Zone Dreams


Zone Dreams My mind was still reeling from your erotic visit of the nightbefore. I showered and climbed into bed snuggling intothe soft pillows and pulling my duvet snuggly around me. I couldn’t sleep – I was thinking about what you said. Youbegged me to trust you, to follow where you led and to obeywith out question. My body had still been tingling withthe pleasure you had given me and I agreed to whatever yousaid and to whatever it might bring me. I wasn’t frightenedthen and gave no thought to the implications of what I hadagreed to. But in the cold light of day I began to feel sometrepidation. You never told me what you had in mind for meand I was a little afraid that sleep would summon you and,somehow, whatever it was that you wanted, I would not beable to give. And then I would be breaking my promise to you– and that was unthinkable.I fought sleep for a while and, in a strange way, I couldalmost hear your voice commanding me to “Go to sleep!” Iwrestled with my own reality and told myself that everythingthat had happened was only a dream – a wild erotic dream thathad left me happy, sated and spent. And, remembering this,I slept.Whatever dream state I was in I awoke to your gentle caresses.You said nothing, your tongue and fingers and hardnesssaid it all. Squeezing my nipples, nibbling my ear lobesprobing my ear with your damp tongue that held promise todo the same elsewhere. I sighed and moaned and reached outfor your hardness. I moved down your body and bit your nipples– you gasped, the pain more than I intended. I licked yourbelly button and entwined my fingers in the dark coils ofhair from which burst the source of my pleasure, rearingup before me and begging the attention of my mouth.That little bead of moisture tipped the head of your prick– as it did the night before – I flicked my tongue over andlapped it up. The same familiar musky man smell and tastethreatened to over power me and I buried my head in the softnessof your balls hanging heavily below. “Suck it!” you commanded.I obeyed. I swallowed your hardness as you thrusted, relentlessly,towards the back of my throat your size gagged me and youwithdrew a little whilst I sucked and licked its gleaminglength. My tongue flickered over the moist head and up anddown the shaft, over your balls and back again to attendto the sensitive area at the tip of your tool. I could feelyour pulse in your groin drumming madly. My own heart wasbeating, thudding against my chest and echoing loudlyin my ears. You had your hands in my hair pulling me closerto your throbbing prick. I felt your urgency as you thrustuncontrollably into the recess of my mouth. You moanedand cried out my name and your juices spurted from you fillingmy mouth with its salty sweetness. I lick and sucked, hungryfor every last drop while your thrustings slowed and finallystopped. I swallowed and swallowed and at last my hungerfor you was sated.You grasped me under my armpits and pulled me up close toyour face. Your eyes were shining with gratitude. “Thankyou!” you said and covered my mouth with yours. In my kissesyou could taste yourself we were at that moment undeniablyintermingled – I had devoured you and you had let me. Oh my strong, beautiful man you recovered so quickly!My own moistness had dripped onto your thighs. You pushedme from you onto my back and knelt, like a worshipper, beforemy shaven pubes. Aaah you said as you reached out and fondledmy soft lips. You opened me like a flower in the morning sun,and pushed your finger gently into the warm damp interior,I squirmed, breathless with excitement and anticipationand could hardly stop myself from screaming out “fuck mefuck me!” But you took your time forcing me to enjoy everysensation. You bent low now and your tongue flickered overmy plump cunt lips. You told me to open my legs wider. Youurged me not to be shy and all the time you sucked and lickedwhilst I grinded my hips towards you jerking involuntarilyat the assault on my private pleasurable place. I couldn’ttake anymore and I begged you to stop! But in response youopened my legs wider and buried your tongue even deeper.I screamed now for release. My climax coming and going butnever quite reaching that pinnacle of release that we allseek. You are such a clever lover making me wait like that!You know how much more the pleasure if you are forced to waitfor something. You stopped licking sucking and lickingme and moved away lying on your back your manhood rearingup proud and strong. “You remember your promise, little one?” You said. I couldn’tspeak so nodded my assent. You told me you had somethingfor me but first I must mount you from above. I sat astrideyou, I was eager for the penetration that would bring myrelease. I lowered myself down onto your prick and slowlyyou entered me. I tightened my cunt muscles – relaxed – tightenedand relaxed. “That’s so good” you whispered and you drewlittle circles around my erect nipples. You were firmlyembedded inside me and you pulled me down to your chest whereour slippery sweatiness mingled making our bodies glow.My legs were either side of your thighs and now you beganto massage my buttocks. Squeezing and kneading whilstI gyrated gently above you. I saw something out of the corner of my eye – a shadowy figure– silhouetted in the moonlight. My instinct was to hidemyself from whatever the danger was that I perceived myselfto be in! But you took my face in your hands and whispered.“Just look at me – don’t be afraid – you promised – anythingI want you must obey!” I thought my heart would burst frommy chest! My bottom lip began to tremble and pinpricks oftears formed in the corner of my eyes. “Keep looking at me” he said “Go with the sensation andknow that nothing I do, or command to be done, will ever hurtyou!” I buried my head in your shoulder and felt you inside meand I knew you would never lie to me. I trusted you – andI lovedyou, and whatever it was that you wanted, was fine by me. I jumped at the shock of the cold lubricant that you nowmassaged into my buttocks. You told me to relax and althoughI tried the tension just wouldn’t leave me. I could feelyou throbbing inside me – your hardness filled me. And Iloved I!.Your caresses become firmer and in a moment your oily fingerwas probing that dark orifice that was still virginal.It stung and I instinctively pulled away from you. “Keepstill!” you said and grasping my wrists you held them firmlyin one large hand whilst you continued your probings withthe other. I was lost somewhere between wanting you to continueand wanting you to stop. But I had no choice in the matterdid I? Your oily finger slid deep inside my tight orificeand to silence the cry that escaped from my mouth I bit mylip drawing a bead of blood that you saw and gently lickedaway.My head turned sharply behind me as I felt movement on thebed. “Look at me!” you said as you smacked me stinginglyon my buttocks. I could sense someone kneeling behind mebut, as you had instructed, I kept looking at you. My bodywas trembling – that horrid inner trembling and shiveringthat seems to wrack every organ of your body. But you justlooked back at me with a knowing smile on your handsome faceand I felt reassured. You were still holding my wrists, firmly pulling and teasingmy nipples with your free hand, when I felt other, stronghands, on either side of my hips. I gasped