5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 11)


5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 11)This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner “help” them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading…Chapter ElevenI walked back into the kitchen after seeing Jim off, Emily was still there kneeling, the chain of her leash fell over her breasts and looked so very pretty. There was a blank look in her eyes, I think it was someplace between fear and relief now that Jim was gone, I know he scared her, a lot.“Hello slut.” I stood over Emily.“I’ve got you all to myself now, aren’t you happy?” I ran my hand through her hair, I could see her nipples quivering ever so slightly.“What should we do now?” My dick was rising in my pants, I knew she could see it.“I think we need to do some cleaning today, look at this floor, it’s a mess.” Emily didn’t look up at me, her eyes were lowered and her body trembled.“Don’t you think?” Emily still didn’t respond.“I think we should go get Monique and have you two clean the floor. Then maybe we’ll move onto the bathroom and you can clean the toilet bowls too, with a toothbrush, till they’re spotless.” I smiled at Emily, she just stared back at me, her lips twitching ever so slightly.“I want it sparkling like new slut, understand?” I grabbed Emily’s nipples and twisted them, tugging them softly until she groaned.“Don’t worry, I’ve got a nice idea, something to keep you occupied while you clean. I’ve got this long, thick, double ended dildo, I’m going to stuff it in your pussy, and then put the other end in Monique, I’ll strap you two together and you can both clean the floor.” Emily started whimpering, her breasts shuddered as she took deep breaths trying to stifle her sobs.“So why don’t you stay right here while I go get Monique.” The tears started falling down Emily’s cheeks. I cupped her chin and lifted her eyes too look into mine.“I’ll even be nice, why don’t you rub that pussy and get yourself all wet and ready for the big dildo while I’m gone.” I put my thumb in her mouth like she was sucking on a cock.“Lick me baby, I’ll get you started.” I felt Emily’s tongue on my finger, she wasn’t making any effort to cover up her crying as she sucked on my thumb.“That’s it babe, lets see how you like this.” I reached between Emily’s parted thighs and thrust my moist thumb up into her pussy, she let out a grunt of discomfort as I forced my large finger inside her cunt and started to move around in her pussy.“How do you like that slut?” Emily moaned as I violated her in a yet a new way.I pulled my finger out with a pop, then put it in her mouth.“Can you taste your pussy on me cunt?” Emily reluctantly moved her tongue over my finger, lapping up her own juices.“I want you to rub that pussy hard when I’m gone so you’re nice and wet when I get back.” I pulled my thumb from her mouth and got to my feet.“God your such a sexy little slave!” I tapped Emily on the head and then went off for Monique, I could hear her crying as I left.Monique didn’t fight me at all as I dragged her into the kitchen. Emily was rubbing away at her pussy when we walked into the room, I could see she was getting into it, I could hear her panting and her hips were moving in little circles. She had one hand between her thighs and the other was at her breasts, squeezing, and pinching her nipples. She had her eyes closed and didn’t notice our presence right when we entered, then she must have heard us she pulled her fingers away from her pussy and stared at up at us.“Don’t stop slut! I want that pussy nice and wet!” I had Monique by the hair and pushed her to her knees next to Emily.“Go on, get yourself ready too.” I could see the lust in Monique’s eyes, but there was still a reticence, and embarrassment, that made her hesitant.“Go on.” Monique looked over at Emily, for an instant they exchanged glances, then Monique looked back at me and started rubbing her clit.I grabbed the double ended dildo and held it up for the girls to see.“You two are going to clean this floor, it’s disgusting.” Emily was panting, her face was red with shame but her index finger kept delving deeper and deeper into her pussy. Monique’s nipples were already hard and she had a needy expression in her eyes.I grabbed for Emily’s hair and tugged her toward me, she let out a groan of disappointment as I pulled her hand away from her pussy.“On your hands and knees slut!” Emily looked up at me with her pleading eyes as she fell to the floor, her palms flat on the wood, her chest still heaving as she was breathing hard.“This’ll fill you up.” I pushed the long dildo deep into Emily’s body, she moaned as the thick shaft started easing into her, she bent forward, groaning as the huge dildo went deeper and deeper. I could see her pussy convulse as the massive rubber pole spread her wide and sunk into her snatch.“That’s it baby.” I ran my hand over Emily’s ass, her body was twitching as she started crying once again.“Get your ass over here bitch.” I snapped my fingers at Monique, there was a little hint of fear in her eyes.“Wrap your pussy around the other end of that dildo cunt.” Monique looked at me with shock as I pointed to the long rubber shaft that jutted from Emily’s sex.“Get your useless hole around that dildo, now!” Monique looked at me, I don’t know if it was dejection, or shame, but there was an odd expression on her face.Monique put her hand between her legs and spread her labia, she slowly eased the head of the large dildo inside her pussy, till she was ass to ass with Emily and the long pole was buried inside her sex.“That’s beautiful.” I stood back and admired the image, Monique and Emily were connected together, I could see both of them shifting uncomfortably as the long dildo filled them, it was gorgeous.I dropped to my knees and started running my hands over their bodies, I loved their smooth, young skin, and the way they jerked under my touch. I grabbed for a pair of leather straps I had laying on the floor, I wrapped the first one around their thighs and snugged the leather tight, buckling it place so the two were bound together, the dildo deep within each of their bodies. I wound the second strap around their legs making sure they wouldn’t go anywhere, I stood back and watched as Monique and Emily squirmed in the uncomfortable, lewd, position.“Isn’t that sweet.” Monique and Emily looked back at one another.“How does that feel? Is the dildo big enough for you?” I bent down and grabbed Emily by the hair, I twisted her head up to look at me.”“Can you feel Monique’s pussy juices dripping into your snatch you little slut?” Emily just groaned and took her eyes off of mine.“Come on slut, squeeze that pussy, drive your hips back so Monique can feel that dildo sliding in her cunt.” I let go of Emily’s hair and got to my feet.“I guess it’s time to put you sluts to work, I want this floor spotless.” I went and grabbed two buckets of soapy water from the laundry room and set them in front of the girls, I handed them each a bristled brush.“I want this to look perfect, otherwise I’ll make you start again, and then I’ll stand over you with a crop to make sure it’s done right!” I reached under Emily’s body and pinched her nipple.