Young Reggie Fantasy Part Three, A Dramatic Twist


Reggie was swimming in the pool when my husband arrived home from the office. Reggie’s father arrived shortly after; they were sitting by the pool sharing a beer. After Reggie left my marital bed, I hurriedly cleaned the room, including spraying the room with an air freshener. I had forgotten what the smell was like after having intense sex, it was a wonderful smell.The bed sheet smelled of sex and chlorine from the pool, so I quickly changed the sheets. Having illicit sex turned out to be a lot of work covering up the deed. I watched the men talk; my husband was asking Reggie about the upcoming football season. Reggie’s seed inside me felt surreal, and I felt a twinge of guilt. Damn this Jewish guilt. Up to that point, I never cheated on my husband and honestly, felt no desire to do so. Then came Reggie, a young black man, a senior in high school. I promised myself that this incident was a one-time thing.How could I not think about Reggie, he occupied my şişli escort dreams as I tried to remember the nuance of his body and our intense sex. However, I was sticking to my promise.Two weeks later, I saw Reggie in a store in town and I felt the urge again. He didn’t see me; he was with his friends. I left the store and masturbated in the car, thinking of Reggie’s incredibly muscular young body.On the way home, I remembered that Reggie gave me his cell number. I forgot that I asked him for his number when we were in bed. Realizing I had his number made the urges come back twice as strong. I knew I needed to see Reggie again.Nervously I started to text Reggie, then canceled the message.  The urge was fighting my Jewish guilt, as I tried to text him again, with the same result. Then I convinced myself I would only see him one more time, and with that, the urges won out. I nervously texted Reggie, “Hello, this is Mrs. Goldstein, you did some work şişli escort bayan for us. How are you?”His reply came back quickly, “Hello, do you want more of me?”His response was so confident, but then why else would I be texting him? I replied that I did, and my husband was away this afternoon after school. He told me he would be waiting by the gym entrance at three o’clock.That was two hours from now, and I was excited and nervous, taking a shower and cleaning up the bedroom. I thought, “I was going to pick up a young black man from his school and bring him to my bed.” Was I insane, maybe yet, I wanted to feel his youthful power, one more time. I promised myself, just this one time.Reggie was with two other black teens by the gym entrance when I drove up. He noticed my Land Rover and left his friends and opened the door. His friends were watching and were trying to see who was picking up their friend. His friends could see in my car with mecidiyeköy escort the open door as Reggie got in, he reached for my breast, giving it a squeeze. I was embarrassed, and it happened so fast, immature boys will show off, I guessed. He closed the door, and we sped off. He released my breast and sat back, and said, “I wondered if you were going to call me, Ma’am.”He was a charming respectful and calm young man once again, I was nervous.  I told him that I never cheated on my husband and certainly never had sex with a young black teen. He smiled and told me that the other white lady said the same thing. Reggie had mentioned another older white lady in our neighborhood, I was so curious, but didn’t ask. I asked when he first had sex, and he shared how one of his teachers seduced him.His story was exciting me, I had almost run a red light. How does a teacher seduce a young teen, Reggie seduced me. The urge was running faster through my body, I needed this young man badly.Thankfully we drove up my long driveway and entered the garage. When the garage door was closed, he began feeling my breasts and pussy, we weren’t even out of the car. He undid my blouse and was pleased I was not wearing a bra. 

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