as the strangerpushed his hardness against me! I knew then what was aboutto happen and I struggled in vain to release myself fromthe firmness of your grip. “No!” I screamed “Please” Butit was too late. The strangers hardness push forcefullyinto me and I screamed when the sharp pain assailed my insides! “Ssh” you comforted me “It only hurts in the beginning– relax and enjoy” and you kissed away the tears that werenow coursing down my cheeks. O f course you were right – hayou always are….. and as the stranger inched his way insideme I began to feel pleasure along with pain. You let go mywrists and I felt myself moving along with you and the strangerbehind me. I felt so full – so stretched and so possessed! You moved slightly to position your pubic bone againstmy clit and now waves of pleasure tingled through me. I hadnever experienced a sensation like it and I was lost in thewonder of it. You kissed me, invading my mouth, your tongueexploring every crevice and I adored your sweetness. Ifelt the thrusts of the stranger becoming more urgent andwith this urgency I felt my own release coming. Like a tigresson heat I screamed and clawed your shoulders and you respondedby thrusting faster and faster. Not one word issued fromthe mouth of the stranger as his cum spurted into me. I couldfeel it bubbling and foaming inside me – and it felt soo good!And you – smiling at my joy – continued your thrustings untiltogether we merged in shared pleasure.And afterwards I touched my cunt covering my fingers withthe issue of our pleasure and brought them to my mouth andtasted us and did it again and you tasted us.Africa was saying good morning to us/ The sun was risingand a beautiful day was dawning. And then you left me to mytears. And this time the tears were for you I wanted you herebeside me forever. Sleep came easily to me tonight. I was excited and wantedyour visit. I longed for you, for your touch – for your smell- for your taste – for the shadowy mystery of you, but mostlyfor the shaft of pleasure that resided, in enviable comfort,in your dark groin.And so I slept. And you came, dark lover, standing by mybed and created my dreams, infiltrated them – became them.Although it was a summer’s night it was unusually cold andthe moon poured her ethereal light into the room. It glowedaround you and I saw that you were different. The room becameicier and I pulled the blankets closer around my nakedness.My nipples became erect protesting the chill that seemedto envelop me. Another chill, like raindrops on a window,ran down my spine and I shivered. In those brief moments I was suddenly afraid. You, whowould bring me no harm, now brought terror to me! “What isit?” I whispered. And you said I must look deeply into youreyes. And I did. And those eyes, once dark with warmth andhonesty and love, now contained an unfathomable depththat pulled me closer, drinking me in, entrancing me, andcapturing me forever. And through your bottomless eyesI saw your very soul and I knew then, who you were.I stood before you, my blankets in a puddle at my feet, andI was ashamed of my nakedness. I felt exposed, vulnerable,innocent in your presence. I wanted to run. I wanted to stay.And I knew, as you surely did, that it was too late now! Wewere inextricably entwined, the secrets of our sharedintimacy binding our future together. You seemed aware of my inner struggle and touched my foreheadwith your finger. I seemed to float and in a moment I was lying,still naked, on my bed. I tried to cover my shame but I couldn’tmove! You were wearing a long black cloak, it covered youfrom the neck down. Silver buttons glinted and I could seethe penile bulge distorting the clean lines of the cloth.You carelessly discarded your cloak and moved towardsme. But still I could not move! Your prick seemed more enormousthan on our other encounters and inwardly I begged you notto invade my body with your monstrous tool. Your eyes seemedto shoot fire, rimmed blood red and blazing desire. Yourhands, cold on my thighs, prised them apart and I flowered,wantonly before you.There was no foreplay – no teasing – no sucking or lickingor any of the niceties that conjoin to produce that preciousact of lovemaking. You were going to fuck me – no frills –pure unadulterated lust! And I was to lie still and takeit all. And I wanted to. I wanted your animal ravaging ofme! And so you did! No whispered reassurances. No endearingcompliments, no urges to relaxation – you just took me,invaded me and emerged – victorious. Strangely, despitemy fear, my cunt juices flowed. But even with my love juicessmoothing the way – you hurt me. I was stretched, filled,my womb battered, my breasts bruised from your eager graspingand fucking. And I came! Again and again! I came! Great joltsof orgasm wracked my body. In great waves the pleasure spilledover me and you watched, triumphantly, your complete possessionof me!“You’re not David” I stuttered. “Yes I am.” You said “AndDavid is me. We are one and the same.” And you smiled and brushedthe damp hair from my brow. “Every person has two faces –even you my dear. And that is the lesson that I shall teachyou.”I didn’t understand what you were saying to me. I lookedat you quizzically – as if you would give me the answers,but I knew you wouldn’t. The moon was disappearing intothe warm day – you should have been gone – but you stayed.“I need to wake up now.’ I said “You must leave.” “You will awake when I say so Lily!” You spoke gruffly tome but when you saw my stricken face your voice softenedand you told me that you had a gift for me. A breeze ruffledthe netting about my bed, it blew your cloak apart and I couldsee your nakedness and I was aroused again! But then, ignoringmy need, you vanished. And I was angry and called for youto come back – I begged – and screamed your name – sobbingout my frustration and then your disembodied voice calledback to me “My gift is in your bed, he is your slave! Use, andabuse him well, and you will learn your lesson soon!” Andthen the room was silent again and I turned and looked atthe beautiful face lying next to me. As beautiful as Adonis,as vain as Narcissus as youthful as Romeo- and I didn’t wanthim!I wanted you! I wanted your arms around me – your prick deep inside me,your tongue tantalizing my secret places and I screamedout to you … “I don’t want your gift – take it back – I hate you!”And your voice, the one I remember, warm and good, came backto me. “Remember your promise Lily, you must obey, enjoyyour gift, he has secrets for you that you could never imagine.And knowledge that will change your life forever. You willbe safe – trust me…” I turned then to face this beautiful boy beside me “Fuckme!” I said to him angrily “Fuck me, you’re my slave, fuckme I say!” and I opened myself too him and he came to me arousedand challenged by my anger. And pushed his largeness intomy wet cunt. And he turned me over and took me from behind,his cock demanding entrance to my tight, secret, orifice!And as I came I cried out your name and then slumped, wearily,into my endless dream. Your light flickered on the screen before me indicatingyour presence. Happily, like a puppy dog eager to be lovedand played with, I responded to your call. We talked fora long time, reluctant to enter the zone, where our intimacywould be abruptly shattered. We drowned in each otherswords; flowery, Ümraniye