“Maybe next time I’ll add clips to your tits, then you’ll really be connected.” Emily was whimpering as Monique ground her hips against Emily’s ass, working the dildo in her pussy.“That’s it slut.” Monique couldn’t help it, I could see the utter humiliation on her face as she looked up at me, but she couldn’t help but fuck the object in her pussy.“Get to work!” Emily stared over at me, I think hoping I was joking about cleaning the floor, Monique was moaning, her hips were moving against her friend’s pussy trying to work the long shaft deeper in her snatch.“I said get to work!” Monique turned her head to me, I could see the desperate need in her eyes. She reluctantly picked up the brush and started scrubbing away at the floor, Emily was still whimpering as she started to clean.I sat down in my chair, Coke in hand, and watched as Monique and Emily scrubbed away at the floor. I loved the way they squealed when the one moved while the other wasn’t ready.It took maybe a half hour before I couldn’t take it anymore. The girls were sweaty, their breasts were hanging, nipples scr****g against the floor as they cleaned, it made such an erotic sight I couldn’t help it. I loved the way their hair was stringy with cleaning water and perspiration.I got up and grabbed Monique by the hair.“Open up slut!” I really didn’t have to tell her twice, Monique opened her mouth and took my cock in. I grabbed for the back of her head and made her gag as I forced the head of my cock to the back of her throat. I could hear her choking as I took clumps of hair in my hands and started brutally fucking her mouth, her throat convulsed on my cock as I rammed home again and again.“That’s it cunt, make me cum!” I could see Monique’s hips driving back as she bucked against Emily’s body, fucking the dildo shared between their pussies. Saliva bubbled around my dick as Monique struggled to take me in as I slammed my prick in her mouth.At the last second, just before I was about to blow my load, I pulled my dick out and pointed the head of my cock at Monique’s face. There was a look of shock for an instant in her eyes, then my cock started spurting, a thick jet of sperm plastered her right in the middle of the forehead and up into her hair. Again and again my dick kept pumping, shooting cum on her face in little rivulets.“Oh God.” I started jerking my cock with my hand, forcing every last drop of sperm out, covering Monique’s features with thick, gooey, cum.“That’s it cunt, how do you like that cum on your face!” I dick slapped her across the cheek, Monique had her tongue out trying to lick my cock as I smacked her.“Tell me what you are bitch!” I slapped Monique across the cheek, I was so horny and turned on, I loved the way she looked so sweaty and disheveled.“I’m cock whore Master.” Monique was driving her hips back into Emily’s, the huge dildo stuffed in their cunts filling them up.I grabbed Monique by the hair and arched her head back so she was looking up at me, messy lines of cum were splattered across her face, milky white beads speckled her hair.“I love seeing my cum on you slut!” Monique was panting, she was grinding her hips against Emily.“Can this slut cum Master, please!” Monique was almost whining as she begged me to let her cum, her tongue was out, wagging like a dog in heat.“Please Master!” I arched Monique’s head back further and stared her in the eyes.“Yes cunt, you can cum.” I let go of her hair, Monique lowered her chest to the ground and started rubbing her nipples against the hard floor, her hips slammed back into Emily, I could hear the slap of flesh as their bodies came together repeatedly.“Oh God, I’m a cock whore Master, Oh my God! I’m cumming!” Monique screamed, she kept her hands planted on the floor as she sc****d her breasts against the wood. Emily was crying as Monique brutally fucked the dildo shared between their pussies.It took a good two or three minutes before Monique calmed down, her body was trembling like a leaf and she held her head low, gently pushing her nipples along the wooden floor.Monique looked up at me when I snapped my fingers, there was the slightest hint of red in her face, my sperm was slowly dripping down her forehead and into her eyes.“Thank you for cumming on my face Master, I need your cum always.” She ran her tongue over her lips trying to get the sperm that was slowly dripping down her pretty features.“Get back to work.” I zipped up and started into the other room, I collapsed on the couch and flipped on the TV.It took a good hour for the two to finish on the kitchen floor, then I set them immediately on the bathrooms. I had to separate my lovely pair, but that was all right, they’d put on a good show already.By the time Monique and Emily were done cleaning it had been a long day, well, not for me at least, I didn’t really do anything, just watched my sluts at work. It was really such a beautiful sight watching them move around the room, locked together in their lewd display, the huge double ended cock filling each of their pussy’s…it was something I’d have to make a regular event around the house.After their long day on their knees I let the girls clean themselves up. I did move the three cages I kept the girls in into the closet in my room, it was a perfect fit, side by side the three metal frames sat inside, and now I could close the door if I needed to, secreting them away from sight.I woke up the next morning to the sound of Monique’s moaning, she’d been crying out all night long, I guess I couldn’t blame her the way I had her tied. She’d been getting a little too aggressive with the way she was begging of me to fuck her and make her cum, after all, she was my slave, and I needed to teach her about who was in charge of her pleasure from now on.Emily’s eyes softly fluttered open as she felt me move again. I’d fucked her two times in the night already, rolling her on her back, spreading her thighs and just sliding in her tight, inviting, pussy. Each time she woke with a yelp of surprise as my dick filled her. I’d locked a chain to her collar and clipped it off to the headboard before I went to bed, not that she was going anyplace, I just liked keeping her like that, to let her know she had no rights of movement, that she was my slave and that was it.Emily was starting to learn her lessons a bit, but she had a ways to go still. At least now after she felt me pump my dick into her pussy she would wrap her arms around my back and lock her ankles together over my rocking hips, holding on tight like a good slut.I’d left the light on all night long so Monique could see me taking her friend while she was mounted on the little ottoman off the side of the bed. I wanted to torment her, I had her hogtied, her wrists were up behind her back, her ankles were pulled up and roped so she had to arch her hips and chest up off the little stool, I’m sure it wasn’t very comfortable, but I didn’t much care. I’d found among the toys I’d bought a little contraption that fit into her nostrils, it made her lift her head up even more when I put the rubber coated points in her nose and tied the other ends off to her big türbanlı şırnak