A Personal Moment to Share with You Pt. 09

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Celeste inhaled marijuana several times, tasted her wine by the fire as she thought, I remember that all of us cums a lot last night. Still, I never knew I would get super hot as I thrashed Monica butt cheeks extremely hard with the paddle and flogger. I like beating Monica’s ass cheek, and my cunt was wet as I kept pounding her. I think about the amount of pleasure I brought to Monica, and it makes us sexual hot. Oh, I need to smoke some more. Still thinking about how sensitive it was when I heard her yelling loudly and moaning out as she called me a whoring bitch and every other nasty word, and to think I got so turned on, I kept whacking Monica gorgeous butt cheeks. Tomorrow I will make apologies for all the pain I caused her.

Taking several hits of marijuana deep into her lungs, sipping her wine as Celeste kept thinking, with her eyes gazing into the fire, perhaps I should not let Monica smoke as much as she did. We kept smoking it as we kissed and caressed each other bodies until we went off to make love. Monica kept letting out all her deep-seated thoughts as spanked her hard.

The sun shined in threw the windows, as Monica started to awake. Her thoughts drift in as she thought about the excitement she had from the burning pain in her ass cheeks. Her hands moved across both large, pointy nipple tips on each breast, thinking about Celeste knowing that I am still in pain, but I love what she did to me last night. I have not been spanked or whipped so hard as Celeste did to me. Oh god, it turns me on again, just thinking about it. I love exploring the immense pain when Celeste twisted my nipples areolae, then whipped across my body, make me tingle each time she flogged me. God, I want to climb all over Celeste’s gorgeous muscled body and make love all day. Oh fuck, I am still wet between my cunt’s outer lips. Oh, my aroma is flowing up too me, and I can smell it.

Monica leaned down to sucked on Celeste nipple tips, and taste each one with her mouth. Monica kept running her tongue all over Celeste nipples tip head, bring each tip to erect protruding length. Suddenly felt a hand rested on her neck. It pulled Monica closer to suck on the left nipple.

“Oh, Monica, I love this in the morning as you suck on my nipples, bring your head between breasts, and suck all over my whole muscled breasts.” with her eyes closed as Celeste said it.

“Celeste, I love doing this, and I want to feel your muscled arms around my body. I am going to lay on you and let our juicy pussy melt together.’, as Monica said it. Monica got on top of Celeste, open her muscled legs wider, adding, ‘Oh Yes, that feels very good as our pussy’s snuggled against each other.”

“This arousal feels so good. I want you to wrap my legs around your waist, hold my face as you kiss me, my darling. You are making me soaking wet in my cunt.” in a dream state, as Celeste commented.

Monica placed both her hands on Celeste’s delicate soft face, stroking here silky, soft cottony like hair, easing onto Celeste firm lips, and they both felt the passion grow. Celeste was on her back; both her hands ran all over Monica’s body, went threw her hair as they kept kissing each other several long moments. Monica and Celeste were gyrating their bodies together, with both their pussy’s issued sexual aroma odor of their fragrance pussy. Both were lost in sexual love as they both cum together. They both held each other’s body, not saying any word, feeling the passion grow, as each of them let loose of their fragrance pussy cum’s scent.

“Monica, this sex and love, feels so good between us, especially in the morning.” as Celeste smiled warmly at Monica.

“Oh Celeste, this feels incredible being, even in the morning. I like it when you stay here. It just knows you are so warmhearted with your soft skin against my pussy lips. I need this with you, Celeste.” Monica said as she leaned down and kissed Celeste.

Celeste eased Monica off her body, looking at her, saying, “I have to say something to you. I am so sorry for hurting you last night.” she was going to say more, but got interrupted by Monica.

Monica put her finger on Celeste’s lips to be still, saying, “I already knew that. It was painful to feel it even this morning, but it felt right with you. I trust you, Celeste. I liked being spanked by you, using a dildo on me, and when you pinched my nipples made get super sexual with each beating. You don’t have to say you are sorry about it.”

“I love you, Monica, but I got carried away when I spanked you extremely hard on your glorious ass cheeks.” as Celeste smiled at Monica.

“I want to tell you why I like what you did with me last night, Celeste. My past is what I want from you. I want you to know more about me and why I like what you did.” as Monica said it.