Escort romantic, loving words that became increasinglyurgent and you saw me, for the first time, a living, breathing,woman smiling shyly at you from your computer screen. Youare beautiful, you said and I lowered my eyes, blushing.Oh how I avoided looking directly at you! I was I afraid thatyou would see into my soul and know then the dark secretsthat it held. But we remained like this for a while and chattedand then you tried again your gentle seduction. And I wantedto participate but the enticing words just wouldn’t come.You asked me if my nipples were erect and I said, breathlessly,yes! You begged me to show you my taut breasts and I refused,angry at my own unnecessary reticence! And the moment waslost, and I was sorry and frustrated that my puritan inhibitionsdenied you the pleasure that I also craved. And so I changedthe subject. Lets play I suggested and, lest you stoppedme, I quickly entered the zone. But you called me back “Letstalk a while longer” And we talked until nothing more couldbe said and a comfortable silence seemed to descend betweenus. You told me then about the other woman in the zone that youhad had a relationship with. I held my breath afraid to hearthe truth of your intimate involvement with her. My mindwas crying out to ask, to beg you to reveal every detail abouther. But I didn’t. And instead, when you told me she was callingfor you, I muttered some inanity, I made light of it, I eventold you to be gentle with her (and I meant that), but in realityI was torn apart! I was selfish and wanted you for myself.Even so I didn’t expose this to you! You may have guessed,I don’t know, but I was eager to be away from the desire thatthreatened to overwhelm me and make me hateful – and makeyou not want me anymore. And so I ran and found some safetyin the familiar comfort of the zone.I sat alone in the room. The cards laid out before me meantnothing! I tried to play but my concentration had desertedme. I was still wet from your sensuous suggestions and Ihated myself for indulging in that terrible vice from which,I had emphatically told you, I never suffered. But I didnow. I was quite simply – overwhelmingly jealous! And I needed comfort! And so I tried not to think about youas I slipped my hand inside my damp panties and luxuriatedin the heat generated by my fingers. I relaxed back intomy chair and, not being able to help myself, I thought aboutour dream. And I felt you again inside me! My eyes were closed,my mouth slightly open in my ecstasy and I tensed, as thatmoment of exquisite bliss washed, like a tide, over me.My heart was still thudding when your message bleeped onthe screen, lighting up the dark room with its ghostly light. “I have said nothing to her about you. May we join you?”My instincts screamed “No you may not!” But my need to beaccepted, to be good, won again. And I said yes of course– welcome.You seemed to be delighting in her adoration. In my adoration.You toyed with us – cruelly, like a cat with a mouse who willtorture it before affording it release from its agony.And then M joined us! And you laughed and told me that allyour women were here tonight. A veritable harem! My demonwas back, sitting with loving familiarity upon my shoulder,and whispering innuendo and descriptions of the joy youhad found in their arms. That black curtain of utter despondencybegan to fall about me but I fought with such ferocity againstit that I found I could join in the playful interactionsaround that sensuous table… And you never guessed atthe private battle being fought between me and my nemesis,and you will never know who won.M left suddenly. Probably booted. And shortly after,you and she left too. I was bereft! Grieved. And my demonbrought the horrible blackness about me again.You never knew how I swallowed back acid tears. How rejectedI felt. And how, in the strange confusion of my mind, I knewI deserved this! I messaged you asking why you couldn’tsay goodbye and so I bid you goodnight and left to share asterile bed.I never slept. For hours I tossed and turned knowing thatsleep would bring you too me – and in my pain I couldn’t faceyou. And so as the sun rose and the mist descended on the beautifulvalley in which I live, I wandered the garden and talkedto the birds and then read your mail.You said you were so sorry you left so suddenly – and I believedyou. You said you loved me – and, for the first time, I believedyou. All thought of punishing you left my vengeful heart.The dark clouds lifted and I smiled again. You loved me,that was all that mattered! And I know that you have forgivenmy selfishness.I went back to bed, fell soundly asleep, and dreamt. The mad, animalistic fucking with the golden boy of theprevious night awoke my longing for you. I had turned myback on his enviable youth, I had used him and now I wantedhim gone! My loins were crying out for even more release– I was insatiable and needed you so much. My fingers, probingthe dark recesses, were covered with the youth’s cum andI didn’t want it there! Ignoring my unashamed nakedness,my nipples erect from the cold night air, my bare feet paddedsoftly to the bathroom door. I shot a glance at the boy watchingme, lustfully, from the bed, and I told him angrily he mustbe gone by the time I returned!I squatted over the toilet bowl and released a stream ofurine that splashed on the porcelain sides and ricochetedoff my plump buttocks it felt good, as if you were on the pointof orgasm and the release of it left you spent. I immediatelyberated myself for such thoughts. I didn’t know what washappening to me but I seemed to be growing into a sensilebeing – every action and feeling lifted to newer and moresensational heights! I stepped into the shower and turned on the cold tap. I gaspedas the icy needles of water fell, tingling onto my hot body.I lifted my face to the cold shower and the water splashedonto my closed eyelids and into my mouth and ears. I turnedlanguidly and positioned my body so the shower of waterhit directly onto my sensitive clit. I reached out for thesoap and lathered my cunt liberally, prodding my fingersdeep inside trying to emulate the feelings your prick arousedin me.Carelessly I dropped the slippery soap onto the tilesbeneath my feet. Blinded by the cascading water I gropedin the darkness trying to retrieve it. And then I felt you– your foot in my hand – then your calf – then your muscularthigh. You placed your hand on my damp hair and teased mymouth with your hardness. I grasped your naked buttocksand urged you closer to me. The water, still showering down,lubricated our bodies and your buttocks felt slipperyand soft in my hands. I cupped your balls and squeezed gentlyand then placed one in my mouth and carefully sucked andlicked it. Oh how you moaned! I lathered my hands with thefrothy soap and reaching behind you I grasped you firmlyas I slipped one slippery, soapy finger into your anus.You gasped so loudly I thought I had hurt you and so I quicklywithdrew my finger but you stopped me and whispered frantically,“I love it Lily – do it again!” And I was happy that I pleasedyou and re inserted my finger, pushing it in out of your tightorifice and drawing ecstatic cries from your gasping mouth.I left your balls then and licked the head of your beautifulpenis! I teased you with my tongue taking you in a littleand then letting you go, and all the time I pushed