escort toes. It almost made her look like a little piggy it was so cute.I loved the feel of Emily under me, her legs bucking off my hips as I fucked her again, her tight pussy squeezing me as she groaned in a mixture of humiliation and arousal. She was still fighting the feelings, but I knew her body was starting to belie her. With every new orgasm I brought her too, the more she was mine.I could see the look of envy and pain in Monique’s eyes as I fucked Emily again, I could hear the buzzing echoing through the room from between her legs. I had a vibrating dildo stuffed in her pussy, and then a high speed vibrator pushed against her clit. Both were powered by cords so I hadn’t had to worry about the batteries running out during the night, the vibrators made Monique moan and cry throughout as she orgasmed over and over again.Each time I came in Emily’s pussy during the night I made her suck my cock clean after as I watched Monique’s body trembled and shake as the vibrators did there job. Monique couldn’t articulate any words with the bit gag pulled back between her teeth, but she could still scream when her body was rocked with orgasm after orgasm. One might think it would have been distracting when you’re trying to sleep to have a slave girl groaning and crying out all night long, but let me tell you, it’s not, well, other than making me need to fuck my other slave more often, but that’s not too bad a problem to have.I started slamming my hips into Emily’s body, burying my dick deep in her pussy, I was about to cum again. I watched as Monique’s eyes glazed over, her body was jerking and spasming, straining at the bonds that held wrists and ankles in such an awkward position.Emily yelped as I squeezed her tight, I know she could feel my cock pulsing, ready to fill her with my sperm once again.“I’m going to cum slut!” I bucked hard against Emily’s pelvis, driving her hips down into the bed, forcing my cock deep inside her, making her pussy throb with the penetration.“Beg me for my cum slut!” There was as grimace on Emily’s face as I fucked her, she grunted each time my dick rammed home in her pussy, filling her painfully. I grabbed for the back of her head and tugged hard on her hair.“Tell me slut!!!” She let out a wail of pain as I ripped at her scalp.“Cum in my pussy Master!” The tears dribbled down Emily’s cheeks as she spit out the words.“What else cunt?” I glared down at her as I slammed home in her body.“I’m just a hole for your cock Master.” Emily started sobbing as she forced out the words. My balls started pumping sperm into her hot little pussy. I thrust my dick in her cunt, shooting my cum in her snatch in powerful little spurts. I held her tight, crushing her breasts against my chest so hard I could feel her crying underneath me.“That’s it slut!” I eased my dick to the hilt in her pussy, savoring the feel of her vaginal muscles convulsing around me.“That’s it baby!” I slowly rocked my hips inside her, letting the final drops of cum seep into her body. I lifted up off her chest just enough to look into her eyes, she was sobbing, her lips quivering.“Tell me what you are bitch.” Emily couldn’t look me in the eyes, her body quivered beneath me.“I’m your slave Master, just three holes for you to put your cock in.” I felt her pussy tremble ever so slightly as my dick was still impaled in her body, she was sobbing out of control.“Good girl.” I eased my penis out of her tight cunt and rolled onto my back, I could feel Emily’s skin against mine as she lay absolutely still next to me.I reached out and put my hand over her pussy, I found her clit and rubbed it between my fingers.“You’re a good girl.” I lay there exhausted and spent, loving the feel of Emily’s little nub between my fingers.After I finally got the energy to get up off the bed I moved toward where Monique was bound on the ottoman. She tried to look up at me, her eyes pleading with me to let her go. I ran my hand over her back, her muscles were hard and strained.“I hope you had a good nights sleep slut?” Monique just moaned, her muscles were twitching and trembling on the verge of cramping.I pulled the looped cord from around Monique’s toes, she groaned loud as I pulled the small brackets from her nose. I loved the look in her eyes, the despair, somewhere between relief and need.I rubbed my hand against Monique’s tense muscles, her back twitched, her arms were corded and taut from the hogtie position.Monique started whining, whimpering desperately as I started untying the ropes that held her arms and legs behind her back. She let out a scream as I loosened the knots and her body slowly came out of the painful arch she’d been kept in, her breasts and hips touched the ottoman for the first time in hours and hours. Drool ran in strings from Monique’s gagged mouth.“Is that better slut?” I smacked Monique on the ass hard, she squealed, but I think more because her muscles started to throb and cramp up than from the blow of my hand.I undid the buckle behind her head and wedged the bit gag from between Monique’s aching jaws, she coughed and sputtered but didn’t speak.I stepped forward and thrust my hardening dick in Monique’s saliva filled mouth, I grabbed for her hair and held her lips on my dick.“You’re my slave, remember that.” I pushed the head of my cock in her mouth until she gagged, Emily was on the bed, her eyes were locked on the scene, she was laying on her back with her legs spread wide just as I’d left her, cum slowly dribbling from her pussy while her nipples were hard and erect. She had the same scared look on her face as she always did, her eyes were moist from crying after being ****d once again.Monique groaned and I pumped my dick in her mouth making her gag again.“You’re mine, your body is mine, and you’ll get fucked whenever I feel like it, remember that! You’ll cum when I want you to and that’s it!” I pulled my dick free from her mouth, drool hung from my cock like gleaming string. I ran my prick through Monique’s soft, luscious, hair till I was dry, then I started untying her wrists and ankles. Her limbs feel limp over the little stool, her muscles aching and sore.“Get on your knees slut!” Monique whimpered, her eyes looked up at me as she rolled onto the floor with a thud.Monique sobbed as she tried to work her stiff muscles back into life and get to her knees. Her whole body shook when she managed to kneel and put her hands behind her head.“You, get over here!” I pointed to Emily, her eyes went wide and I could see the trepidation in her stare.Emily closed her legs gingerly and slid off the bed. She knelt down next to Monique and put her hands up behind her head.“Go get the shower ready for me, and then, after I’m done, I want you to clean one another.” Emily took just the slightest dip backwards as I moved close to her and put my hand under her chin. Her puppy dog eyes stared up at me as I lifted her head.“We’re going on a little trip.” I could almost see the tears starting to well as I spoke.“It’s time to visit Jim and see how Tara is doing.” I could almost feel Emily’s heart beating faster as I grinned at her and let go of her chin.