Adam’s Apple Ch. 04


Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

Pardon the puns in the titles of this series, I just can’t help myself.

This tale is a follow-up to my stories “Adam’s Aunt,” and “Adam’s Family.” I recommend reading them first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with those tales, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales.

Sometimes, I just feel like writing down and dirty smut.

This is a five part story, and all five were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.


“She’s not here, is she?” Ron asked as soon as Christine opened the door.

“No, she’s not,” Christine answered her brother. “She’s not far away, though. I just wanted to talk to you first.”

Ron sighed, “Okay, let’s get this overwith. God, I need a drink.”

“What do you want?”

“Beer, whisky, moonshine — anything will work right now,” Ron replied while massaging his temples with his fingers and thumb. He then smoothed back his dark brown hair and sighed again.

“Go sit down on the couch. I’ll be back in a second.”

Ron nodded and wearily walked across the room. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Christine couldn’t help but notice the play of his tight butt as he walked. He might be in his forties, but Ron obviously took care of himself.

As she fetched the bottle of whisky and a shot glass, Christine thought about the box that her sister had found in the attic of their parent’s house, assuming it belonged to Christine because her name was on it. Much to Christine’s surprise, the box had been Ron’s. What was inside the box revealed that he’d fantasized about her, going so far as to keep revealing pictures of her and steal panties from the wash. She’d also found Vaseline in the box, and journals that told her beyond any shadow of a doubt that her brother had stroked his cock to thoughts of her.

Fighting down the desire that those thoughts caused, Christine joined her brother on the couch. She did take a quick, secretive glance at his crotch, however. The bulge there confirmed what her niece Angie had revealed about seeing Ron in the bathroom once. Big cocks quite obviously ran in the family.

“She blames herself, you know?” Christine said as she poured the whisky, trying to keep her eyes away from her brother’s cock.

“I know,” Ron admitted as he took the shot glass and tossed back the liquor.

“What happened, anyway? I know about the birth control pills, and where everything went south, but there has to be more to it than that. If you can tell me?”

Ron shrugged as Christine filled his shot glass again. “Long, depressing story.”

“I don’t have anything better to do.”

Her brother drank the next shot and let out a satisfied groan. “I’m not even sure I know, really. It was like night and day.”

Christine settled in, pouring more whisky on occasion, and listened to the sad tale of her brother’s collapsed marriage. He obviously needed to talk, and he didn’t hold back once he started.


Christine quietly spoke into her cell out in the back yard while her brother used the bathroom. “I think I can calm him down and keep him from trying to drag you back home.” She felt a little bad about not telling Lynne that he actually was at the house to do exactly that, but believed it was for the best until if and when she managed to smooth things over between her brother and niece.

“On to more important things. Having fun? Mmm — the Jacuzzi. You did remember to turn the camera on, didn’t you?” Christine’s juices started flowing as her niece described the day’s sexual adventures so far at the hotel room. When she saw her brother pass in front of a window, she said, “I need to get back to work on your dad. Don’t overdo it too much. Walking bowlegged is going to be hard to explain, no matter how much fun it was getting there.” Christine then laughed with her niece and said, “Bye.”

“Sorry I talked you to death,” Ron said when Christine stepped back into the room.

“It’s okay, you obviously needed to talk.” Christine sat back down. “I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but I think it needs to be said. I think she may be cheating on you.”

Ron sighed. “I know. I have my suspicions, too. It doesn’t really matter now, since we’re getting divorced anyway.”

“You’re right. Look, you need to talk to Lynne, but I think you need to relax and gather your thoughts.”

“The way she’s acting and keeping secrets is driving me batty. I thought maybe that she’d understand when I apologized for reading her the riot act when I caught her having sex with her boyfriend.”

“You may be more open and understanding than Mom and Dad, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to talk to you about sex.”

“And I still talked to Dad about things,” Ron countered.

“Oh, you had sivas escort no sex secrets, huh?” Already fighting arousal after talking to Lynne on the phone, the conversation turning toward sex was testing Christine’s controls.

“I didn’t give a play by play when I came home, but I wasn’t sneaking around.” Ron poured another shot, draining the bottle, which had started less than a quarter full.

“I’ll go get us another bottle and some Coke. I could probably use a drink or two, too.”