Celeste felt Monica stroking her arms, saying, “Well, we will go after we take a shower.”

Monica looks over at Celeste, smiled, saying, “That would be great to get eaten again as we take a shower.’, Getting up, and reaching out with her left hand brought Celeste towards bursa escort bayan her, adding, ‘You know if we stand here, we would be in bed again, and make love all day.”

“Then let us go take a shower.” looking affectionately at Celeste as Monica said it.

Monica looked around the cafe, looked at Celeste, saying, “This restaurant looks beautiful inside. Can we get quite a table so we can talk for a long time so no one will hear us.”

“Sure, I will get us a quite table. Oh, here is the waitress to sit us down.” as Celeste said it, adding to the waitress, “Could you please bring us some coffee and leave us the menu too, please?”

Once they were seated after getting their coffee’s, Monica looked over the menu, saying, “I think we should come here more often. How did you find out about it?”

“Occasionally, a couple of women bodybuilders friends and I would come here on Sunday; after working out for four hours, and each off us would eat a big breakfast. I want you to have whatever you want. It is my treat to you.” as Celeste smiled with a warmhearted grin.

Monica reached out with her right hand, felt Celeste left-hand, and holding it as she said, “Thank you. After last night, and time we spent making love this morning, has made me hungry. What is the big breakfast you mentioned?”

“The big breakfast is, four eggs in any style you want, toasts; being wheat, regular, sourdough, English muffins, hash brown, and a nice size steak that is cook just the way you want it.” Celeste responded to Monica, adding, “I am going to get that because you drained my cunt.”

“Well, order two big breakfast for us. Last night made me hungry. Oh, how did I drained you?” as Monica smiled back.

“The waitress is coming, and then I answer your question.’ Celeste said. The waitress took their big breakfast, left them, as Celeste went on, ‘I got exhausted last night, because I spanked you, and fuck you hard for a long time. We had to finish sex cause you passed out on. I carried you to bed, set you down lightly, covered you up. Then I went to the living-room to smoke some more, and have a glass of wine.”

“I felt the passing-out when I started to cum. I am glad you took me to bed. I was out till this morning.’

‘Why did you go out to living-room after we made love?” as Monica questioned Celeste.

Celeste was about to say something, notice the waitress was bringing their big breakfast, “Thank you, for bringing us our breakfast. Could we have some more coffee too?”

“I still want to hear why you went to the living room.’

‘Oh, this looks delicious.” as Monica conveyed her thoughts.

Monica looked at Celeste, smiling with a loving heart, said, “I do not even remember that I had cried when you spanked me. Also, I want to hear about your past.”

Celeste crunches down on some sourdough toast, saying, “I want to tell you about my life. Then you will know more about my emotional state, loving you, and how I treated you last night. Last night I just let myself go crazy as I spanked you hard. Also, I am sorry if I hurt you.” Taking a sip of coffee as she was about to speak when Monica interrupted her.

“I want you to tell me about being spanked, and in turn, how it made you. My butt cheeks are still burning from the spanking. So tell me, sweetheart, and I will listen to you.” as Monica said it is smiling and taking a bit of her steak.

Celeste looked at Monica, smiled, saying, “I can see you like that steak?”

Monica mumbled out, “Yes, it does taste good, but I want to hear what you were about to say. When done, I will tell you about my past too.”

Celeste glanced at Monica, smiling with a sad feeling saying, “Please eat as tell you about myself. It is my truth that I will speak to you, and you are the only person I will say to you, except for my Psychiatrist.’

‘You know about my parents and the fact that I was married. I found out later in my married relationship that he liked to being spanked. He loves to beat me, but he derives pleasure from me to punish him hard till his butt cheeks got deep red with a paddle, flogger, or cat of nine balls whip. He did not care if I said anything vulgar, nasty, or got mean with him. When I spanked or beat him with a flogger, he needed all the titillation pain, but he wanted me to punish him anytime he wanted it done. In time I let loose all my inner thoughts of being a tame person. I needed to spank him as my parents did to me when I was young. For me, it got me all worked up when I am whipping his back constantly with the flogger, and I never left red marks or scared him. We, meaning my husband and me, kept going on, with him getting spanked more than me. My pain came out, and I got so intent by beating his ass hard. I finally got so turned on by using a strap-dildo so I could fuck him in the ass. I became so intense at spanking him, that after he died, I did not have anyone to beat, and I went maniac inside my mind. Finally, almost going crazy inside me until I finally found a female therapist who can handle S/M and B/D people.’ görükle escort