“Go on, get in the shower you two, you know how I like it.” Emily helped Monique to her feet and wrapped her arm around her friend as they shuffled toward the shower. The pair were so beautiful to see I couldn’t help watching them with lust filled eyes as they disappeared into the bathroom.I took an extra long time in the shower. My balls were aching after having fucked Emily so many times during the night. I loved the way the girls knelt on the tile, the water cascading over their faces as they rubbed me down with sponges and brushes, cleaning every inch of my skin, they were becoming quite good at it.After I was done with my shower I left the girls in to clean themselves. I’d decided that a visit to Jim’s was in order for the day, but I wasn’t going to take them both, just Emily. I really wanted to see Jim, but to be perfectly honest, I wanted to see Tara even more. I knew I couldn’t have handled keeping all 5 girls myself, but that didn’t mean I didn’t miss them when they were gone.Lisa was still bent over one of the chairs in the kitchen as I walked in. Her ass was still a more pink than the rest of her body. I ran my hand over her skin as I stood next to her making her wiggle her ass, but she couldn’t say much with the ball gag in her mouth.“Good morning cunt.” I thrust a finger in her pussy, making her whole body jerk to life.“Do you think you need another paddling this morning like last night?” Lisa groaned and shook her head side to side.“Let me make some breakfast and think it over, maybe I’ll let you off this time, but I sure like seeing your ass nice and red from the wood.” Lisa let out a high pitched wail of protest, but I moved to the other side of the room, indifferent to her pleadings.After I finished with my meal I reluctantly untied Lisa, she fell to her knees and hugged my leg like a grateful a****l. Her pierced nipples shuddered as she held me tight.“Grab some food for your friends!” The smallest little tear trailed down over Lisa’s cheek as she let go of my leg and got gingerly to her feet. We carried the trays of food I’d put together toward the bedroom for the other girls.Monique and Emily were kneeling on the floor waiting for us when we walked in. After Lisa and I handed them their trays the girls ate in silence. I’d already finished my breakfast in the kitchen, but I was still hungry and stole some more eggs and sausage from the girls. They didn’t protest, but then again, how could they, they were my property…“Slave.” I pointed at Lisa. “Take these dishes into the kitchen and put them into the washer., then get back here and into position!” Lisa struggled to her feet, her legs were still sore from the night bent over the chair. I don’t know how much sleep she could have gotten bound as she was, but had she behaved, I wouldn’t have needed to punish her in the first place.I laid back on the bed, I pulled Emily and Monique in close to me, I loved having my little harem of girls to serve me, I loved every second of it.Monique let out a gentle sigh as I took hold of her nipple ring and tugged on her flesh. Her skin was so soft and smooth, with just the slightest hint of moisture still remaining from the shower.Lisa came back in the room, she kept her head lowered and I could see the abject humiliation in the way she moved. She fell to the floor on her knees right in front of the bed putting her hands up behind her head.“Okay, time to get moving.” I stood up and loomed over the girls.“Get over on your belly, kneel on the edge of the bed, I’ve got a treat for you.” I pointed to Emily, she gave me the same timid, scared, look as always, then she rolled over the side of the bed, knees off the ground, feet resting on the floor. She spread her leg’s wide, I’m sure thinking I was going to fuck her once again.I walked over to the dresser and pulled a bottle of lube from the drawer and a butt plug that had a fuzzy tail attached.Emily looked back at me as I moved toward her again, I handed Monique the lube and the plug.“Isn’t it so cute, a tail for my little pet.” Monique stared down at the object in her hands, almost in horror.“Go on, grease it up, I want you to stuff that in Emily’s ass.” I could see the twitch of disgust in Emily’s cheek as Monique started pouring the thick liquid over the black, tapered plug.I needed only to nod at Monique to get her to move after she had the plug lubed up. She leaned over Emily’s lower back, pinning her friend to the mattress as she spread Emily’s ass cheeks with her long, delicate, fingers. I could hear Emily whimper and I saw her grip the linens in her hands as Monique started working the tip of the plug in her sphincter. Emily’s cries got louder and louder as Monique pushed the bulbous head of the plug further and further into her ass. Monique was being as gentle as she could, but she had to push hard to force the plug inside Emily’s tight ring.With one final pop Emily squealed as the plug sunk into her ass, the long fuzzy tail jutted from her body, making her look like a little puppy.“God that’s hot!” I ran my hand over Emily’s smooth skin, she was sobbing, looking back at me and the tail stuck in her ass.Monique rubbed Emily’s back, trying to ease her friend’s humiliation and pain, but it wasn’t working, Emily continued to cry and shift her ass side to side in obvious discomfort.“You two, go get in your cages.” Monique and Lisa looked up at me, confused for an instant, then they crawled toward the metal cages. Once inside they closed the doors, looking up at me with uncertainty at what I was going to do next.“Good girls.” I stood over the cages and locked the doors shut, sealing them in. I loved the way they looked up at me, that glint of fear filling in their eyes.“I suppose you’ll both want to nap a little, you had hard nights.” I smiled at Monique and Lisa, they were still kneeling on their haunches, hands placed flat on the ground.I turned away from Monique and Lisa and moved toward Emily, she was still bent over the edge of the bed, her butt wiggling ever so gently, I’m sure the plug in her ass wasn’t very comfortable and when she moved the tail swayed side to side adding to her humiliation. I clipped a leash to her collar and dragged her to her hands and knees.“Come on pet.” I tugged on the leash getting her to move.“Why don’t you lead, I want to see that pretty little tail!” I chuckled out loud, Emily just hung her head low, her long hair hung prettily as she crawled in front of me out of the bedroom. I still had a few things to take care of before we headed off to Jim’s.I had some bills to pay and paper work that needed to be done so I pulled Emily into the den. I loved the way the tail jutted from her ass, if my dick wasn’t aching so bad I think I would have just fucked her right in the hallway, but instead I led her to my desk, she stopped and waited on all fours as I sat in my big leather chair.“Go head, lay down slut.” Emily didn’t know what to do, she stared up at me, her sweet eyes looking for more direction.“Go on.” Emily looked confused as she moved around in a little circle, then collapsed on the floor in türbanlı şırnak escort bayan heap, it was so cute, she almost looked like a real little dog as she curled into a ball on the thick carpet. She pulled her legs in close to her body and wrapped her arms around her knees as she stared up at me.