Ron shook his head as Christine stood. “I still can’t get over you drinking. Just doesn’t seem like you should be old enough. Damn, I’m getting old.”

“Oh, poo. Older — maybe. You’re not old.”

“Old enough that being single again is depressing.”

“You’re a good looking man with a good job. Women will be throwing themselves at you as soon as they know you’re available.”

Ron let out a derisive little laugh. “You’re not going to cheer me up that easy.”

“Then I’ll just have to try harder. Be right back.”

Christine shared a few drinks with her brother when she returned, helping her to loosen up. Having a jump of several shots on her, Christine could tell that her brother had a good buzz going as she continued to talk to him about dating again, and about the lack of sex in his marriage for the last couple of years.

Ron waved her away when she tried to refill his glass. “I think I’ve had enough. I’ve been sitting here talking about sex and dating with my sister for the last twenty minutes. If that’s not a sign of one too many, I don’t know what is.”

“Oh, relax. If you walked in on Lynne having sex and didn’t have a heart attack, I’m sure you can survive talking to me.” Christine batted her eyelashes and straightened her shoulders, causing her breasts to jut out a little. The slight widening of her brother’s eyes and his quick glance away encouraged her. “You need to stop letting what’s happened in your marriage make you think that you’re undesirable. You’re anything but.”

He actually blushed, which forced Christine to contain a smile. “If I pretend to take your word for it, can we get back to Lynne?” He asked.

“That depends. Have you changed your mind about trying to drag her home like she’s eight years old?”

Ron nodded. “Okay, you’re right. I need to stop pretending she’s a child. I’ll let her decide when she’s ready to talk, but I need to see her, and she needs to stay in touch until she’s ready.”

“Okay, I’ll have her call here in a little while. Give her tonight to get ready to see you. It isn’t going to be easy. I’ve got plenty of room, so you can stay here.”

“I have a bag in the car, anyway. I wasn’t expecting to make it back tonight.”

“Go get it. We’ll watch a movie or something.”

Ron nodded and stood up. He wobbled a little and chuckled. “Definitely time to lay off the booze.”

Christine laughed. “Be careful. I’m going to go change. These are new, and they aren’t even remotely broken in.” She tugged at her jeans to illustrate. Not to mention that my panties are probably damp, she thought as he stretched before heading toward the door, highlighting his fit, muscular frame.

Now aroused beyond any hope of turning back, Christine changed into a short skirt and a top with an embroidered cat on it. The cat’s glimmering rhinestone eyes centered perfectly on her left breast, defying anyone not to look at those well-displayed attributes. She already knew how to break the ice, and pulled the cardboard box of items from her parents’ house out of the closet. As she walked back into the front room, having already heard Ron come back inside, she mimed removing the already cut tape from the top of the box.

“What’s that?” Ron asked.

“Some things of mine Marie found when she was cleaning out Mom and Dad’s attic.” Christine sat down and opened the box. “Oh look, Mr. Snookums!”

Ron laughed as his sister hugged the bedraggled bear. “You never went anywhere without that.”

Christine sat the bear down next to her, fussing with it for a few seconds until it was sitting just right. She then continued to empty the box. “My yearbooks. Oh, here’s my Where the Sidewalk Ends, with all the flowers pressed in it.” A few more items emerged, and then Christine uncovered the wooden box in the bottom. “What’s this?” She asked with convincing surprise.

Ron paled as Christine pulled the wooden ammo box into the light.

“I don’t remember this. It’s locked, but it looks like the screws have worked loose.”

Christine could see her brother fidgeting in her peripheral vision as she twisted the screws that were barely stuck in the wood. She let out a gasp when she opened the lid, and saw her brother flinch.

“My diary!” Christine declared. “This vanished years ago. I almost had heart failure because I thought Mom might have read it. Since I’m not still grounded, I know she didn’t.”

“Christine…” Ron began, but couldn’t think of anything else to say as he desperately searched for any excuse sivas escort to stop his sister from digging deeper into the box.

Christine pulled out the manila folder and the copies of Playboy, tossing the latter onto the table in front of her with raised eyebrows. She opened the folder, exposing the revealing photos of her, and then responded with mock shock at the sight of the panties, Vaseline, and the journal in Ron’s hand in the bottom.

Ron stood up and walked away, holding his head in his hands.


He froze, and then turned on his heel. “Christine, I can explain.”