my fingerin and out, in and out! And at last you penetrated my mouthand I gladly and happily sucked. It seemed to me that youcame to a shattering orgasm! How you bucked and strainedas your juices spurted from you in to my willing and hungrymouth. I drank you dry and to the very end you thrusted intome as though determined to feed me every last drop. And wefell together, sated, to the cold tiled floor. You were the same as I always knew you – the dark presencehad gone! And your kind face stared down into mine and wekissed, long and deep, still hungry for each other. “Youmake me greedy.” You said tracing the contours of my facewith your wet finger. We stood facing each other, our nakednesstempting each other. “Turn around!” you were suddenlyin command again and so I turned and leaned my face againstthe cubicles damp walls, my breasts pressing hard againstthe porcelain wall and my nipples reacting again to thestimulation. You turned off the water and I turned to look at you. ‘No!”I cried “Not you!” but you placed your hand roughly overmy mouth and staunched my cries. The dark side of you wasback and I recoiled and squirmed in your rough embrace.Your enormous, unearthly member, was pushing violentlybetween my buttocks searching for that tight rosebud hiddenbetween. You took the soap and moved its slipperiness overmy pussy and bottom and then you lathered yourself. “Relax!”you hissed. “You know you like this”. And so saying you foundmy hole and in a moment you were buried deep inside. My screamswere muffled by your large hand and I could do nothing buttake the punishment you so cruelly meted out. “You are goingto enjoy this” you whispered again whilst nibbling my earlobes and you reached round, found my clit and rubbed it,and me, into complete submission! You were right I lovedit. That deep and painful penetration, my stretchednessand the growing, waves of pleasure that signaled my completeand utter satisfaction. I loved both sides of you, the darkand the light, the good and the bad, the cruel and the merciful!You withdrew and I fell gasping at your feet showering themwith my grateful kisses. You placed me, somehow, back on the bed. The golden boyhad obeyed me and had disappeared and I lay watching you,watching me. “I see you are learning your lessons – but you have moreto learn. We are going on a trip now and at that secret destinationI will require your complete compliance. You must ask noquestions, just watch and learn.” I could feel your hotbreath on my face and again I sank, mesmerized, into thedepths of your eyes. And I fell into them, drowning, andI screamed and flailed to escape but it was too late! By whatevermagic you possessed I was now devoured by you. I was insideyou, seeing the world through your eyes, feeling your feelings,your urges and I was afraid and wept.My beautiful dream was turning into a dark nightmare. Ilay on the bed unmoving and yet not dead, I could see myselfso clearly through your eyes! My small body, one arm flungcarelessly across the pillow, was sun kissed. My breastsand bottom white where the sun had failed to touch. My eyeswere closed and my mouth slightly open, plump and sensuous.My hair appealingly disheveled, had fallen wispily acrossmy face and I looked innocent – untouched – pure. One slenderleg, bent at the knee had fallen apart opening me to us – thewatchers. My sex was unclad – bare as a child’s and from withinmy plump love lips we could see the glittering pinknessthat invited exploration and, eventually, penetration.And I was aroused. And in my arousal we could see the obviouseffects upon the still body on the bed. My juices floweddampening the sheets beneath me. Inside you I felt yourexcitement and the strange tingling in my groin was reflectedin your growing erection. And I felt every inch of that growthas if it belonged too me! And I felt an uncontrollable urge,like a fire that can’t be extinguished, pulling you andI helplessly towards me. I had never made love to a woman. But I had entered your malenessand I wanted us to ravish the beautiful shell of me lyingsoulless before us. “Stay with meLily!” You whisperedand I knew you were addressing my soul within you. But I couldnot have left you – I was drawn with you, relentlessly towardsthe supine figure on the bed. And felt your every sensation!And when you stroked her breast I felt the silky skin throughyour fingers. I felt your male excitement in me as surelyas if I had been born as you! And you pulled my legs tenderlyapart as if not to disturb the essence that was no longerthere. And you entered me. And I slept on unaware and distancedfrom the sensuality being forced upon me. I was lost in youand when you had fully entered that pretty shaft and beganyour rhythmic penetrations, it was me moving inside meengulfing me in my own, warm, wetness! And I breathed, deeplyand heavily with you, and felt our seed gathering in ourloins, and the growing heat intensifying in our body asour orgasm reached its shattering climax! I felt immenselystrong during those final spurting moments and I felt inawe of that manly climax, that before now, I had no knowledgeof. And we lay, spent, across my unfeeling body and feltthe reluctant diminishing of our hardness. You reached up then and tore down the silky net above me.And you wrapped my body in its warm embrace, the contoursof my body, my hard nipples, my smooth bottom – my roundedplump arms temptingly revealed through the filmy fabric. And I saw the room for the last time through your eyes. Theunmade made bed still damp with lust, the lace curtainsfluttering in the night breeze, and I smelled, with you,the scent of woman – that indescribable fragrance, thatI had never before been a party to, now entered my senses,and I gasped with the headiness of it!Carrying me, carefully, in your strong arms we left theroom behind us and disappeared into an inky black night.All day I thought about you. I was thrilled and excited aboutthe prospect of us being together again. My petulance fromthe previous night was all but gone and I waited eagerlyfor the little bleep that told me you were there.And so you were. And my heart beat with joy when I saw, etchedon the screen before me, that single welcome word – Hi! Hi! I sent back and I imagined that small insignificantword sailing through the air, over the oceans, carryingmy love too you. And this was so new for me! You told me youloved me and I smiled indulgently, like a mother to an errantchild, and I thought it was just a phase you were going through!You were seducing me with simple easy words that signifiedso much but could also, as tools of seduction, signify,nothing! And then you said you had fallen in love with meand even though I couldn’t see your face I felt the powerof those words and you moved me. And I asked you how did thishappen? How could two people, divided by so many miles,feel such awesome emotion? You told me it was during oneof our early meetings in the zone, it was something I said,and you repeated my words, and I couldn’t remember them!Oh the flippancy of blind attraction! Words of such magnitude– and I couldn’t remember and we laughed together in thatfunny computer speak – we “laughed out loud”!And then you saw me again in the corner Ümraniye Escort Bayan of your screen – andyou asked me if I had been crying. I replied that I had andI told you what my husband had said