“Good girl.” I bent over and rubbed her hair, almost petting her.“I’ve got some things to take care of, it won’t take long, just be quiet.”I started working away at the pile of mail and papers on my desk, I’d been putting them off since I’d captured my little harem. Emily held her knees to her chest and lay quietly on the floor.I don’t know how long it took, but we were there for a good hour or two, occasionally I’d look down and see my little girl on the floor, curled in a ball, her eyes locked on mine, I wondered what she was thinking, she was so beautiful.“Okay, I think I’m done.” I pushed the chair back and grabbed for Emily’s leash.“How’d you like to get some sun, it’s a beautiful day out.” Emily got to her hands and knees as I pulled softly on her leash. She had the most gorgeous breasts, and I loved the way her nipples stood hard and erect most of the time.I led Emily out onto the back porch, almost immediately the dogs raced towards us, I could feel Emily press close to me, almost wrapping her body around my legs for protection. The dogs barked, and hopped, around playfully, Spike pressed his wet nose into Emily’s pussy making her squeal as he sniffed at her. Shadow nipped at the tail dangling from Emily’s ass.“MASTER, please!” Emily wrapped her arms around my hips trying to get away from the wet, exploring, nose of Spike.“Down Spike, Shadow, get down, sit!” The dogs looked up at me with odd expressions on their faces, then dropped contentedly to the porch and laid down next to my chair.“Good boys.” I sat down, Emily’s body was shaking like a leaf, unintentionally making her tail wag and making her look so damn hot.“Sit.” I tapped Emily on the head. The tears started again as she sat next to the chair. The dogs stared at her, their tongues hanging out as they panted. Emily sat down, her body still trembling.“Good Girl.” I sat back in my chair and let the bright sun warm me, I could see Emily’s body shuddering with fear as she watched the dogs intently.The weather was perfect, not to warm, not to cold. The sun was high in the sky and felt wonderful on my skin. It was probably somewhere in the high 70’s and no humidity, which was nice. There was the most pleasant little breeze coming from the west.I almost dozed off to sleep, my eyes were shut and I was almost out when the sound of the phone ring broke me from my reverie.“Hello.” The dogs jumped to attention as I answered the phone, I could feel Emily sit up uncomfortably to my right as I heard Jim on the other end of the line.“Hey Jim, how’s it going?” Emily moved nervously at my side.“How’s Tara ?” I ran my hand through Emily’s hair.“Yeah, I’m planning on coming over today.” I rubbed Emily’s shoulder’s, her muscles were tight and full of tension.“I think I might bring Emily if you don’t mind, it might be fun.” I felt her start to shudder under mouth touch.“Yeah, what, about 3.” Emily turned and looked up at me with her sweet, timid, eyes.“That’ll be great. I’ve missed Tara , she is one feisty girl.” I snapped my fingers, at first Emily didn’t know what I wanted her to do, but then I think she saw the bulge in my pants. I saw the look of despair in her eyes as she crawled between my legs and undid my fly, my dick was already hard as she closed her lips around my cock. Emily put her hands on my thighs and started sucking my prick as I continued to talk with Jim on the phone.Emily tried her best to deep throat me, I could feel the head of my cock at the back of her throat as she started to gag. I put my hand on the back of her head and gently ran my fingers through her hair as she started bobbing up and down on my dick. I loved the slurping sounds Emily made as she worked away at my prick, taking me in her mouth as far as she could.“Yeah, she’s getting better, more obedient, if fact she’s got her lips wrapped around my cock right now.” I saw Emily blush as her eyes looked up at me, her mouth was locked on my dick, sliding up and down my over my shaft. I knew she was utterly humiliated, and I loved it.“OOOOOOHHHHHHH SHHIIITTTTT.” My cock started spurting in Emily’s mouth. I felt her clamp her lips down and start sucking on the head of my prick, trying to drain the sperm from my dick as quick as possible. I could feel my cum blasting in her mouth as she grabbed for my balls and started working me gently, making me pump the last few drops into her throat. She kept her lips locked on my cock, even after I finally stopped cumming.“Yeah, I’ll see you at three.” I could barely get out the words, my dick was aching, and so sensitive. I felt a wave of contentment, and lethargy, come over me as I hung up the phone, I ran my fingers through Emily’s hair as she kept her mouth locked on my cock, keeping a gentle suction on my waning member.“Good girl.” I pushed away the hair from Emily’s eyes, I loved the way she looked up at me, her lips still clamped on my shaft.“Very good girl!” Emily moved her tongue over my dick as she held me in her mouth.“We’re going to go visit Jim and Tara today, aren’t you happy?” I could see the uncertainty and fear in her eyes as I lifted her head off my dick.“Come on, let’s go make lunch, and then we’ll get ready.” I got to my feet, my legs were a little weary from the awesome blowjob my little girl just gave me, but I managed. I pulled softly on Emily’s leash, she moved close to me, pressing her sweet body against my legs as the dogs got up and started sniffing at her again.“Get away Shadow.” I pushed Emily forward, she crawled along, the fuzzy tail swinging side to side. The dogs jumped around, barking and howling like mad, interested by the girl with the tail stuffed in her ass crawling on the floor.“Get down Spike.” Emily screamed as the big dog tried to hop on her back. I pushed Spike away and he ran ahead into the house, Shadow followed quickly behind, his head turned back, tongue wagging. Emily looked up at me, I could see the terror in her eyes knowing the dog was trying to mount and fuck her.“Don’t worry baby, I’m not going to let him take you, maybe I’ll let him lick your pussy some night, but you’d probably like that.” I smiled sadistically at the girl and pulled her into the kitchen.I had Emily help me make up lunch, I even let her get off her knees and stand at the counter, more me than her though, I loved the way the tail plug looked in her ass.After lunch I just laid on the bed with all my little sluts around me. Monique was desperate and I decided to be generous, I had Lisa lick her pussy till she came. I held Emily in my arms as we watched the two girls go at it. I knew Emily was nervous, knowing we were going to leave for Jim’s place soon, I could feel her shaking in my grasp, Jim scared her, that was obvious, and I kind of liked it.“Okay, time to get ready I guess.” Monique and Lisa were holding each other, not willingly I’m sure, but they held each other tight, breast against breast and hands on each others pussies rubbing away.I got up off the bed and went into the front room for just a minute to pick up some new toys. When I got back the girls were watching me intently.