“You don’t have to. Come sit down.”

“I’m sorry,” Ron mumbled as he moved back in front of the couch.

“Sit down, Ron.” Christine moved the larger box out of her lap, which let the light fall on the rhinestone cat eyes. As Christine had planned, Ron glanced at her breasts because of the flash, which surely let him see her hard nipples pressing against the material.

Christine pulled out a pair of red, lacy panties. “I loved these. I thought Mom had thrown them away because they were too racy for her. So, you fantasized about me?”

“All I can do is apologize, Christine,” Ron said, his voice tight with shame.

“And I accept it, but answer my question.”

“Yes. I was young and… Sex was all I could think about.”

“And you thought I was hot.”

Ron shrugged and nodded.

“What about now?”


Now or never, Christine thought. Her brother’s eyes widened as she pulled up her blouse, revealing her bare breasts. “You never got to see them up close. Are they everything you imagined?”

“Christine, don’t do that.” Try as he might, he couldn’t manage to keep his eyes away from the firm globes, however.

Christine laid her hand in her brother’s lap, feeling his cock swelling. He flinched, but really had no room to escape. “Do you want to touch them?”

“This is wrong,” Ron responded, pulling her hand away from his hardening cock.

“You didn’t think so back then.”

“I didn’t know any better. Too much testosterone.”

“Feels to me like you still have plenty.” She tugged her brother’s hand toward her, as he was still holding her wrist, and pressed his fingers against her stiff nipple. “Touch them, Ronnie.”

Hesitantly, he released his sister’s hand.

“Touch them, Ronnie,” Christine repeated, her hand returning to his hard organ again.

Ron gave in to his desire, cupping her right breast in his hand and gliding his fingers over the smooth globes.

“Mmm — that feels good. Do you like them, Ronnie? Tell me, Ronnie.”


“Call me Sissy, like you did when we were younger,” Christine said while squeezing his fully hard cock.

“They’re wonderful, Sissy.”

Christine slid her hand around the back of her brother’s head, her eyes pleading and her lips slightly parted. “Suck them, Ronnie.” She tugged his head toward her, grasping the tongue of the zipper on his pants at the same time. He hesitated, resisting her tug for a fraction of a second. Then, he let out a sigh of resigned lust, sucking her stiff right nipple between his lips.

“Oh, that feels so good, Ronnie. Don’t stop.” With both hands free, she made quick work of the fastenings on his pants, allowing her to free his manhood. She wrapped her hand around his cock as he sucked her nipple, and rasped her hand over the hard organ.

Ron groaned around her nipple, and then released it. Christine turned slightly, giving him better access to the left one. He didn’t even pause in switching breasts.

“You’re making me so wet.”

Ron’s hand slipped between her legs and beneath her skirt. She could tell from his expression that he was surprised to find no panties there. His fingers found her folds, tickling the moist labia.

Christine pushed him away from her breast with a gasp, and stood up. She pulled down her skirt, revealing her pussy to him. He brought his fingers to his lips, sucking her juices from the tips.

“Do I taste good, Ronnie?”

“God, yes,” he responded, reaching out to touch her pussy again.

“Say it. Call me Sissy.”

“You taste so sweet, Sissy.”

Christine moaned, and then sank down to her knees. She pulled down her brother’s pants and he lifted his ass to help her. After a quick lick of her lips, Christine sensually whispered, “Your wife is such a fool.” She then leaned into his lap and took him between her lips.

Ron leaned back and groaned as his sister took him in. “That feels good, Sissy.”

“Mmm hmm,” Christine moaned around him as she sucked him, tasting a flavorful burst of pre-cum. Though not quite as long as Adam, he was a little thicker. The girth of his manhood stretched her lips as she sucked him and cradled his hairy balls in her hand.

Ron’s hands settled on the back of her head as she bobbed ever faster over his lap. Christine paused, slowly taking him as deep as she could until the tip just tickled her throat. She then sucked sivas escort bayan back to the tip and let it slip free, little strings of saliva connecting his cock to her lips for a moment before breaking. “I want you to come for me, Ronnie.”

“I want to come on your face. Raquel would never let me do it.”

“Mmm — naughty boy. Stand up.”

Ron stood and Christine licked him from root to tip as soon as he gained his feet. “Is this what you were thinking about while you were stroking your cock and looking at my pictures?”

