Yummy 9

Yummy 9
DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

Jack Hightower was much like Doug, a little older – married 25 years, in his mid-fifties, 2 boys, grown up (Len and Lon, twins), little or no sex from the wife but still as horny as he was when a teen! He too liked hunting and fishing, but loved his camp even more – it was his ‘getaway’ for him and his friends of likewise persuasions… hot horny cocksucking assfucking gurlybois and jocksters!

He didn’t know much about computers, he was a meat cutter by trade. And, he’d had many experiences after work in the meat cooler with several others who had similar wanton needs, wearing lingerie under their work clothes, or meeting others in ABS’s and getting to know them intimately, and even a few hookups from friends, too! So it was nothing processing a couple deer for camp meat!

“OUuuuu Dougie… wanna suck your camp meat!” Jack groaned, fishing in his soaked panties in the group suck’n’fuck shower for his thick, hard cock, getting down on his knees and taking him in his cocksucking mouth!

“Ohhh fuck Jack, you are right down the road, I never fucking knew… we need an indicator, like a bell to ring.. on the porch…. ohhh ffuckkk you’re good!” Doug groaned. Jack jerked on his cock and loved up both of Doug’s balls, then tongued his asshole!

After making Doug cum again, Jack concurred, just the sound of an ATV driving up doesn’t mean that the visitor has sexual intentions. But, by pushing a hidden button on the porch would definitely indicate it so the greeting could be much more sexciting! Both Doug and Jack said they’d work on it, but for now, after having two stupendous cums, as did all the others, they were ready to eat meat! Well, venison meat! Let the cooking, cocksucking and assfucking continue!


John thought to himself…’if Jay could only see me now!’ just as he was cumming in another camper’s hot, cocksucking mouth!

John and Jay were boyhood friends, doing and experimenting with everything growing up. One night not long ago, they became lovers, too. Even though John preferred older men, his friend Jay was the exception. They both worked in a chicken-fry place since they graduated from high school and after-hours they’d k** and have fun with each other and other crew members doing cleanup. This was a while before he got hired at the IT company with Doug.

This particular night it was only the two of them. It’d been slow that day so just the two of them could handle the cleanup, no problem. About mid way they took a break, going outside for Jay to smoke in the back of the building, very dimly lit. They were both horny as hell and they turned to each other, suddenly passionately embracing, making out and rubbing sensuously on each other; then Jay dropped to his knees and fished John’s cock out into the open air, making him shudder in absolute delight! He blew on it softly a couple times before engulfing it in his hot, cocksucking mouth, slowly and deeply sucking on it with wild passionate abandon! It was too much for John and he started cumming and cumming and Jay took every single drop, then zipped up his pants, stood up, embraced him again and shared his mouthful of John’s cum with John!

“Oh fuck that was so fucking hot!” John groaned.

“Did you like that…. darling?” Jay said pointedly….

“Ouuuu…. fuck….. yessss…. sweetheart!” John giggled.

Going inside, Jay whispered, “I’ve got the nicest pink lacy brassiere I’d love to show you, with matching garterbelt!”

“Oh fuck baby you’re getting me hard again!” John groaned….


Len and Lon, Jack’s boys, knew nothing about their dad’s ‘extracurricular’ activities; they were married with k**s, but had a secret – all their lives they loved each other passionately and thoroughly as closet queens! It was difficult to get together, what with all their activities with the k**dos, families, in-laws, etc. But, it was something they had to do on occasion; they could not quell the passion they’d developed for each other! But, they would partner with others than themselves and exchange notes about it later, usually with a jerk off session long distance…

They lived almost 300 miles from each other. But, they had good ‘friends’, too. Both were in the closet. They both had mildly accomodating wives willing to do some mild sexual deviancy, but not that much, not what they craved; hard dripping cocks in their mouths and assholes, pissing on each other, dressing up, getting gurly with each other, hot makeout sessions while rubbing cocks in their panties and on their stocking’d legs, on their cocksucking knees….

Len had met a guy who liked the same things, and he was less than 10 miles away, 5 years older than himself, married too and in the closet.

Lon knew a divorced guy the same age who’s wife caught him and another in faggy dress fucking each other; he was a school teacher and had to move to avoid the embarrassment and moved into a house right next door!