“Hello sluts, I’m back.” I grinned at the girls’. “Did you miss me?.” I’d hardly been gone for five minutes.“Me and Emily are going to go visit Tara today? Is there anything you want me to tell her for you?” I chuckled a little and held up the black leather hood for Emily to see.“Got to get you ready for the trip, wouldn’t want anybody to see that pretty face of yours.” I snapped my fingers and pointed at Monique, she scrambled to her knees on the floor in front of the me.“I need you to help me.” I handed Monique the penis gag that was designed to fit inside the hood Emily was going to wear. Unlike the hood Lisa had had on during her little road trip gangbang, this one had openings for the eyes and ears, I tossed it down on the bed next to Emily.I tapped Monique on the shoulder, she climbed on the bed and lifted the penis gag toward Emily’s mouth.“Open up slut!” Emily shook her head side to side, I could see her eyes were moist.“Ugh Oh, is my little Emily being a bad girl?” Emily sniffled and kept her jaws locked tight.“I want you to pinch her nipples till she opens up, use your nails if you have to.” Monique didn’t hesitate to do my bidding, she set the gag down on the mattress and took hold of Emily’s breasts. Monique’s nails weren’t very long, but they were long enough, she buried them in the flesh of Emily’s nipples and pinched hard. Emily opened her mouth and let out scream of pain as tears streamed down her cheeks.“That’s better slut. Keep that mouth open!” Emily was sobbing, Monique picked up the penis gag, it was maybe 3 or 4 inches long and quite thick, it would fill Emily’s mouth nicely, there was a narrow portion that went between her teeth, while the thicker part fit in her mouth. Monique forced the little gag in between her friend’s teeth, Emily coughed and tried to jerk her head away but Monique took hold of her friend’s clit quickly and pinched her nails together on the little nub making Emily cry out, she stopped fighting immediately.Emily looked at me with her jaws spread wide by the black plastic penis filling her mouth.“Okay, now put on the hood.” Monique was looking back at me for direction, she picked up the leather hood and eased it over Emily’s head, she worked her friend’s hair through the little zipper on the back till the leather fit snuggly over Emily’s scalp, then Monique zipped it up tight. I could hear Emily wheezing inside the black leather, even though there was plenty of air getting in, she was just in a panic. I leaned over Emily’s shoulder and put a small brass lock in place at the base of the hood and snapped it shut.I ran my hand over the smooth, finely stitched leather as Emily twisted her head side to side trying to throw off the hood.“You two, in your cages.” Lisa and Monique turned their heads toward me as I pointed at them, then they scurried into their little holds, closing the doors behind them as they got inside.I clipped the leash back to Emily’s collar.“Give me your ankles.” Emily kicked her legs out from under her body and hung them over the edge of the bed. I attached a short hobble chain between the cuffs on her ankles, it was long enough that she could walk, but only taking the shortest of strides, it basically hamstrung her and kept her from moving at all but the slowest of paces. I wanted to train her as a slave, so even when the chain wasn’t attached, she would continue to take short strides so she always knew she was under my control, even when she was seemingly free.“Time to go.” I put out my hand and helped Emily to her feet, she started to drop to her knees and crawl but I grabbed for her elbow and held her up.“No, you can walk for now.” It was almost eerie seeing her looking at me through the holes in the hood, this faceless girl I loved to play with so much looked like something not human in the mask. I tossed a long shawl over her shoulders and pulled gently on her leash.“We’ll be back later girls, be good.” Lisa and Monique watched as Emily took short, short, steps behind me. She almost fell on a couple occasions not used to the chain that was hobbling her.I could see Emily holding the shawl tight around her as we headed out into the midday sun. I helped her up into the front seat of my truck and had her kneel on the floorboards.“I bet you can’t wait to see Tara and Jim, can you?” Emily’s pretty eyes stared at me through the small eye holes.“It should be a lot of fun.” I slammed the door shut and hopped into the driver’s seat. I was looking forward to seeing what Jim had done with Tara since he’d taken her away.The trip was short and easy, Jim only lived a few minutes away and I pulled up into the drive. It wasn’t a huge house, but it was very nice, and well taken care of. There were a couple old cars up on blocks in the yard Jim was working on, it wasn’t the most appealing scene, but it wasn’t bad either, not like some places around town I guess.The neighbors weren’t too close, Jim didn’t have the isolation I was afforded, but it was quiet enough. If they really tried the people next door may have been able to see me there, but I wasn’t too worried. I opened the passenger door and tugged Emily out onto the dusty drive. I could feel her body shaking as I tugged on her leash, her head spun around looking at Jim’s house and the place next door. I don’t know if she wanted to have the neighbors see her and try to help her out, or if she felt humiliated being dragged like a dog through the yard. Emily could only take the shortest of strides as I pulled her along, I heard her yelp painfully as her ankles tugged against the restraining chain.Jim was waiting for us at the door before I could even knock.“Hey buddy, how’s it going?” He had his hand extended, ready to crush me in a powerful, yet friendly, embrace.“Good, good,” I pushed Emily inside. “I’ve got my girl here.” I pulled the shawl off Emily’s naked body before Jim closed the door, instantly Emily’s hands went across her chest and over her pussy.“Holy shit that’s awesome.” Emily recoiled as Jim reached out and grabbed the tail stuffed in her ass, I could see her squirm uncomfortably as he shifted the plug in her body.“That’s awesome, your little doggy I guess?” Jim roared out in laughter. Even though I couldn’t see her face under the hood, I knew Emily must have blushed three shades of red.Jim slammed the door shut behind us. Looking around the front room it was patently obvious Jim was a car guy. There were a myriad of posters on the walls covering the whole range of automobile endeavors. There was a huge, beautiful, picture of a Ferrari, it was in a gorgeous frame and hung on one wall. Then there were racing posters hanging over the couch. I knew Jim was proud of them because they were from a couple races he’d actually managed to go to, they had a lot of sentimental memories associated with them for him.The most striking piece in the room was an old engine chromed out and turned into a coffee türbanlı escort şırnak table, it was definitely something unique and uncommon as a piece of furniture.“I love that tail man.” Jim reached out and grabbed for Emily’s nipples.“God she is one hot girl.” I watched the rise and fall of Emily’s chest as she started to hyperventilate, her stomach muscles went hard, and trembled, as Jim squeezed her breasts.