any longer. She stood with his rock hard shaft in her hand and straddled young Ben. With her other hand she lifted her dress and straddled Ben inserting his bat sized prick in her vagina. She then put her hands on his chest and used her legs to regulate his depth. “Just sit back and live out your fantasy,” my wife insisted as she let big Ben penetrate her unprotected cunt. Hundreds of questions filled my mind. ‘Why didn’t she grab a condom?’ ‘Will she be able to enjoy my normal sized cock again?’ ‘What if donkey dick gets her pregnant?’ I snapped back to reality as I heard Ben, about two or three minutes in to the fuck, announce he was going to cum. “I’ve never been with a woman this hot! I’m going to cum!” he yelled. Within seconds he grabbed my wife’s hips and emptied a monster load of semen deep into her waiting pussy. My wife then stunned me by going down on his pole and licking him clean. He then excused himself and went home. Afterward, I confronted my wife about not using a condom. She was nonchalant and said it was an ‘oversight’ and that he wasn’t that big. I suspected she was lying. Two months later a school official caught her on her knees in his car giving him a blowjob. She left me and teaches in another community. He dropped out of school and moved in with her. He stocks shelves at a local grocery store now.Men, be careful what fantasy you wish for… you may get more than you bargained for.

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