“God yes, Sissy.”

“Do it. Come all over my face. Talk dirty to me,” Christine said before engulfing his slick member again.

“Yeah, that’s it, Sissy. Suck my cock.”

Christine moaned approvingly, her hair whipping as she took him in, sucking hard and fast.

“Fuck, that hot mouth feels so good. Suck it, Sissy. Make me come.”

Christine looked up into his eyes with hungry desire, smiling around him when she saw the ecstasy in his face. With that, she turned all her attention to draining him dry.

“Faster. So fucking good,” Ron grunted, his fingers fisting into his sister’s hair. He groaned and added, “Ah, close now.”

“Mmm hmm,” Christine moaned around him, adding a stroking hand to her hot mouth.

Ron suddenly let out a gasp and tugged on his sister’s hair. He took his cock in his hand, stroking it fast in front of her face.

“Do it, Ronnie. Come all over my face,” Christine begged while tenderly fondling his dangling orbs and flicking her tongue over the tip whenever she could reach it.

Her brother let out a series of growls, and then his hand slowed. He aimed his cock toward her face and panted, the mushroom tip swelling.

“Give it to me!”

With a long groan, Ron came. The first spurt filled her mouth, spattering her lips and chin. The second covered her cheek, closed one eye, and even decorated her hair. Several weaker squirts covered her face in hot cum, and she moaned in delight the whole time. As soon as he stopped spurting, Christine took him in again, sucking him hard.

Ron twitched, grunted, and gasped as his sister sucked his over-sensitive cock, her face covered in his cream. He finally could endure her knowing mouth no longer, and pulled her away from his softening organ.

Christine licked her lips, gathering up what cum she could reach that way. She then cleared her eye with her fingers, sucking them clean as well. She gathered up every drop she could manage, savoring the bittersweet flavor. Ron tried to catch his breath, standing before her on wobbling knees, and stared down at her with a satisfied smile.

“You came a lot. I like that.” Christine patted the couch to indicate he should sit down, and then sat down beside him.

“God, Sissy — thank you,” Ron eventually groaned.

“You’re welcome.” She leaned back on the couch and stroked her fingers over her moist nether lips. “Return the favor?”

Ron summoned up the energy to slide down to the floor, his eyes locked on his sister teasing her folds. “I used to live for the times when I would catch you playing with yourself. Your pussy is even more beautiful up close.”

“I want you to play with it now, Ronnie. Lick my pussy. Make me come.” Ron took a deep breath, drinking in the heady scent of her arousal. Christine continued to masturbate until her brother leaned in and his tongue snaked out into her wet heat.

“Oh yes, Ronnie. That feels so good.”

“You’re so wet.” His tongue swiped over her folds again, parting her nether lips with strong pressure. “And so sweet.”

Christine yelped as her brother dived in, devouring her pussy. “Oh my god. Mmm!”

Her brother lapped her as only a man denied something for over a decade possibly could, driving Christine toward her pinnacle of pleasure at a rapid pace. Two fingers slipped inside her while another teased her puckered ass. Years of experience learning how to please a woman showed, every move of his fingers and flick of his tongue hitting another pleasure trigger.

“Oh yes. Don’t stop. Make me come. I’m going to come so hard, Ronnie.”

“Come for me, Sissy,” Ron responded in muffled tones from between her legs.

Christine’s hips rocked and twitched from her brother’s ministrations, her body alive with energy. Even Ron’s nose seemed to be aimed at her erogenous zones. Christine’s pussy tingled, releasing wetness in a torrent as she drew ever closer to climax.

A third finger joined the first two in her moist canal while the one teasing her ass slipped inside. “Oh yes! Faster!” Christine squealed, now on the edge, her muscles taut and trembling.

Ron sucked his sister’s hood and clit between his lips and shook his head back and forth. At the same time, he pressed harder against her g-spot and jiggled the finger in her ass.

“Oh my fucking…” Christine sucked in a great gasp of air, which she then expelled in an ear-piercing scream. She erupted into her brother’s mouth, filling it with girl cum and spattering his face with her juices. Her body lurched with the sharp jolts of her orgasm, but her brother held on, keeping her coming. Another gasp for breath emerged as a second scream, accompanied by another squirt of her juices. Ron growled in surprised bliss, his face dripping with wetness.

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