“Lets get this hood off.” I put the key in the little lock at the base of the black leather. After I unzipped the back the hood slid off Emily’s head easily and her hair cascaded down over her shoulders, her face was red, and wet, with a thin layer of perspiration.“Man she’s beautiful.” Jim ran his hand over Emily’s trembling belly, then he cupped her pussy in his large, rough, calloused hand.“I don’t think Pat’s going to let me fuck you slut, so I guess you’re lucky, but I’d really like to pound into that pussy of yours.” Emily gasped with relief when Jim pulled his hand away from her body.Jim stared into Emily’s eyes.“Oh well, I’m happy with my slave, I guess you two want to see her, don’t you?” I left the penis gag stuffed in Emily’s mouth even after I’d pulled off the hood, drool ran down the corner of her lips as her breathing slowly calmed.“Bitch, get your ass out here.” Jim screamed into the other room and I could hear the clanging of chains. It took a few seconds for her to appear, then Tara waddled out from the other room.She couldn’t move fast, gleaming stainless steel bands were locked around her wrists, ankles and neck. I could see the work was masterful, even from afar. Tara couldn’t stand if she wanted too, steel chains were locked to the cuffs and collar, her ankles were clipped together somewhat like Emily’s, but with much heavier gauge steel as a hobble. Tara ‘s wrists were locked together too, and then there was another chain between that went between her wrists and ankles so she couldn’t get stretch her legs. The chain extended up to Tara ‘s neck collar so she couldn’t lift her head completely, all Tara could do was slowly waddle, I knew if she fell it would be hard for her to get back onto her feet by herself.Tara mouth was filled with a bright red ball gag that spread her jaws wide, a leather strap buckled behind her head holding it fixed between her teeth. I could see thick white globs of cum that covered her face and spotted her hair. Tara was grunting with the effort of moving locked in the heavy, awkward, chains.“Wow, those are beautiful!” Tara was breathing heavily through her nose as I moved toward her, I reached out and touched the steel band around her neck. The workmanship was incredible, and must have taken hours.“Holy cow that’s incredible work Jim, how much time did it take you?” The edges were ground smooth, there wasn’t a rough spot that I could see on the steel, the metal bands fit perfectly around Tara ‘s neck, wrists and ankles, it was snug, but not too tight.“Oh, I don’t know exactly, I worked straight through one night because I wanted to get them done. Of course I stopped every so often to fuck my slut.” I could see the shame in Tara ‘s eyes as she knelt there in front of me and her friend with cum plastered to her face, it was slowly running down over her nose and cheeks.“They’re incredible man, really, really incredible, the detail, it’s amazing.” I looked up at Jim and smiled, he really was a master craftsman when it came to metal work, hell, that’s why he worked for me, he could do anything if you gave him the machines and time, he didn’t even need the machines actually, just the time, he was that good, a throwback to another era.“I’m going to have to get you to make me up some of those for my girls.” I tapped Emily on the rump, she let out a little squeak of embarrassment as the tail wagged in her ass.“Yeah, no problem, give me a few weeks though and I’ll make them really nice.” I ran my finger over the smooth metal band around Tara ‘s neck, it was really amazing work, I couldn’t get over how good it looked.“Slut, go on, present yourself as I told you to.” Tara looked up at Jim, I knew she wanted to cry, her brow crunched together and I could see the pain in her eyes.Tara fell forward, her palms landed flat on the floor and she propped her ass in the air wiggling it side to side.“Will you pleasthe fuck my asth Sthir. Masther makesth me take an enema everyday stho I’m nice and clean for your cock. Please Masther, I need you in my asth.” My dick got hard instantly when I heard her speak, I could see the stripes where Jim had obviously used the cane on her earlier. Tara looked back over her body at me, her legs were spread wide I could see her puckered little anus staring up at me.“Pleasthe Masther, I will sthqueeze you tight and make it feel good, I need you to cum in my asth.” I ran my hand over her upturned cheek’s, there was a desperation, and complete humiliation, in her voice.“Go on, fuck her ass buddy.” I looked over at Jim, there was a sadistic grin on his face. Tara turned her head and looked to the floor, sobbing she paused for a second, then looked back up at me.“Sthlave Emily should fuck me too, Masther has a huge sthrap-on I need to be fucked with, pleasthe.” I looked over at Jim and winked.“So, you’ve gone shopping?” Jim just grinned back at me.“Yeah, I’ve picked up a few things.”“Pleasthe Masther, fuck my asth, I will sthuck your cock to make you hard and ready.” I reached out and grabbed Tara ‘s tongue ring, pulling hard on it I made her arch her back up off the floor.“She’s talking much better now, she just has that little lisp remaining.” Jim smiled back at me.“Yeah, but I like keeping the bitch quiet.” Jim knelt down and slapped Tara ‘s tits hard, again and again he smacked them with his open hand sending a loud crack through the room as he struck her repeatedly.Jim hopped back on his feet as Tara whimpered.“Well buddy, are you going to fuck her or not? She’s nice and tight, and she’ll squeeze you till you want to scream.”“Pleasthe Masther, fuck me, hurt me, then have Sthlave Emily fuck me, I need to be opened up, Masther wants to fistht my asth.” Jim went over to a little cabinet against the wall, he pulled out a huge strap-on dildo harness that was set inside.I didn’t need anymore encouragement, I dropped my pants and bellied up to Tara ‘s mouth, she opened up and sucked my cock in without a word. The smooth metal of the tongue ring ran over the underside of my dick, it was the oddest sensation. Jim had obviously been training the her how to suck cock with the ring in her tongue, Tara swallowed me, forcing as much of my dick in her mouth as she could. The chains locked to her cuffs and collar clanged as she made my prick hard, she lapped her moist tongue over the length of my shaft till I was covered in saliva, then Tara pulled her mouth off my cock and looked up at me.“Pleasthe Masther, fuck my asth.” Tara shuffled and dropped her head to the floor propping her ass high in the air. I fell to my knees and pressed the my dick against her little opening, I slowly eased the head of my cock inside her as she let out a small cry.“Hurt me Masther, fuck my asth hard.” I didn’t hold back, I grasped Tara ‘s hips and slammed forward. I heard her let out a yelp of pain as my dick sunk into her bowels, then I felt her trying to squeeze my prick hard with her ass.“I’m your sthlut to be used, fuck me hard Masther.” Tara ‘s as was so very tight, and it was almost painful to try and push my cock deeper in her, but I started pounding her ass hard as I could with each thrust. I held her hips so tight you could see the red marks my hands left on her skin. The chains clanged and our flesh slapped together as I started rutting her like an a****l.