Len ran an ad in Craig’s List and Dannie responded; they made an effort to meet at a coffee shop and ‘discuss’ things… it was a waste of coffee! No more than expressing their desires, they headed to Dannie’s house and dressed each other and had wild, uninhibited oral and anal sex, plus pissing on each other in the shower while washing off their makeup!

Lon had spied Timmie in his adjoining back yard, stepping out on his covered patio in panties, stockings and heels, apparently not realizing he could be seen from Lon’s upstairs window. It totally inflamed him and he quickly went over and knocked, asking to borrow a cup of sugar…. Timmie let him in and they immediately fell into each others’ arms, Timmie stripping off Lon’s pants and shirt to delightfully discovering panties, bra, garterbelt and stockings underneath! They 69’d right in the hallway!


“See?” Jay giggled. He and John finished work and went back to Jay’s apartment, above another guy’s garage he rented. He put on the pink bra he’d just got.

“Ouuuuu baby, that is so fucking hot!!” John groaned as he rubbed Jay’s hard cock in his shorts. “I wanna suck your cock, darling!” John groaned and tugged down Jay’s pants to expose his matching pink panties, the head of his hard penis sticking out of it, with drops of precum oozing… John immediately licked them up!

“Yummy, baby!” John moaned, taking Jay’s pretty cock in his mouth, slowly sucking on it. Jay groaned, it was like a dream cum true!

“Ohhhh fuck, baby, suck mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!” Jay moaned in deep pleasure!

John was ready to receive Jay’s cum in his hot, cocksucking mouth when another voice said hoarsely, “Ouuuuu please, share it with me!” It was Jay’s landlord, his pants down, his cock super hard sticking out of his panties, crawling towards them on his knees. “I was fixing the heater and heard you two cum in so I hid and watched, jerking off, and just had to see if you’d share my tenant’s cum with me… ouuuu pretty please! Share it with me!” David, the landlord, begged. John just simply backed off Jay’s cock, the startling admission making Jay go over the edge, blasting hot mouthfuls of his creamy cum into his landlord’s mouth, then into John’s greedy mouth also! Then, they looked at each other and made out passionately, sharing their mouthfuls of hot cum with each other!

“OUuuuu fuck! David, I never knew….” Jay moaned. “You’re married!”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t have yearnings….” David said, ashamed.

“Plenty of guys are married but keep their wants and needs close to their vests… y’know?” John gulped.

“Oh wow, we can just have more fun!!” David grinned. “I’ve got a whole collection of finery, may I put it in the back, unused closet and we can play in it?”

“Yes!” Jay exclaimed.

“OUuuuuu honeys…. this includes you too, John…. pretty please that I can join you both?”

“Ouuu yessss!” they both chorused gleefully! “Now… we need to pay attention to both your pretty cocks in your leaking panties!” Jay moaned, gently grabbing both of them, frigging and fondling them in hot pleasure………………..


Jack hollered from his smoker-grill, “Time for dinner gurlybois! Dress, go naked, whatever you like! Let us eat!” and brought in huge platters of smoky meat goodness! The others had cooked potatoes, onions, carrots, leaks with aromatic herbs, making the scents in the cabin lovely!

“Toast!” Jack said, raising his beer mug, as did the others, then dug into a wonderful feast! They all cleaned up, then slowly drifted off into a food c***…

About 9pm Doug woke feeling a hot mouth on his cock, it was a camper named Jimmy who’d woken up earlier and decided to pleasure Doug’s thick member. “Ouuuu fuckkk… that feels so wonderful!” Doug moaned.

Just then in the center of the room, Jack got on all fours and wriggled his ass. “Who wants to fuck me silly?” he giggled, and another camper in bra and panties took him up on it. A third presented his hard cock to Jack to suck; he was in all black bra, panties, garterbelt, seamed stockings and 4″ high heels, on his knees fucking Jack’s mouth who was slurping his hard penis for him.

Others joined too in various combinations. John, being the cocksucker consummate, had a circle of three he was sucking off and jerking off, then all of them spraying hot cum all over him!

Finally, Doug and John got on the ATV and went back to camp, exhausted but pleased with the night!


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