to me. He had said thathe thought I was moving away from him, that he was losingme. He took my silence as a denial! He went to bed and so I cried.I should have taken the opportunity to tell him that he hadlost me years ago – when he turned away from my needs and cruellydenied me that which I have longed for! We chatted some more and then played in the zone for a while.And then S called you. You said you wouldn’t leave if youdidn’t want me to. But I felt secure now, secure in your love,affection and respect for me. You bade me an emphatic goodnightand I left quickly lest I change my mind and keep you, greedily,by me. Sweet dreams were your last words to me and I knew theywould be. But I had lost that precious moment when I couldhave revealed my feelings for you. The computer screenflickered to stillness and with startling clarity I sawthe truth that for days I had try to ignore. Ah my beautifulstranger, my phantom lover, spectre of my dreams you haveled me down a path from which there may be no return. I toohave fallen in love with you! You are my saviour. my sucour,the wonderful essence that fills the void within me! Andso you have my gift, as I have yours, and we must care for themwell. Goodnight again sweet lover until we meet again…… The journey was long, over fields and mountains, plainsand deserts, over oceans and seas we carried our preciousburden. Until at last we arrived at the secret destinationthat you had hinted at. The beautiful valley lay beneathus. The contours of the land sloped and undulated and yourthoughts asked me what I could see. And I looked, in wonder,through your deep brown eyes, at the womanly curves thatformed the land before us. The soft curve of her breasts,the flat stomach flowing softly into luxuriant pubes,her legs opened wide beckoning us. The goddess! I heardyour thought and I felt your contented sigh and I knew wehad arrived. And again I felt the stirring in our loins.The hardening, the exquisite tingle of arousal and theurgent and consuming need for release!So we made our way to her entrance and she welcomed us withher womanly fragrance. And we entered her and the wallsof her cunt seemed to close around us and you hardness strainingagainst the cloth of your cloak, had my soul screaming outmy masculine need! You leaned back against the soft walls dripping with thegoddesses love juices. And we drank them in – slurping greedilythe sweet nectar. And as we licked, her walls throbbed withpassion and the moisture gushed over us drowning us in hersex. You placed my inert body on the slippery floor, prisedapart my legs and together we entered the most dark and privatecrevices of my body. And we thrusted and pounded into mystill form until at last that blessed release came. I feltyour cum surge from my soul and I jerked with you in the final,frantic thrust. Our needs satisfied, we continued down the long dark tunnel,slipping now and again on the goddesses profuse juices.And at last her womb opened to us and we entered the hallowedchamber. This most beautiful place where the seeds of allhumanity are sown. Where passion pounds at the door andopens only to the juices of men. And here we laid our offeringto the goddess – me, soulless, empty, devoid of passionbut alive still! Waiting, waiting for the awakening andarousal that had yet to come! From the corridors of thisglorious shelter came the hand maidens of the goddess.And as they washed and cleansed my body I felt in you the stirringof excitement again! You and my soul were insatiable! We watched silently as the maidens went about their task.No part of my body was left unattended. Every nook, creaseand crevice was washed and perfumed. They held apart mylegs and poured warm aromatic oil in my cunt, between mybum cheeks and poured it generously over my nipples, rubbingand massaging those sensitive places. And I felt nothing!I felt only desire for the lovely woman being so adoringlyattended too. And your prick continued to grow and I feltit and I wanted to take the woman before me. I wanted to feelher hot cunt tightly hugging our penis and to fill her withour cum! I wanted to ram it in her tight hole; I wanted to hearher scream but to beg us for more! And you, my dear host, steppedaside and let me take what was in truth mine. Your thoughtstold me to go ahead and use your body, to feel the utter manlinessto take her and feel at last what it is to be a man. And so I castyou behind me into the dark recesses of my soul and took controlof your hard body. The maidens turned their attentions to me. They strippedme, cleansed, massaged and aroused me. My cock reared beforeme straining for the release of penetration. And they lickedmy shaft and head drawing droplets of moisture which theylapped up thirstily and they sucked me hard and it was newtoo me and more thrilling than anything I could have imagined!I was breathless with a passion that was increasingly hardto control. The maidens tormented and teased me and at lastled me to myself. They opened her legs wide, one on eitherside of her whilst another guided me in. And then I was buriedin her pounding, pounding with the kind of strength I hadonly ever wondered about. And then it was over too soon.I flooded into her. And you, resting in my soul, shieldedfrom my passion, laughed “Have you learnt yet? Have youlearnt what it takes to control manly desires?” “Can youplease me now with what you have learned? Can you?” And ina moment I was gone and, like a seed floating on the wind,my soul escaped you and I awoke. I was dazed and frightenedand I could feel your cum dripping, copiously, down my achingthighs. And your darkness had returned. You leered at meand pushed aside the fawning maidens. You clicked yourfingers and the sphincter, protecting the goddess’s womb,opened. The men standing in the entrance seemed to drinkme in with their eyes. They were naked and their pricks werealready responding to my lewdness. Tie her up you ordered. But I fought like a tiger againstthe silken bonds that they wrapped around my wrists andankles. Stretching me apart, open and vulnerable, boundand powerless to resist. And you approached me, your excitementapparent in your growing erection. You had a black silkscarf in your hand and I screamed my protests as you tiedit securely around my eyes, plunging me, into the terrifyingdarkness! I felt your hot breath on my ear as you whispered “A testfor you my love” “We will inflict upon you the greatest pleasureany woman has ever known. You will cum again and again – untilyour golden fluid can be held no longer. We will use everyorifice and you will scream for mercy from the unbearablepleasure that will be forced on you. And your release? Whenyou can correctly identify me!”And so it began, one after the other invading my body. Handsgroped and prodded, twisted my nipples sucked them untiltender, penetrated my cunt, my ass, my mouth. They cameover my face their cum splashing into my mouth. They chokedme with there size making me gag. They released my bondsonly to continue their assault on another part of me. Theysmacked my bottom, sharp burning slaps that made me winceand cry out! They made me kneel; my hands now secure behindme, and pressed me roughly forward to take me from behind!They hurt me, tore me apart, they pleasured me and painedme and I exalted! And I came and came floods and floods ofsensation so exquisite