‘She, meaning the Therapist, told me upfront, do not lie about anything or change things to suit her, as she wanted the truth. She wanted to know everything from the start, and she wanted to know how I got involve with Bondage and Discipline, the tools, whips, and even paddles. The Therapist wanted too about how I felt as did this bondage and discipline. It was; during these therapist meetings that I cried a lot in telling her about all the pain that started when I was eighteen years old. I mention the Therapist how I went downstairs to get a glass of milk, and I notice the basement doorway was open and walked down the stairways to watch my parents, and I saw they were beating each other with paddles or whips. I went downstairs; after figuring how to unlock the doorway, so I could go threw different draws in a large cabinet. I saw they had whips, floggers, paddles, dildo, and other things too. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, turn around to see my father was there, and he was angry with me. He took me upstairs to my mother, told her what I saw, and mention that I was curious. My mother went crazy on me, took me to my room, and lock me in for several hours. Finally, she came back, took me downstairs to my father. They both told me that my parents like it, and they seemed to realize that I like it too. They told me, now it is your turn, so take off all your clothes till your naked. That is how it started with me being spanked and learning how to spank the other person. I learned how my anger in me came out, and I beat both them till their bodies where red, as I got very good at making them feel the pain. When I beat them like that, they would take me downstairs as both of them spanked me with everything they had, from dildos to whip, flogger, anal plugs, and used ass beating with a paddle. It became so intense in my life since I was eighteen.’

‘I carried forward into my personal life with my dead husband. It was part of me, in my deep personal spirit, and became so intense that the Therapist told me if I continue, I would go crazy with bondage/discipline. Instead, she advises me to make changes deep in me and not do bondage/discipline any more or least during these sessions and get connected to my inner spirit. Over a long period, almost five years, that I had to relearn how to deal with myself by praying, how I got to like B/D, and how I learned how to take control of my personal life. I finally learned how to love myself.’ after taking a bit of food as Celeste continued, ‘The Therapist also told me that my parents should not have gotten me to involve in B/D at eighteen, adding they had the problems, not me. Finally, near the end of the Therapist sessions; she knew it, and I did too, she told me that I would fall in love again either with a woman or man; she found out that I like a woman too. I had not been with another man or woman during these sessions, but I need either man or woman to make love again. After I had many small encounters until I found I was falling deeply in love with the Therapist. I love you, Monica.’ Celeste stopped for a moment, stroking Monica’s hand, adding, ‘I am so sorry for you when I got so worked up too spanked you so hard. I knew I could do anything to you, and you would not stop me.” as Celeste finally looked down in a disturbing moment.

Monica looked at Celeste, held her hand in hers, saying, “Oh please, Celeste, you do not have feel disappoint in what you just told. It just makes me feel more in love with you, Celeste. When you spanked me, I never realized till I kept yelling, moaning out all those vulgar words at you, which made you get so intense with me, that you finally made you go maniac with me, and you kept hitting me even harder. I am sorry if I made you go manic on me, but I liked getting spanked a lot by you. It is safe for you. If you ever want to discipline me or make me feel the pain, you know that you came to me. I would enjoy it immensely. Also, it goes the same way with you, if I want to spank you.” as Monica smile with a warmhearted feeling, added, “I should say that I never knew how deep you got into this, but it makes things between us mean more.”

“I was talking sweetheart.” as Celeste put a finger to Monica lips, pausing as Celeste took a sip of coffee, adding, “You see, I never thought I would fall in love with you either. Also, I like being a woman bodybuilder, and I love myself incredible; it just who I am after doing therapist sessions.’

‘Right now, I would like you to touch me all over my muscled body everywhere, like my face, chest, nipples, my pussy, my legs, and an arm, on my back, ass cheeks, in other words, I want you to touch me even when we sit are laying together. It just turns me on inside me, Monica. I think you know more about me, as I never told another person what took place in my life. I like being in love with you, and it just feels so good. For me, I want you and I to continue spanking each other, is that all right sweetheart?’, holding her hands, bursa escort bayan adding more, ‘Monica, I am at times, do not know what to do with myself when I am not with you. I need you to love me, my darling.” smiling and kissed Monica’s hand as Celeste said it.