“Squeeze me bitch!” I slapped Tara ‘s butt with my hand, I could hear her grunting as I pounded into her tight hole, I could feel her closing her sphincter trying to grip my cock.“That’s it cunt!” The chains chimed as I worked hard, driving my dick ever deeper inside her. Tara kept squeezing me like a vise, making me want to scream at the glorious pressure. I reached under her body and grabbed for her breasts, there was nothing gentle in the way I took hold of her nipples and pinched them, digging my nails in her flesh.“Hurt me Masther!” Tara squeezed her sphincter on my cock as my balls slapped against her ass. I could feel the sweat forming on my brow as I worked hard, pummeling her with my cock.“I’m going to cum slut!” I pinched Tara ‘s nipples till she screamed, twisting and tugging them till her sensitive skin was stretched painfully taut. I felt my balls contract and I started shooting my cum in Tara’s ass, the chains attached to her cuffs chimed as I slammed my hips forward, I don’t know how she was able to keep her balance with the v******e of my thrusts.My dick kept spurting as Tara squeezed me tight, almost trying to milk the sperm from my dick. I started slapping her on the ass again and again till her flesh started glowing red from the blows.Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, every drop of cum was drained from my cock and I just collapsed on Tara, holding her tight and rocking my hips into her, driving my cock in her tight ass. I could feel her sweat soaked body under me, she was panting like a dog, I could smell the musky scent of sex on her body.When I finally pulled my dick free from Tara ‘s tight hole I was wiped and breathing hard, I could see the cum dripping out of her little anus as I got to my feet. I pushed Emily to her knees and made her lick me till I was clean.“Holy shit that’s one hot piece of ass.” Emily zipped me up and looked at me with fear in her eyes, I tugged on her leash and got her to her feet.“How would you like me to fuck your ass like that slut?” Emily cast her glance toward the floor but I could see her shoulders trembling with fear.Tara looked at me, I could almost sense the pleading in her eyes, begging me to take her back home with me and Emily.“Let’s get that cock on you slut, so you can fuck your friend.” I picked up the strap-on dildo from the floor, there was a nylon harness ready to lock in place around Emily’s hips, and the cock, it must have been at least 12” long, and very thick.Emily reluctantly stepped into the harness, Jim and I pulled all the straps tight so the huge cock projected straight ahead from her belly, Emily was sobbing, her chest was heaving with her nipples hard and pointed.“Come on slut, go get that big cock of yours into Tara ‘s ass!”“Go on, tell her slave, tell her how much you want that huge cock in your ass!” Jim screamed at Tara as she looked up at him, the tears streaked down her face in torrents.“Pleasthe, pleasthe fuck my asth with the cock, pleasthe…” Tara could barely whimper out the words as she looked at Emily. Both girls were sobbing out of control, eyes locked on one another in mutual suffering.I pushed Emily to her knees and held her shoulders till she was directly behind Tara , the huge head of the dildo barely touching Tara ‘s puckered opening.Tara looked up at Jim, I think hoping that he would end it all, but there wasn’t any hint of pity in his eyes and I smacked Emily on the butt.“You know what to do slut!” Emily started crying louder and louder, the head of the massive dildo was just barely touching Tara ‘s nether hole, cum seeped out of the opening and ran down her thighs.I started smacking Emily’s ass again and again when she didn’t move. Her cries grew ever louder as her butt started to grow red with the bite of my hand.“Move it bitch!” Tara let out a wail of pain as Emily drove her hips forward and the huge cock inched its way deep in Tara ‘s bowels.“Oh GOD it hurtsth!” Tara started bawling as Emily kept driving forward with the massive cock, she grabbed hold of Tara ‘s hips, her hands fit inside the red marks I’d left before.Four…five… six inches of the huge dildo sunk in Tara’s body, her torso was rocked with spasms and her tits shook uncontrollably as Emily drove forward. The chains clanged together as it looked like Tara was on fire with the massive pole sunk in her body.Emily was sobbing as she eased the cum streaked dildo out of Tara ‘s ass, she looked up at me, I think hoping she’d done enough.“Is that how I fuck you slut? Get that thing in her, start pumping that cock in her ass, make her scream. Unless you want me to do it to you!” Emily tightened her grip on Tara ‘s hips and started driving forward again with the huge strap-on. Tara burst into tears, sobbing between heartrending screams as the huge fake dick plunged into her tight anus.“It hurtsth, it’sth too big.” I could see the muscles in Emily’s back and hips contract as she pushed forward, driving even more of the cock in Tara ‘s ass, then she pulled out, starting to get into a rhythm as she fucked her friend.“That’s it cunt, speed up, rip her in two!” Between the two girls crying it was hard to hear anything. Emily started driving the massive cock deeper and deeper into Tara ‘s cum filled ass, drawing every louder wails of torment from her friend.“Come on slut, make her feel it!” Jim knelt behind Emily and started pushing her hips forward, driving the cock further and further into Tara ‘s body.I watched for a good ten minutes as Jim drove Emily on, making her fuck her friend brutally. Tara ‘s head was pressed against the floor, her ass high in the air, she was sobbing and begging for the violent **** to stop.Jim grabbed at Emily’s shoulders and pulled her back, the huge dildo slid from Tara ‘s ass with a loud pop and Emily collapsed on the floor crying as Jim started working his fingers into Tara ‘s gaping hole.“Sthop, pleasthe!” Tara screamed as Jim worked 3, then 4, fingers in her ass.“Pretty soon I’ll get my whole fist in there!” Jim’s face was locked in a sadistic scowl.I picked Emily up off the floor. I undid the strap-on harness from around her waist and let it fall to the floor with a sickening thud. I got her to her feet and held her in my grasp. After a few minutes Jim grew tired of worming his fingers in Tara ‘s ass and stood up.“Want some dinner? I’ve got some steaks ready to grill up. We can give the girls a break.” I helped Emily to one of the couches and sat her down, Tara was in a heap on the floor, with the chains on her wrists she couldn’t even rub her aching ass for relief. I lifted her up into the couch next to Emily and rested her head in her friend’s lap.“We’ll be back.” I pinched Emily’s nipple in my hand and then headed out toward the back porch with Jim.“That’s a great idea about making her have an enema every morning, I think I might have to do that too.” I turned and winked at Emily, I could see the distraught expression on her face as I walked with Jim into the kitchen.To be continued…

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