that I lost all control and peedin a great gush on the hands and faces tormenting my body!And then it was quiet and I lay where they left me, kneeling,my face pressed painfully into the couch my ass, pink frompunishment, yet still inviting glorious assault! Gentlehands lifted and turned me and lay me on my back! Those samegentle hands teased my thighs apart and fingered the lipshiding in my groin. Lips descended upon my cunt and a tongueflicked about drinking from every crevice, sucking andnibbling. And the waves began to rise in me again. I gaspedwhen the enormous prick filled me and began to move, withever increasing urgency, inside me. And I came again andI called your name – David – and I moaned and moved under youand you called my name and we reached that amazing pinnacleof orgasm together, clutching desperately at each othernot wanting it to end! But when it did we luxuriated in eachother, touching each other as if we were both brand new andunknown. And as the aromas of our lovemaking filled ournostrils and finally we slept, a dream within a dream, buta love you promised would have no end. And I was content andat last, fulfilled. I was so eager to be with you tonight. And when the dark screenflickered into life I looked eagerly for the sign that indicatedyour dear presence. And there you were blinking at me throughthis magical portal that binds us so lovingly together.My daughter came through to us and we laughed togetheras she told us that we must be more careful when we signedoff from her. She had stumbled on our lovemaking and beratedus for being very naughty. And I giggled and giggled. AndI loved her for her understanding! But she took me asideand whispered in my ear. She said that you had told her thatyou were in love with me – and she wanted to know what my feelingswere. I said I loved you and I felt her smile indulgentlyas she said she was happy that I had found my spirit again.But she said I must be careful not to get hurt or worse (andunthinkable), I was to be careful not to hurt you! My littlebaby all grown up – the child becoming the mother, reluctantto let me fly lest I coming crashing down! Ha if only she knewhow many times her sentiments were my own as she grew fromchildhood toddling unsteadily into womanhood and finallyflying alone into an imperfect world where I could no longerprotect her. My god how I love her! .I left you chatting to her as I made a hurried departure.Allen was hovering around extending his early bedtime.I clicked you off and turned to chat to him. But that littlered light impatiently demanding my attention kept flickingand so I turned to you and commanded you to wait! Oh impatientlover thy name is urgency! But you waited. And Allen lingeredand seemed reluctant to leave me. So I gave him my time andlistened to his worries and fears. And shared my day withhim. And then he kissed me and said goodnight but he stilllingered and he saw the light in my eyes and he knew. He saidnothing – but he knew – he recognized that same look thathe had once put into my eyes – and he knew it wasn’t for him.And I felt his profound sadness. I felt his loss. And I hatedmyself knowing that I couldn’t change what had alreadypassed, that it was too late – I was in love with someone else.And so I returned to you. And we frolicked together andlaughed and played. And I was dizzy with love for you! Itmade me silly and childlike – and you seemed to like it! Andthat night you began to open too me. I had never asked questionsabout your life – because I don’t own that part of you. Butmy feminine curiosity was tearing me apart! I wanted toknow everything! All the pieces of your life conjoinedmaking you who you are. I wanted to know what you do, whatmusic you like, what books you read, I wanted to learn aboutyour life with T – your family – everything – I was hungryfor knowledge of you!I am a lowly baker, you said (I confess the innuendo waslost on me). And I told you how I loved death by chocolatecake! And you said you didn’t really do creative work anymore– you worked for a boss for a paycheck and medical insurance.And I thought you sounded really sad – jaded almost. AndI wanted to hug you! Bnd now, when I think of you at work, I can imagine your handscaressing and squeezing the white dough and it’s me in yourhands, my breasts tantalized and teased and pleasured!And I wish for it and I desire it!We played a little in the zone and my frivolity continued.I teased and cajoled you. I flirted and blew kisses and Ifelt your utter delight in me! And then you partnered someone else! And in my petulant poutiness I left our table andsat on the table next door, arms folded across my breast,waiting for you to tempt me back. I knew you would come forme – and you did! But you accused me of being a jealous woman!Don’t you know, my love, I am jealous of everything thatis near to you – when I can’t be! But, looking askance at you,I denied your accusation and stuck my tongue out at you!I know you were laughing – I could feel it. And you tried againwith sweet words to bring me back to your side! But stillI wouldn’t come! And at last you commanded me – get your assback here – and I laughed and said – ok – and in the blink ofan eye I was with you again. But then the birds, chittering gaily in the awakeninggarden, reminded me that it was bedtime. I reached out andtouched the screen and we said our reluctant goodbyes!I turned off the lights, climbed into bed and fell quicklyinto a deep and dreamful sleep. And so we left the warm interior of the goddess’s womb andI felt deliriously happy and sated, filled with a new knowledgeof sensuality and a physical awareness that burned throughoutmy body. I was new – reborn again – and I realized that I had,until now, been in ignorance of the seemingly endless possibilitiesof physical love. I smiled this unspoken knowledge at you,and, as if reading my mind, you told me that the possibilitieswere indeed endless and that our journey was not finishedyet. I was still naked when we left the warmth and security ofher womb, and the chill night air had roused my nipples toerection. You noticed me shivering and opened your cloakinviting me to enter your warmth. With your strong arm aboutmy shoulders and both of us enveloped in your cloak we traveledonwards. You were so close to me and I could smell the sweatin your armpits – hard earned sweat that our exertions froma short while before had melted from you. And your scentexcited me. I asked you to stop awhile and sit beside me onthe damp grass. And you did. And I reached out for you thedesire burning in me again. I took your hand – I wanted youto feel my arousal – and I placed it where I wanted it to be.And your fingers squirmed, seemingly desperate to be withinme. And you put first one, then another inside me, probingwith such exquisite tenderness that it seemed, for a moment,that I was the goddess and you the dark visitor come to learnfrom her fountain of wisdom, you wanted to gain entranceto me, to lick my moist walls, to enter the cavern of my womb,to empty yourself into my mysterious depths – and I neededyou! I burned Escort Ümraniye for you like an eternal flame that can onlybe extinguished by the juices of your loins. And I liftedmyself, arching my back upwards towards you, pressingmy soft wetness against your frantic fingers, urging youdeeper and deeper begging you to