“You had a lot to say. Yes, I would like the spanking to continue between us. I enjoy it too. I am sure as we go along, you or I may relate more deeply about our personal life. Oh, Celeste, I do love you deeply and want the same love from you too.” as Monica lamentably bittersweet smile.

“You had a lot to say. Yes, I would like the spanking to continue between us. I enjoy it too. I am sure as we go along, you or I may relate more deeply about our personal life. Oh, Celeste, I do love you deeply and want the same love from you too.” as Monica lamentably bittersweet smile.

“You had a lot to say. Yes, I would like the spanking to continue between us. I enjoy it too. I am sure as we go along, you or I may relate more deeply about our personal life. Oh, Celeste, I do love you deeply and want the same love from you too.” as Monica lamentably bittersweet smile.

“I can see what you are saying, and knowing I will do the best for both of us in this relationship. What I want from you is to spank me, but you should see about my personal life too.” as Monica said it.

“Tell me what was so painful in you. I will not interrupt you.” as Celeste finished saying.

Monica looked at her breakfast for a few moments, looking up and around the restaurant, not sure quite what to say to Celeste, finally saying, “I am going explain how I got into bondage/discipline. It is almost the same as yours, just slightly different than yours. It is my truth to you, sweetheart.’

‘When I was eighteen, I found my parents would go downstairs into the basement. Only this time, I found the basement door was unlocked. As I went downstairs, I heard my father screaming out in yelling voice tone. I never utter a word but kept quiet down there. I saw my mother was wearing a corset; I found out later on, notice she was beating my naked father. I never saw him naked till that night when a flogger was beating him.’, as Monica took a sip of coffee, with a sad smile, looked at Celeste, adding, ‘That was the first time I saw them beating each other. I was stunned, but I got intrigued by it. I found that I like it, and my panties were wet as I went off to bed. I also like the image of my mother, who is a lovely person who is not cruel, but this time she was cruel to my father. After watching them together several more times, that I looked up bondage/discipline in the book, etc., to find out more information. It just fascinates me.” Monica smiled as she took a portion of food off her fork.

“I am not frightened of what you were telling me. I would like to know how I got so interested in it? How you came to like it? It turns me on just listening about your truth. You know my pussy is wet.” as Celeste smiled at Monica after saying it.

“I found out the hard way, although I got excited while I am watching my mother and father doing their bondage/discipline. It was interesting to learn everything they did with each other.’

“I found out the hard way, although I got excited while I am watching my mother and father doing their bondage/discipline. It was interesting to learn everything they did with each other.’

“I found out the hard way, although I got excited while I am watching my mother and father doing their bondage/discipline. It was interesting to learn everything they did with each other.’

“You do not have to go on with your story.” as Celeste sadly smiles back.

“No, I need to tell you my story.’

‘I have never told anyone, but I needed is to say it to you. My mother then spoke to me, saying that I enjoy spanked. I being punished as a mother like it too, and later I learned how to punish a person. I learned how to us strap-on cock by using it on my mother and father.’

‘One night, when my father was gone, my mother took me downstairs, told me to whip her with a riding crop, and I learned how tied her up as she got naked. Boy, I let out all the pain I felt so far, making her skin tingle in agony over her body. I squeeze her breasts and made her scream out loudly. I did this with both my parents while I went to university school till I was twenty-four. Finally, I finished university.’

‘When I left home, we never did it again. I fell in love with a man. When I met him, I never told him about being spanked or like being spanked by another person. After about a year, he asked me to spank him, and that is how he found out. I told him that I know about spanking a person, and I can spank him. It was different when I spanked him, and he likes to enjoy it on his beautiful ass cheeks.’, Monica said pitifully, as she took a sip of coffee, and took some food off her fork.

‘I spanked him over a couple of years, and he did it to me. We both enjoyed as we spanked each other, and felt the pain from spanking. Eventually, the relationship went south, and we got a divorce. It was then that I liked spanking him, and could not do it. At the time, I was going nuts, but for sex. I got into it with myself and other men or women. It helped, did not go away, till I met you, Celeste.” as Monica finished talking.

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