quench the flames! Yourcloak had fallen away from your body and lay in a confusedand abandoned puddle behind you. You picked it up and rolledit quickly into a pillow which you thrust beneath my writhingbuttocks, bringing me ever closer to your granite erectness.But, before you thrust into me, you looked down at my face,distorted in passion, and sighed my name –Lily– like a barelyaudible whisper – you sighed my name! And the gentlenessof your voice defied the pain of your huge hardness, as youpounded into me! And my womb contracted and relaxed suckingyou deeper into me. Without my realizing it my legs had foundtheir place wrapped around you and folded into the smallof your back pulling you into my deepness! I clenched mythighs – my buttocks – every muscle of my body tautened asthe waves of my climax began to rise in me. And I could feelyour passion mounting. Your sweat fell in drops on my body– your muscles tensed – your face pulled in that sublimegrimace that marks that wonderful point of no return. Andas I came beneath you, my wetness slurping against yourprick, you groaned and pushed, once more, violently intome as your cum spluttered and spurted filling me again andagain with your desire and love! And then you fell upon me,our bodies wet and glistening, and we lay there, your deepand gasping breaths and my sobs of pleasure filling thesilent cold air around us. We rose from our languor and you took my hand and helped mefrom the ground. You wrapped me carefully in your cloak,pulling it tightly around me cocooning me within it as youhad been so welcomingly cocooned within me. And you steppedout ahead of me and called to me over your shoulders to hurry,and I did, eager to be by your side again. I ran after you andwatched as you strongly strode out. Your nakedness charmedme. Your body was rippling with your muscular strength,your buttocks undulating with each step and, as you turnedto beckon me again, your still tumescent prick lying uponyour bed of dark wiry curls, left me gasping!Like a life line in a tumultuous sea, you held your hand outto me, and I grasped it as though my very life depended uponit. And you told me not to worry that you would never leaveme behind and, seeing my tiredness, you lifted me gentlyin your arms and I relaxed there, my head cushioned uponyour shoulder, and listened to the music of your heart. And so we traveled for many more miles until we eventuallyreached the lagoon where you lay me in the soft white sandand told me to stay there, quietly, while you went to findthe other portal. I didn’t understand what you meant butyou shushed my questions with your index finger upon mymouth reminding me of my promise to trust you without question.And you walked off down that pretty moonlit beach and soondisappeared into the darkness. I lay there listening to the water lapping and kissing thedry sand. I removed your cloak and rolled in the warm sand.The sand grated against my nipples and they jumped to lifeagain. It was sensuous laying there, the sand squeezingup between my toes and fingers, and burrowing its way intomy bottom cheeks. I took handfuls of it and massaged it intomy breasts, onto my nipples and into my belly. I rolled overand over in it savouring the scratchy sensations that itlavished upon my body. It was then that I heard them! With you gone, and I alone on that sensuous beach, I heardthem! At first just the muffled clippity clop of horseshooves trotting along the sand, and then, as they came closerthe distinctive sound of masculine laughter. The moonwas very bright and I knew they would see me lying there.I looked around for you but you were still gone! My heartthumped wildly as I leapt from the comfortable sand andran, still naked, for the safety of the dense line of greenfoliage surrounding the lagoon. But it was too late, mylove, they saw the moonlight shimmering off my white skinas I darted, here and there, desperate for concealment!They saw your cloak lying abandoned on the moonlit shore.They saw the imprint of my body indelibly etched into thesand. And they saw me!And they came for me! These weird warriors dressed from head to foot in the gunmetalblack that so clearly reflected the evil on their faces!There were four of these monsters cavorting as men! Andthey chased me about that beach, taunting me cruelly whilstall the time laughing raucously at my predicament! AndI fell, eventually, from sheer exhaustion, and they draggedme, struggling painfully, and threw me upon your cloakwhere I lay exposed and ashamed! And I screamed for you…..Iscreamed and screamed with all the strength I could muster- oh god how I screamed! But you never heard me. You couldn’thave heard me – for surely you would have come? I couldn’t see the dark one behind holding me firmly againstthe sand. I was sobbing and struggling and fighting andthen, seeing my chance, I bit the rough hand that held meso tightly! I recoiled as his fist slammed into my face andI felt the blood trickle from my mouth down onto my bare breast.My tears and blood intermingled and I felt a salty iron tastein my mouth and I gagged, not with the taste of me, but withthe horrible realization of what they were going to do tome! And you, my love weren’t there and I was so afraid! I knew further struggle would be futile so I lay quietlyas they undressed, waving their horrid phalluses at me,insulting me with their tawdriness. I lay there. And then,one after the other, they took me. And this was not the tenderact that I had experienced with you. Nor the enlightenmentthe goddess and her handmaidens had so generously givenme. This was not even your dark side that had so frightenedand thrilled me! This was lust! Pure uncontrollable lustin its ugliest form! And while they continued their obsceneviolations upon by body, I cried out silently for you, andmy lost innocence, and my heart broke! After they left I lay there unmoving, my eyes looking upat the sky were unseeing. And then you returned. And I couldn’tspeak but somehow you knew what had happened and you carriedme into the lagoon and tended to my most intimate wounds.You wiped the dried blood from my face and kissed my woundsbetter. And then you told me.You told me this was all a part of the journey that I must make!You said that I had to learn everything in order to servethe goddess as her right hand maiden. Only by knowing theworst evil of man could I ever know the difference betweensensuality and violent lust! And I had learned my lessonwell because when you came to me again, and your prick beggedfor entrance at my womanly door I opened willingly to you,and you were engulfed by me, and we became one, and I knewthen what tenderness was, and I welcomed it!And, as the day gently chased away the night, we held handsand you led me towards that other portal. The sun broke overthe lagoon and its turquoise blueness glistened and thewaves caressed the shore as you led me deeper into our journey.We walked together towards the waters edge and even further.Further and further we walked until the warm azure sea brokeover our heads and we sank, trustingly, into its unknowndepths. Oh David you came so late to me tonight! But I don’t care becauseI needed the time to collect my thoughts and my courage tomake love to you properly! Do you remember how we made lovein the past and it always seemed quite chaste. WonderfulI think, but rather virginal, sweet words written withpassion but not much lust! I think it was entirely my faultlove, because I am so unused to this medium that bars us fromtouch but requires imagination and words that are a lotmore than merely pretty! And I realized yesterday thatyou and I both are in that most fortunate of positions, wherewe have been blessed with the skills necessary to describeso intimately our physical feelings for one another.So I decided (because you are too much of a gentleman to pushme further than I am ready to go!) that I would be the seductressand my feelings, in words, would describe to you the intimacythat I so want for us. And pretty words will just not do thejob! I must be an angel in the kitchen and, for now at least,a complete slut in front of my computer! Do you agree my love?And so I dressed carefully for our date. I showered, puton a sexy see through blouse with a frilly bra underneath(the less you see is more you understand!) and I sprayedAnais Anais liberally upon my body. It mattered not thatyou wouldn’t see me but I had to look and feel seductive inorder to complete my seduction of you. (Smile). And I satand waited for you as eager as a bride on her wedding night!Oh and you came to me and I fairly tingled! We talked and playedfor a while and then I asked you to sit beside me in the zone.And my seduction began! I put my tongue in your ear, I ranmy hand up and down your thigh, I even suggested you clearthe cards off the table and take me there and then so impatientwas I to be your wanton! And you breathlessly asked me togo with you to somewhere more private and we hurried acrossto the messenger. And once there the barriers fell awayand we sucked and licked each other and you drove your prickinto my very private place and I had the most intense orgasm– all quite unbelievable given that not one touch of fleshpassed between us! It was fantastic and I told you so. AndI told you that I loved you, and you said you loved me too!I was so ecstatic that I had crossed the Rubicon, as it were,and I can’t wait to ravish you again! Who would have thoughtthat such intense satisfaction could be got through “cyberspace?” And I thought to myself if it could be this good withwords and graphic, uninhibited, descriptions just imaginewhat it would be like in reality! But of course, for the foreseeablefuture this is not to be. So we will just enjoy each otherin this beautiful, metaphysical way, until this stateof affairs resolves itself one way or another. But thatis in the future! To return to last night, I was a little disappointedthat you left me, glowing post coitally, so quickly! I justwanted to lie in your arms for a while and whisper sweet nothings,but you were in such a rush that I let you go and I left, a littlemiffed, to flirt in the zone! Still in my state of coital bliss I didn’t chance joiningothers. I was so sure they would guess that, only momentsbefore, I was getting the fuck of my life! So I sat alone,trying to play with the bots but my thoughts were too immersedin our lovemaking to really give it the concentration thegame deserved. But I wasn’t alone long! Someone else joinedme. He zoned messaged me to ask if this lady alone would likesome company. So of course, being me, I laughed at his audacity,and told him I would love some company! And in an instanthe was there opposite me, and we played not one game! He wascheeky and very forward. He was undoubtedly trying to seduceme, and good sex has always given me the edge, so I lost mytimidity and became witty and enlivened. And I certainlygave him a run for his money! And then he said he would likea relationship with me, but I told him I was rather heavilycommitted to someone else in the zone. And he said he’s alucky man! Fearing that I might succumb to his flatteryI wished him a hasty goodnight and left. LOL. Vanity thyname is woman! You never knew it but he joined us again lateron and kept sending me zone messages asking if R could possiblybe my lover. I have never seen him again so I presume he tookthe hint I so obviously provided him with! I know you willforgive me; but it is entirely your fault that you made meinto such an incorrigible flirt!And now it is my bed time, the arms of Morpheus beckon andI am tired and welcome her warm embrace knowing that soonI shall sleep and then you will come to me. Until then, mydream lover, a sweet goodnight…….. The warm water of the lagoon had soon engulfed us. We weredeep in the water and realized hundreds, nay thousandsmore like us, were swimming in the same direction towarda common goal as yet unknown to us. But I was slow and you keptstopping to wait for me and you took my hand and we swam everdeeper. And we could breathe! Like some strange aquaticanimals we could breathe! Bubbles floated from our mouthsand noses and formed around us like mystical auras. Andwe were charmed by the fish swimming gracefully aroundus and we reached out to them and laughed as they dashed,startled, away from us. And we met the white octopus, hecame close to us and took us both in his sticky sucking tentacles,and we weren’t afraid! We luxuriated in his embrace as hissuckers latched on to our skin and sucked us hard and sensuously,my breasts and nipples, your prick and buttocks, my thighs– your thighs, no part it seemed , was left untouched andwe were aroused again. The warm water flowing over our skinthe sucking sensations, the very lightness of us in thedeep water, left us gasping for relief! And the octopuseslong arms brought us both tightly together and you slippedyour hardness into me. And as you moved in and out the littlebubbles escaped from my cunt affording us even greaterpleasure! And you pulled out of me as the octopus turnedme away from you and presented my anus to you and you slid,easily this time, deep into my bowels. And I screamed outmy pleasure! And my clit was in the octopuses sucker andhe was sucking hard – almost unbearably hard – as you poundedaway at me. And my climax washed over me like the very seawe were in. And I turned to look at you and your face was a pictureof rapture as, like a great tidal wave, you flooded intome! The octopus’s arms were still around us but the suckinghad stopped and suddenly he was gone and in his place wasthe slave boy you had given me – and he smiled at us knowinglybefore he disappeared, his great fish tail thrashing throughthe water, as he vanished into the murky depths below.And the sea around us foamed with carnality as the otherswimmers pleasured each other, as we had done, and as theyall came the sea was filled with their ecstatic groans andscreams and we watched in awe as the final thrustings signaledtheir utter satiation. And we swam on, faster and faster, and I asked you where wewere but you shushed me and wouldn’t tell. And then the greatwaves came! Gently at first, but then more urgently andwe were sped along faster than we could swim, all movingswiftly but uncontrollably together. And it felt likean undersea earthquake as the water turned tempestuousand we hurtled against each other, rolling and turningin the churning sea. And you took my hand and kept me firmlyin your grip. And the murkiness seemed to lighten as in thedistance we saw a pinpoint of red light and it was upon usas we felt the final great thrust that jerked us relentlesslytoward it.

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